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1 year to see the highlights of South East Asia?

Posted by laurentiu on 12/12/2011 at 10:16

Hi all, I wanted to say that this is a great resource and I find myself visiting the forums everyday. I am planning to visit SEA and want to do it at a slow pace to see most interesting places. Do you guys think that is enough time and what is the advice on traveling on a budget? Is it better to buy a motorcycle in my case? Also I need to get online to update my web sites once in a while. What is the internet situation in guest houses and everywhere? Thank you for the help! ...

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Advice for Honeymoon

Posted by MsSparkle on 1/11/2011 at 11:42

I have never really planned a vacation and usually wing it. I generally have kept all my vacations relatively simple - usually one main place and 2 or 3 side trips. For my honeymoon, we have around 3 to 4 weeks and would like to spend it in Asia with more well planned travel. We have been to Asia many times including Hong Kong, various cities in China (not the Shanghai or Beijing), Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, etc. For our honeymoon, I am thinking Bali for a few days and Singapore - we wou ...

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~4 Week Vacation Itinerary

Posted by alljokingaside on 20/12/2011 at 18:29

Hi, So, after some research (woefully scant), I've stitched together this rough itinerary and I'd like your input! I'm aiming for a mix of R&R, culture, and adventure. Fly into HCM city -> Hoi An (by train; I've heard the Vietnamese train is wonderful. hmm.) -> Pakse, pretty much immediately to Don Det -> (possibly Ban Lung?) -> Siem Reap -> either Bangkok/Phnom Penh (depending on flight/visa costs // travel time ). Travel's planned mainly by buses or train (and overnig ...

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So much choice so little time!

Posted by mattspeak on 25/11/2011 at 03:09

Hello – firstly, thanks for reading. I'll keep it quick – I'd love to get everyone's thoughts on where I should go this Xmas seeing as how there's just soo much choice – AirAsia makes any part of SE Asia possible! Off to KL on the 19th Dec. Have 3 weeks. Living in Manchester (UK) sunshine is a bit of a novelty... so I'd quite like to guarantee sunshine. I know that the W.coast of Thailand is your best bet but I came to Thailand last winter. Where can we go that's... - Near guaranteed s ...

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Planning my 2nd trip..

Posted by potta_boro on 19/12/2011 at 10:46

Its been a while considering I was on travel fish everyday from may-November!! I completed my first ever 'backpacking' trip in November an it was the best thing I'd ever done, absOlutely loved it! With a lot of help from travel fish!! I basically travelled Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and phillipines, not everything went to plan and I spent probably double what i planned mainly due to accommodation and domestic flights, it was basically a long holiday (all because my gf is too girly) so didn't ...

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Laptop Concerns

Posted by alljokingaside on 20/12/2011 at 19:00

Hey, I'm thinking about bringing my newish 11.6" laptop with me to travel for roughly 4 weeks in southern Vietnam, southern Laos, and a few spots in Cambodia. I won't feel all paranoid about buying tickets and whatnot while traveling and it is more comfortable. I was wondering what experienced folk here recommend for protection. atm, I just have a DIY netbook sleeve- it's an old hoodie with a fedex envelope liner (water protection [no bleed through after a few minutes under the faucet; m ...

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much needed help

Posted by nigeyb on 6/12/2011 at 08:08

Hi. Myself and 2 mates are looking to do a 3 month tour starting 31 Jan. We are all travel virgins and not on a gap year as slightly older ( 30-40!!!) we have no plans other than to fly from London to KL and then?? I have been reading on the forum and all information is Bering taken on board. Our plan was to do the norm as in Thailand,Vietnam and Cambodia but havnt got a clue what's hot and what's not. We may even think about diff places like Philippines and we even thought of ending in oz but a ...

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18 year old girl travelling on my own...

Posted by Phiddy on 1/12/2011 at 16:01

Should I be worried? I'm travelling through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam (and possibly Bali) for three to four months from January next year. To be honest I'm not too worried because I know that my route is very well trod and that the public transport and internet links are very good etc. but I don't see a lot of 18 year olds (particularly girls) on forums like this who are travelling alone. I will hopefully have a couple of friends who might be in the region at the same time, but I want ...

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1 month to see it all!

Posted by DavisDuo on 25/10/2011 at 05:15

Hi there, My husband and I are landing in Bangkok December 12 and flying out from Bangkok Jan. 12. We're traveling to enjoy the food, scenery, get back to the basics and enjoy life. We're not so much into the partying scene. We do like to have a drink every now and again. Not interested in drugs and sex. Just wanting to have a good time and experience the culture. We're outdoorsy. We don't mind not having A/C, we want to trek, obsessed with the ocean (scuba and snorkeling is a must). Maybe do a ...

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first-time to SEA - itinerary crit - Cambodia/Laos/Bangkok

Posted by frangrit on 16/12/2011 at 13:13

Hi folks. I'd love your feedback on my itinerary. I am a first-time traveler to SE Asia, female, in my mid-thirties. The trip is about 5-6 weeks, this winter. I'm joining a friend for some of Cambodia and all of Laos, but will likely be on my own for the rest. I'm not really a partier, have some budget, but not luxe. Hoping to avoid many 6 hour bus rides. Interested in food/cooking, cities, photography, art/culture/language, maybe a little hiking, and generally relaxing. I'm getting stumped on ...

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3 week Asia Itineary Suggestions

Posted by steph0426 on 15/12/2011 at 16:48

Hi, We are a young couple travelling to Asia from April 6-29 for 3 weeks. This is our preliminary itinerary. Please comment! Apr 6 - Land in Bangkok Apr 7 - 9 - sightsee bangkok and day trip to Attutaya Apr 10-11 - Chiang Mai Apr 12-13 - Chiang Rai (May join tour for CM and CR, any suggestions for tour groups? ) Apr 14-15 - back to bangkok sightseeing Apr 16-19 - Fly to SiemReap , see Angkor Wat Apr 20 - Bus from Siem Reap to PP Apr 21 - PP (more like a layover to go to hk becasue Siem ...

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Flight paid for but now I can't fly. London to Hanoi by train?

Posted by PeterW on 20/11/2011 at 18:05

Hi all I've already purchased a plane ticket to Kuala Lumpur about a month ago from Air Asia. However, on Monday I went kickboxing and while sparring a good right hook has resulted in a hole in my left ear drum. I have to go back to the Dr on 1st Dec (2 weeks after it happened) and if the hole doesn’t close I’ll a skin graft which involves surgery and my flight will be ruled out for a good month or two after my op so I’ve been pretty gutted. I’d be lucky to get this done by the end ...

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SEA in October

Posted by dash_rock on 11/12/2011 at 01:40

Howdy - I would like a relaxing beach holiday with a bit of culture during October. I am hearing very different things about weather in October as I'm after somewhere with warm days which are relatively rain free. Can anyone offer any suggestions. Many thanks ...

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I know this seems lazy but..

Posted by Phiddy on 10/12/2011 at 16:45

Which is the best website to use for getting a flight from Ventiane to Hanoi ?? The reason I'm posting a thread is that I have spent the last few hours reading through travelfish and looking it up through other websites, the cheapest flight I could find was over £100... I suspect this is because that is what the cheapest flight costs, but I just thought I would double check that I'm not missing anything. So has anyone else found flights between Ventiane and Hanoi for cheaper? I'm stuck on my ...

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Saigon-Hanoi via Cambodia/Laos-itinerary advice please!

Posted by ugogrrrl on 6/12/2011 at 12:00

I am going to be flying into HCMC and out of Hanoi, traveling for a month between late Jan-Feb 2012. I was thinking about spending 5 days in/around HCMC, traveling via the Mekong to Phnom Penh spend a few days there, then PP to Sihanoukville for a few days of snorkelling/ beach. Then Siem Reap-Luang Prabang, then on to Hanoi-Ha Long Bay, and possibly Sa Pa. Is this itinerary too ambitious for one month? I was thinking about flying from Siem Reap-Luang Prabang-Hanoi. I am more about chilling ...

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Proposed Itinerary - 5 weeks

Posted by JenHarley on 23/11/2011 at 02:28

Would love some advice if you can spare a few mins to reply! My partner and I only have 5 weeks (38 days) in South East Asia and, despite what some say, we are trying to fit in alot! Bangkok 2 nights Chiang Mai 2 days Laos - 1 week Pakbeng Luang Prabang Vang Vieng Vientaine Cambodia - 1 week Phnom Penh Siem Reap and either Battambang; or Kompong Cham; or Kampot - recommendations? Vietnam - 2 weeks -The problem is our dates clash with Tet. I have read so many different opinions as to whether to b ...

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Posted by Sunryze on 5/12/2011 at 14:00

Hi all! I am travelling thru SEA for 3 months, arriving in Bangkok. I do know that I am doing diving lessons in Ko Tao from Jan 3-7. After that I am wondering which direction is the best to take to see Possibly.... Thailand Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Burma. I really need some input that would help with me doing limited back peddling but more of a smoothish forward motion. I fly out of Bangkok in April so it would be ok to leave Thailand till the end Thanks for your help! ...

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35 days to Vietnam and Cambotia

Posted by deco on 19/11/2011 at 01:48

Hi !! i m a 36 m solo traveller planing to visit vietnam starting from hanoi and all the way down to HCM city visiting at least 5 places (halong bay,hue, na trang,mekong delta).All this in about 20 25 days.Then 10-15 days (Phnom pehn,sihanoukville and some islands there and finally Siem Reap).I Would like to travel with plane,if it is possible in order to save time. Reccomentations from any traveller is more than wellcome. thanks and excuse me for my poor english ...

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Xmas in South East Asia

Posted by simon1984 on 16/9/2011 at 18:45

I'm travelling south east asia from November to February and wondering where the best place is for Xmas and New Year? I'm travelling on my own so I'd like to be somewhere that's reasonably busy, but other than that I'm happy to travel to wherever. I know there is mention of this in other threads, but it would also be great to hear from other people spending Xmas in SE Asia. Thanks for your advice ...

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Revised 5 week itinerary - any advice?

Posted by JenHarley on 1/12/2011 at 01:32

Hi All, I posted my itinerary a week or so ago and after some very good advice from you have revised it a bit. I know I am squeezing a bit too much in but is this a bit more realistic? Would appreciate any comments and also advice for accommodation in each place (we are, i presume what they call 'flash packers'). I hear so many different reviews!!!!.... THAILAND (5 days total) Bangkok (2 days) Chiang Mai (3 days) LAOS (6 days total) Luang Prabang (3 days) Vientaine (3 days) CAMBODIA (7 days i ...

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