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Indonesia travel FAQ Sticky!

Posted by somtam2000 on 11/1/2013 at 21:28

This is a (very much work in progress!) collection of links to useful information about Indonesia (both on and off Travelfish). We'll update it as more interesting or useful stuff appears. If you know of another interesting resource worth adding, please mention it in the comments. Thanks! Introduction Home to more than 220 million people and comprised of more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia boggles the mind when it comes to travel potential. The vast majority of travellers get no further than Ba ...

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Overstay Fine Increase

Posted by davelliot on 5/6/2019 at 05:08

From May this year Indonesian overstay fine has increased to 70 $ a day . 'The reason is to give a deterrent effect to violating foreigners," said Agung Sampurno, Head of Public Relations and Data of the Directorate General of Immigration, as quoted by Detiknews. Previously, the fine imposed was only $30 (Rp. 300,000), and Mr Sampurno said that the amount did not provide a deterrent effect for foreigners who violated their visas...' Excerpt from SBS Indonesia news website. ...

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Nusa Penida

Posted by rossndeb95 on 8/1/2019 at 08:21

We are planning on travelling to Nusa Penida this year and want to know when is the best time to go. We plan on doing a lot of snorkeling so want to go when the weathers best for this. We would also like to know the best areas to stay for snorkeling. ...

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Sideman, Bali

Posted by gatoguts on 24/5/2018 at 18:57

Does Sideman get cool enough at night that lack of aircon in my room should not be a problem? ...

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Sumatra itinerary help and suggestions

Posted by maristia on 2/9/2018 at 04:13

Hey guys. We are heading to Sumatra. We've been in Indonesia before, so we plan to spend our whole 30 visa on arrival time (or close) there. We arrive in Medan from Penang. We know we would like to visit north and central Sumatra primarily. We are looking at Ketambe, Bukit Lawang (is it overkill to do both? Are they too similar or are they both worth visiting considering we have a whole month there?), Berastagui, Lake Toba. Then we are looking at some south coast beach island, which c ...

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Indonesia Lion Air Crash on Flight from Jakarta

Posted by exacto on 29/10/2018 at 13:20

I've been following news reports on the Lion Air crash shortly after takeoff from Jakarta earlier today. Those reports mention 189 people on board including two foreign nationals. ...

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Where to go on Bali/Lombok for seven days during Nyepi?

Posted by LottaL on 17/10/2018 at 14:17

Hi all, I'm going to spend nearly a month on Bali/Lombok in March, lucky me. My sister will join me for the first two weeks and we will start in Canggu and spend the last days in Ubud before she goes back home. But I can't make up my mind about the seven days in between, it's during Nyepi and I think it's interesting as long as we stay somewhere with a pool. I'm considering three alternatives: Pemuteran for a week but we aren't divers and maybe it will be boring for a whole week or Gili A ...

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Help Central Sulawesi!

Posted by somtam2000 on 3/10/2018 at 19:53

Hi all, As you have probably heard, last week there was a large earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi near the town of Palu. The damage has been catastrophic—you can see some images of the devastation here. Erin Cook is a Southeast Asia focussed journalist who runs a weekly newsletter covering the region called Dari Mulut Ke Mulut (if you have an interest in the region, it is absolutely worth the money—you can sign up here) She decided to offer complimentary membership if people sent ...

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Quick trip report for Alor and Pantar in eastern Indonesia

Posted by somtam2000 on 17/4/2017 at 07:24

Thanks to a cracked rib, I'm just back yesterday from a trip to this area of Indonesia and while I'll have the detailed write up for all this online in a few days (probably by the end of the week), here is the quick and dirty summary on the slim chance someone is heading there tomorrow! My routing was: Flew Bali -> Kupang -> Alor to get there Stayed in Kalabahi four days at Cantik Homestay Moved to Kepa Island where I stayed three more days at L'a Petite Kepa Because I missed the ferry t ...

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Lake Maninjau Point Of Interest

Posted by davelliot on 2/10/2017 at 01:03

Have been informed that the Bayur area of Lake Maninjau , Sumatra is still quiet. Once Lake Maninjau was semi popular on the travellers circuit with a growing number of guesthouses and restaurants but after early 2000's with the new visa rules and terrorism fears it never really recovered. Is this your experience if you have been there recently? Here is picture of Rizal Beach Homestay ,which I understand has been more or less closed for years. ...

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Indonesia itinerary advice/critique!

Posted by nadirahmed on 9/6/2018 at 12:20

Hi everyone! I'm pulling together my itinerary for a four-week trip to Indonesia in December. Please let me know what you think! Just to give you an idea of my travel style, I'm more a flashpacker than a backpacker - I like my home comforts even when I'm on the road (a private room to sleep in, hot shower, fan or AC etc.). I'd opt for culture over beach and good food over cheap alcohol/partying. I love experiencing new and unusual (by Western/British standards) things, particularly natural and ...

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Never slap an immigration officer

Posted by somtam2000 on 2/8/2018 at 15:18

This story has been doing the rounds. The British woman had apparently overstayed her Indonesian tourist visa by 160 days and got his with a fine of over £3,000 (@25/day) and well, suffice to say she was not impressed (colourful language in the video). Our advice (unsurprisingly) is to never, ever hit an immigration officer (or anyone actually!) and make the effort to be aware of the rules behind your visa—overstays are not a joke, especially ones of 160 days. She is apparently in detention ...

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Ayau and Asia Islands

Posted by somtam2000 on 1/8/2018 at 19:28

Indonesia is none too shabby when it comes to travelling to remote areas, and I found this post over on Stay Raja Ampat pretty interesting. So if you have enough slow travel time up your sleeve, this post on the Ayau and Asia Islands may be worth a look. The entire site is an excellent resource for that part of the country. Happy snorkelling planning! ...

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Suggested areas for cycling Indonesia

Posted by stujess on 8/7/2018 at 12:25

Hi there, Im currently in the Himalayas and I have made a last minute decision to end my cycle tour in Indonesia, I thought I would ask around as I have limited internet connection for researching. I was hoping to end up on some relaxing beaches. I love nature, volcanoes, animals. I am not super into partying and have a smaller budget (planning to spend approx 10 USD per night for accommodation). Ideally I would be doing some cycle touring around an island or a few islands. Any suggestions w ...

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Padangbai to Gilimanuk bus

Posted by maristia on 24/6/2018 at 08:05

Hey guys . I've read on Travelfish that there should be a bus traveling between Padangbai and Gilimanuk. I couldn't find any details on the web. Does anyone know which bus it is, how long it takes, time tables, etc? Much appreciated, Martin. ...

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Suggested islands/destinations during Ramadan / Idul Fitri

Posted by maristia on 8/6/2018 at 09:29

Hey guys! We're in Bali at the moment, in beautiful Munduk. We've been touring Bali for a little over 3 weeks already. We're planning our next move (read: to which island we'll be going next). Time's not really an issue since we have 2 months visas issued before coming to Indonesia, which is extendable 4 times for 1 month each. Anyway, so far Ramadan hasn't been an issue in Bali, as I've already read before coming. But since the end of it is approaching, we know that things become busy dur ...

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No Indonesian Borneo coverage on Travelfish?

Posted by maristia on 30/7/2017 at 16:24

I've noticed that, while Malaysian Borneo is covered by Travelfish (both Sabah and Sarawak), that isn't the case with Kalimantan (the Indonesian part of the island). I don't know if I'm not searching well the website for the relevant information, or if it's not even worth it to travel there, but I wasn't able to find anything here. Any thoughts? Maybe someone at TF could tell me if there are plans to cover Kalimantan in a near future? Thanks! Martin ...

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Lombok visa extension

Posted by Triblim on 2/6/2018 at 15:51

Hi Does anyone have up to date info on what documentation is needed to extend a 30 day visa in mataram? Some sites say you need the receipt for the original visa, I wasn't given one when I paid at Jakarta. I have the usual docs, ticket out, passport copy etc but it is this receipt that is worrying me slightly. Cheers Kev ...

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Single Traveler Looking for a Group

Posted by dspudwill on 22/5/2018 at 23:09

Hey, I will be traveling to Indonesia in mid June. I will be going to Tanjung Putting National Park in southern Borneo to do the 4D/3N Orangutan Tour with the company Orangutan Days. I just found out the price for an individual is over $500! However, if I can even find one more person the price drops significantly. So I am on the look out for anyone who is going with a group already or is interested in going. Crossing my fingers! ...

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Car & Driver in Flores?

Posted by Danila on 30/12/2016 at 23:35

Greetings! Looking at on here, renting a car and driver in Maumere and taking several days to drive to Labuan Bajo is strongly recommended. There's an approx cost of around 600,000 to 700,000 rupiah per day quoted. Sounds good to me - so here's my questions: if it's over several days, and we book accommodation for ourselves, what about the driver? Do we book a room for him too, or what? How and where do we find a reputable driver?! And ...

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