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Room prices per person

Posted by doest on 23/2/2016 at 08:57

Hi fellow travellers! I have a question, I hope you can help me out! I was researching room prices across Indonesia (especially on the Tongean Islands so far) and I noticed that the given prices for rooms are usually for a double room per person per night. Since I will be travelling alone I am wondering whether they also have single rooms and if not whether I will have to pay the double price... Cheers guys! Daniel ...

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Help booking train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta online

Posted by Shoshana on 14/6/2014 at 07:33

Hi all I'm trying to book a train from Jakarta to Yogy online - I land in Jakarta very late on the 28th June, and want to travel on on the 30th June and I'm wary that I may not be able to get a ticket in person because it's Ramadan and peak travel season. First, a question of where to travel from? My book claims that cheaper less comfortable trains go from Pasar Senen, or more expensive more comfortable trains from Gambier - is there that much of a difference that I should pay more?? I am usin ...

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Bali-Flores 3 weeks itinerary help

Posted by jensenl on 6/3/2016 at 09:54

Hi everybody I will be travelling to Indonesia for the first time this summer with my girlfriend. We are mid twenties, going for: hikes, treks to volcanoes (mountains), beaches, culture, snorkeling (we have never dived before, is this a must to do?). We would like to escape the most touristy places Here is the itinerary draft. Has anyone tried to travel through Sumbawa? Day 1-5: Bali Bali to Lombok by ferry Day 5-10 Lombok Climbing Mt. Rinjani (3-4 days) What else do we need to see? Lombok to ...

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Surf School in Bali

Posted by laurak on 14/6/2016 at 22:42

Hi everyone, I'm planning my next holidays in Bali and I'm looking for a surf school close to Kuta/Legian for my 2 girls who are both beginners (9 and 11 years). Actually, i can find a lot of surfschools on the internet but i don't know which one to choose.... Does one of you have any recommendations ? Thanks in advance Laura ...

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Maluku Islands or the Moluccas in early December 2016

Posted by michafoto on 30/5/2016 at 06:35

Hi, we are planning to head to the Maluku Islands in early December 2016 and want to stay there till early January 2017. We will fly to Ambon and planning to travel down first thing to the Banda Islands. Does anyone have experience with the weather at this time of the year there and any tips for nice accommodations on any of the islands and which islands would you particularly recommend of the group? Are there any other great places to visit during this time at the Maluku Islands? Any suggestion ...

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Beach camping in jojga, looking for people to joint

Posted by NoahsArk on 31/5/2016 at 06:29

Planning on going camping at sundak beach for a couple days, leaving Thursday. I have extra tents for those concerned, it's about 1 usd for entry to the beach. Good surf, sunshine and sand About 1.5 hours outside of jojga. Looking for anyone who may want to join. Add me on or message me on whatsapp +17276083532 ...

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Bali for 8 days June 25 - July 02

Posted by chelzzzy on 13/6/2016 at 03:01

I will be traveling to Bali and was thinking of staying at Ubud and Kuta area. Any suggestion of the places I need to see, and best hostel I can stay. Looking also for travellers who will be in the area on June 25 to July 02. ...

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Snorkelling in Sumbawa

Posted by somtam2000 on 9/6/2016 at 21:22

On my recent trip through Sumbawa I didn't have the time to do any diving, but I did manage to fit in some snorkelling research and here is a quick wrap. In West Sumbawa I snorkelled at Jelenga (off the back of the reef - you need to hire a small boat or be a reasonably strong swimmer), Moyo Island, Paserang Island, Gili Bedil and Satonda Island. In the east I snorkelled at Gili Pudu (in Saleh Bay). Other spots I floated over (but didn't jump in at) include Pulau Bajo (out from Sape in ...

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Where is the best place to learn surfing in indonesia

Posted by muhammadjoseph on 4/6/2016 at 03:12

Im from malaysia, interested to learning surfing. Guidance from the professional please.. ...

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Where is the best place to learn surfing in indonesia

Posted by muhammadjoseph on 4/6/2016 at 03:12

Im from malaysia, interested to learning surfing. Guidance from the professional please.. ...

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Daytrips out of Labuan Bajo

Posted by lonelyboy on 20/12/2015 at 23:07

Is it possible to have daytrips out of labuan bajo to the nearby islands and roughly how much would the cost of the trip be? ...

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First Timer - Advice Needed!

Posted by KevinOconnor1 on 22/5/2016 at 10:33

Hi. I'm travelling from Manchester, England to Bangkok and then immediately onto Bali, this is my first time travelling to this part of the world so any help/information would be greatly appreciated. I am meeting up with a friend from the US who has already got a place for us to stay in Gili Trawangan. How do I go about getting there from Bali Airport? I have read about fast boats but I'm unsure if that is the best way or even how to get to the correct port from the airport? I plan to fly out ...

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Accomodation in Batam

Posted by Alexmgk on 24/5/2016 at 23:21

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Indonesian food

Posted by amnicoll on 23/5/2016 at 04:55

If you love food then this site will have you running to book a flight to Jakata - mind you these dishes can easily be found elsewhere ...

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Bukit Lawang vs Lake Toba in North Sumatra

Posted by hkmitty on 20/5/2016 at 04:32

Hi guys, I am travelling solo to North Sumatra in early June. I only have 5 days of time, arriving Medan at 8:30 on 8 June and will leave Medan at 20:30 on 12 June. I am now struggling in the time division between Bukit Lawang and Lake Toba . A few questions that I wish to seek opinion 1. Should I stay 2 nights in Bukit Lawang and 1 night in Lake Toba or vice versa? Which is a better place? Personally I like the wildlife and am excited to see the orangutans. But I saw people saying ...

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Over-the-counter Mefloquine in Indonesia

Posted by vaclavv on 18/5/2016 at 05:46

Hi. Does anybody know if it is possible to buy Mefloquineover the counter in Indonesia? If yes, could you recommend a specific pharmacyin Kuta, Bali? And what brand names of Mefloquine are sold? Thanks. PS.: I have been using Lariam previously with no sideeffects (so I do not need lectures on this popular topic) but it is not sold in Europe any more. ...

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TIP: best beach vacation in Indonesia in late october?

Posted by andrea812 on 17/5/2016 at 11:20

Hey everyone! we are a couple with a 5 year old kid and we're considering coming to Indonesia for our vacation. the period is october 13 to november 3, or october 20 to november 10 what island/place has the best weather? what island/beach would you suggest? we like clear calm waters with tropical fish, good snorkeling off the beach, backpacker bungalow accomodation, little villages with a few stores and restaurants/street food (as opposed to all inclusive vacations where you always eat in t ...

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1 week in bali! HELP

Posted by danahosn on 25/4/2016 at 04:34

Taking you're advice about spending the perfect week in bali, a friend and I decided to do 2 nights in Seminyak/Kuta + 2 nights in Ubud + 2 nights in North (Singaraja probably) - to get the best experience because it's our first time there. I need help about transportation and accommodation. What's the best way to go about it. Start off in south and go up and start off in north and go down? Since the airport in the south and we arrive & leave from there? And where do you recommend is a s ...

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Surfing in November

Posted by daisyhilltops on 2/5/2016 at 20:27

Hey, I'm planning a trip to Bali for the month of November and really want to try a bit more surfing. I have some experience but am more or less a beginner and want to know what the season is usually like at this time of year? I've heard it's not really reliable conditions. Should I look at going a different time of year for better surf or is it generally ok for newbies? Thanks! ...

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Sulawesi travel plan

Posted by ukeiro on 30/4/2016 at 20:59

Hi, We are a young couple traveling Indonesia for a month. We plan to stay in Java for a few weeks and then travel around Sulawesi. Overall we have 19 days in Sulawesi. The itinerary in mind is this: 27 JUN Fly Yogyakarta to Makassar 27 JUN Night bus to Rantepao 28-01 JUL Tana Toraja 4 days 2 JUL Private car from Rantepao to Ampana (cost around Rp 2.000.000 and takes min 14 hours) 3 JUL Morning ferry from Ampana to Togians 3-11 JUL Togian Islands (stay in two different resor ...

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