Photo: The back blocks of Candi Dasa.

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10 day itinerary for first timers, girls trip?

Posted by shethang on 12/2/2014 at 16:20

Hey everyone Planning first trip to bali and doing a girls trip, with 3 of us total, and wanted to get your insider tips. We are in our mid twenties and want to party, meet people, see local cultural sites, do adventurous stuff, see both mountain side and and the prettiest beaches and check out best resorts and spas. We want to We are on a mid range budget. Hoping to spend at max $1.5-2k each when we get there on accommodation/going out. We have 10 nights available in end of April. I been d ...

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Gili islands for about a month from the beginning of march?

Posted by Sampan on 3/2/2014 at 22:49

Hi all, I'm looking to get away for some quiet, peaceful island-time and at the moment the Gili islands (Air or Meno) seems to be pretty good options. One important reason being that they seem quite easy to reach (the idea would be AirAsia from KL-Lombok). But haven't been to Indonesia before i have couple of questions; What would the weather be like from around the beginning of March and say 4-5 weeks onwards? (from what i read the rainy season should end around mid March)? Also, Is this pe ...

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Diving in Alor - mandarinfish

Posted by afron on 7/12/2013 at 17:29

Have a look at this video - not supposed to be an ad for the dive operator, which I don't know - diving in Alor is just amazing! ...

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new to travelling!!

Posted by nontravelgirl on 3/12/2013 at 14:53

hi me and 2 of my other girl friends are looking to travel Indonesia and are new to the back packing lifestyle!! we are looking to see the culture and beaches yet see the cities as well. would any one be able to help me with an itinerary which would suit 3 girls that are looking to explore Indonesia with a very tight budget and a time limit of only 25 days!? and how much aprrox i would need? ...

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indonesia tour 22days

Posted by jane_135 on 22/1/2014 at 15:03

Hello travellers! I´m going to spend 22 days free in Indonesia in August. I chose Indonesia for the culture shock, landscapes and temples (I love photography) and climate that month. After reading a few guides, itineraries, journals and forums, I think three weeks is very shoooooooooooort...I get this route: 26 July Jakarta - Borneo (flight 9:10 o 15:15) 27 July Borneo (Tanjung Puting) 28 July Borneo (Tanjung Puting) 29 July Borneo - Semarang (flight 11:45) - [url=http:// ...

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Exact dates Pasola 2014?

Posted by Harry05 on 17/1/2014 at 20:00

Hi, Could someone post the exact dates of the four Pasolas on Sumbaonce they are known? Thought they all would be after the middle of february butI understand that the first is to be held on february 4th? Once I know the dates I can make my further detailed plans likereservations etc. So thanks in advance for all recent information about this. Harry ...

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Itinerary in Indonesia

Posted by Eruve on 14/3/2012 at 07:59

Hi! Im new here but I have been reading at the forum for a while now (ever since me and my boyfriend decided to go and backpack in Southeast Asia this autumn). We have though problem deciding the itinerary and which countries to visit (yes, i have searched the forum for similare threads and already read them ). I have also read several guidebooks and a lot of different backpacking-forums without getting closer to the answer and thats why Im posting here to get your opinions. So, what have we ...

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Price difference

Posted by Infinity on 6/12/2013 at 06:27

My gf and I are travelling from melbourne. We are debating between kuta and sanur. I have heard in terms value for money and general costs that in kuta you tend to pay more western prices and things overall tend to cost a fair amount more compared to sanur. I would people's appreciate people's feedback on wethers costs of things in kuta is more "expensive" compared to sanur ...

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anybody can recommend a nice homestay in jakarta?

Posted by robocop on 9/12/2013 at 06:16

no more than 200k for a single room Other than the crappy cheapies on jalan jaksa... I see travelfish mentions asri homestay but no reviews yet... ...

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4 weeks in Asia - where to go in Indonesia and the Philippines

Posted by nikneja on 22/8/2013 at 20:26

Hi, My boyfriend and I are planning a trip around the world and as part of it we are planning on spending 4 weeks in Asia. We are hoping to go to the Philippines, Borneo and Indonesia. Has anyone got any tips or ideas on where to go? We will be there November/December time. We love the outdoors, trekking, nature, the sea, diving and snorkelling. Any advice would be really helpful. Thanks! ...

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Argh! Traveling to Medan and then Lake Toba BUT...

Posted by Starving_Sound on 26/11/2013 at 05:22

I just bought a ticket to Medan for December 7th so I can go to Lake Toba but right after I confirmed everything it turned out that a volcano had went off yesterday and probably still is. The question I have is will this affect the trip. I've tried to Google for an answer to no prevail. And if not - does anybody have any suggestions between the two? ...

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Hotel recommendations in kuta and sanur

Posted by Infinity on 6/12/2013 at 06:22

My gf and I are going to take our first overseas holiday to bali near end of February early march. We are travelling from melbourne. I'm using expedia to find hotel and flights. We are travelling for 14 days, she wants to stay in one particular place for the 14 days. We are debating between kuta or sanur. The ideal criteria for the our hotel is 1) Must be on the beach. 2) poolside bar. 3) breakfast included. 4) wifi. I am not too fussed about wifi. Including flights, hotel,14 days stay and excl ...

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The Best Snorkeling Destination

Posted by andyandrous on 31/10/2013 at 01:43

Bali is an Island of natural beauty and endless fun and adventure. The Island is an especially popular destination for visitors interested in snorkeling and diving. To take advantage of the many snorkeling facilities on the Island, here are a few favorite spots to try out: 1. Menjangan Island 2. Tulamben 3. Amed 4. Labuan Amuk 5. Candi Dasa 6. Padang Bai If you seek snorkeling adventure, then the Island of Bali is your best destination of choice. There are plenty of interesting snorkeling and ...

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Protests re: Australians

Posted by Jade78 on 22/11/2013 at 17:04

Hi everyone, I am heading from Australia to Bali in two days. I am a female who is planning to travel around Bali, perhaps Lombok and also Java. I understand there are protests in Jakarta regarding the 'Spying Scandal' of the Australian Government on the Indonesia government. I am becoming slightly nervous about my visit and am worried it will put me in danger or change the way in which locals interact with/perceive me. Perhaps I am being extra-cautious however it would be great to her if the ...

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Pelni Schedule from Ambon to Banda for December 2013

Posted by juxtaparadox on 22/11/2013 at 23:11

Hey guys! Does any one know the Pelni Ship schedule from Ambon to Banda for December? I want to do some diving from December 10 up until the 15th and then back to Bali for to explore some more. Travel buddys will be welcome too! Any comments/suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you! ...

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Indonesia Itinerary

Posted by djkeith on 6/11/2013 at 13:47

Hey all, Travelfish was great for me on my last trip around S.E Asia and now I'm looking for some advice about a rough travel itinerary for indonesia. I'm looking to travel round the south pacific and this includes Indonesia. I'd be looking to hopefully start in Sumatra and finish in Jayapura where I'd hope to cross into PNG. Time wise would be roughly two months and I'd like to avoid planes as I'm going to try and get as far as possible from London without flying (hence a lot of planning!). T ...

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Direct flight Sumba to Flores?

Posted by Harry05 on 16/11/2013 at 13:15

After visiting Sumba (also for the Pasola festival) I would like to take a flight to Flores . Anyone knows if there are still direct flights from either Tambolaka or Waingapu to Flores (preferably Ende but also could be Labuanbajo)? Thanks answering, Harry ...

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Beaches in east java

Posted by svolvar on 12/11/2013 at 17:09

Hi there, This will be our first time in Indonesia. We will land in Yogyakarta just before January 1st. We will stay few days in the area to visit sites around Yogya and most likely Bromo. Because we only have about 12 days I thought of skipping travel to Bali and other island and find a place to relax at the seaside on Java (south, north or far east of yogya) I will be greatful for any recomendations for the place or area to stay. Thanks in advance. ...

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Adventure in the wet season!!

Posted by Carrie0311 on 11/11/2013 at 18:00

Hi guys! This website was amazing for me when planning South East Asia so hopefully it'll be the same for this trip. A little about us...we're 3 'girls' in our mid twenties! Travelling to Bali for 3 weeks from 15th feb 2014! We have our Advanced diving certificates and we love adventure, anything from trekking to cycling! Love beaches but are more into taking photos of sunsets than lying all day on one:-) Can't surf but would be open to trying anything! If you can help?! What I'd like to kno ...

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yummy veggie food in indo

Posted by Animal_lover on 17/7/2013 at 15:37

Hi Any tips for yummy dishes/places for veggies in Yogya, Bali or Lombok? Thanks ...

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