Photo: The back blocks of Candi Dasa.

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Pics of Indonesia

Posted by Harry05 on 9/4/2014 at 01:33

Hi guys, Just ended my great Indonesia trip. Everybody thanks for the info on this forum. If you want to see some of my pics of the islands Sumba, Flores, Sumatra and Bali you can use the following link: To start a slideshow you can use this link: Slideshow Photos Indonesia 2014: Hope you like them. Harry ...

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Indonesia one-month-itinerary

Posted by arcticsounds on 26/2/2014 at 04:41

Hi all, In July me and my girlfriend are travelling to Indonesia.We’ll fly into Jakarta the 6th of July and fly out of Jakarta the 7th o fAugust. This means 31 days, yay! To be honest, I’m having a really hard time planning a draft itinerary for our trip. More than any other trip I’ve made before. I’ve been scanning forum posts for days, as well reading in my Lonely Planet, but the more I read the more I change my mind. We are both 26 years old. It is our first time in Indonesia.We ...

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Getting from Lake Toba to Banyuwangi and then on to Bali.

Posted by Arikara1985 on 11/4/2014 at 02:30

Going to be there in September to start my 10-12 month trip of the region. Got a month to spend in Indonesia. Can't really find a whole lot of information on this though. What's my best way to get from Lake Toba to Banyuwangi? Will I have to backtrack to Medan or is there a way to go straight there from Parapat? If I can go overland I'd rather do that unless flying is better choice. From there I plan to go to Bali and the Gili islands before heading to Flores for Komodo Island. I'm guessing I ...

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Hiring a Car in Bali

Posted by lott9 on 20/3/2014 at 07:27

Me and my boyfriend plan to travel to Bali in July/August, and are thinking of hiring our own car to travel round the whole island over a few weeks. We want to do this to have the freedom to go where we want, when we want. Does anybody have any idea how much it would be to hire a car for 4-6 weeks? And is this the best idea? ...

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help with BORNEO itinerary & visa

Posted by louzdelaluna on 12/4/2014 at 03:12

Dear travelers, I'm planning a trip through Malaysian & Indonesian Borneo and I'd need advice for my itinerary. I am landing in Kota Kinabalu and I am proceeding to Sulawesi. My itinitial plan was the following: Visit Sabah (Mt Kinabalu, Sepilok, Danum valley, Pulau Sipadan) Cross by sea (with a prearrenged visa) to east Kalimantan Visit Kailimantan (Derawan archipelago, Wehea forest, cross borneo trek?, Loksado) and go all the way to Pontaniak Cross overland to Kuching and visit Sar ...

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Bali itinerary help please

Posted by Hiyaguha on 8/4/2014 at 14:21

We're going to Bali for the first time in September for 16 nights. We're interested in both scenery and the Hindu culture. We do love beaches, but we live in Hawaii so don't need to spend all our time beachfront. As important is that the beach destination is near interesting sites or scenery. Here's what we're thinking... Right now it feels a bit too busy...would rather get immersed in a place a little instead of moving around so much. Would be grateful for all insight and suggestions: Sanur -- ...

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Mount Rinjani and Gili Islands - July 2014

Posted by seangoh on 4/4/2014 at 00:31

Is anyone interested to climb Mount Rinjani from 7 to 9 Jul 2014? Already found 2 friends for this and we are looking for a couple more trekkers. I'm also likely to head to Gili on 10 Jul to 12 Jul. Please email me at sean7goh(at) gmail (dot) com if you are keen on joining up for either. ...

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Cheap accom near Yoga Barn, Ubud?

Posted by fishtails04 on 19/11/2013 at 07:12

Hi folks, it's 23 years since I was in Bali so am v out of touch with accom etc! I'm planning on a week of stuff at Yoga Barn in Ubud but their rooms are beyond my budget - found a few places in my budget (ideally $20 a night for one person alone) but despite some research on google mas etc I can't out how close/far they are from Yoga Barn - your help would be appreciated! I looked at Secret Garden, Inten House, Gusti's Homestay, Mekar Suci Inn, Ubud Terrace Bungalows - most were on Booking ...

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Best place for volcanoes???

Posted by MahbuAli on 11/3/2014 at 13:09

Hello, Travelling to Indonesia next year, I would like to visit somewhere a bit volcanic. Any ideas? =] ...

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General Question

Posted by edward10001 on 28/3/2014 at 06:27

Hi every one, Is Indonesia is good place for visit in summer holiday ...

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Indonesian departure taxes increasing from 1 April 2014 (5 airports)

Posted by busylizzy on 30/3/2014 at 12:37

Domestic and International departure taxes are increasing at 5 main airports in Indonesia. From Denpasar (Bali), Surabaya (Java), Balikpapan (Kalimantan) airports: - International tax will increase from 150,000rp to 200,000rp - Domestic tax will increase from 40,000rp to 75,000rp (NOTE: Domestic fares in Bali may not be increasing until 1 August, when the airport renovations are due to be completed. This is implied in the Jakarta Post link below, but is more clear in the Bali Post link ...

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Posted by rhkungel on 25/3/2014 at 02:56

On the advice of our son who lives in Singapore, my husband and I have booked a 2 week trip to Sumatra. We will spend half the time in Bukit Luwang (have found a guide to take us into the orangoutang preserve) then fly to Banda Aceh and will take a ferry to the island of Pulau Weh. Now I find no links or info on these areas at all on Travelfish and am getting a bit nervous about whether we have gone too remote. We are experienced travelers, 60ish, quite fit and open minded. We wanted to avo ...

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Romantic things to do in Lombok (Mataram/Sengiggi)

Posted by hallf_brick on 22/3/2014 at 23:46

My girlfriend and I are traveling through Bali/Lombok in April, and we're going to be in Mataram on Lombok for her birthday. I'd like to make the day amazing for her, so I'm wondering if there's anything especially good to do around that area (Mataram, Sengiggi or within half an hour) that would make the birthday next level? ...

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Help on planning our Bali/Lombok trip

Posted by Goodmango on 17/3/2014 at 08:59

Hey! My GF and I are going nuts trying to plan our Bali trip this summer. We have 17 days total in August and want to make the right decisions. We really want to see Bali (mainly Ubud and surrounding area), Lombok, Gili Air and Nusa Lombongan. But we realize this is too many places to visit in such limited time. I'm looking for experienced Indo travels to suggest what to drop and keep from our list. We are young and don't mind moving around but we also don't want to waste a ton of time in ...

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Recent situation in/around Bukittingi concerning smog/haze?

Posted by Harry05 on 19/3/2014 at 01:42

Can someone give an update about the recent situation in/around Bukittingi concerning the smog/haze due to the Riau fires? I intend to visit this area for 4 days starting from friday(march 21st). Would you recommend this? Is Padang airport (still) open (I will arrive by plane)? Thanks answering, Harry ...

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a good indonesia travel book

Posted by jenmi on 9/3/2014 at 00:12

I usually only use 'lonely planet', and that book proves to be a very informational book for my trip in Thailand. how's lonely planet for Indonesia? I intend to backpack all over Indo very soon. thanks for the input. ...

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30 days east to west Indonesia

Posted by D11xer on 13/3/2014 at 20:59

Hi all, This is my first post ever!! As you may have guessed I'm in need of help! I am currently traveling through Vietnam on a clapped out bike. My plans are to hit Cambodia for 2 weeks then either spend one week in Lao or move straight on to Indonesia from Cambodia. My final location is to be Perth. Please can you advise me on how to get from either Cambodia or Laos to Indonesia with a 30day itinerary from east to west hitting the main highlights and ending up in Perth (I am adventurous an ...

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Afternoon public ferry to Gili Air?

Posted by soomei on 12/3/2014 at 19:58

I'm thinking to take the public ferry from bangsal to Gili Air on my own , for a little bit of adventure and to see for myself how bad is the harbor like. Haha... But I'm a bit worried since my flight is scheduled to reach Lombok airport around 12 noon (assuming no delay), and would probably reach bangsal by 3pm via cab? Anyone can advise if this worth a try for I read that the ferries to Gili Air is lesser than to Gili T. Or do I really need to stay the night at lombok while waiting for the ...

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Last week suggestion needed, please!

Posted by Susan on 12/3/2014 at 18:28

Hello...we will be spending two months in Indonesia starting mid-April...This is our tentative itinerary so far...any suggestions welcome and we are especially looking for a beach suggestion for the last week or 3/4 days that would be easy to get to...not a party scene... Week 1..Java..Yogyakarta language school and outings Week 2 ...Gili Meno and over to Ubud for part of week 2 and 3 Week 3 ...Kawana with day trips to Rinca and Komodo Weeks 4-6 Sulawesi Part of a week in Tanjung Puting An ...

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Watching 6 Nations Ireland Game in Bali?!

Posted by fishtails04 on 8/3/2014 at 23:32

This is probably a long shot, but is there any venue in Bali that may show the final 6 nations match on March 15th (11a.m. Bali time)? I will be based in Ubud for a 10 day break but am quite happy to spend a couple of hours in any dive anywhere on the island for this. I've been away from Ireland for 6 years now and was lucky enough to catch a resounding victory for us in the tournament , from a bar in Patagonia back in 2009 - that's the only game I've managed to find in all that time, as I ...

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