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Extra days near solo

Posted by podimore on 20/8/2012 at 05:31

Hi We have 5 nights in solo so plenty of time to see local things. We also want to buy furniture to ship home. Any ideas for things to do in 3 days in the area between solo and Surabaya where we fly home from?? Thanks ...

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HELP itinerary java for next week

Posted by cat122333 on 14/8/2012 at 11:01

Was looking for any practical travel advice in particular whether its worth doing Pandangaran on a 3 week trip: |23rd August Arrive at 10am Jakarta airport Damri bus to bogor Relax and sleep 24th August Bogor botanical (onto Bandung maybe the next day or late afternoon) 25th(26th) onto pandangaran by bus 29th get to banjur onto Yogyakarta 30th (31st) see Borobudur 3rd or 4th September travel to Bali 11th September 13.10 flight Denpasser-Jakarta, spend one night in Jakarta 12th September 7pm ...

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manado in August

Posted by gingo3 on 19/6/2012 at 05:08

Hi! I'm wondering about the Manado area (beaches, islands) in the middle of August. Is room availability really a problem then because of "the rich kids on summer holiday" as stated in another forum? We don't mind the upgrade to flashpacker and we are travelling with a nine-year-old, so it can even be a "nice" place. But we are budget backpackers at heart so we don't shy away from a little "rustic" either. We will fly to Jakarta so we are still open to all possib ...

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Travelling from Bali to Sarawak

Posted by nakedbackpacker on 24/6/2012 at 21:08

Hi, I am currently in Thailand and am heading to Bali for a wedding in October. Whilst there I thought I would go to Borneo, do some trekking and see some Orangutans. After some research I have found that the best place would be Sarawak and the Gunung Gading National Park. I have chosen this as it is cheap and easy to do as an individual rather than booking a tour. Any suggestions of how to get to Sarawak from Bali? I know that Air Asia has some flights but they are not the cheapest and I am ...

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Bali and Timor Etc

Posted by time2fly on 21/7/2012 at 17:58

I have a quick question in the early planning stages of my next trip. I did Thailand and Cambodia this past April. I am planning on doing Indonesia this time around. Bali is the top plan but I am looking at other ideas with that. I will probably have 3 weeks and like to see at least two countries when I travel. Should I focus on Indonesia only or are there any decent cheap flights to say the Philippines? I don;t mind staying in one country and actually I was thinking about checking out Timor whi ...

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Bali - rent-a-car and driving at night

Posted by damjanco on 3/8/2012 at 06:02

Hi, I plan to rent a car for visiting Bali, but I have two worries. 1) I've never driven on the left side of the road. Has anyone had an experience with driving in Indonesia for the first time on the left side? I don't know how difficult is to adapt. 2) We will be arriving at Denpasar around 19:00 and our next stop is Bedugul . So it means my first drive would be Denpasar -> Bedugul at night. Is this a good idea? I don't know how easy it is to find the way. I guess also an option is ...

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First time into SEA landing in Bali, looking for quick tips / advice

Posted by Rukus on 20/7/2012 at 16:48

Hello everybody, I have been looking through these forums for the past 6 months or so gathering information about all kinds of different things in SEA and it has really helped out alot and will continue to help me out through my 6 month trip through the area. I'm landing into denpasar, Bali, Indonesia on the 27th of July and just wanted any quick tips / advice from people about this, I gather that It's going to take a little bit to get used to the culture shock it being my first time there. So ...

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Posted by MaxPontius on 19/7/2012 at 04:52

All About Karimunjawa How to come to Karimunjawa: You can reach this Islandby taking Slow Ferry "KMP Muria " (6hours) or fast boat"Express Bahari" (2hours) from Jepara port or another fastboat "KC Kartini" (3 hours) from Semarang port. 1. KMP Muria, Price:30.200 Rp/Economy Class, about 75.000 Rp/VIP Class(AC). The ferry isbig enough and you can bring also vehicles. Schedule: Jepara-Karimun:Monday, Wednesday, Saturday every 9:00 am Karimun-Jepara: Tuesday,Thursday, ...

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bangka and belitung islands

Posted by snib1960 on 17/7/2012 at 06:47

hi there everyone.i am planning a trip to visit friends in batam and thailand but i would really like to visit these islands, the beaches look amazing.has anyone on here been here.i am looking for beach style huts for my stay.any helpful info would be appreciated. thx simon ...

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Karimunjawa Islands & Yogya

Posted by MiaBritton on 27/5/2012 at 00:14

Hi all, My husband and I are off to Bali/Singapore on honeymoon next month and have been wanting to go over and spend a week+ in Java. We're looking at flying into Yogya & spending a couple of days exploring and doing daytrips to Borobudur &Prambanan. Are we missing out by not going to Jakarta? We're hoping to (time permitting) go and spend 4-5 days in the Karimunjawa Islands & are looking for a bit of advice on getting there from Yogya, where to stay etc. We'll be heading to Bali ...

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Lodging Review-The Spot, Kuta Beach, Lombok

Posted by Wandering_man on 22/11/2010 at 17:17

The Spot is a new budget place in Kuta Beach, Lombok. Take a left at the 4 way intersection as you come into town and it is 50 meters on the left. The spot is built entirely from bamboo, including the nice brugga in the main common area. The beds are comfortable with ingeniously installed mosquito netting and the bathroom uses locally made pottery for sinks. Each room is equipped with western toilets and oscillating fans and the place has backup generator power in case Kuta Beach electricity c ...

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Quiet but adventurous winter honeymoon in SE Asia

Posted by laceyinak on 4/7/2012 at 00:03

We're trying to decide where to go in SE Asia on our three-week honeymoon. We'll be leaving from Alaska around the 14th of December, and back on the 4th or 5th of January. It'll be my first time to the region, but not his. Original plan was to go to Thailand, but we've been lately tempted by Indonesia. However, after a very rainy summer in AK I've been a little scared off by the rainy season there. We also want to avoid loads of tourists- considering we'll be there over Christmas, I assume this ...

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2 week trip end of july or 1st week aug. Will ramadan affect?

Posted by redurn on 5/7/2012 at 01:43

Hi all, I've spent a few days researching Indonesia for our annual holiday. My husband and I were planning to go to Indonesia for the first time by the end of July or 1st week Aug. While we are still confused about what to see in the limited time, I came across the fact that Ramadan this year is Jul 20 - Aug 18. From what I read, across Indonesia, life will be affected requiring us to book in advance. And it looks like finding food will become a problem with restaurants shutting in the day and ...

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Stops between Jakarta Yogykarta and Bali

Posted by cat122333 on 20/6/2012 at 14:49

Travelling in Indonesia for 3 weeks in August early September and would like some advice for possible stops. We are flying into and out of Jakarta so need a roundish trip. Finding it hardest to find good stops in between Jakarta a Yogykarta know theres a 9hour train in between but after having a 16 hour flight dont think we will fancy that maybe take that train on the way back to get from Yogykarta- Jakarta. As Ive said first time travellers two 19 year old girls so safety has to be considered. ...

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Flying in from Canada to Indonesia

Posted by Rukus on 21/4/2012 at 15:04

Hello travelers, I am planning a trip quiete soon within the next 2 months to go and travel SEA for 6 months or so. I'm coming from Canada and want to start south and work my way north west. So my basic question is what would be the ideal place to get a plane into in Indonesia? I'm seeing Bali everywere and that seems like a good place to start, but any experiance / knowledge passed on would be fantastic, thanks alot. ...

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Bali Running

Posted by Merrianne on 14/6/2012 at 08:03

Hi Everyone My husband and I are heading to Bali and Lombok on the weekend for the next month and I'll be doing the Sprint Tri next week (June 24) in Jimbaran. Everything has been researched and more or less planned...a little less than more, but that's part of the joy of travelling, right? Anyway, I'm looking for runners who might want to join me or let me join them. I thought I'd ask if anyone on this forum knows of groups in any of the following places: Ubud, Lovina, Jimbaran, Amed, Legian. ...

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7-day Bali getaway, is this doable?

Posted by jasoncarpio on 10/6/2012 at 18:33

Hello beautiful people, My name is Jason and I'm from California. I'm traveling to Bali for the first time and wondering if you can give me any advice on my following itinerary (I'm in Bali from July 3 - July 11): 3 days in Ubud (MUST): Trek Batur (early morning), Monkey Forest, ARMA, Celuk, Mas, Sari Organic, Yoga Barn, Tirtha Empul, Goa Gajah, Gunung Kawi, coffee plantation (Luwak), (is it possible to do a day tour towards Sidemen (Besakih) and back by the afternoon?) - 2 days in the G ...

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Climbing Rinjani

Posted by eik362 on 12/6/2012 at 21:49

Hi There, I am looking to climb Rinjani on Lombok around the 28th June 2012. Would anybody like to climb with me to cut down on costs? I am a 21y.o female from Australia. Also, has anyone climbed Rinjani before and have any advice? Can anyone recommend a guide company? Thanks, Em. ...

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Flying into Jakarta 23rd August will Eid Ul Fitr still be effecting transport?

Posted by cat122333 on 8/6/2012 at 11:10

Thinking of booking flights that land in Jakarta on the morning of 23rd August, realise Eid Ul Fitr is on the 19th August this year. How much do you think it will effect us not sure how long we will stay in Jakarta at least till 24th as will be jetlagged so wont feel like rushing off too quick. By then will transport not be to mental, heard from other posts its easier to travel out of Jakarta after Eid Ul Fitr is this right? Really appreciate any advice p.s although dates may not be ideal only ...

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How far/where to go in 3 weeks?

Posted by cat122333 on 5/6/2012 at 07:57

Firstly apoligies know there's a few threads on similiar topics but would be helpful for answers based on my specific situation. Me and my friends (19 year old girls from UK) are first time backpackers planning a 3 week trip to Indonesia in August/start September. Been looking up countless destinations in Indonesia on here and the web but still desperately seeking some more personal advice. Feel like I have very little concept of the distance between places how much is it possible to cover in 3 ...

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