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itinerario java

Posted by lorettina54 on 23/6/2011 at 16:53

buon giorno insieme a mio marito visiteremo Java per 20 giorni a luglio. arriviamo a Jakarta il 14 e vorremo un consiglio sull'itinerario Vale la pena andare a Bandung o Bogor? o รจ meglio Pangandaran? grazie dei consigli Lory ...

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Recommendation of Bali driver

Posted by childly1979 on 10/6/2011 at 13:52

Before my arrival to Bali, I have searched on the Internet looking out for a driver and found Dodi. I wrote to Dodi for asking the price and booking details and he replied me asap with his number. Hence, I texted him a message but never thought that he rang me up to talk to me about the date. Dodi rang me again one day before my arrival. How much would those phone calls cost to him? I can tell that Dodi is an honest man that can be trusted with. He arrived at my hotel to pick me up on time and h ...

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Ubud accommdation

Posted by chrispyrolls on 8/1/2010 at 00:05

Hi, Does anyone know of any 'flashpacker' accommodation in Ubud? The flasher the better... Thanks Chris ...

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Travel sites on Indonesia?

Posted by Lother on 7/5/2008 at 18:48

Anyone know of any good travel sites on Indonesia? There's obviously bits of travel info all over the Web, but as I'm heading to Sumatra (and Aceh in particular) next month I was wondering if there are any more comprehensive sites on the country, especially containing accommodation tips/reviews and maps etc. such as there are on Travelfish. ...

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Landing late at night in Bali

Posted by chicoelnino on 2/6/2011 at 04:19

Three of us will be arriving late into Denpasar airport around 1am next week. We have no accommodation booked yet. Can anyone recommend a safe place to stay for our first night there thats near to the airport until we get our bearings? Thanks in advance. ...

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How to spend 3 months in SE asia?

Posted by lilyrose on 27/5/2011 at 04:47

Hello, Me and a mate (we're 23) are planning travelling round SE asia from September... we have a flight booked to go straight to Laos and then 3 months later out from Bali to Perth. The first month we will spend travelling round Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. We spent a month in Thailand last summer so kind of know what to expect here. We're stuck with what to do after... The general plan was to fly from Cambodia to Malaysia, visit a few of the islands there then fly out of either KL or Singapore ...

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Bali transportation

Posted by heddenswest on 22/5/2011 at 11:49

Hello. I am looking for a cheap way to get from the airport in Bali to Ubud. I understand a taxi is about $20. Has anyone taken a bemo from the airport to the Batubulan station in Denpasar and then a bemo onward to Ubud? I found info. on a bemo to Ubud, but not from the airport to Batubulan station. Is it worth the extra time and potential hassle to save a bit of cash? Thanks!! ...

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Help me plan a trip.

Posted by seeking on 19/5/2011 at 20:14

I will be in Indonesia during the first half of August. I have this itinerary in mind: 13 - 14 Aug: visit Jakarta and Jogjakarta, reach Bali in the evening or on 15th morning. 15 - 16 Aug: Bali (is this enough? I am not interested in the beaches except for a visit) 17 - 19 Thailand (mostly Bangkok, Kanchanabura etc) 20 - 21 Cambodia, Angkor Wat. I am from India, with a German passport. I want to visit the temples and museums. Not much into night clubs etc. The trouble is, if I land in Jakarta, I ...

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Recommendations for Mt. Bromo tour

Posted by travelinchen on 19/5/2011 at 02:23

Hey guys, I'm so excited! End of July we'll fly to indonesia and it will be awesome! (I hope) I'm still planning things out for the trip (aka as procrastinating), so I was wondering whether anyone can recommend a tour operator that does tours to Mt Bromo (relatively flexible still from where, but I'm thinking Malang might be good)? I know there're a lot of offers on the internet, but I'd really like to go by recommendations for such a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Hope to hear from you ...

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Posted by heddenswest on 22/5/2011 at 13:56

We'll be coming in August, during the high season, and are wondering if we really need to make reservations. We won't be staying in Kuta or the other really popular beach spots. We plan on making a reservation for 1-2 nights in Ubud just for when we arrive. If we just want a simple, clean room, are we safe just walking around and looking at places or do we risk not getting a room in August? Thanks! ...

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Going east from Lombok

Posted by renzejongman on 19/5/2011 at 03:00

Hi guys, My soon-to-be wife and I will be spending our honeymoon in Indonesia. We plan to start of in Lombok, enjoy a couple of days of rest there and then start going east and have an adventure. Climbing Rinjani is definately on our list, but we were hoping you guys could give us some tips on great things to do on our trip! We would like to stay away of the tourist mobs a little bit. We have a month... also: does anyone know a good not-too-expensive operator for the Rinjani expedition? Thanks ...

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Flights to KL/Sing to Lombok

Posted by starfish on 17/5/2011 at 02:02

Hey there! I have a rough plan of my summer trip. I was planning of flying from KL to Bali, moving to the Gilis before heading back to Bali for a flight to Singapore. As we only have a short period of time, I was wondering if it would make more sense to fly on leg of the trip from Lombok rather than both flights from Singapore. However, I am finding it really hard to actually find any flights. I have tried Singapore Airlines and Silk Air but the flight codes are not coming up. Could anyone reco ...

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Trekking Mt Bromo

Posted by DShan on 10/5/2011 at 16:12

Hi, just wondering if anyone has been to Bromo and if there are any treks organized up the mountain or is it only just the coach transport up and down for the sunrise? If anyone has done it before, how difficult is it? Any recommendations on backpackers accomodation? ...

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Bali few days w/o hassle?

Posted by boleslav on 10/3/2011 at 11:05

After reading many post on Bali, I have to admit to be a bit afraid of visiting the place. Or I should say intimidated, crowds, touts, almost mandatory guides for everything... yet I would like to believe that there is still a hope for us to spend few wonderful days there. Where would you suggest to go if we would like to get a feel for the culture and nature without worrying too much ..where can we soak it up independently? thank you. ...

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Family Ideas?

Posted by trevadea on 14/3/2011 at 12:31

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could suggest few places that might help us on our planning for our extended vacation to Indonesia. We'll have 6 months or so, flying into BKK in December. We are a family from Mexico with a 12 year old girl, a surfing Dad and a Mom who loves art and religions. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! ...

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So, which Gili island (or beach) to prefer?

Posted by travelinchen on 7/5/2011 at 17:00

Hey guys, my partner and I are planning to spend a week on one of the Gili islands, but we're not sure which one yet. Here's what we need to take into consideration: 1. Money -- we're on a somewhat tight budget of 50 USD a day for the two of us. (clean room with private both, but cold shower is fine) 2. Seclution and Peace -- we want to relax, NO partying and preferrably backpacker people rather than families or spring break type people 3. Snorkeling -- where's the best offshore snorkeling? Whic ...

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Gili Islands, Perenhian Islands, Yucatan or Golf of Thailand

Posted by travelinchen on 6/5/2011 at 16:13

Hey travelers, sorry, obviously not all of these places are even in SEA, but I didn't really know where to post it and I hope some travelers know more than one of the places. Since my partner is having a very difficult time right now, we're looking to go to somewhere for relaxation and peace in June. Beach is a must, ideally white with perfectly clear water, so we can snorkel a bit. Not touristy and if anything rather backpacker. We're also on a budget (once we're there) so it should be very a ...

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4 Days Bali

Posted by Na0miii on 3/5/2011 at 21:43

Hi, I'm heading to Kuta, Bali end of this month with a couple of friends for a short getaway. We hired a driver for Day 1 and the itinerary for the tour is : Volcano tour 1.Barong keris ritual 2.Batik tohpati 3.celuk silver 4.Batuan painting 5.Gunung kawi temple 6.Kayuamba plantation 7.Volcano and lake batur 8.Toya bungkah natural hotspring 9 tegalalang rice terrace 10.Central of ubud: However, on Day 2 we haven't decide where to go as we have no idea where in Bali is nice. Basically we are lo ...

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Rafting in Bali

Posted by foieslinger on 26/3/2011 at 12:34

My wife and I would like to do some white water rafting in Bali next week, can anyone recommend a good tour operator? I assume most operators are based out of Ubud, is this correct? ...

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4 weeks in Indonesia: your ideal itinerary!

Posted by champp on 18/2/2011 at 10:30

Hey guys, I will be spending 4 weeks in Indonesia in June. I know it's not a lot of time for the hundreds of awesome places in Indonesia, but I was just wondering where would you go with that time? I was thinking of spending about 1 week in Bali, 4-5 days in the Gilis, and take 2-3 days to climb up Mt Bromo. But that aside I'm all ears for your suggestions! Cheers ...

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