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How long in Indonesia?

Posted by kraver_alex on 31/5/2009 at 21:20

Hi guys, Me and my girlfriend are planning roughly an 8-month jaunt round Asia. We're taking in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Southwest China, Malaysia, hoping to spend a month in each (maybe about 40 days in Thailand and China) and are hoping to stick on a trip to Indonesia at the end. Basically, I was interested in visiting Java, Lombok, Flores and Sumba, and one of Sumatra or Sulawesi, and what I want to know is whether a month and a half (40-45 days, I guess) would be sufficient ...

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Two bombs in Jakarta

Posted by somtam2000 on 17/7/2009 at 09:13

Breaking news reports this morning are covering the apparent bombing of the Ritz Carlton and Marriott Hotels in Jakarta. At the moment there are reports of six dead -- though that may well increase. It took CNN all of about thirty seconds to start rabbiting on about Al-Qaeda, but being so close to the just concluded elections there could be any number of parties behind these explosions, including disgruntled elements of the armed forces. Given this happened just an hour or so ago, there's ...

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2 weeks in Sulawesi?

Posted by jessieo on 3/8/2009 at 19:37

Any suggestions for a good itinerary? We are thinking Aug 10 - 24. Thanks! ...

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Boats to Indonesia?!

Posted by marcwilson87 on 24/7/2009 at 04:43

Hello, I'm planning a 6 month + trip around Asia and was hoping I could get a boat from Malaysia, or any other nearby country to anywhere in Indonesia? We haven't planned where in Indonesia we want to go, BUT we don know we don't really want to travel by air! We are trying to go from Malaysia to China without using planes... Any help would be great, I have already learned so much from these forums already. My trip planning would be impossible without people like you! Thanks, Marc ...

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A few questions on Indonesia

Posted by mattsmith on 28/4/2009 at 10:50

Hey I have a few questions on Indonesia. 1. Is there a problem getting a 2 month visa, the website and lonely planet say you need proof of exit and bank statement as well as a host of other things. Ideally I would like to stay longer but may have to fly to KL and back for another visa. 2. I haven't seen any trouble reported so im assuming Suliwesi is okay to travel althought is it best to avoid some parts still. Same with other trouble spots in INdonesia. 3. I have been travelling ...

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Kebunvilla - new place on Bali (doesn't seem to be in guidebooks)

Posted by sjpdg on 19/7/2009 at 18:01

I've recently come back from Indonesia and want to recommend a newish place on Bali that doesn't seem to have made the guidebooks yet. It's in the western half of the island, fairly central and therefore in the hills - well away from the hussle of the beaches on the main tourist drag in the south of the island (about an hour from Denpasar or Ubud). The layout, landscaping, accommodation was all designed by a local guy called Deddy who also runs it. Its called Kebun (which apparently means 'o ...

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South east Sulawesi

Posted by somtam2000 on 2/7/2009 at 15:09

So now it is my turn to ask! I'm planning a short two week trip over to Southeast Sulawesi (flying from Denpasar to Makassar) and am looking for suggestions. Most importantly, I don't dive - so stuff like Wakatobi etc isn't a high priority. Friends here in Bali have recommended in particular Bau Bau and Kendari for some old colonial stuff and interesting kicking around. Any more tips are much appreciated. I want to fly as little as possible only doing the flight to makassar 'cause ap ...

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A Guide to Bali's Beaches.

Posted by tezza on 25/6/2009 at 19:21

Kuta beach was gorgeous when I first visited as a surfer-grommet. Good waves, lovely clean white sand, backed by a line of palms, behind which were mainly grazing water buffalo and cash-cropping. The beach was pretty deserted apart from a handful of surfer dudes and naked hippy-chicks sunning and frolicking in the shore-break. I spent my teens pining for a hippy-chick girlfriend to take to the beach. These days? Ummm - well the surf is still often pretty good. I RECKON BALI'S BEST BEACH is D ...

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wellness retreats

Posted by insearchofsunrise on 17/6/2009 at 07:30

Hi! Looking for a quiet retreat on the beach with alternative healing and wellness packages - not super expensive and no detox or yoga centers please. Lots of good food a must ...

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In Bali and Need Some Itinerary Help!!!

Posted by beachfunguy on 11/6/2009 at 12:29

Hello all, I am currently in Kuta and have enjoyed it but much too touristy and the beach is not what I am looking for. I have about 11 days left around the area and am looking for some suggestions on nice beach areas to go that have a tiny bit of nightlife, and/or some really beautiful quiet spots. Tomorrow I am going to go to the Gilis for 5 or 6 days and then will have 5 or 6 days remaining, before I catch a flight out of densapar. Right now was thinking maybe find somewhere on Lo ...

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17000 Islands...where to go?

Posted by smkuchta on 31/5/2009 at 15:15

My wife and I are halfway through a 6 month trip through SE Asia and are planning on spending the last couple of months (Jul-Aug) in Indonesia but are unsure of where to go. We are planning on spending our last week on Bali but other than that keep changing our minds on where to go. The current plan is about 3-4 weeks on Sulawesi and then 3-4 weeks Lombok-Sumbawa-Flores. Any of the experts have opinions on must see places in Indonesia? i.e How could you goto Indonesia and not see "X"! ...

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Kuta in May/June

Posted by TheGoose on 22/5/2009 at 11:50

Hi, I'm going to be in Kuta in a week or so. Just how busy does it get? Will I be ok just turning up or is booking in advance needed as it's High Season?? ...

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Itinerary Help

Posted by jessieo on 20/5/2009 at 13:19

Hey there! Maybe you have done this same trip, or maybe you are really familiar with Indonesia - I need a little help! I am trying to plan a 6 week itinerary from Kota Kinabula (in Malaysian Borneo) ending in Denpasar, Bali. I want to spend approx 10 days in Borneo and 1 month in Indonesia. The beaches of Bali are not a draw, but the Gilis are. I want 4 days in Ubud at the end, and I want to hit Jakarta, Jogajakarta and a few other places on the way. Any suggestions? Thanks in adv ...

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