Photo: Classic scenery surrounds Vang Vieng.

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Chiang Rai to Luang Probang and return

Posted by ano_1 on 9/9/2009 at 10:54

We are a family of 5 wanting to travel from either Chaing Rai or Chiang Mai to Luang Probang and back and considering the entire journey by road to maximise our limited time in Laos. Would greatly appreciate any recent/ up to date information or advice in organising this trip. (have gone off the idea of the river due to some of the other posts on travelfish). Ano_=1 Australia ...

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Posted by jamesspignesi on 29/1/2009 at 16:24

Be very wary of the small buses that run between these areas or for that matter anywhere in Laos. I am not talking about the mini-vans nor the largeb public buses. These are the mid-sized ones sometimes with a white ,red, or purple top.Make sure you purchase your ticket at a bus station otherwise they stop in the middle of nowhere and demand more. My trip should not have been more than 25,000 kip i had to pay 110,000.I witnessed the driver and his little witch also demand more money from the lao ...

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Lao Airlines flight promotion

Posted by somtam2000 on 3/9/2009 at 15:16

Seems Lao Airlines have a webmaster again and the website has been updated/fixed up ... a bit. Interestingly there is a section on the front page detailing some promotional fares for travel up to 28 October 2009. Sample includes (all fares USD, exclude taxes etc): Chiang Mai - Luang Prabang: $100 Luang Prabang - Hanoi: $105 Vientiane - Hanoi: $110 Udon Thani - Luang Prabang: $79 Bangkok - Savannakhet: $95 Luang Prbaang - Siem Reap: $158 There are more fares listed on the Lao Airlin ...

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US bombing missiong over Laos

Posted by somtam2000 on 26/8/2009 at 19:31

If you've got Google Earth installed on your machine, you may be interested to have a look at the following add-on that marks over the map of Laos, every single US sortie that was flown. The results are simply breathtaking. I've attached a screenshot of it below, red circles are 500lb bombs, purple are 750lb (B52 strikes), other colours are other miscellaneous "General Purpose" munitions. There's all sorts of info about it here: ...

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air travel - cheaper to book when I'm there?

Posted by Intrepid82 on 27/7/2009 at 09:12

Is it cheaper to purchase domestic/international flights once you are in the country of origin?? IE if I want to fly from Siem Reap to Vientiane or from Vientiane to Phonsavan should I wait until I am in Cambodia/Laos to book? ...

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Travelling the Nam Ou - Lonely Planet is again wrong!

Posted by brucemoon on 27/4/2009 at 17:00

The boat journey along the Nam Ou is memorable and enjoyable. Lonely Planet describes the journey in glowing terms. Wrong again, Mr LP!! We began at Luang Prabang, in the 3rd week of April, travelling the river over 2 days to Muang Khua . The dry season had ended, and with the occasional afternoon storms the section we traversed was navigable. We'd heard from a French lady that 3 weeks prior she was a passenger, and they had to get into the river and push the boat through some sec ...

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Tubing in VangViang

Posted by anandgrafiti on 27/7/2009 at 19:50

Hi All, I know tubing involves booze and long hours of exposed sun. But one basic doubt i have is that how safe is it otherwise? Do you need to be a good swimmer(is swimming a must skill to do it?) to do tubing? Is the waters safe? Anand ...

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Up Nam Ou River from LP

Posted by realalaskan on 12/11/2007 at 08:10

Flew into Luang Prabang from Chiang Mai last year. Didn't get to spend enough time. Going back in January. Looking for information on traveling upstream from LP to Hat Sa on the Nam Ou River. Road connection to Phongsali and back to LP. Have any of you done this loop? I understand it takes about a week. Feedback? ...

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Nam Ou river in April

Posted by erinzita on 3/4/2008 at 13:12

Hi, We'd like to travel down the Nam Ou by slow boat from either Phongsali or Muang Khua to Luang Prabang (stopping off at Muang Ngoi Neua and Nong Khiaw). The problem is I have heard that the river is often too low in April for boats to run. Does anyone know how likely it is for boats to be running at this time? We don't want to get the bus all the way from Luang Nam Tha to Phongsali to find out that we can't get the boat and have to get the bus all the way back (and I get travel sick!). ...

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Slow boat & Nam Ou query

Posted by lmbeer on 9/9/2008 at 11:19

The first thing I have to say is how useful and informative this forum is. It's great, thank you! I am heading to Lao next February. I want to take the slow boat from Huay Xai to LP. However I was wondering if anyone could tell me which of the Huay Xai to Pakbeng and Pakbeng to LP days is better / more scenic? I am also wondering if I should take the slow boat from Huay Xai to only as far as Pakbeng, stay the night and then catch a bus from Pakbeng to Muang Khua (via Udomxai) for the ni ...

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itinery and some traffic questions. Please help!

Posted by joancchung on 14/8/2009 at 18:16

3/9 Bkk > Chiangmai (Flight) 3/9 -4/9 Chiangmai (is it possible to trek to Mae Hong Son ?) 5/9 - 7/9 Chiangmai > Luang Prabang (thinking if I should go for the budget tour to laos which costs 1900 baht - slow boat) 7/9 - 9/9 Luang Prabang 10/9 - 12/9 Luang Prabang > Phonsavan (Plain of Jars) 12/9 Phonsavan > Vang Vieng (is there any bus to V.V. from Phonsavan anyway? There's none told in "getting there and back"...) 13/9 - 15/9 Vang Vieng 15/9 - 16/9 V.V. > Vientiane (should i ta ...

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Taking classes in laos and vietnam

Posted by MariaT on 23/7/2009 at 09:37

Hello everyone! I am planning a 1-2 month trip to laos and vietnam. I am trying to find out if there are any places in these countries that are offering any sorts of courses besides cooking, language or yoga classes. My idea for this trip is less traveling around and more finding a nice laid back place to stay for a longer period of time and exploring the surroundings and the culture little by little. I have seen posts about different courses one can do in ho chi min and in hanoi, but from ...

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Bicycle and motobike rentals in Luang Prabang

Posted by ellenagger on 23/8/2009 at 21:26

Is it possible yet to rent bicycles and motorbikes in Luang Prabang province if you are a foreigner? It became illegal to do so a couple of trips ago and I'm hoping it's changed. ...

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Booking the gibbon experience

Posted by 21days on 17/8/2009 at 08:50

Hi I have been trying to book the gibbon experience and have sent several emails but no reply. Is the only way to do it by calling them? ...

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Gunz in Laoz

Posted by somsai on 16/8/2009 at 22:15

On another thread Big Ross said, "I noticed your reference to "long muzzle loading rifles". I've seen them too, and was struck by the extraordinary length of the barrels. Do you (or anybody) know if these are rifles or shotguns, and why do they make the barrels so long? I wonder what the most common game is that they hunt. I've often seen people in markets offering very small deer (which appeared to have been shot)for sale, and some odd, cat-like animals, as well as squirrels. I think they a ...

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Is there still a curfew in Laos?

Posted by MADMAC on 19/8/2009 at 02:24

My counsin in Vientiane told me there's a midnight curfew in Laos. Is that still in effect and is it enforced at all? ...

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3 week laos itinerary - please help!! :)

Posted by juls101 on 16/8/2009 at 19:12

Hi, This is my first solo trip through indochina and I am pretty excited to kick it off in laos in October. I do not know much about what is possible though (feeling a little bit clueless at the moment) altho reading other posts is definitely helping. Can you please advise on what would be a good route to see the south and north of laos in 2.5 - 3 weeks and whether I should consider taking any flights etc.? Any advice, criticism etc. would be GREATLY appreciated. So far this is what I am ...

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Pharmacy - Vientiane

Posted by yozza2009 on 17/8/2009 at 03:13

Hello, After reading some posts regarding Malaria. Im considering buying some doxycycline on arrival. (I already have enough for a week of my trip), can anyone recommend a pharmacy in central Vientiane that will sell doxy. Yoz. ...

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Tha Khaek & Southern Laos

Posted by Intrepid82 on 22/4/2009 at 13:45

I'm considering whether to make a trip to Tha Khaek and other parts south of Vientiane when I am in Laos in Nov/Dec. So far my plans for Laos were focussed mainly on the north but am interested in seeing some parts of the south, which I am told are a little less 'touristy'. Is this really the case? If so can anyone tell me what are the must see's in this part of the country? I am definitely on the look-out for the "authentic" Laos experience i.e sleepy villages and beautiful scenery.. ...

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Laoz without Borders

Posted by somsai on 16/8/2009 at 23:52 Great Video I think the guys are chefs back wherever they come from, I like the opening scene where they make monitor lizard laap. From a reply on another web site it seems they made 5 different dishes from the lizard, the undercooked laap was from the blood and some organs. Proabaly Sua from some of the meat and a gaeng from the juices of cooking the meat but that's all just a guess. Notice how they put the thing in the fire then scraped the scal ...

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