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Struggling with Northern Laos Itinerary

Posted by metsker on 27/8/2015 at 11:05

Greetings, all - I am having a tough time pinning down an itinerary and would appreciate your suggestions. After several days in LP, I have two weeks before I have to be in Chiang Mai in November. I just learned through this wonderful forum that there is a bus directly from Luang Namtha to Chiang Rai , so was thinking a week in N Laos villages then on to Chiang Rai and some of the villages around there for a week. I was thinking about pushing on from LP to Muang Sing because I am most int ...

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Don Khong or Don Khon?

Posted by EdSue on 12/9/2010 at 23:48

We are two oldies (but well travelled) planning to visit the 4,000 islands in Feb 2011 for 4 nights. Is this too long? After browsing many websites we are now totally confused about where to stay! We are prepared to pay a bit more than average for some comforts and a peaceful stay in beautiful surroundings, but have heard horror stories about nightly 'raves' and aggro between islands. Has anyone any recent experiences of visiting the islands and can give us some advice or tell us of your exp ...

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The tha khaek extended loop in 3 days

Posted by pookair on 21/9/2015 at 02:30

We started doing the normal loop mid September. When we got to the first town mahaxay we decided to do the extended loop. It was about 11 am. The directions on travelfish were good and we followed a decent sand road with occasional bumpy and muddy patches. After taking the left turn in a small intersection we drove for about 55 km until the petrol station( travelfish states 65k). From where we continued straight into the town because we weren't sure it was the right petrol station(it was the rig ...

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Nong Kiaow to Muang Khua by boat

Posted by Elliott on 25/9/2015 at 17:42

Greetings all Will be traveling around northern Laos in January of 2016 and was wondering if anybody has any up to date information on the possibility of travelling from Nong Kiaow to Muang Khua by boat. I just read in an old post on this forum that this is a possibility but that there were plans in the works for a dam to be built along the way. Anybody here know anything about this? ...

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Holding Lao Kip in Singapore, willing to exchange at favourable rate.

Posted by mirk0 on 25/7/2015 at 03:17

Hi All! I have about 1.6million kip leftover from my trip to Laos. I exchanged it at SGD$1 to 5000 kip in Luang Prabang, and when I left Vientiane the rate was SGD$1 to 5400 kip. Am willing to let it go at SGD$1 to 6000 kip, which is higher than the rate currently listed on I'm available to exchange currencies in the city area of Singapore from 31st of July to the 5th of August 2015 and subsequently anytime after the 14th of August. Drop me a PM or reply to this thread if you're inter ...

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Go to Luang Nam Tha or Luang Prabang from Chiang Rai?

Posted by Legacy88 on 14/9/2015 at 05:25

I'm going to be heading into Laos from Chiang Rai in a few days. I know the traditional route is to take the slow boat to Luang Prabang from the Huay Xai crossing, but if I'm going to explore northern Laos, it seems to make more sense for me to take a bus to Luang Nam Tha first and then work my way down to Luang Prabang from there, but I'm not finding many reports from people who have done it this way. I have a month in Laos so time isn't too much of a concern, but I'd also prefer to n ...

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Itinerary feedback for Northern Laos trip - December 2015 - 13 days

Posted by alisonrd on 6/8/2015 at 14:44

Hi all! I'm planning a trip to Laos for this coming December (middle of month, before Christmas) and wanted to get some feedback on my itinerary. I am a female solo traveler from the US who has been to Vietnam solo before. I prefer nature/seeing how people live/bicycling/hiking/kayaking type of activities, as well as history/culture. (I don't need to see too many more wats, though!) I don't want to rush it and try to fit too much in, so I'm happy to go to fewer places if they're worth it and sp ...

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What are Visa requirements for Englishman to live in Laos for ever

Posted by scoopybombam on 27/4/2015 at 05:42

Hi, I am an Englishman living in Thailand on a 12 month retirement visa. I am just about to renew the 12 month retirement visa. I have met a lady from Laos and we are going to live in Laos forever, hopefully. How do I arrange this? How do I get a visa for Laos. I will like a visa to last as long as possible. Where do I get a visa from? Does this involve "border runs"? I intend living in Labang Prabang which is near to Xsayaboury where my girlfriends family live. I am 67 so I want a sys ...

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Luang Prebang to Siem Reap in October

Posted by chronofar on 1/9/2015 at 08:59

Given these constraints what's the best way to make this journey: - No prop planes (jets already can be questionable, props are a hard no) - 24 hour trip (assuming bus trip in the rainy season would be several days if even possible - $250/person Best I've found is LP>Vientiane>Chiang Mai via Nok Air>Siem Reap via Air Asia or LP>Vientiane>Udon Thani>Bangkok>Siem Reap. Obviously neither of those options are very appealing. Am I missing anything or is there really just not ...

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Thailand, Cambodia AND Laos OR hanoi - 14 nights SEA

Posted by bab117 on 2/9/2015 at 07:57

Good morning fellow Travelfish members!! I have perused Travelfish for hours/days/weeks when considering planning my trip. I am getting married in late Nov and on Nov 30th I leave for SE Asia/Indochina for my honeymoon. I have 14 nights, 15 days in Indochina. My fiance and I are planning to visit Bangkok, Siem Reap, Ko Phi Phi , Luang Prabang , Hanoi/Halong Bay. I know what you´re going to say and you are right. This is not enough time at all to see 4 countries. Unfortunately I can´t pos ...

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Peeping Tom Sayo Xieng Mouane guesthouse in Luang Prabang

Posted by Thomasoreilly on 31/8/2015 at 09:25

We don't normally write reviews, good or bad, but our experience here was horrifying. Myself and my wife stayed here for 2 nights and on the 3rd night we caught the manager peeping on us being intimate. When we were checking in we were shown a room, however when we were getting the keys, the manager promptly moved us to another room, saying that the air conditioner was better in the new room. We thought nothing of it and even thanked him. After catching him peeping on us, we realised he moved u ...

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Northern Thailand and Laos in Feb2016

Posted by Nappyeshi on 24/8/2015 at 13:10

Hi all, I'm planning my trip in advance for February during Tet/ Chinese New Year holidays and wish to start from Vientiane - Luang Prabang- Luang Nam Tha- Gibbon Experience- Houay Xai - Chiang Rai- Chiang Mai- Bangkok(only transit). Since most of the travel will be by road, so I would like advice and experience on how crowded Laos would be and if its advisable to book hotels and buses in advance? Just that we don't want to be stuck or bored due to non availability of bus tickets or stay in b ...

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Muang Ngoi or Nong Khiaw?

Posted by JoHe59 on 15/12/2006 at 22:04

Hi, I'm planning a trip to Laos next March and I'm reading lots of travel journals. I read different comments on Muang Ngoi and Nong Khiaw. Of these 2, what is the nicest place to stay? Anybody been in both of them? Thanks, Johan ...

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From north to south

Posted by jiafal on 23/8/2015 at 03:06

Hi evryone, I'm going to plan my winter voyage in laos and i never found tips on Laosthe centrals regions. My purpose is to go from north (Luang Namtha) to south (4000 islands). Can you help in this project suggesting me how to move and the best place where stop? Thank you. Time to do it is not a problem! ...

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Luang Prabang to Pang Hoc

Posted by Clay1963 on 20/8/2015 at 22:51

I have searched the forum and have some ideas. Also, apparently you can fly LP to Hanoi , and then fly Hanoi to Dien Bien Phu. There are two of us. Cost is not a signficant factor. My question is the feasiblity of LP to Pang Hoc as follows: Private Driver -- LP to Nong Khiaw, stay Nong Khiaw 1 night. Private Boat -- Nong Khiaw to Muang Khua , stay MK 1 night if needed. Private Driver -- Muang Khua to Pang Hoc. Thanks ...

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Best motorcycle trip- Tha Khaek or Pakse

Posted by djkeith on 19/4/2012 at 04:56

Hey, I've heard you can rent a motorbike and ride from either place in around three or four days doing a big loop. Has anyone done either loop, and if so which would you say was the better. Thanks ...

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Boat logistics from Luang Prabang to Nong Khiaw.

Posted by DSawyer on 9/1/2013 at 21:09

Hello All!!! My first post here on Travelfish...I am officially a refugee on TT forums(my gain) I am visiting a host of countries in this coming May but a leg of my trip has my adventures going through Laos.Luang Prabag being the center of my travel there.I have heard much about the boat trips up the Ou river to Nong Khiaw in terms of beauty.But I can't really seem to get a great break down of the logistics.I looking for someone to let me know what they can about hiring a boat for that trip,wher ...

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Need some convincing to see South Laos

Posted by gatoguts on 23/6/2015 at 19:21

I've been to northern Laos, but never made it to south Laos for lack of time. I've been to Angkor, and wondering will I be underwhelmed by Champasak, or is it still definitely worth a visit? I probably only have about a week, hopefully enough time for Pakse , Champasak, and the 4000 islands. I really enjoyed northern Laos... does the south pale in comparison, or it does it have its own distinctive charms? (I'm guessing Pakse is no Luang Prabang) ...

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Is Laos developing a new party scene to replace VV?

Posted by MADMAC on 29/7/2015 at 09:09

I was reading some old Travelfish posts and was reminded of the death of the VV party scene. Is it being replaced within Laos, or did the concept just die altogether? ...

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Northern Laos

Posted by Kuduman1 on 23/7/2015 at 21:58

I am looking to explore new towns sites etc in northern Laos. I have been as far as luang probang. Any recommendations , routes etc? ...

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