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places to stay

Posted by paulspad2002 on 13/7/2008 at 23:56

hey im doing a trip to laos in august and im staying at luang prabang and unfortunately huey xai due to the late slow boat arrivals at the border...... can you please list where u stayed, in LP and huey xai and also pakbeng as im doing the up river trip from LP to thai border.....costs and review if possible as i have no idea where to stay but would like somewhere on mekong in LP close to town..cheers ...

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a cool place to stay in Luang Prabang and also dirt bike trekking in Laos?

Posted by rapunzel on 24/6/2008 at 15:49

hey, i'm in laos at the end of next week, first stop Luang prabang. I want a cool place to stay, where there are travellers who are into it all, ie -- not tourists. i prefer to pay budget, but the high end of budget to moderate is good if it means need clean facilities -- even if shared. any suggestions? travellers atmosphere is what i am after. also, I want to go trekking and dirt biking, anyone done it, or keen to do it in july? I will be in loas for at least 3 weeks. I'm looking fo ...

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Vientiane to Thailand

Posted by steffanmathias on 11/7/2008 at 01:04

I was just wondering if anyone had done a route from Vientianne to Thailand, and if so, what did you do? Ta Steff ...

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Vietnam Airline Ticket: is there a way to buy tickets for local price outsinde Vietnam?

Posted by gromi1705 on 14/7/2008 at 15:20

Anybody have an idea is this is possible? I am asking as the price for a ticket seems a lot cheaper when buying in Vietnam. ...

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Luang Prabang or Vietienne?

Posted by Brisbod on 9/6/2008 at 17:35

We are spending 3 weeks in Asia in October starting in Kuala Lumpur, flying to Phnom Penh, bus to Siem Reap and we then want to fly to either Luang Prabang or Vietienne for a few days before flying to Chiang Mai, then Bangkok. As our time is limited, we can only choose either LP or Vietienne. Which is recommended? Have read info about an elephant lodge in LP which sounds quite appealing, or would we be better to leave this sort of thing to Chiang Mai? Any suggestions would be greatly appreci ...

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Travel companion wanted - North Laos - October - November 2008

Posted by queanbeyan on 22/6/2008 at 08:13

Hi I am a 44 year old male from Canberra Australia and I will be travelling solo in North Laos from October 7 to November 4 2008. I speak Thai and Lao (not fluent but 20 years experience so quite reasonable). I have been to Laos a few times before and I know my way around but I would like to find some people to travel with (male/female any age is OK). I plan to go by boat from Huay Xai to LPB and then from LPB to the main areas in North Laos. After that I will go south to Vientiene and ...

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Laos Itinerary

Posted by CJHorn85 on 12/5/2008 at 20:16

Hey all, I will be travelling to SEA from mid-July to mid September (just under 2 1/2 months). I have posted on Lonely Planet forums, but this site appears to be the best of the best when it comes to SEA, so I thought I would try and get some opinions on here as well. Since this is the Laos destination part, I thought I would stick to that, and post my itinerary up for the other countries in the relevant sections. I have a very general itinerary, since my time is limited here, but the idea ...

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Southern Laos/Vietnam/Cambodia itineray - Have you done it???

Posted by avyanakos on 27/6/2008 at 09:13

So I quit my job Monday...booked plane tickets today....and I leave in a week for SE Asia. Spontaneous travel at its best. The current preoccupation as I sift through all the travel info to nail down how much advance planning I really need to do. I'm using the "suggested itinerary" for southern laos/vietnam/cambodia as a loose guide. Has anyone done this romp specifically? How much planning is required to do this or will I be fine if I wing it? Ideas/suggestions PLEASE! Also, what's the deal wi ...

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Luang Prabang- pre booked tour or DIY when I get there?

Posted by metropical on 23/6/2008 at 11:28

I can either book a tour with flights and hotels or just book the flights and hotels myself and DIY the rest when I get there. I have no Lao language ability. Would I be better off pre-booking or would I be successful DIY? ...

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Huay Xai to Luang Prabang by slow boat

Posted by Yamahuh on 9/11/2007 at 09:37

We are planning on going from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Huay Xai, Laos and from there to Luang Prabang by slow boat. We have booked a room in LP but I'm not sure if I can catch the boat at any time of the day or not. Is it feasible to expect to be able to arrive in Huay Xai from Chiang Mai and catch a boat the same day so that we can arrive in LP the next day? ...

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Posted by rubiemoon on 20/6/2008 at 16:08

has anyone travelled with Geckos tours? I plan on doing some solo travel in Thailand before joining a Geckos tour through Laos. ...

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Luang prabang thai islands

Posted by gijsvanpelt on 10/6/2008 at 17:33

Hello. leaving for se asia for about 4 weeks in two weeks, and planned a route where Laos and thailand are included. Plan is first two days bangkok, have been before so keep it short this time. Then fly 2 chiang rai and from there straight to thai lao border. From there via north laos in abt 4 days to luang prabang. and stay there for 4-5 days. but also wanna go to koh tao in thailand, and is quite a ride, how about flying????? How much would it cost to get from Luang prabang to BKK ...

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Posted by gkman on 7/6/2008 at 01:08

Hey everyone, So in about 1 month I should be well on my way to Laos, but I've been hearing some worrysome things about the food. I have a severe allergy to fish (swelling of the throat and hives etc...) which if bad enough can be fatal. Now I have heard all about how fish sauce is in EVERYTHING, and vegetarian meals can be a bit difficult, but will I experience many problems if I bring around a card of some type in writing how allergic I am? And also in general, do the vegetarian dishes a ...

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3 or 4 days in LP

Posted by metropical on 9/6/2008 at 21:12

here's what I'm looking as possibilities to cover. Obviously I can't cover all this in the time period. Suggestions as to what to keep or toss? Thanks Night Market Wat Sene Wat Xieng Thong Wat Khili Pak Ou Caves, Kwang Si Falls Phou Si at sunrise or sunset Ban Phanom, Ban Xieng Lek Tad Sae Waterfall Ban Phanom The National Museum Central Market ...

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Looking for travel mate to Laos

Posted by gilbert on 15/6/2008 at 17:12

I'm planning to visit Loas on 9 sept 08. I'm looking for travel mate. Any one interested? ...

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Posted by metropical on 11/6/2008 at 20:55

I can't seem to find a direct flight from HCMC to LPQ. Is that actually the case or am I looking in the wrong place? My previous tour will end in HCMC so it would be most convenient. ...

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Vientiane to Hanoi

Posted by alexr on 4/6/2008 at 06:19

Hi, I have planned to travel from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang then from Vientiane to Hanoi. From here i have planned to do vietnam in two weeks going down the coast and then going from Saigon to Cambodia and finally back to Bangkok. I originally thought this was the most logical route but from looking at other itinaries it appears some people do Laos then Cambodia and then Vietnam. I would probably fly from Laos to Vietnam as this seems to be the quickest route as we have such a short ...

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Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & the Greater Mekong

Posted by ade7 on 2/6/2008 at 00:24

Hi, Has anyone tried the Lonely Planet guide "Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & the Greater Mekong"? Is it any good? Im not a huge fan of travel guides as a whole, but this may be worth taking if its any good. Obviously it wont be as detailed as the individual country guides, but Im thinking it may be of use as a general reference, since I am travelling all over the region (I dont want to have to carry an individual guide for each country). Any help much appreciated. Cheers, Andy ...

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Si Phan Don or Phom Phem?

Posted by Tuli on 26/5/2008 at 01:35

Hi there, we are travelling to Laos and Cambodia mid july to mid august, and we are not sure whether to go from Vientiane to si phan don and going from there to siem reap or going down direct from vientiane by plane to phom phem and then to siem reap. I know this type of questions are hard to answer, but as we don't have much time, what should I skip? si phan don or phom phem..? Thanks! ...

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From Vientiane to Bangkok by train

Posted by the_tundraman on 21/3/2008 at 14:24

Hello, Has anyone gone from Vientiane to Bangkok by train? Am looking for some useful info about how to travel from Vientiane to Bangkok by train. Would be great if i could find out what type of trains (1 day, 2 days?), how often they run (twice a day? once a day?) and how much it might cost (for different classes, if any). Most important, how many days in advance would you need to book tickets? I'd be most grateful if you have any reliable agents who do the booking for you and give you a ...

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