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Phongsali - Luang Nam Tha

Posted by fishtails04 on 4/2/2008 at 18:17

Does anyone know anything about travelling from Phongsali to Lunag Nam Tha? will I need to go via Udomxai or is there an alternative? thanks fishtails ...

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Sapa to Luang Prabang

Posted by jackie66 on 5/2/2008 at 15:14

Hi, We are trekking in Sapa mid February and would then like to make our way overland into Laos via the Tay Trang border, which I hear is now open and you can obtain visas. We would then like to travel to Luang Prabang. I have heard that this is all very scenic and interesting,but rather difficult. Is this route feasable? How regular are the buses? What suggestions do you have from the Lao border to Luang Prabang, bus or boat? How long would all this take? Or would it be better just to get a ...

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Phongsali - Luang Nam Tha

Posted by fishtails04 on 4/2/2008 at 18:17

Does anyone know anything about travelling from Phongsali to Lunag Nam Tha? will I need to go via Udomxai or is there an alternative? thanks fishtails ...

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10 days to travel Laos

Posted by charlotte88 on 4/2/2008 at 21:49

Hi, everyone I am travelling to thailand for two weeks and Laos for 10 days, maybe slightly more or less in either. this is the kind of itinerary i made based on lonely planet guide 05. Can anyone tell me if i'm missing out anywhere on the way/how long recommended in certain places- thanks! -Cross border at Chong Mek Bus/train to Pakse. -Take bus to Tat Lo from south terminal at Pakse. -Back to Pakse, then down to -Si Phan don, Either get bus for Don Det and Don Khon 4 hours- 7am, 8:30a ...

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Tofu and vegetarian food in Laos

Posted by arlidon on 3/2/2008 at 05:26

Hi I´m planning on travel in Laos for 4 weeks. my wife and I are vegetarian and TOFU is basic in our meals. It is easy to be vegetarian in Laos? Tofu is easy to find? Thanks in advance ...

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traveling the Mekong

Posted by leolo on 21/1/2008 at 19:30

I want to get from Northern Thailand to Luang Prabang (or vice versa, not sure which way I'm going to start yet) but I'm debating transport between the two. I'm looking into the Discovery Airpass so flying between the two is an option, but is traveling the Mekong an awarding experience in itself? If price were not an issue and the only factor to consider is the experience, would I be better off (1) spending the two days to travel via river or (2) fly between destinations and spend that time at ...

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Weather in June

Posted by traceej on 1/2/2008 at 09:35

hi I'll be in Cambodia and Laos Late June, july and early August. I know Im heading into the wet season. But how wet???? LOL Is it anything like Darwin or Cairns? I was hoping for a few hours between downpours so I can get some sightseeing done. any tips would be greatly appreciated. cheers TJ ...

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Power sockets in Laos

Posted by elena9 on 29/1/2008 at 19:02

Hi everyone, We are soon to leave for Laos and are just wondering which power plug adaptors we need to take. Information seems to suggest that Laos has all types of power sockets but at this stage, we only have the "european" adaptor with two round prongs. Will this do the job? Thanks for any help... ...

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ATM in Pakse

Posted by raypond on 28/1/2008 at 05:24

A BCEL ATM was installed in Pakse a week or so ago (the 15th actually). It's free standing in one of those oversized phone box affairs about 300m east of the centre of town across the road from the Seng Aroun Hotel on Road 13. I didn't have reason to use it but other BCEL ATMs were good to my Australian cards in Vientiane. ...

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How much Cash/Travellers Cheques

Posted by elena9 on 27/1/2008 at 19:45

Hi everyone, I'm just trying to work out how much cash we should carry into Laos and how much we should take in Travellers Cheques. We will be in Laos for ~ 20 days and want to make sure we have enough. 3 days will be spent on the Gibbon Experience so I guess we won't need money then. We are thinking $1000-1500 (Australian) ie US$880-1300 will be plenty? Is it best to take the majority in cash (maybe in the ratio 2:2:1 $US:Baht:Kip) and hope that we're not robbed, or are travellers che ...

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vietnamese visa in laos

Posted by twominds77 on 25/1/2008 at 13:14

Hi guys, Just want to know the best way to obtain a vietnamese visa in Laos. Should i go to the vietnam embassy in vientianne, or should i go to a travel agent...or anything else? ...

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Viewed 2,563 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 25/1/2008 at 15:01

Booking with Lao Air?

Posted by Lars on 23/1/2008 at 15:21

Hi! Can anyone advise me on how to book flight tickets with Lao Air? Through their website I have sent them a mail with our names, and details of time and city of departure – but haven’t received any reply. Is it safe to use Lao Air's e-ticket service and buy the ticket with Visa through their website? We want to fly from Luang Prabang to Chiang Mai on March 13. Do we need to book well in advance or can we wait ‘til we get there March 2? Thanks a lot! Lars ...

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Accommodation in Pakbeng March 08

Posted by shelld on 20/1/2008 at 18:41

Any recommendations for overnite accom in Pakbeng. And a good GH in LP (triple share if poss) Cheers ...

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Bicycle Safety? Vientane to LP.

Posted by mackpappy on 8/1/2008 at 06:40

Hello, I'm doing a bicycle trip for a couple of weeks starting in Vientiane and heading up through LP and on into the north. Any word on the safety of the road, particularly north of Vang Vieng? There are some older warnings about fighting/ambushes in that area, so I wanted to check. Thanks! Geoff ...

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Viewed 1,767 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by goo_stewart on 20/1/2008 at 13:55

So many questions!

Posted by elena9 on 10/1/2008 at 19:00

Hi there, We are having quite a bit of trouble planning our trip to Laos. We have ~15 days and will be entering and leaving from Bangkok. At this stage, we are thinking our best option for transit in will be to fly to Udon Thani and then bus to Vientiane. Does anyone recommend against this? Is the train a better alternative? Flying directly from Bangkok into Laos is not really an option because of the cost... Secondly, we want to do a trek in northern Laos (in the Nam Tha region). We ar ...

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Viewed 2,261 times, with 13 replies. Last reply by Lam_merison on 17/1/2008 at 20:45

anyone want to travel with me in sekong province?

Posted by kitisak on 16/1/2008 at 19:28

hi, i am looking to travel in the sekong province for a couple weeks in feb or march walking to different villages and towns. i have finally found a pretty good map. does anyone want to come? ...

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money in laos

Posted by bakmeister on 18/12/2007 at 22:17

hi, will it be easy to change aussie dollar to kip in laos? thanks in advance. ...

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Lao Air LP to Pakse...

Posted by mackpappy on 13/1/2008 at 00:36

Hello, I am having a bit of trouble determining when Lao Air flies between LP and Pakse. Does anyone know the schedule? Thanks in advance. Geoff ...

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Laos Visa at Chong Mek / Day tour packages at Guesthouses

Posted by panda27 on 3/1/2008 at 01:28

1. Is the Laos visa on arrival available at Chong Mek? I'm finding conflicting info about it. 2. Are day tour packages available at guesthouses in Laos? It seems like there are many places that are not easy to get to without your own transporation. And I don't drive a motorbike. Roughly how much are those tours cost? ...

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Flights from Luang Prabang - Siem Reap

Posted by redmill on 1/1/2008 at 17:43

Would someone out there know the cost ($US) of the flight from Luang Prabang to Siem Reap travelling with Loa Air. Will be needing the flight mid February. ...

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Viewed 8,452 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by noklao on 8/1/2008 at 15:21

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