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Bangkok to Luang Prabang/Vientiane

Posted by mattza on 29/4/2008 at 02:15

Hi there, We are travelling to Laos for a week in July. Yes I know a week is too short but thats what we have. We wanted to fly directly from Bangkok to Luang Prabang and thus minimise disruptances and valuable time travelling on the ground. The problem is - flights are ridiculously expensive. Looking at minimum $250 per person for the 1 way flight. I looked at potentially flying from Bangkok into Vientiane and then getting a boat (is this a good option?) from Vientiane to Luang Prab ...

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Sapa-Tay Trang-Udomxai- Luang Namtha

Posted by thegingerbird on 30/4/2008 at 21:08

hi everyone Just wondering how long it takes and what forms of transport to use to go Sapa - Tay Trang - Udomxai - Luang Namtha. Thanks for all your help, its greatly appreciated TGB ...

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wet season/any idea's?

Posted by barrylad66 on 5/5/2008 at 18:39

hi folks will be arriving in bkk early august and seeing it is the rainy season was wondering where i should set out to first. i am planning to visit all the neighbouring countrys loas vietnam,cambodia and malaysia...i have roughly 9 months to cover my travel's,so i'm open to any suggestions. many thanks ...

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electrical plugs/adapters

Posted by traceej on 16/4/2008 at 20:15

Hi all I have heard that it is possilbe to use a European electrical adapter in Laos and Cambodia. Is this correct? I have an 'Australian to European' adapter 250vAC with two cylindrical plugs. Otherwise what should I get? Is there a general Asian adapter? I am going to Thailand also. Any help is much appreciated. cheers TJ ...

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Myanmar to Laos to Hanoi

Posted by biotope on 8/4/2008 at 20:14

Hi all, i'm planning a trip next mth and hoping to cover more ground namely from Myanmar to Laos and then finally end off in vietnam(Hanoi). Basically I only have about 10-14 days and would like to maximize it. Halong bay is a must see which is where I'll end off the trip so I have basically a week or so to spend in Myanmar and Laos. Any suggested must see iternary?? In additional, just wanna check if there are buses readily available to cross overland to these places? what kind of fees ...

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Maestro in Laos

Posted by TravelAddict on 15/4/2008 at 12:19

im going to laos in a few days. im not sure how long im gonna stay there. does anybody know if i can use my maestro-bankcard at ATMs in laos. doesnt give informations about laos. thank you ...

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Don Det-Siem Reap/Phnom Pehn

Posted by suecatwoman on 19/2/2008 at 13:36

Whatever you do, do NOT book a ticket from Don Det to Siem Reap/Phnom Pehn! I booked one at Mr.B's and they left me in Kratie only to get scammed by the people at riverside hotel(horrible place)! Book a ticket to Kratie and figure it out from there. And another thing, stay away from Indian Food in Laos! ...

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Best route from Chiang Mai through Laos to Kunming,Yunnan

Posted by gonganath108 on 2/4/2008 at 12:00

My wife and I will fly fly from India to Bangkok. Our ultimate destination is Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. We had planned to take a train to Chiang Mai and then travel through northern Laos to Yunnan. Can anyone recommend the best route and modes of transportation? Where is the best place to cross into Laos? Where is the best place to cross into China? Can we get visas for Laos and China in Bangkok and how much do they cost. How many days should it take to travel from Ch ...

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10 day trip in Laos

Posted by kierjan on 14/4/2008 at 23:26

Hi All New here but would really appreciate your help. I'm hoping to be going to Laos in February/March of next year . Will be coimng in via Chiang Kong at the Huay Xia border crossing. From there we'll get the slowboat to Luang prabang, then head north to either Muang Ngoi or Nong Khiaow. After that we'll go back to Luang Prabang and then onto to Vang Viang. We eventually hope to end up in Hanoi so what i'm wondering is after that should we go to vientianne and fly to hanoi. or travel overl ...

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Four Thousand Islands in wet season

Posted by ade7 on 14/4/2008 at 21:44

Hi, I shall be in Laos in July this year. I gather that during the wet season the Four Thousand Islands are partially flooded with all the influx of water. Does this put it off limits for a visit in the wet season? Or, conversely is it more impressive and should definitely be on my itinerary? Any help much appreciated. Cheers, Andy ...

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Need help travelling southern laos

Posted by relf on 27/3/2008 at 12:22

Hey all, I need to figure out how to get from Vientiane to cambodia. Which of the following places do you recommend visiting? (cant do them all!) 1) Tha Khaek 2) Savannakhet 3) Pakse 4) Champasak 5) Four Thousand Islands Also, I know many fly from Vientiane to Phnom Penh, but is there a DIRECT route from laos to Siem Reap (my goal is to come down laos, visit siem reap and phnom penh without backtracking, and then make my way to vietnam (saigon up to sapa)). Also, how much will it co ...

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is it really possible to get cambodian visa at Voen Kham - Don Kralor border?

Posted by talya on 5/4/2008 at 13:15

i've just read on travelfish that it's possible to get your cambodian visa at the land crossing at the Voen Kham - Don Kralor border, and can be organised by a tourist agency if you book a bus to take you across the border into cambodia. however, i've just read the entry in the lonely planet published march 2008, and it says that you need a cambodian visa before you arrive... which is right? thanks! ...

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Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang - how long??

Posted by pikkumyy09 on 31/3/2008 at 21:54

Hello hello travellers! Am heading to Laos in the next week, curious to find out how long it takes to get from CM to Luang Prabang - Lonely Planet seems to say it takes two days on the boat, but have seen signs here in CM that say you can be in LP in one day? If I take bus early morning, is there a boat that leaves late afternoon or in the evening? Is it worth staying a night somewhere along the way - if so, where would you recommend? Thanks!! ...

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Best way Bangkok to N. Laos

Posted by erinzita on 12/3/2008 at 18:25

Hi, We are flying into Bangkok on 8th April but want to spend most of our time in North Laos. What is the best way to get there? I was thinking of flying to Chiang Rai and then getting the bus to the border. This costs about 2800 THB each on Air Asia, which is a bit more than we want to spend. Is there a better way? We would prefer to get there are quickly as possible. Many Thanks. ...

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boats from pakse to champasak

Posted by kobnoi on 20/3/2008 at 22:48

i'm planning to go to southern loas next month. not sure if there are boats running regularly from pakse to champasak. also, since i plan to stay overnight at champasak before heading south to 4000 islands, is there any boat from champasak to don khon? ...

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Bus Transportation Schedule

Posted by tcseong9 on 18/11/2007 at 16:42

Would like to get some info in bus travel schedule between Vientiane, Luang Prabang & Phonsavan. Also, is there any night travel bus between these towns and is it advisable to travel with it?? Cheers, Gavius ...

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Bikes banned from roads in Luang Prabang

Posted by marakusch on 24/1/2008 at 17:01


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Luang Prabang to Luang Nam Tha

Posted by 73Chip on 22/3/2008 at 20:22

Hi all, I've just read of the bus that does the trip in 9 hours. Just wondering if anyone's found a faster way to do it(rent a car/car and driver?) as I'm on a pretty tight schedule unfortunately. Thanks in advance. ...

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Viewed 6,533 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by somsai on 23/3/2008 at 21:42

How long should I give msyelf to travel and see from ChiangMai to Vientiane?

Posted by convery on 10/3/2008 at 01:28

I am planning a trip of the area with very little time on my hands. Just wondering how possible it was to get from ChiangMai, Thailand to Vientiane, Laos in about 5or6 days? Day 1- Depart Chiang Mai for Chiang Khong, and then to Huay Xai, Laos Day 2 - Depart on boat to Pakbeng Day 3 - Depart on boat to Luang Prabang Day 4 - Luang Prabang Day 5 - Depart on a bus to Vientiane (via Vang Vieng) Is this itenerary possible? My main questions are: 1) Can I get from Chiang Mai to Huay Xai ...

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Vientiane to Siem Reap

Posted by swerve on 13/3/2008 at 22:21

Hi, I am looking for any advice for travelling between Vientiane and Siem Reap. Is it a good idea to take a couple days to do this while stoping at certain towns in north-eastern thailand? Is it better to just get to Siem Reap as quick as possible? Which is better, train or bus?. Any advice helps. Thanks ...

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