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Laos re entry visa?

Posted by DrDreidal on 17/5/2015 at 03:24

Hi everyone! I'm currently in Laos, but will only be spending this month in the northern area. After Thailand, I would like to come back into Laos in June to spend time in the South. Is it possible to get a new 30 day visa upon re entry or is there some special procedure I have to go through? Thank you! ...

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From Kunming, China to Luang Namtha

Posted by kcombobulate on 13/5/2015 at 06:01

Hi, I would like to make a trip down from Kunming, China to Luang Namtha. Could someone advise me on the bus route and where can I find information? Would it be better to take an overnight or day bus? Thanks! ...

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Boun Ok Phansa & Lhai Heua Fai, Festival of the Boats of Light

Posted by sunlvr on 4/4/2015 at 08:21

I'm going to be in Laos mid Oct-beginning of Nov. Can anyone tell me more about the festival of lights? I think I will be in Luang Prabang the week of Oct 27, which is when all this begins (I think) Any info on what it's all about and sequence of events, how crowded will town be....ect. would be great! Is this when the boat races are as well?? I've searched online and really can't find anything that answers my questions. Thanks so much! ...

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Bus from Don Khong to Phnom Penh

Posted by kimmied on 17/4/2015 at 16:45

Hi Can anyone please help with information about getting from Don Khong to Phnom Penh. Do we need to travel back to Pakse? Has anyone done this route and would be able to give us some information on what it is like please. The airfares are very expensive so looking at this alternative. Thanks so much ...

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Nagi of Mekong crashes sinks BBC journo dies

Posted by somsai on 14/4/2015 at 16:33

Long time operator Nagi of the Mekong which runs upscale boats Huay Xai to Luang Prabang crashed and quickly sank recently. Story in the Guardian here. I believe the cruise company is Thai owned but the Mekong is Lao up to the high water mark if I'm remembering correctly, it's ...

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border crossing Laos to cambodia ripp off

Posted by craigcraig on 5/2/2015 at 09:20

Crossed the border from Laos to Cambodia, bought a ticket from Don khone to Siem reap paid $40 because we were told it would only take 8 hours on the new road & it probably would have if we hadn't waited 5 hours at the border for the coach, they left around 25 of us there sitting in a (cafe) the organizers of the coach sat there laughing , joking & drinking beer, never offered anyone water etc , when I asked how long the coach would be I was told I had enough time to buy some food from t ...

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Best way to get from Phong Nha or Dong Hoi (Caves) to Luang Prabang?

Posted by muchbutter on 7/4/2015 at 00:15

I've been researching the Laos and Vietnam forum and there's a lot of info about how to get to Luang Prabang from Hanoi and Saigon. Found a couple of old posts about unsafe bus ride from Hue into Cambodia. Does anyone have updated info on safely and efficiently getting from caves in Phong Nha to Luang Prabang? Thanks in advance for your help! ...

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First time in SAE - Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar??

Posted by Nomad85 on 3/3/2015 at 06:32

Hi, my boyfriend and I are currently planning our first trip to Southeast Asia. He isn't an experienced traveller (he has only been to a couple of European countries which were easy to travel in), whereas I've been to parts of South America on my own and really enjoy planning trips thouroughly. We are both around 30 and interested in local culture, food and landscape. We'd like to see beautiful temples, go hiking, do at least one homestay and get off the beaten path a couple of times. We only h ...

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Transport from Nong Khiaw to Luang Namtha

Posted by lakyw on 26/8/2010 at 16:32

Hello. I'm going on a trip to Nong Khiaw from Luang Prabang in mid September. I have a dilemma in which route to travel. I would very much want to visit Nong Khiaw and Luang Namtha, and doing some trekking in both areas. The problem is, I'll be leaving Luang Prabang at the 21st of September and I absolutely have to be at Houay Xay at the 28th. This doesn't leave much time to visit both places. So I have a some of questions: 1. Is it reasonable to visit both Nong Khiaw, Muang Ngoi and Luang ...

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From Hanoi to Luang Prabang

Posted by Intrepid82 on 21/4/2009 at 11:28

Can anyone advise me of the best/quickest way to get from Hanoi to Luang Prabang?? ...

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Daily durect bus service between Sam Neua and Thanh Hoa

Posted by tf_geckozy on 19/5/2010 at 02:05

I posted same one into "Viet Nam" but i noticed it's better here than VN so one more time--- Now there exist several direct bus services beteween Sam Neua and Thanh Hoa , and the massages at Sam Neua East & South bus stations & Luang Prabang North bus station & Nong Khiaw bus station are telling us about those direct bus services, but all of them are not daily service but 3~4 buses a week at least now. DAILY DIRECT BUS SERVICE To the contorary, there exi ...

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Best Possible Route?

Posted by benwat1414 on 24/2/2015 at 11:40

I'm trying to get from either Vientiane or Vang Vieng (whichever one would make this easier) to Phong Nha in central Vietnam. The only real option that I've been able to figure out is to go from Vientiane to Nakhon Phanom to Savannakhet then through the Lao Bao Crossing to get to Quang Tri, then go north to Dong Hoi. That will get get ame a short bus ride away. Are there any other routes or options that are quicker or just easier. Thanks for the help! ...

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Vientianne Lao herbal steam & massage

Posted by sunlvr on 19/2/2015 at 11:14

I was hoping to go to Wot Sok Pa Luang for herbal steam and massage but it unfortunately has not been rebuilt after the fire. I have read that Wot Si Amphon (Wat 51) also does massage and herbal steams. Does anyone have information or experience with this? Or do you have recommendations on other massage places? ...

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Help with Border Crossing Vietnam into Laos

Posted by Jenn23le on 14/8/2014 at 22:11

Hello, My fiancé and I will be traveling to Laos in a few weeks coming from Vietnam. We are hoping to make our way from the Cha Lo > Na Phao border crossing. We know that this is the least taken border crossing between Vietnam and Laos but it would help the flow of our travels if we could do so. We have been researching and have gotten conflicting answers on if it is possible to obtain a visa upon arrival at this border crossing. Can I please get some assistance in the matter. Has anyone ...

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looking for a travelbuddy in laos?

Posted by barttravels on 15/2/2015 at 03:34

Hello I am a 30j old belgian male. I am now in chiang mai and want to go to laos in 2days. I dont know if i gonna take the slowboat, fastboat or bus to luang prabang.. i am here alone and i think it would be nice to have a travelbuddy to discover laos togheter, male or female... if your are interrested, let me know... greets ...

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4000 islands .....decent place to stay

Posted by mikal83 on 12/2/2015 at 09:35

We shall be travelling up from either SR or PP to stay over a few days somewhere in the 4000 islands. Where do you recommend this pair of semi knackered 50 yr old flashpackers stay! Late octoberish/early Nov. Cheers. No we aint bleedin ...

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Finding a guesthouse LP evening arrival

Posted by Jimoutdoors on 7/2/2015 at 05:05

Hi All, We're arriving in Luang Prabang in a few weeks time at about 7:50pm. We've been looking to find a nice but reasonably cheap private room in a guesthouse online, but it seems there's a premium for anywhere with online booking, and, so far, our emails go unanswered. What chance do you think we have of finding a decent room when we get into town (around 830pm?)? Not sure yet about best option for airport transfers either. Any recommendations? Thanks Jim ...

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ideas please for slow boat from Huay Xai -

Posted by breatheagain on 8/5/2011 at 00:24

After reading on the forum about the slow boat we are thinking it would be great to take it from Huay Xai southwards. Can anyone advise me does it go all the way to Vientiane? (then we would cross back into Thailand to stay in Nong Khai for a while) - How long would this take? Could we hop on and off in order to see the highlights of Laos? Or any other ideas would be great. Thank you Tina ...

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4000Islands to Siem Reap by bus

Posted by kbabin on 2/5/2013 at 05:52

I am wondering what the best way to get to Siem Reap by bus is. We are currently on Don Det and have researched and have read about scams eg. Not getting a VIP bus as paid for, over charging etc. We have also read about how maybe stopping in Kratie and then getting another bus to Siem Reap from there is an option? Any advice would be really appreciated!! Thanks! ...

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The caves at Tham Kong Lo

Posted by mikal83 on 29/1/2015 at 07:32

Travelling north from Pakse to Vientiane will be a long trip and the lonely P guidebook suggests a stopover for the caves at TKL. Has anyone done that.....where did you make your base.....Tha Khaek? I have just looked at the map and Tha K is 180 km from the caves, crikey. There must be a better/easier base than that. How did you get to the caves and back, did you stopeover anywhere....Have read about the motorbike "loop" around the area but 5 days is a chunk out of our trip. But th ...

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