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Rocket festival & Visahka

Posted by buddym on 19/2/2007 at 15:02

Does anyone know which day the Rocket Festival and Visakha will be celebrated in Luang Prabang? Thanks! ...

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Luang Prabang Travel agent problems

Posted by robyn on 18/2/2007 at 13:30

We have just returned from 17 days in Laos and I felt I should warn other travellers to be careful when booking through travel agents that they get what they pay for. As there were 4 of us travelling together we decided to book a car and driver to take us from Luang Prabang to the Plain of Jars. The agent we approached had a young English speaking university student who helped us and suggested he could also organise an English speaking guide to take us and show us around the Plain of Jars. As we ...

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Vanvisa Guesthouse - Luang Prabang

Posted by canucksinasia on 15/2/2007 at 01:54

Hello! Wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Vanvisa Guesthouse in Luang Prabang? The same woman that owns this one also has one called Villa Lane Xang Guesthouse. From what I've seen on the internet ( Van Visa ) the place looks very nice, well located, and inexpensive... In short, too good to be true!!! If anyone has stayed their and can shed some objective light on the place I would be quite grateful! James & Lindsay CanucksinAsia ...

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How to get to Phongsali

Posted by Kurl on 1/2/2007 at 07:57

Hi, I have recently discovered that Lao Air has cancelled their Vientiane to Phongsali flight. I will be travelling in June for a month and wanted to fly directly to Phongsali so I didn't need to back track etc. Any suggestions of how to get there?? A flight to another city and bus it? Thanks Kurl ...

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On my own

Posted by Jomcevoy on 7/2/2007 at 11:55

Hi all. I'm hoping to be able to travel to Laos and Cambodia for 3-4 weeks in April-May this year. I'd be doing this bit before meeting up with people in the USA. For this part though, I will be a woman travelling by myself. I haven't done any travel before either, so I am a little unsure about it. I'm also on a fairly tight budget! My idea at present is to land in Bangkok, bus/train from their to Chian Kong, enter Laos, travel down the Mekong to Luang Prabang, on to Vientiane, then down to t ...

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Bangkok to Laos border

Posted by Jomcevoy on 8/2/2007 at 13:45

Hi. Just wondering if I arrive in Bangkok how easy it will be to get an overnight bus to Chiang Kong, to then travel into Laos and get the 2 day boat down to Luang Prabang. Will be doing so by myself too. Cheers! jo ...

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Champasak to Don Det

Posted by sugarplum on 10/2/2007 at 13:15

We are thinking of getting a boat from Pakse to Champasak (as a change from the bus) but need to pick up a bus from Champasak to go on to Don Det. Do es anyone know if there are regular buses running this route please? ...

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Crossing at Vang Tao - Visa

Posted by redmill on 10/2/2007 at 14:27

Is it possible to get visa for longer than 15 days at this crossing? If not how difficult is it to extend visas once in country? ...

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Vang Vieng accommodation

Posted by amz155 on 14/11/2006 at 03:07

Hello, Can anyone recommend a place to stay in VV stay is "just outside" of town. I've been reading that the town is a bit of a backpacker ghetto and that staying just outside of town is a bit quieter. Where would this be-north or south? Any suggestions in the $20 or under range? thanks! ...

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Luang Prabang- centre of town?

Posted by amz155 on 20/1/2007 at 07:34

I've been reading (for the 100th time!) the reviews of the guesthouses in LP. Some GH's locations are mentioned as being a "10 minute walk in to the centre of town?. Just wondering what area is considered the "centre of town". Ideally we'd prefer to say within a 10 minutes walk, so within what boudanries should we be looking. (then again, I'm thinking that LP is not that big a town so nothing is so far away from the centre of town...) ...

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Give something back in Luang Prabang

Posted by mosquitofeed on 7/2/2007 at 03:20

Anyone looking for somewhere to gather themselves together before heading out of Luang Prabang should try and check out a lovely place a few k's out of town. Four of us turned up at these lovely bungalows for a couple of nights and ended up staying 9 days. The guys who own it are really great, speak good english, they'll pick you up in their old landrover. They serve up some excellent simple Laos food as well as some top notch hospitality. They do a lot for the community and are more than happy ...

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Prophetic writings on Vang Vieng

Posted by somtam2000 on 13/1/2007 at 11:26

Here's a link to a story by AP writer Denis Gray about a 2001 visit to Vang Vieng. While the story is somewhat dated, its conclusion — that Vang Vieng is doomed — is not far off the mark in my opinion. "For some, Vang Vieng is the first stop on a touristic opium trail which weaves through Luang Prabang and ends at Muang Sing in northwestern Laos. But most come to savor the atmosphere of old Asia rapidly vanishing in much of the continent, and probably also doomed in Vang Vieng." Anyone ...

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Urgent! Phonsavan to Vinh - VIP bus scam?

Posted by tombra on 30/1/2007 at 18:26

Hey guys, We have this little issue we would like to We are now in Phonsavan (Laos) and want to go to Hanoi as soon as possible. We have been checking out transportation-options right after we arrived here, and there is supposed to be a VIP bus going from Phonsavan and directly to Vinh. Does anyone know anything about this bustrip? We have heard about scams from the Vietnamese side where the buses that are supposed to go all the way across the border just let you off at the border. ...

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Vang Vieng - Green Discovery Tours / Mulberry Farm

Posted by gempea on 2/2/2007 at 19:57

Has anyone been on any tours with Green Discovery? Their prices seem pretty expensive but they are recommended in my Footprint Guide and on several sites. Also, has anyone stayed at the Mulberry Farm outside of Vang Vieng? It looks like a worthy and interesting place to visit. Do they still have a one-week minimum stay requirement? ...

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exiting from Lao

Posted by kawallo on 29/1/2007 at 20:42

Hi, I would like to know the last situation with passing from Lao to Thailand at the Muang Ngoen/Ban Huay Kon crossing point ? Is exiting (only exiting) Lao there possible ? In the negative case, which is the closest (in time, not distance) alternative ? TIA, gg ...

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Posted by jo8034 on 25/1/2007 at 04:01

Hi there, any help on this would be appreciated. We are trying to book a flight from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang in early March, which I did through the Laos Airlines website ( I received a reservation # but have not heard anything else back from them. The website says that they respond within 72 hours, have followed this up with an email, but still nothing. It's been a week since I made the original request. Should we just wait until we arrive in Chiang Mai and book ...

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Rattana Guesthouse Luang Prabang

Posted by longleat on 21/1/2007 at 03:35

I read a few posts on Lonely Planet Thorntree that the Rattana Guesthouse books you in at one price, then adds on to it at check out saying that the Kip value has changed. Has anyone heard of them upping the rate at check out? It sound like a very nice place. If you would suggest others in that range that you have stayed at, I would really appreciate it. Many thanks! ...

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Recommendations for accomodation in Tha Khaek and Savannakhet

Posted by sugarplum on 26/1/2007 at 19:03

We'll be travelling down to Tha Khaek and Savannakhet in the next few days and wondered if anyone can recommend any accomodation there. I checked the recommendations already in Travelfish and none have been posted that recently so wondered if anyone had found any gems they weren;t letting on about! ...

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Any visa requirements irish passport

Posted by eoinfitz on 24/1/2007 at 23:22

hi there, Jus wondering is there any visa required before entry into laos from thailand or is it visa on arrival??? Also whats the best route and mode traveling from chiang mai?? cheers . ...

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Off tomorrow

Posted by kimley on 24/1/2007 at 05:47

To Thailand and Laos for 18 days. Will write a trip report when I return. Cheers Kim :) ...

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