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Lao Aviation to commene direct Luang Prabang to Hanoi flights

Posted by somtam2000 on 1/9/2006 at 04:36

Vietnam Net Bridge reports that Lao Aviation is shortly to begin flights between Luang Prabang and Hanoi. Flights will commence on October 26 and will cost US$100 one way, plus $15 tax. Initially there will be two flights a week. ...

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Trekking in the North of Laos

Posted by Magz on 30/8/2006 at 19:10

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has any experience doing a two- or three-day trek around the Luang Namtha / Muand Sing area. Could you share your experiences or recommend any tour operators? Thanks so much! ...

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Malaria medication

Posted by crow on 26/8/2006 at 12:01

Hi We were wondering if anyone out there travelling through Laos could give some advice on taking anti malaria medication. We will be travelling through Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Van Vieng (overnight) over the course of about 2 weeks. We've read that the more populated areas of Laos have minimal risk and are wondering what other people have decided to do when travelling through these areas. We'd really appreciate any advice Crow ...

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Another question about bargaining

Posted by santsingh on 10/8/2006 at 11:16

Sorry, meant to post this in my previous one. Oops ;) I understand that I will need to haggle prices. Can anyone advise what the general percentage of the original price I can expect to be reasonable to haggle for (30%, 50%, 75%???) plus, things that should not be haggled for? I am interested in knowing this for Laos, but I am also going to Cambodia and Vietnam. Cheers, ...

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Kuang Si Waterfalls nr Luang Prabang

Posted by simeone_8 on 16/8/2006 at 22:18

Could anyone tell me how far out of Luang Prabang these waterfalls are. I have one morning available when I might be able to go there but have to be back at Luang Prabang airport for approx 12.30/13.00 to get a flight to Hanoi. Wondering it would be possible to have an early start and go there for a bit but not sure how far out of town they are or how long it takes to get there or what time the taxi/tuk tuk drivers get out of bed?? Also, is it clean to swim in. (seem to see plenty people in th ...

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The Gibbon Experience

Posted by simeone_8 on 10/4/2006 at 21:18 I noticed a question previously posted on 23 jan 2006 regarding this place but nobody had been there and tried it first hand and it looks pretty amazing! Has anyone been yet and can say its worthwhile as i've only just heard about it and its a bit out of the way of the current itinerary im looking to do in Laos? ...

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vientaine to hanoi

Posted by ozterry on 12/8/2006 at 14:54

by bus or train is it possiable if so what time frame and visa info needed thanks ...

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Laos Flights

Posted by steviej on 9/8/2006 at 22:24

Hi All, Can anybody confirm if Lao Airlines actually fly from Luang Prabang to Pakxe. Chill..................... ...

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Cash for Laos

Posted by marianwarren on 5/8/2006 at 09:54

Hi all I'm wondering how much US$ to enter Laos with. We hope to do Gibbon Experience (so $333 almost immediately), some of the Nthern loop, LP, Vientiane - fly Pakse, Christmas at Sala Phae $120 (Si Phan Don) plus however long to get to PP. I'm bugeting $32 p/d x 28 days, for 3 people in Laos - so $1350 all up. How much of this amount should I take in cash $$'s? I notice that Don Khon and Don Dhet both have money exchanges, do they give cash advances on plastic or cash TC's Pref ...

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strange local specialties

Posted by maciac on 24/7/2006 at 20:23

Hello, I am gathering information for a private report about strangest foods around the world. I would be grateful if you helped with it. As I have to make a long jurney the information about places I should visit would be really piceless. Thanks, Maciek ...

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Weather In Laos/Travel companions

Posted by montyclaire on 24/5/2006 at 06:01

Hello I will be flying into Vientaine on 10 July 06. I am planning an extended holiday/working trip through Laos. As I will be flying in at the start of the rainy season, I was wondering whether I am going to find it hard travelling around to the different Provinces. I was considering staying about a week in Vientaine and then heading to Vang Vieng on the way to Luang Prabang. Will I have trouble travelling with the rainfall? Also, as I will be going solo, I was wondering how easy it is to ...

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Huay Xai to Luang Nam Tha

Posted by pauljaymes on 16/7/2006 at 00:11

Hi, A friend has recommended to do the bus journey from the Thai border at Huay Xai to Luang Nam Tha rather than the boat to LNT or Luang Prabang, which is by all accounts a pretty dodgy trip. However, I'm a little concerned that this advice is based on dry season travel - does anyone have any (recent) experience of th8e HX to LNT road in the wet? Is it still preferable to the boat? P ...

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is it raining in luang prabang this week?

Posted by missmasala on 24/7/2006 at 16:43

was thinking of popping up from bangkok for a few days, but was wondering about the weather. a couple of posters have complained. is the weather like bangkok right now (afternoon shower every other day or so) or worse. I don't mind a shower or two every day as long as it's nice in between. but if it will be raining all day long, then forget it. also, what about siem reap? nice now, or too rainy? thanks ...

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Approx 10/11 days in Laos

Posted by sackonmyback on 21/7/2006 at 08:53

Hello there - Iam going to Laos in beginning of Sept and was wondering if you could suggest an itinerary of sorts to me for 10/11 days. We are going to Chang Mai and were planning on going North crossing the border at Huay Xai to the Gibbon experience, go down by boat to Luang Prabang from there and also hoping to fit in Vang Viene and Vientiane as well! The more I read the more impossible to fit all this in it sounds!! Esp the 2 day boat trip down doesnt sound that appealing! Think we wou ...

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Laos in the wet season

Posted by somtam2000 on 20/7/2006 at 17:57

If you're wondering why the estimated trip length for a bus journey in Laos during the wet season can a bit hit and miss, take a look at these snaps of buses crossing floodwaters in Laos, that I stumbled across while blog surfing...I mean working ;-) ...

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Vang Vieng-Is it worth it?

Posted by cfiggy on 18/7/2006 at 10:25

I only have four days in Laos. Vientiane is a necessary stop. I plan to stay overnight here then fly to Luang Prabang the next day. In that case, I will miss Vang Vieng. Do you think Vang Vieng is worthwhile to see? Pls help. Thanks. ...

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Vientaine to Luang Prabang

Posted by jadw on 11/7/2006 at 02:59

Does anyone know what is the cost and duration from Vientaine to Luang Prabang by air and bus? Are the roads safe in Laos? Also, any recommendations for lodging and sights for 5 to 7 days in Laos. Thanks. ...

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North to south travel help

Posted by Gordon_M on 12/7/2006 at 00:14

Hows everyone doing today, i was wondering what kind of route to take through laos, im planning on spending a couple of weeks heading north to chiang mai then crossing to laos, i would love to travel north to south and onto cambodia but i keep hearing different stories on borders being closed also i was wondering how much travel time would be involved, i would like to travel on a budget but like the sound of travelling by river. Also how safe is it to travel this way, i like the outdoors and me ...

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Where can I buy beer Lao in the UK!!!?????

Posted by womblefur on 7/7/2006 at 04:12

PLEASSSEEE PLEEEAASSEE PLLEEEASE can someone tell me where I can buy beer lao in The UK!!!! Jeni ...

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Posted by VeganAlex on 24/6/2006 at 15:00

What is there to do in Phonsavan other than visiting the plain of jars? I also read on there is a bus to luang prabang that stops in Nong Khiaw, is this true? how often do they run? ...

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