Photo: Classic scenery surrounds Vang Vieng.

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When best to visit Luang Prabang within November - February period?

Posted by EdwardTrunk on 10/9/2013 at 03:36

To visit Luang Prabang specifically, I'm trying to choose a month between November and February inclusive, thinking about weather and crowded periods and any festivals. What should I bear in mind in choosing when to visit during this period? How do these 4 months vary in this part of Laos? Any periods to avoid? ...

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From Huay Xai to Nong Khiaw?

Posted by Cata on 17/9/2013 at 15:24

Hi, I will be i Laos in October, probably for arround 7/9 days. I would like to go to Nong Khiaw/Muang Ngoi and Luang Prabang. I´ll probably be entering Laos through Huay Xai and leaving from LP. Do you know if there is any buses from Huay Xai to Nong Khiaw?? If not, what would be better?, to go from Huay Xai to Nong Khiaw, via Luang Nam Tha (spending a night there if I must) or to go from the border to LP and from there go for 2/3 says to Nong Khiaw? Thanks a lot!! ...

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land transport

Posted by kiko1984 on 16/9/2013 at 10:44

Does anybody know if there is a direct bus conection between Paksan and Phonsavanh?.Thanx. ...

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'cinema porridge' in Vientiane

Posted by wanderingcat on 30/7/2013 at 07:35

'cinema porridge' is my nickname for the bunch of food stalls that used to sprout up early in the morning at the foyer of the former Viengsamay cinema along Chao Anou Rd. there was a stall selling pork porridge with pa-thong-ko (you2 tiao2 / Chinese fried dough fritters), one doing coffee, another offering banh cuon, & a fourth with khao piak (sen). more than 3 years since i last ate there...heard that the place is now gone...anyone knows where these stalls have relocated to? or of other sim ...

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Don dhet to Pakse

Posted by Radishman on 12/9/2013 at 20:09

Is it possible to leave Don Dhet in the morning and get to Pakse in time for the 12:55pm or 17:15 flight the same day? Also, going the other direction, is it possible to get to Don Dhet from Pakse if the flight arrives at at 12:40 pm? thanks eric ...

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Vieng Phoukha to Muang Long road ready in 2013?

Posted by Pjotra on 10/9/2013 at 16:23

Hi! Does anyone know if the long promised road from Vieng Phoukha to Muang Long (and then on to Muang Sing) is already done? Traveling there in december 2013 ...

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Flight routes & costs from UK to Luang Prabang?

Posted by EdwardTrunk on 8/9/2013 at 05:16

We're hoping to visit Luang Prabang this November, flying from Britain, probably London. Would be grateful for any comment on: 1) Cheap international routes / airlines / connections which will end up with us flying into Luang Prabang airport, not Vientiane. 2) Any very rough idea about likely total one way cost in November. I'm not sure how typical are the sort of prices I'm seeing on the web. ...

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Bangkok to Laos Best Way to Travel

Posted by Pan18 on 28/8/2013 at 09:14

Hi All My husband and I are due to travel around SE Asia in November, starting in Bangkok to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, then back to Bangkok. There is a wealth of information available on travel which is both helpful and confusing! So to hope for some simple and useful advise.. Bangkok to Laos Luang Prabang seems a tiresome journey combination of boat and bus. Flying is not really an option so what would you advise on the best and most easiest way (if there is one) to get to Laos. I am ok with ...

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Manners in Lao

Posted by Rufus on 28/8/2013 at 05:13

Just read the recent blog on Lao regarding manners. I don't know, I disagree with a lot again. I guess the blogger and I must live in parallel Lao universes. (We don't). "The phrase excuse me, koh toht, is rarely uttered. People often bump into each other in crowded spaces like markets or tuk tuks, but usually don't feel a need to excuse themselves and instead consider it a natural part of being in close proximity to others" Uh excuse me - pun intended. Koh thot is often used - or it ...

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Lao Itinerary and advice on 4000 Islands and seeing the dolphins

Posted by Bridgequeen on 27/8/2013 at 08:18

Many thanks to those who replied and gave advice on my previous thread. I am now much closer to nailing my final itinerary but am struggling over the last bit of my trip - 4000 islands or stay in La Folie or River resort in Champasak?? I had planned to go to Don Khone but read on the Sala Don website that "electricity is available between 18.00 and 22.00" I have never heard of this on any of the fora I have visited (though I have read about power cuts) - is this true??? If so I was thi ...

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Laos bus scam - Huay Xia to Luang Namtha

Posted by IvanaCZ on 24/4/2013 at 01:46

We missed the local bus from Huay Xia to Luang Namtha, so we decided to use the services of "Houai Sai Travel&tour", one of the many travel agencies in town. We paid 85000 Kip each (which is about double the normal price) for a minivan that was supposed to take us to a bus station at LN. The driver stopped 16km before LN at a bus station where the tuktuk vultures were already waiting for us to shake us down some more. I showed the driver on my gps where we were and told him to get ...

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Road Muang Khua to Vietnam

Posted by tpurple on 1/2/2011 at 03:33

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has recently taken the Bus from Muang Khua to Dein Bein Phu, Vietnam, and if so what are the conditions of the road like and how long did this take? I was planning to take this route in March however read that this road is currently under construction. Also, I would be coming to Muang Khua from Nong Khiaw, I was wondering what the chances are of getting from Nong Khiaw to DBP in 2 days (any time of the week), i.e. would it be okay to book a flight from DBP t ...

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Why did my post get deleted?

Posted by jmdma808 on 17/6/2009 at 07:55

There was nothing in the terms of use against asking about singles bars in Laos or where i guy can meet single ladies. WTF? ...

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Luang Prabang - Huay Xai - Luang Nam Tha

Posted by Baffin on 9/10/2011 at 06:47

Hi, I will be in Laos for approximately 2 weeks at the beginning of december. I will start in Luang Prabang, and then go to Huay Xai (base of the Gibbon Experience) and Luang Nam Tha (for trekking in Nam Ha NPA) in no particular order. Now, I know it is common to go down the Nam Tha and Mekong rivers (meaning that I'd go to LNT first, then HX, and then back to LP). Is it possible to travel the other way around? from LP to HX on the Mekong, then from HX to LNT? Would I avoid the flow of bac ...

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Is Lao just about trekking? Plus flight/bus advice

Posted by Bridgequeen on 31/7/2013 at 02:32

Hi I am planning a trip for about 16 days in November/December to SE Asia. I have done Cambodia twice and love it but think now I should venture out to Lao as everybody I have met on my travels says it was their favourite place. My problem is this - 1 Lao appears to be expensive to get to. I will fly into Bangkok probably (though could do KL). I hate Bangkok with a passion and will want to get out immediately, I can see flights to Lao with Lao Airway at about $175 one way (plus about 7 hours lay ...

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tham kong lo cave

Posted by L100 on 27/7/2013 at 11:51

im heading to vang vieng and was thinking before going on to don det island going through tham kong lo cave: has anyone been there lately? is now the wet season a good time to go is it not dangerously infested with mosquitos? do you know if there is a bus from vang vieng to the cave area _ i was told its possible to sleep in ban kong lo village or in a homestay near the cave_ and is there a direct bus going from this area to the 4000 islands basicly im wondering how much it would be out of t ...

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Nong Khiaw

Posted by L100 on 18/7/2013 at 23:10

Hey, We are staying in Luang Nam Tha and would like to go to Nong Khiaw for a few days before continuing to Luang Pravang down the river Would love for advice and tips is it safe & reasonable to take a night bus on saturday night from around LuangNam Tha _ indluding the tuktuk that would take us to the bus station or would it be bettersafer going sunday morning would love a recomendation for a nice inexpensive guesthouse bunglow and ideas of nice things to do there including meeting l ...

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Going to Laos from Singapore. Need Currency (Lao Kip)???

Posted by Andrew500 on 22/7/2013 at 06:48

Hi All I just got back from Laos and have around 2,000,000 kip left. This is over $300 SGD. I thought I'd be able to change at local money changes but apparently not. As such, if you're in Singapore and planning to go to Laos anytime soon, I'd be happy to sell to you. I will offer much better rates than anything you will find inside Laos. My contact is andrewf222 (at) yahoo ( dot) com and I work near Somerset on Orchard Road. Thanks Andrew ...

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Viewed 3,109 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by wanderingcat on 23/7/2013 at 08:55

Going to Laos from Singapore and need some Lao Currency (Kip)??

Posted by Andrew500 on 22/7/2013 at 06:40

Hi All I recently returned from Laos and had around 2,000,000 Kip left. I thought I'd be able to change it at the local money changers but they all say no. So.. if anyone in Singapore is heading over to Laos for a trip sometime soon and would like to buy some kip at a much better rate than you will receive in Laos itself then I will be happy to sell. Just let me know - my contact is andrewf222 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Not sure it was necessary to put it like that but I guess it just felt right. ...

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Itinerary advice needed for a 1 week visit to Laos with 2 young kids

Posted by skwan00 on 16/7/2013 at 01:46

We're a family of 2 adults and 2 young kids (3 and 5 years old) and are planning to see Laos for a week in late December 2013. We are thinking of flying from Bangkok to Luang Prabang for 4 days, then fly to Vientiane for another 3 days before we fly back to Bangkok. I'm looking at the Discovery Airpass as an option. Can you suggest places to visit with 2 littlies on tow? Are there any good day trips that are kiddies friendly? Also, should we do our currency exchange in Laos or in Bangkok? ...

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