Photo: Classic scenery surrounds Vang Vieng.

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South Laos in July

Posted by Sissi71 on 6/4/2013 at 02:38

Hello everybody, After visiting Angkor I will fly to Pakse and would like to visit the south and Boloven by my own. I have several questions : Is it possible to get a visa at Pakse airport ? What about the weather in July in this part of the country ? Does it frequently rain ? or is it a downpour time to time ? I would like to rent a motorbike and visit myself. Do I need an international licence ? are the road pretty good even when it is wet ? Thank you for all your comments. ...

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Best Area to Stay in Luang Prabang

Posted by melig on 2/4/2013 at 19:42

What area is best to stay in Luang Prabang? We would like to be in walking distance of the main sites and shops. A view of the river would be nice. The area needs to be safe. Are there any hotels you recommend? Thank you! ...

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Luang Prabang

Posted by jeeeebus on 29/3/2013 at 17:58

Hi, I am wanting to travel from Luang Prabang to Huay Xai (Hoksay) to do the 'Gibbon Experience'. Not sure what transport there is. Would appreciate if you have gone this way before you could advise me. I will be there some time in July 2013. Thanks ...

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Travel by boat in Mekong River

Posted by HannahD on 19/2/2013 at 01:52

Hi, I'd like to know if there is any way that I could travel in boat or passenger ferry for the following location: 1. Vientiane to Louang phrabang 2. Louang phrabang to Vientiane 3. Louang phrabang to Pakse 4. Savannakhet to Pakse 5. Pakse to Vientiane Also, I would like to know: 1. What services are available, in case boats or ferry are not available: tourist and publictransport? 2. What are the sailing schedules? 3. How long would travel between each port take? 4.What are the costs? ...

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Nong Khiaw vs Vang Vieng

Posted by CaptainScott on 22/3/2013 at 08:51

Hi folks, I am going to be in northern Laos for a limited time (just a week unfortunately) and an debating whether to spend two nights in either Nong Khiaw or Vang Vieng . I am looking to chill out and enjoy the scenery/peace and do a bit of trekking/caving. If I were to go to Nong Khiaw, then I would bypass VV due to time constraints and fly from Luang Prabang to Vientiane. I've read that Vang Vieng has calmed down a lot of late due to interventions from the Lao Government, but I basically ...

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looking for a driver

Posted by jumosi on 22/6/2011 at 12:56

Hello together, we (2 adults/1 children) are going to laos for 3 weeks in August this year. We visit Cambodia, Vietam, Thailand, India .... before so we know abaout asia. We are looking for a car, driver and guide. Our guesthouses we want to look for our self. We dont want to book a grouptour, because I'm a fotografer an i want to stop and to stay where I want. Does anybody know a company or a driver/guide for us? Our tour should be like this: BKK - Houay Xay Houay Xay - Vieng Phoukha Vieng ...

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Travelling from Vientiane around Pii Mai

Posted by Donman1990 on 24/3/2013 at 21:34

I was planning in spending Pii Mai in Vientiane. Immediately after though I need to get into Bangkok to organise a visa for Myanmar and catch my flight. Will there be any issues leaving immediately after the festival finishes? Also would it be possible to leave during? Or is everything shut down? ...

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Itinerary Help: 1 week in Laos and Cambodia

Posted by melig on 22/3/2013 at 22:27

Hi, I am looking to spend a week in Laos and Cambodia in July 2013. I was thinking Luang Prabang and Siem Riep. My initial departure will be out of Bangkok. After I am planning on going to Koh Samui in Thailand. Since I only have a short period of time, I will fly to each location. Does this timeline seem doable? If so, do you have any suggestions whether I should visit Luang Prabang or Siem Riep first? Thanks for the assistance! ...

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3 weeks in Laos in June/July

Posted by jrsk42 on 17/3/2013 at 23:17

Hi everyone, I have a question about travelling in Southeast Asia's wet season. I only have 3 weeks for a holiday and haven't been overseas before.. after chatting to a few people and reading a lot on here, I was thinking of spending the whole time in Laos (travelling alone). I'd love to see more of SEA, but don't want to overload myself and miss out on things in Laos. Just have to go back another time! So basically I'd really appreciate some opinions on whether it is a silly idea to go in th ...

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Canon Concept Store In Vientiane

Posted by thinkstopthink on 24/3/2013 at 01:09

Trashed my Canon point and shoot up in Xam Ti. Was going to make a trip into Udon Thani whilst doing a visa run, but discovered there is a pretty well stocked Canon equipment store right in Vientiane. Here is a blog post I wrote about it with more details: Let me know if you have any questions. Jon ...

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Haircut In Vientiane

Posted by thinkstopthink on 24/3/2013 at 01:04

Hi, Need to get my hair clipped. Can anyone recommend a good barbershop in Vientiane? And if you would be so kind: no Tripadvisor directions ("Over by that temple, turn left, go down a couple streets, and I think it is on the right"). A street name with the names of the two cross streets the barbershop is between would be absolutely perfect. I'd like to go today, but I'm guessing most places are closed on Sunday? Any other info like name of the place, hours of operation, etc., woul ...

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Flying Lao Airlines (Domestic) With An Expired Visa

Posted by thinkstopthink on 19/3/2013 at 07:43

I stupidly let my Visa expire. I'd like to fly from Phonsavan to Vientiane to pay the fine (and go out to Thailand and come back into Laos with another 30 day visa). Am I going to have any trouble with Immigration in the Phonsavan airport with an expired visa? I have a reason for not riding the bus, which I won't go into here. Any suggestions? Anyone fly domestically with an expired visa? Thanks, Jon ...

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northern loas itinerary help

Posted by casper709394 on 21/3/2013 at 04:07

hi please help if the following which option is good 1-luang prabang - phonsavan - vientian or 2- phonsavan - luang prabang - vientiane will be great if advice the travelling time between each place. much thanks ...

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Nagi of Mekong 2011 Trip Report

Posted by Captain_Courageous on 29/9/2011 at 18:24

NAGI OF MEKONG SLOWBOAT CRUISE HUAY XAI TO LUANG PRABANG, FEBRUARY 16th 2011 There have been a number of posts about the Nagi of Mekong and finding current information. I went on the Nagi of Mekong in February this year (2011) from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang and it was wonderful, in fact it was the highlight of my trip. This is a video I made of the Nagi trip - There were around 17 passengers with a French family (mum dad and son) joining us at Pak ...

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Car hire (with/without driver) in Laos

Posted by wouter71 on 6/3/2013 at 13:01

We are planning a 3 month trip in Thailand, Laos & Cambodia this winter with two children (then: 7 and 5). For practical reasons we are thinking of hiring a car. Last year we did this in Thailand for a couple of days - driving ourselves - so we know what to expect there. But who can advise us on doing this in Laos? (i'm posting the same question on the Cambodia-forum) Any tips on reliable rental company's? Better chosing a car with driver or is driving ourselves easy enough? (I'm thinking ...

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Nong Khiaw to Luang Prabang via Vieng Kham and Pak Xeng

Posted by eljefe on 19/1/2011 at 19:00

Hi, A group of 5 of us are planning to bicycle from Nong Khiaw to Luang Prabang. We're hoping to do it in 2 days. I've read that Rte 1C from Nong Khiaw to Vieng Kham and on to Sam Soun is paved and in pretty good condition. From what I've read here and on other sites, the road from Sam Soun to Hiway 13 is a well graded dirt road. We're hoping to break the trip up at Phou Sanam. Phou Sanam is about 25 kms south of the 1C junction (between Vieng Kham and Vieng Thong) and 30 kms before Pak Xeng. ...

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ban lao pako or dreamtime?

Posted by sandsi on 9/3/2013 at 23:45

hi! i am planning to spend some days in an eco resort close to vientiane. the place should be clean and set in a forest area with great nature around. it should be possible to do trecks independently. in the evening i would like to socialize with other people. what's the better choice, ban pako or dreamtime? thanks... ...

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Southern Laos (Pakse) to Northern Cambodia (Preah Vihear Temple) overland, possible?

Posted by wheretonext on 5/3/2013 at 21:35

First of all I want to know the easiest and most convenient way to cross the Laos-Cambodia border and second, seeing that the Preah Vihear temple is near after the border crossing in northern cambodia, why not head there before going to Sieam Reap. It is possible? Cheers! ...

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Luang Prabang to Phonsavan to Hanoi

Posted by 2ndPathToRight on 18/2/2013 at 02:04

Hello all. I am going to be in Luang Prabang in two-three weeks and considering a one day stop in Phonsavan to see the Plain of Jars on my way to Hanoi . I guess I have three questions involving this. 1- How long does it take for the Vietnamese Consulate in Luang Prabang to process a Vietnam visa? 2- I've read about different styles of buses departing Luang Prabang for Hanoi on different days and that you definitely want to get a certain type of bus. What kind of bus leaves on what d ...

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Vang Vieng accommodation owned by a New Zealander search

Posted by LissB on 9/2/2013 at 22:06

I think this may be a long shot but thought I'd see if anyone knew what I was looking for. I went to Vang Vieng at the start of last year with some mates and am heading back with my boyfriend at the end of this year. We found this little place for breakfast with the best croissants we'd had in Asia, the people were very nice and the place, which I think you can stay at. The front was yellow with the eating area out the front and it was owned I think by a ma ...

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