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Getting from Vietiane to Kong Lo cave?

Posted by Badgerboyjon on 5/2/2013 at 04:44

Hi guys Massive apologies if this has been asked before, I have looked and can't find the exact answer I need so here goes... We are currently in Vientiane and have to stay here to sort an extended Thai Visa for later in the trip. We really don't want to stay here any longer than we have to so wanted to try and get to Kong Lo or Ban Khoun Kam after we have picked up our visa (which we can only do between 1-3 in the afternoon.) We have asked around and there is only one direct bus to Kong L ...

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How bad is weather in Vietnam in late May?

Posted by nicolad93 on 8/2/2013 at 06:01

I will be travelling Thailand and Vietnam between March and April but I can't decide whether to spend an extra month in May seeing Laos, especially if the weather is starting monsoon season! Has anyone done this and could tell me what the weather is usually like? Thanks! ...

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Pak Beng to Nan Update

Posted by LaoNow on 10/1/2011 at 12:53

On the slow boat trip from Pak Beng to Huay Xai last week I met a couple travelers who had the boat stop and drop them off at the Mekong ferry crossing about 40 minutes upstream from Pak Beng. They were headed to Nan and hoping to get a hitchhike lift from the ferry crossing to Muang Ngeun near the border. Seems like a great way to do the trip since there is no public transport out of Pak Beng. If enough of us start doing this maybe the songtaew drivers in Muang Ngeun will start waiting for th ...

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Currency - Travelling Vietnam to Laos

Posted by laydeesian on 3/2/2013 at 07:59

I'm currently in Vietnam and will be travelling into Laos by land next week from Sapa - Dien Bien Phu - Maung Khua - Luang Prabang. From what I have read I don't think I will find any ATMs in Laos before Luang Prabang. Is that correct? What currency should I take into Laos and where can I exchange it after crossing the border? I've been told that you can't get US dollars in Vietnam, is that correct? ...

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Motorcycle in Phonsavan

Posted by thinkstopthink on 6/2/2013 at 00:16

Hi, Anyone have an idea roughly what a motorcycle rents for in Phonsavan? Can you get a better deal if you rent for 3-5 days? Searched, but couldn't find what I was looking for. Also, since I'm going to be leaving several days before dawn (before the rental shops are open) has anyone had luck renting the bike for multiple days and returning it at the end (as opposed to every night?) Thanks! Jon ...

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Would it be crazy to go to Nong Kiau for just one night?

Posted by glomer on 15/9/2010 at 01:18

We have a night's gap in our bookings for LP and I was wondering if heading up to Nong Kiau for a night would be worth considering. I know the boat trip is 8ish hours and the return road trip about half that, but I understand the river scenery is beautiful. Unfortunately, we'd have very little time in the village itself...any thoughts? ...

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Viewed 3,236 times, with 17 replies. Last reply by busylizzy on 5/2/2013 at 20:56

Escaping the hoards?

Posted by Bowner on 28/1/2013 at 04:02

Ok so I arrived in Vientiane a couple of weeks ago and after a brief stop in Van Vieng, which I found to be way too touristy (although I did enjoy 2 days out on a scooter in the countryside) I'm now in Luang Prebang and enjoying it. But, I feel like for the rest of the trip I want to get off the track a bit and head away from the hoards a bit. I've been to the Buddha caves and to the waterfalls and both were pretty packed with tourists and I've felt a bit disappointed in some respects. The alm ...

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Maps of the Plain of Jars

Posted by thinkstopthink on 5/2/2013 at 03:53

I was curious what maps are available in Phonsavan. I like the maps here: But if I understand correctly, the POJ maps are not for sale. I'm going to email them to be sure. Thanks! Jon ...

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Mac Friendly Unitel Store in Vientiane?

Posted by thinkstopthink on 5/2/2013 at 01:51

Hi, I'd like to get a 3g USB Modem for my Mac laptop and a SIM card for my iPhone. Can anyone recommend a Unitel store in Vientiane that won't give me a blank stare when I pull out my laptop and phone? Thanks! Jon ...

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Laos Travel/Itinerary Advice

Posted by jennigun on 2/2/2013 at 21:26

Hello, My boyfriend and I are twenty-something backpackers who are planning our first trip to South East Asia. We plan to spend the majority of our time in Thailand, but would also like to explore Northern Laos and Cambodia. We will be in the area for 2 months (May and June) and are planning to roughly follow one of the itineraries on travelfish ( The map at the bottom is really helpful for understanding our plan. We will not be vi ...

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Laos travel advice

Posted by Sekelly89 on 30/1/2013 at 08:09

Hello! I was hoping to get some specifics on some alternative transport options from luang probang along the nam ou river? Boats, buses, something else? And what would the rice ranges be? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks! ...

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Viewed 1,664 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by mooball on 2/2/2013 at 21:43

Nan Province to Pak Beng to Luang Prabang

Posted by 2ndPathToRight on 22/1/2013 at 10:24

Hello. First time poster. I am currently living and teaching in Nan province, Thailand. My contract is up February 28th, 2013 and I want to travel to Luang Prabang by slow boat, but want to use the closer border crossing of Nam Ngen (I've seen it spelled different ways) to Pak Beng and then do the one day slow boat to Luang Prabang. From there, the dreaded 24 hour bus ride to Hanoi, Vietnam. First off, does anyone have any information on getting to Pak Beng from Nan? And information about th ...

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Travelling SaPa to Chiang Mai through Laos - Best Route?

Posted by laydeesian on 28/1/2013 at 11:22

I am travelling from SaPa to Chiang Mai via Luang Prabang next month. I have about 9 days to make the journey (including spending 3-4 days in Luang Prabang) and am considering 2 different options and would like your thoughts on which of these would be best? Or if there is another route you would recommend? Option 1 - Train from SaPa to Hanoi - fly to Luang Prabang - slow boat to Huay Xai - side trip to Nam Ha NP - bus to Chiang Mai Option 2 - Bus from SaPa to Dien Bien Phu - bus to Muan ...

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Flights Luang Prabang to Siem Reap - April 2013

Posted by rashers on 26/1/2013 at 19:29

I'm working on an itinerary for my family (2 adults, 3 boys - 11,13,16) and I've got as far as LP (coming from Hanoi) and was hoping to fly to SR on 2/4, but having desperate difficulty finding flights. Happy to go via Vientiane (or even Phnom Penh, Chiang Mai if needs be), but nothing appears available, if I use Other sites like make it look like there are flights available (can they be trusted?)?! Because of the kids, wanted to keep an itinerary that was as fl ...

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Phonsavan to Pakse/Champasak...

Posted by earl83 on 22/1/2013 at 17:39

Does anyone have any advice on how to travel from Phonsavan to Pakse / Champasak without having to go back through Vientiane? ...

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Guest Houses in any favorites?

Posted by DSawyer on 11/1/2013 at 22:44

OK...i'm not trying to start any wars was just wandering if anyone had some great suggestion as far as Guest houses in LP. I'm looking in the flash packer range so no more than mid $30's unless it's pretty sweet...ideally in the $15-20 bed bugs please and I'm not to worried about it being some walking distance...but I'd feel better walking to something special rather than just another hum drum place.Right now I'm looking at Somjith Guest House,Mojo Guest house(because o ...

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Posted by RACHYPF on 31/1/2013 at 02:01

Hey has anyone ever had to report a theft / crime whilst staying on Don Det, any advice would be grateful is it worth the hassle? ...

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Went to Savannakhet on Sat. January 19 -- why was EVERYTHING closed?

Posted by MFraiman on 27/1/2013 at 23:24

A friend and I passed through Savannakhet City on Saturday, January 19. All the museums were closed, practically nobody was in the streets. We saw maybe two other tourists and a few street vendors, but the tourist info center and many restaurants were closed. Anyone have any idea why? Is this normal for Saturdays in Savannakhet, or was this particular day a holiday? ...

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Luang Prabang post office address

Posted by bd7391 on 27/1/2013 at 20:50

I wondered if anybody could give me an address for a LP post office which is open and accepts POSTE RESTANTE? I'm having an item sent from the UK soon. Thanks ...

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time in Vientiane- Luang Prabang?

Posted by madford65 on 5/1/2013 at 20:19

hi, I'm a old newie, wanting a bit of advice. I have spent too much time browsing this site- but it is fantastic and I'm very impressed by all the effort Somtam puts into it. Am joing a cycle tour Luang Prabang-Hanoi from Jan 12, (which includes a day or 2 in LPQ and a visit to Kuang Si) and have 5 days prior to play around with. (was going to spend a day in Ayutthaya, and then train to Nong Khai but it started to look like a lots of travel for a little sightseeing. Maybe foolish to not work ...

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