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Laos itinerary advice

Posted by araxas on 16/9/2012 at 12:15

Hello, I'm traveling to Laos for the first time in late November, starting/ending my trip in Vientiane . Here's roughly what I've planned. I'm on an average budget (not 5-star, but not backpacking either) Does this itinerary make sense both logistically and from the perspective of a first time Laos visitor? Any advice would be much appreciated! Day 1 - Vientiane Day 2 - travel to Kong Lor by bus / overnight Day 3 - visit Kong Lor caves bus to Thakhet Day 4 - Thakhet (lake, caves, town) Day ...

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Flight between Vientiane and Luang Prabang

Posted by bubbl3s on 17/9/2012 at 23:31

Hi, I will be going to Vientiane on 25th October and I'm thinking of taking flight to Luang Prabang. Does anyone know if I can buy last minute air ticket at the airport? And whether the flight is always full and should be booked in advanced? I'm flying Air Asia into Vientiane and they have already changed my departure date once. I'm afraid they might change it again and if I bought the Vientiane-Luang Prabang flight in advanced, the ticket will go to waste. ...

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Going back to Laos - itinerary suggestions

Posted by Oystein on 20/9/2012 at 08:08

Hi, First of all, thank you to everyone who is contributing to this forum. Ive been using the information here quite a bit, but this is my first post here. The topic of this post is regarding a planned trip, going back to Laos the summer of 2013. Me and my girlfriend went to Laos the summer of 2011, and really loved it. Our challenge now (luxury problem) is to plan an itinerary that doesnt overlap too much with what we saw then, but still includes many nice and interesting spots. Our itinerar ...

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Nice Guest House Phonsavan Not So Nice

Posted by FireTiger on 16/8/2012 at 04:59

I stayed at Nice Guest House Phonsavan in July 2012 for 4 nights. Everything was fine and I had no major complaints. Then it was time to check out when all the drama started: The check out time on the 'rules and guidelines' of the guest house in my room was 12:30 in the afternoon. By the time I went down with my bags it was 1:15pm. I paid for the 4 nights stay and tried to leave. The guy at the desk (either a worker, or manager or the owner) demanded that I pay a whole nights stay for late chec ...

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Laos (Vietianne) or Vietnam (Hanoi) Orphanage

Posted by dhessie on 28/11/2007 at 15:28

I'm looking at volunteering in an orphanage in either Vietianne or Hanoi for a week. Has anyone ever done this? Is it possible to just show up and ask to volunteer? If so, can you give me the name of the orphanage? What kind of things did you do? Thanks. ...

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Two week trip Itinerary: Help!

Posted by loststranger on 7/9/2012 at 10:13

Hi everyone, I am getting a twenty day break from work (Toronto) and I am looking to backpack through Laos. Thing is I have never visited the region before and I am doing this on my own. I'd love to do some trekking and jungle trails but they don't have to be multi-day affairs; I have done a number of those in India. I would like to be part of the backpacking scene too. From the research I have done so far, I would like to spend about two weeks in Laos and a week in Thailand befo ...

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Where should I go if I want to avoid Vang vieng but discover the beauty of true laos

Posted by travelbug86 on 26/8/2012 at 18:36

Hi fellow travellers, I am heading to laos for a week in febuary and was wondering where I should go if I am not interested at all in VV? I understand laos is very beautiful but my schedule only allows a week in laos. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Travelbug ...

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Mekong travel to Cambodia

Posted by 2crazy on 7/9/2012 at 14:55

Am wanting to travel from Don Khong down the Mekong to Kratie in Cambodia?Is this possible or is it better to go by road? Any info would be welcome. Thanks. ...

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How to get from Laos to Vietnam by road

Posted by Joanna_S on 6/9/2012 at 15:03

Hi all, I am trying to plan my trip through Laos and it's proven a nightmare! I was planning to take a bus from Vientaine to Luang Prabang, then a boat to Nong Khiaw, then another boat to Muang Khua and here I have a slight problem. Is it doable to get from there to Don Bien Phu and then to Hanoi? If so, can you tell me what the route would be as I assume there are no direct busses, and how long each journey from A to B would take? My Lonely Planet guide is not very precise and says different ...

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Bars in Tubing Closed

Posted by lylzezane01 on 4/9/2012 at 23:18

I apologise in advance if this has already been covered. I haven't seen it for myself. I went at the start of the year and wanted to head back during my holidays so I spoke to some people and someone mentioned: Seven of the clubs/bars along the river have been shut down (in July 2012 maybe) and any slides or ziplines or the like no longer exist in the governments efforts to clean up the area. Apparently the bars and stuff that are left are those that could afford to pay off officials, so they ...

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Spiked in Vien Vang

Posted by lylzezane01 on 4/9/2012 at 23:40

Earlier this year I went tubing with a few friends. Half of us got our drinks spiked- one girl got hit so bad by it, that she was paralysed and doesnt recall a thing from the night. We ended up carrying on with about 15 people, some of which had been there for a few days prior. All of them bar 1 had been spiked- including guys! Just be careful! Also check out ...

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Tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos

Posted by basho on 27/1/2009 at 16:21

Tubing in Vang Vieng , Laos is legendary and somewhat dangerous. It is definitely not for children as the entire thing is actually paddling from one bar to another and getting very drunk on buckets. If that sounds like your thing, then great. If want culture then stay away from tubing and indeed from Vang Vieng as well. I could explain my time tubing in great detail but video speaks louder than words and you can view the short film here: ...

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Vang Vieng in December. Too Cold? quickest way to get there?

Posted by chapeakee on 28/8/2012 at 06:29

I am going to SE Asia in December. Will it be too cold to go to Vang Vieng ? and What is the best way to get there? especially the quickest. I was thinking of flying into either Luang Prabeng or Vientiane . Which would be best? and is there any really cool things to see in either place? It seems like LP has more things with nature and would be better. is it further away (and how much further)? also can I get from LP or Vientiane to Vang Vieng via speed boat? and how long will transit take (i t ...

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Apartment in Luang Prabang

Posted by postbridge on 21/8/2009 at 00:49

Any ideas on how I can find self catering apartment in Luang Prabang.I want to go for a couple of months Jan and Feb and cant find much out there ...

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Guided tour with Viengchampa Tours

Posted by Jens78 on 19/8/2012 at 06:00

Hello there, My girlfriend and I are currently planning a 1 month trip (19.01.2013 to 21.02.2012) to South East Asia. We would like to visit Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Because this is our first bigger trip and we are not sure if we can manage to travel "unguided", we decided to look around for a planned package for Laos and Cambodia. We thought this may get off some of the stress of planning and we get to see more things this way without having to concern us how see enough of one co ...

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Travelling Laos in 10 days

Posted by origami88 on 18/8/2012 at 10:14

So I am planning to stay for about 10 days in Laos (starting Luang Prabang). Is that just enough time for me to take in much of what Northern Laos has to offer? Or can i stretch it and go the whole way (i.e. North to South?). Can someone please kindly offer a rough itinerary for which I can go by to make the most out of this short trip? The other important thing is, I need to wind up at Siem Reap, Cambodia. Would you know whats the most convenient way out of Laos to get to Siem Reap? I am ...

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Tragic story from Vang Vieng

Posted by somtam2000 on 21/9/2009 at 12:30

The Guardian has a tragic story of a tourist dying while tubing in Vang Vieng in Laos. As has been mentioned on Travelfsih, one should exercise care and stay in control while tubing on the river -- especially in the wet season. You can read the full story here It would be interesting to know why the insurer failed to pay up for the costs of the rescue effort. ...

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Laos Cambodia Vietnam

Posted by Lizard83 on 15/8/2012 at 04:26

Hi All I'm looking to arrange a surprise trip for my boyfriend to the above. We went travelling 4 years ago but never made it to Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam and it something we have always regretted. Our biggest problem is we only have about 10 days and this will be straight after Christmas. Would love to have longer but with a mortgage now its just not possible! I'm therefore looking for any advice or a cheeky itinerary to help us. I jsut don't know where to begin! A big thanks in advance Liz ...

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Busing from Don Dhet to Phnom Penh

Posted by redlipgloss on 10/8/2012 at 16:41

So I know that I can bus from Don Dhet to Phnom Penh but my issue is that I can't get mush more information than "yes, this can be done." I'm really hoping there's someone out there who can assist in answering the following questions: 1) Where do you catch the bus from or at? 2) Where do you buy tickets from? 3) Are there any bus companies/trips to watch out for? Anything not quite safe? 4) How long does this trip usually take? Thanks, so much, in advance for your help! ...

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Itinerary help -21 days

Posted by pete61 on 12/8/2012 at 09:18

My partner and two young teenage kids will be in Laos for 21 days. We are entering from Kratie and leaving from Vientiane. A nice stay on an island, an elephant experience, about 5 days in Luang Prabang and any recommended places with no doubling back. We're not afraid of roughing it and getting off the beaten track. We'd like to stay a couple of nights in a few places to get a bit of a feel for the towns/villages if time permits. A boat trip would be great too. Is ther time to go up north? ...

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