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Surface mail track & trace from Lao

Posted by savorygal on 7/9/2011 at 14:45

I sent a package from the Luang Prabang post office to the US in late february. The package has not arrived. I have a receipt with a tracking number but cannot seem to find anyplace online to track/trace the package. Is it possible they are still waiting for a container to fill up? Should I just resign myself to the fact that in all likelihood the package is lost? ...

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Homestays and Gibon Experience

Posted by Tessa123 on 11/9/2011 at 15:48

I'm going to Loas in early October this year and will be doing alot of Homestays and other cheap accomodation. Do I need a sleeping bag or will they provide such thing? Also would this offend them? Is there any etiquette that i should be aware of with homestays and just generally travelling around Laos? I will also be doing to Gibon Experience, for this are sleeping bags a necessity? Thanks ...

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Landslide Delaying Bus Travel Vientiane/Vang Vieng - Luang Prabang

Posted by wanderingcat on 23/8/2011 at 08:22

Report from another forum. Sounds like there has been a rather large landslide along HWY between Luang Prabang & Vang Vieng that is taking some time to clear. Vehicles cannot pass, so passengers have to transfer between buses on either side of the landslide in order to continue with their journey. Involves walking (& carrying all baggage) on an uphill/downhill (depending on direction of travel) path cleared across the landslide. Be prepared for delays. There is an article in the Vi ...

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Itinerary for Northern Laos

Posted by amberriot on 1/9/2011 at 21:02

Hi there, My husband and I are English teachers in Southern Thailand and we have most of October off. I'm looking for suggestions/validation about the leg of our trip in Laos. Any insight would be excellent. I feel like I've been on travelfish for 2 weeks straight trying to make sure we don't miss anything. We will enter Laos from Thailand and start in Vientiane. I've heard from co-workers that it's eh, so we will spend one night here (we arrive very early in the morning, so we should have eno ...

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Little Eden Guest House On Don Det

Posted by laallee on 13/5/2011 at 20:50

Does anyone have the email or telephone number please, thanks. ...

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Itinerary Review for 2 weeks in Laos.

Posted by Peachula on 31/8/2011 at 16:12

From every person I've talked to Laos has been their favourite part of SEA, so I've considered adding an extra week, but I do have a few extra days to play with either way. Here is a general idea of what I was thinking for my itinerary, I've included traveling days and places I have to cross through, I'll be flying in from Hanoi to Luang Prabang , just looking for any reviews or aid on my itinerary. Main places I wish to see are Luang Prabang, Vang Viang, Vientiane , and the 4000 Islands ...

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Watching Football

Posted by OregonDuck541 on 31/8/2011 at 23:39

Hi, My friend and I are huge American Football fans and we were wondering if there were any places to watch NCAA football in Vientiane? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated or if no one knows of any bars a good site to stream the Oregon LSU game on September 3rd would be much appreciated as well. Thanks! ...

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Laos in 5 days?

Posted by globalgypsy88 on 25/8/2011 at 06:07

Hi all, quick query I am hoping you may be able to help with. I am travelling to South East Asia late October and I'm trying to fit in as much as possible. Travel fish have a fantastic guide for a week in Laos, for the main (touristy) places I want to visit but no links to where I can find details on transport. My plan is Vientiane -> Vang Vieng -> Luang Parabang, in 5-6 days! The bus would be ideal but I'm hearing bas things namely on the comfort/ speed/ safety of these journeys. H ...

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Female traveller - October 2011

Posted by oliviawijaya on 22/2/2011 at 01:50

Hi, Has just bought cheap air asia ticket from KL to Vientiane in September. I will travel alone on 26th October to 1st of November. Anyone want to join? ...

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Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang - Need advice

Posted by chopin on 16/8/2011 at 23:24

I am planning to go from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang via slow boat in Chiang Khong/Huay Xai. A few things need your advice: 1. Is it worthwhile to book the slow boat thru an agent at Chiang Mai first, or at Chiang Khong, or just hop on one in Huay Xai? Any chance of being ripped off? 2. What time is the bus leaving Chiang Mai to Chiang Khong? Arrival time? What is the latest fare? Should I take bus or private minivan, or any better options? 3. How long does it take to clear immigration at ...

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Weather in Thailand/Laos in early-mid April

Posted by kara_12 on 7/8/2011 at 14:29

Hey Guys, Was wondering if I could get some advice on the weather in Laos (Vientiane, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang) and Northern Thailand ( Chiang Mai ) in early to mid April. Is the smoke from the farmers burning unbearable? Is it still a good time to go tubing or is the water level to low? Also is Chiang Mai a good place to be in for Songkran? Does everything shut for these 2 days? Thanks heappppppsss ...

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Local bus from Vang Vieng to Vientine

Posted by AGRO on 13/8/2011 at 16:36

Hi everyone. We usually like to figure out travel ourselves rather than using tour agencies because it's cheaper, less likely to get ripped off etc etc We were wondering how we can catch the local bus to Vientiane. We don't like the big VIP busses as we found you can't really see much out the windows, and a few other things while the 2nd class bus (from luang prabang) was cheap, comfortable and overall was a fine experience as far as long bus rides go. Can we just walk up to the main road or ...

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Flights from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang & Luang Prabang to Hanoi(V'nam)?

Posted by aussieboonmar on 8/3/2006 at 22:21

Hi, does anyone know of an airline that flies either of these routes? ...

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Vientiane Nong Chan Water Park

Posted by AGRO on 17/8/2011 at 20:15

According to this website it's been closed for months. We made a day plan to head out there but just by fluke stumbled across this site. Just a heads up to alter it on the travel fish guide on things to do. However I can't confirm if it's really closed or if/when it will reopen ...

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Laos kip for sale in bangkok at good rates

Posted by mc600 on 16/8/2011 at 12:42

I have just got to bangkok from laos and realised that no one will will change kip so im looking for someone to buy it off me. I have 27.5 USD in kip and will sell it for around 20 USD, will be in bangkok till the 22nd so just reply to to this post if you are interested. ...

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Laos kip for sale in bangkok

Posted by mc600 on 15/8/2011 at 20:07

I have just got to bangkok from laos and realised that no one will will change kip so im looking for someone to buy it off me. I have 27.5 USD in kip and will sell it for around 20 USD, will be in bangkok till the 22nd so just reply to to this post if you are interested. ...

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getting from the Gibbons Experience to Luang Prabang

Posted by ashiraishi on 8/8/2011 at 08:55

Hello! My boyfriend and I are planning to do the Gibbons Experience at the end of this month (still waiting to hear from them to actually book, go figure). We would be entering Laos from Vietnam and so would be leaving from somewhere near the park and/or Luang Namtha, not Huay Xai. Has anyone figured out the fastest way from the Gibbons Experience to Luang Prabang? Or any recommendations for a halfway point rest stop? Thanks! ...

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From Chiang Mai to Chiang Khong and later to Houei Xai (Laos)

Posted by Russian on 1/6/2010 at 02:49

Good-day, Please help me sort my itinerary out. How would I go about catching a bus from Chiang Mai across the border to Houei Xai? My final destination is the Gibbon Reserve development in Laos. What bus terminal will I need to go to in Chiang Mai? According to my map, there are at least 2 bus terminals: Chang Phueak and Arcade. What bus should I catch? Will I need to buy tickets in advance? Is there a bus schedule somewhere online? Thank you very much! ...

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Cambodia to Laos

Posted by Tira on 6/8/2011 at 04:52

I will be traveling to Siem Reap on Dec. 23 and leave SEA on Feb. 2 from Luang Prabang and I’m hoping to get some good tips/tricks/does and don’ts from all you travelers. I have traveled to SEA before but not for such a, relatively, long time. Here is what I have in mind and it would be great to get some feedback what I should / shouldn’t do, what to do and maybe places to stay overnight etc. I would very much like to volunteer somewhere on the way, I know I will again go to Big Brot ...

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Do I need a transit vist if I am not leaving the airport?

Posted by Katie_F on 4/8/2011 at 12:01

I just booked a flight from Siem Reap to Hanoi through Vietnam Airlines. The website didn't mention anything about a connection, but once I booked the confirmation shows a 40 minute layover in Luang Prabang. I have a feeling that the plane is just making a pit stop there and then the same plane will carry on to Hanoi, but on the chance that it's not will I have to get a visa if I'm not leaving the airport? I'd just like to be prepared in terms of paperwork and pictures. ...

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