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Must see in Laos??

Posted by azsha6617 on 30/5/2011 at 01:21

Any suggestions for a first time traveller? I am 24, solo female. will be arriving in Luang prabang by slow boat. ...

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Two trips to Laos

Posted by Phoenix66 on 29/5/2011 at 19:37

Hi, I'm planning to go to Laos twice on my south east Asian travels. The first time will be with a tour company and I'll be flying in from Chang Rai and then spending 6 days there. I would then like to go back and spend more time there (say a couple of weeks) and am likely to return about 6 to 10 weeks later. What should I do about visa? Also, would it be ok to just get a visa when I'm there or should I get one before I go? Thanks ...

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Nong Khai Tesco Lotus open on Sundays?

Posted by Barns on 26/8/2010 at 14:40

I realise Nong Khai 's in Thailand not Laos but people here are much more likely to visit Nong Khai or even live there than people in the Thailand forum so I thought better to ask here. Sorry if that's wrong or whatever. Anyway, does anyone know if Tesco Lotus in Nong Khai is open on Sundays and, if so, what times? Taking my staff on a shopping trip and we can only get away this Sunday! Thanks! ...

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Malaria tablets Help/advice

Posted by danielleandmike on 8/5/2011 at 07:22

Hi we have been given a prescription for Doxycicline for whilst we are in Laos, were also going to Thailand and Vietnam and have been told that these are low risk areas so wont need Malaria tablets for here. The thing is we have read about so many bad side effects Doxycicline gives. Has anyone suffered any side effects from this?? I know its not worth not taking them as the effects of Malaria are much much greater than the side effects of Doxycicline but i just dont want anything to spil are tri ...

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Two weeks in Laos

Posted by aktivstrain on 30/5/2011 at 16:00

I am planning to spend two weeks in Laos in 2 days. I haven't set up a travel plan yet but I read this on travelfish's intro page about Laos: "A temple tour, sunset or perhaps an elephant trek from the northern capital of Luang Prabang. A boat ride down the Nam Ou river. A slow riverbank afternoon in Vientiane . Tubing in Vang Vieng. Slow lazy days in the 4,000 islands. World Heritage Wat Phu in Champassak. The spectacular Konglo cave near Tha Khaek." Are these doable in two weeks ...

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Laptop repair in Vientiane

Posted by jorowa on 26/4/2011 at 21:40

Can anybody recommend a laptop/notebook computer repair place here in Vientiane? Looks like my fan died and then my graphics card burnt out. I think both need to be replaced... ...

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Laos stops and transport

Posted by magoo23 on 23/5/2011 at 10:48

Hi im in the process of planning our Laos leg of our SE Asia backpacking trip and im a little stumped on Laos. 1) My girlfriend and I arn't all that keen on Vang Vieng but can't find out much about any alternative stops between Vientiane and luang prabang. Any Ideas? or should we just make the bus trip from vientiane to luang prabang in one hit. 2) We are having some trouble finding quality accom in luang prabang within our price range of roughly $15 per night (a few dollars give or take is ...

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Posted by jrwitherspoon on 19/5/2011 at 19:17

im already in vientiane: may 19 to june 1 at least. I need five hours with a native speaker of french and five hours with a native speaker of italian. can anyone suggest where i might quickly find such tutors? ...

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Learning Language in Vientiane

Posted by ecilassim on 21/2/2011 at 20:34

Hi all, i'm planning a one month stay at Vientiane while learning a new language,i'm a malaysian chinese.I'm interested learning Laos,Spanish,French,Italian or any others.I'm looking a teacher who can teach 3 to 5 hours a day. Also looking for a apartment for rent month?budget less than USD150. Anyone with good recommendation? ...

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budget travel

Posted by rachelgreen71 on 19/5/2011 at 13:09

Hi all, I just bought my plane ticket to Thailand which was about 1600USD. I will be staying from July 26th to August 23rd. I have a question regarding my daily budget. I will be there for about a month so I was planning on about 1500USD to have while i backpacked. This will give me about 50USD a day. This will be enough for my daily expenses correct? I currently have very little itinerary planned, could anyone suggest a good one that involves the beaches to the south, as well as the north. Al ...

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north thailand / laos in august

Posted by ricee on 17/5/2011 at 23:02

Hi, im going to be travelling north thailand and laos in august for 5 weeks (first week sept), planing to spend 2/3 weeks north thailand the cross border and take slow boat to LP n work through laos for another couple weeks. have read lots about the boat and border crossings, places to go etc but haven't found a lot of info regarding doing it in the wettest month of the year. has anyone done this kind of trip in august, how hard/easy is it and is it a good idea?? i have already been to Vietnam a ...

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Proposed Trip to Laos

Posted by pajero on 15/5/2011 at 02:44

Hi The following trip to Burma has been proposed to us. We are 67 years old and are not back packers i.e. more spoilt. In addition to laos, we will also be seeing Cambodia, Yunnan before arriving in Burma. Our main concern is.... will we be seeing different things after having visited in Laos as compared to Cambodia, Burma and Yunnan. Any comments would be welcome. Cambodia: Day 1 Bangkok-Phnom Penh by morning flight Sightseeing Phnom Penh Day 2 Phnom Penh-Kratie Day 3 Kratie-Rattanakiri Day 4 ...

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Flying from Chaing Mai to Laos

Posted by nead217 on 16/5/2011 at 05:44

Hey...Im hoping to fly from Chaing Mai to Laos but am finding it really difficult to find flights or at least ones that are affordable..Im thinking of getting a train/bus from Phuket to Chiang Mai then flying from there as I dont want to miss out on Chiang Mai.. Does anyone know any other alternatives for flying to Laos from this area??? Thanks !! ...

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from chiang mai to luang prabang by boat

Posted by annu75 on 13/11/2007 at 05:14

hi, after my long long search on the internet, i finally found a site where you can book the boattrip from chiang mai thailand to luang prabang in laos...what do you think of this company, do you think that's a good price and reliable? thank you for your help ...

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Hill tribe Laos vs hill tribe Thailand

Posted by africandace on 10/4/2010 at 01:41

Hey, I know this question has been asked before but I didn't see any replies (or I'm doing something wrong here, just signed up). I'm flying off to Bangkok in June, and have 19 days to spare before I go to the main destination of my travels: Bali. First I was planning to just head up to Northern Thailand and do some trekking, visit hill tribes. But the more I read, the more I want to go to Laos. SO first I though I could combine the two, the typical round trip I've been reading about. Now I ...

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45 days in Northern Laos

Posted by kandpfishos on 11/1/2011 at 03:31

This is our first post. We think our last try to post got lost in a thread that ended somewhere exotic! If you read this twice and remember doing that ) ignore one or other post. Healthy travels! Hello all We will be in Laos later this year and would appreciate commentand fine-tuning of our itinerary for the Northern Laos component of the trip. In context, we are two mid-60’s Australianblokes, accustomed to independent travel and each other (we have lived and travelledtogether for over 3 ...

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LL to VV renting a bicyle

Posted by cmango on 14/5/2011 at 00:53

Hello everyone, Making my first trip to Laos in mid-Oct. Would love to rent a bicycle in Luang Prabang and drop it off in Vang vieng, 2 or 3 days later. then take a bus from VV to vientiane. It seems I would only have two possibilities of this. 1) book through a company and be shadowed by a car, unless we break down. Or 2) rent a bike ourselves and somehow drop them off in VV, paying someone to take the bikes back. Is this possiblel? While searching the internet I found one company, bike ...

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Laos Vang vieng in May

Posted by danielleandmike on 8/5/2011 at 07:13

Hi, just asking for some advise please, we will be in vang vieng May 20th mainly to go tubing, is it worth going this time of year or will it be a waste of time?? Thanks xx ...

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Best route with only 15 days to spare?

Posted by mattbt on 2/5/2011 at 00:54

Hi guys, I'm heading to Thailand in december and staying in Bangkok for a couple of nights then heading straight to Laos. Problem is i only have roughly 15 days in Laos, I arrive in Bangkok on the 11th December stay for a few nights then leave on the 13th. I need to be back in Bangkok on the 28th to meet a mate. What are the must see's in the time I've got?? cheers in Advance if anyone can help ...

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Laos vacation

Posted by gatvietnam on 9/5/2011 at 21:55

Should I go to Laos now in May or June? What about the weather there? and Where should I visit there? Thanks ...

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