Photo: Classic scenery surrounds Vang Vieng.

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Fly to Luang Prabang or Namtha from VTE

Posted by W_Sobchak on 18/10/2010 at 10:43

Plans have changed and I am now booked on a flight into Vientiane. I will land there tomorrow evening. I plan to fly north to either LP or LNT to start my 2 to 3 weeks in Laos. Is it best to start in Namtha and travel South? I will be flying from LP or VTE to Hanoi at the end of my stay in Laos. From Hanoi I go to Khoalak Thailand for a diving trip. I need to arrive there by Nov 10. Should I allow for time in Sapa after flying to Hanoi or can I get my fill of village life in Laos? I ho ...

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LP - VV - Vientiane - BKK (train/ day allocation /help)

Posted by noakess on 11/10/2010 at 03:35

Hi - her'e my plan to my Laos part of my trip, need to be back in /BKK on Dec 7th for a flight but have about 7-8 days to spend in Laos. Planning to come from Chiang Rai - and exit from Vientiane . Can you pleas ehelp allocating days - and if anyone knows a bit more about train from Laos to BKK - or is over night train Laos (Nong Kha) to BKK the only option? I would prefer to not to fly if possible. Also - not loving what i read about VV - but think it might be worth to break the long bus jo ...

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Buying a bicycle in Vientiane

Posted by laos2010 on 4/10/2010 at 11:47

Where can a buy a decent bicycle in vientiane for $50 - $75 max? I tried looking in the morning market but all I saw were kids bikes, while the massive bike hold at the corner of dong palan and khongvieng is a total rip off. The little punk kid was quoting me prices of 500,000 kip for the sketchiest pieces of **** they had -while the better looking mountain bikes were upwards of 2000000 kip (and everything was used - it was ridiculous.). This is becoming a huge hassle - does anyone have tips ...

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Working while Travelling - Will there be Wifi?

Posted by TheNewGuy8 on 11/10/2010 at 20:42

Hi All, I have the unfortunate necessity of doing some work while I travel. I have a laptop I'm bringing with me wherever I go, and I often do email/electronic work in the evenings after full days of trekking or sight-seeing. I've been in Thailand for the past week and will be here for at least another 2. I would also like to visit Laos and am wondering - will I be able to find guesthouses that have wifi? I don't need tremendous speeds - enough to do email, and skype would be nice for phone ...

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Phongsali - solo traveler

Posted by brr1980 on 10/8/2010 at 21:19

I'm going to be in Laos for about 3-4 this September-October and will be traveling solo. I would very much like to get off the main backpacker strip and was considering making my way up the Nam Ou river to Hat Sa and Phongsali, where I would really like to do some trekking and see the hill tribes. Was also wondering about how feasible it is to get a guide to Phu Din Den NPA. 2007 LP says there are no guided treks there, but I wonder if that has changed? Anyway, my main question is -- will ...

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Eating out in Vientiane

Posted by mandarinky on 9/10/2010 at 17:19

Hey guys I just came in from Thailand for a visa run and I'm only going to stat here a few days, so I would like to try out real lao food before I head back to Thai. Do you know any good spot?! thanks. ...

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Gibbon Experience in early November

Posted by ohme_ohmy on 7/10/2010 at 11:59

I know there have been many posts regarding the Gibbon Experience, however I am wondering what to expect in terms of weather in early November. I know it's the start of the dry season, but how cold does it get at night in the jungle? Are leggings and a light cardigan warm enough? Also, are hiking boots necessary? (I'm doing the Waterfall Experience) I only have light, comfortable walking sneakers (similar to Converse). I've hiked mountains in them before just fine, but not sure if jungle terrain ...

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Short-Term Living in Laos

Posted by sentientcabbage on 8/9/2010 at 10:35

I know a number of threads on thissubject exist already, so I hope this posting isn't offensive – Iwould just really appreciate advice that addresses my personalcircumstances directly. I've been staying in Chiang Mai for aperiod, and have managed to live on ~10 USD a day without sacrificingthe amenities of a private fan room w/ bath and internet. Budget isa concern for me, so this suits me perfectly, but beyond that I amgrowing somewhat listless in the city. An idea I've recently been consi ...

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For The Laos Experts:)

Posted by mysticpaki on 6/10/2010 at 02:56

Plan on starting into Laos from Hua Xai (north) in end January and returning to Thailand by border crossing 22 nights later from Pakse into Ubon Ratchathani. Please advise best city/place in Laos to buy a dozen Orchid plants.Any idea how much they cost? Secondly please advise best city/market in Laos for getting some mens and ladies clothing stitched. What would a mens shirt with normal laos (cotton mix) material cost with stitching? Deeply appreciate your advise Cheers ...

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From Siem Reap to Don Khong

Posted by smach on 10/9/2010 at 03:19

Hi there, does anyone know if it's possible to travel from Siem Reap to Don Khong within one day by bus/boat? Thanks a lot, Stefanie ...

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December nighttime temps in Nong Khiaw?

Posted by glomer on 3/10/2010 at 10:32

How cold does it get at night in December in Nong Khiaw? We're honeymooning, and so were going to splurge on the Riverside, but saw some recent negative reviews here and on TripAdvisor, and are now considering the Namhoun Guesthouse instead. Are the electric blankets at the former worth the $$$ + questionable service? ...

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Luggage on the boat from Nong Khiaw to Luang Prabang?

Posted by glomer on 5/10/2010 at 02:22

Sorry for all the questions. The photos I've seen--and descriptions I've read--suggest that the boat back to LP from NK is not particularly roomy. Is there space to stow a sizable bag or do we need to make arrangements to leave most of our things in LP? ...

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Buying a 125cc bike in Pakse, Laos

Posted by jonathant on 4/10/2010 at 07:07

Hi everybody I have a few questions about buying a second hand 125ccmotorbike in Laos, driving around on it for about a month, and selling itagain. My friend did this a while back, but as he is unreachablefor the moment and therefore unable to answer my questions, I thought I woulddo the next best thing; ask other travelers. This is my plan. I will go to Laos in about two weeks,coming from Cambodia, and buy a small secondhand 125cc motorbike as soon aspossible and then tour the country for a m ...

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SE Asia in December - help this compulsive planner relax!

Posted by heidisueelvus on 3/10/2010 at 23:35

Hi Everyone - I will be in SE Asia for the month of December 2010. I have reservations in Hanoi and Luang Prabang at the beginning of the trip and on Phu Quoc at the end of the trip (Christmas) but no reservations for the 2 1/2 weeks in between. I would like to keep those weeks unplanned because I haven't decided how much time to spend traveling south from Luang Prabang in Laos, in Cambodia and in the Mekong Delta. I'd like to have the flexability to make those decisions while I'm there. ...

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Itinerary help needed!

Posted by Millsze84 on 27/9/2010 at 13:49

Hello helpful travelers! I am planning on visiting Vietnam and Laos. I have been to Vietnam before and mainly want to go back to hoi an, and go through the Mekong to get to Phu Quoc. The aim was to keep my more conservative girlfriend happy by getting in some lazy beach time and do the hoi an thing so she can get some clothes made! Laos is for me! I'm after a little more adventure and would love to do some trekking and maybe some homestays with the usual attractions thrown in on the side. ...

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february festival

Posted by sandyojo on 2/10/2010 at 20:26

Suggestions for February festivals in Laos? ...

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Reitrement visa for Laos

Posted by MADMAC on 26/9/2010 at 21:57

I'm not planning on moving there, although the idea of building a salsa scene in Vientiane does have a certain appeal, but how does one obtain a retirement visa to live in Laos and what are the criteria? Does anyone here know? Or does Laos only provide long term visa's for people working there? I found precious little (surprisingly) on the net. ...

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laos into vietnam?

Posted by irishdude on 30/9/2010 at 03:51

hi, i will be travelling through laos down to si phan don. Can anyone tell me if there is a border crossing nearby as i plan to go straight across to vietnam? i will be a bit stuck for time to travel up to Hanoi, i also plan to obtain viet visa in vientiane many thanks ...

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Vientiane northern bus station to move to Ban Dongnathong

Posted by wanderingcat on 1/10/2010 at 15:04

For those planning to travel between northern Laos & Vientiane by bus: Not sure where exactly Ban Dongnathong is, maybe somewhere along the road that runs parallel to &behind the Wattay airport runway (where buses headed north make a stop to topup their petrol tanks before joining HWY13)? Anyway, tuktuk drivers will be in the know ...

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Si Phon Don to Siem Reap

Posted by caseyprich on 1/10/2010 at 13:06

I'm looking into a trip to Southern Laos for 3 weeks this January/February. I figure a week for Pakse/Bolaven Plateau, I hear 4/5 days biking the Plateau is good time. Is doing that alone safe? Anyway, then I'd head down to Si Phon Don for a few days. My option after that was to take any extra time exploring northward until I have to cross back over to catch a return flight from Bangkok. However, I'm also considering dipping into Cambodia as I've always wanted to check out the ruins around ...

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