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china to laos?

Posted by asthmaissexy on 10/8/2010 at 07:07

Just wondering about the best way to get from China to Laos, on the cheap. Starting in Beijing then onto the Wudang mountains and after that i'm open to suggestions. I'm doing the usual touristy/backpacking thing in Laos! ...

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Boats from Luang Namtha

Posted by indiansummer on 9/5/2010 at 20:36

Hi, I'm trying to find out if boats still run along the Nam Tha from Luang Namtha - does anyone know? If so, do you know how often they run and how much they cost? Can you get from there to Xieng Kok or Hoayxai? Thanks ...

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trip plan for a month in Laos ,Your opinions

Posted by itayze on 2/8/2010 at 19:35

Hi Folks ! I've got a general Idea on a trip to laos I'm gonna do in about two weeks and I would be really glad to hear your thoughts . 1)going over the Thai border to Huai Xai , Tak ing the bus to luang namtha,rest 2)2 days trekk or the river trip . 3)going north, 2 days in moung sing - cycling and getting to know the area. 4)Returning to Luang NamTha, taking the bus to Udonxai and hoping to get on a bus to Luang Prabang or spending the rest of the day there and then going to Luang Prabang ...

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a month in Laos - Itinerary and advice

Posted by lakyw on 5/8/2010 at 20:00

Hi everyone. My GF and I will be in Laos in September. It'll be my 1st time abroad since the age of 12, and I'm really excited about the whole trip. 1st and foremost I must say that TravelFish has been a great aid with planning on the whole trip. But I've still got some questions. We're looking for the mix of trekking, nature and R&R on our trip. Which means we don't want to be stressed about catching the next bus, seeing every beautiful Wat, missing this or that sight recommended on LP or w ...

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9 Days in Laos - Itinerary Check

Posted by jlwh on 5/8/2010 at 08:43

Hi all, Im planning a short solo trip to laos (flying in and out of vientiane) sometime next march and would like some advice/feedback on my preliminary itinerary. Day 1 - Vientiane Day 2 - Vientiane, flying to Phonsavan . Overnight in phonsavan Day 3 - Plain of jars and surrounding areas Day 4 - Phonsavan to Luang Prabang by bus Day 5 - LP Day 6 - LP Day 7 - LP Day 8 - Either bus/fly to vientiane Day 9 - Vientiane before flying home I'm not really into the drinking/partying scene, more in ...

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Visiting Caves in Van Vieng / Nong Kiaou

Posted by lonelytrotter on 4/8/2010 at 15:28

Hello, We (Myself, My wife and 6 year old daughter) will be travelling to Laos in October this year. We wanted to see some of the caves either in Van Vieng or Nong Kiaou. My question is would visiting these caves require swimming in the river either to reach them or to have a look inside. We would like to avoid caves where swimming is involved as our daughter will be with us and the currents could be strong as we are going just after the rains. Can you suggest caves where we can walk in and have ...

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Cluster Munitions

Posted by LaoNow on 1/8/2010 at 16:21

Today Aug. 1 is being celebrated here in Vientiane with banners and a parade as the effective start of the Convention on banning Cluster Munitions. The first international convention is to be held in Vientiane this November. Many countries have ratified the convention but several major producers of cluster munitions, including the US, Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Brazil, have not signed the Convention. Does anyone know the names of the companies that still produce them? ...

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August Rt. 13 road conditions

Posted by walkingtrees on 30/7/2010 at 14:21

Seeing that August is Laos' wettest month and that transportation is already slow throughout the country...should I be concerned about busing the following route during this time? Fly into LP > bus to Phonsavan > bus to Vang Vieng > bus to Vientiane I'm allotting 10 days max for the above and figure I may need to scratch Phonsavan for more time in LP/Vientiane. Should I plan a whole day's worth of travel time between each destination? thanks! ...

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august itinerary Help :)

Posted by walkingtrees on 6/7/2010 at 04:05

Hi everyone, I just want to start off by saying how great I think this board is....great people, and even better advice! I was wondering if some of you could comment on my rough itinerary and perhaps answer a few questions. I would like to take much of this trip on a day-by-day basis as I realize I may change my mind at any point, but below is what I'm thinking: I arrive in Bangkok late August 1 and have to flight out late August 26. Bangkok (2 full days) --> Kanchanburi area/parks (2 day ...

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Jungle survival

Posted by Muppet on 21/7/2010 at 10:22

I want to spend 2 nights, 3 days learning 'jungle survival tips'. Im in Luang Prabang now but will travel to wherever someone can hook me up with a contact. I don't mind how hard it is, in fact the harder the better. Can anyone help me out ? ...

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Posted by ventotene58 on 20/7/2010 at 22:44

Hi i'll arrive in Vientiane airport the next august; how many photos are required to obtain visa and the amount in dollar, for italian travellers?? Thanks a lot ...

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Nong Khiaw bike rental

Posted by LaoNow on 16/7/2010 at 10:15

Are there places that rent peddle bikes in Nong Khaiw and if so, are they single-gear city bikes or multi-gear mountain bikes? Thanks, ...

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Vientiane or Savannakhet?

Posted by Splendidgirl on 29/6/2010 at 23:23

Hi all, I am planning a 3 weeks to Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. I would like to fly from Bangkok to Laos and am wondering where shall I start my journey in Laos: in Vientiane or in Savannakhet, as I would like to get to Pakse by boat and fly to Siem Reap in order to see Ankor temples before heading to some nice islands in Thailand. I heard that there is not much to sea in Vientiane... Thank you in advance! ...

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Huayxay to Luang Nam Tha

Posted by pumpkin80 on 25/6/2010 at 15:54

Hi!I'll be in Laos the second week of August. I'd like to get more info about the trip from Huayxay to Luang Nam Tha . We're arriving from Chiang Rai early in the morning and we'd like to leave straight away. Are there several buses going north?I also read somewhere you can go there by boat..any suggestion?Should I skip Luang Nam Tha and go straight to Muang Sing for an excursion to the hill tribes?Thank you very much for your precious help. ...

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Vientiane accomodation

Posted by ventotene58 on 7/7/2010 at 16:59

Hi all I'll arrive in Vientiane the next 5 august by fly at 20:30about, can you recommend me some good and cheap guesthouse in the centre, but with facilities like aircon, private bathroom, fridge?? Thanks in advance ...

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your ideal itineary

Posted by walkingtrees on 15/7/2010 at 00:17

Hi Guys So I'm still trying to hash out a rough itinerary for my Thailand/Laos trip (first time in SEA, first time aboard solo) for August 2-26, flying in and out of BKK. I plan on heading north from Bangkok, seeing Sukhothai (chose this over Ayutthaya), making my way to Chiang Mai, flying to Luang Prabang, and then getting back to Bangkok. Those 4 spots are as of right now my only musts. I ask this: what would you do? Where would you go? I'm a 28-year-old guy and want to experience a l ...

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Transport to and from Huay Xai

Posted by scahn on 11/7/2010 at 19:27

I'll be travelling from Vang Vieng to Huay Xai (where the Gibbon check in place is) and would like to avoid the 2 day slow boat and instead take a bus there. Is this an option? Does anyone know how long it takes and whether it's an overnight journey- meaning would we get there the same day or the following day? ALSO, after the Gibbon I need to get from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang and once again would like to travel by bus. Is this an overnight journey/would we arrive on the same day we leave ...

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Chiang Mai ---> Luang Prabang Flight

Posted by walkingtrees on 8/7/2010 at 22:55

Hi guys I'm hoping to catch a flight from CM to LP mid August. Can some folks who have done this offer up any advice? I hoping that I can book the ticket just a few days before leaving while in CM. Is this do-able? I plan and spending some time in the CM area before Laos but don't want to be locked in a set itineary weeks before my trip has even started. Then again, I want to catch that flight... Any help? Thanks! ...

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Money in Laos

Posted by ventotene58 on 12/7/2010 at 16:37

Hi all do you know if in Laos is possible to change Euros or only Dollars? Thanks ...

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12 days in Laos and Cambodia

Posted by absher on 23/6/2010 at 05:43

A friend and I are traveling through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in July and August. We currently have our Vietnam itinerary planned, but we are pretty open to our travels in Laos and Cambodia. We will be flying into Luang Prabang from Hanoi but do not have any plans besides having to be in HCMC 12 days later. We definitely want to see Luang Prabang, Siem Reap/Angkor Wat and Pnom Penh. Ideally we would visit Vientiane and either Vang Vieng or Sihanoukville as well but are very open to ...

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Viewed 2,597 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by JourneymanTraveller on 9/7/2010 at 22:56

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