Photo: Kayaking Langkawi's mangroves.

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I saw flying lemurs and monitor lizards on Besar (Perhentiam Islands)

Posted by Thanx on 16/10/2014 at 08:56

Here is my photographs: ...

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Travel warning for Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia

Posted by somtam2000 on 24/4/2014 at 01:29

Hi, I'm midway through a Perhentians research trip and just want to give a bit of a travel warning for Perhentian Kecil (the smaller, "party" island). I was told of numerous cases, this season (which really only started a month or so ago), of female travellers having their drink spiked at bars on Long Beach -- particularly the beach bars squatting on the beach down in front of Lemon Grass -- and the women subsequently being attacked and/or raped. Care should also be taken walking t ...

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Malaysia first week of October - advice please

Posted by MissBanana on 9/9/2014 at 23:54

Hey I have a week off from the 1st to the 7th of October, and have been thinking of coming to Malaysia. I really just want to relax by a nice beach as I don't have a lot of time and on a bit of a budget. I've read on the travelfish weather page that Langkawi would not be good at that time, though another website said Langkawi is getting out of the rainy season in Ocotber. Not really attracted to Perhentian islands based on the things I read here. I don't really know what would be best. If any ...

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Perhentians or Tioman in October

Posted by lsgs on 16/9/2014 at 12:40

We are travelling in Malaysia from end of first week on October to end of first week in November. Although not an ideal time weatherwise, we would like to include an island stay during our trip. Given that it is close to the start of the northeast monsoon season would it be worth our while to try and visit Tioman Island or the Perhentians around mid October? Will the ferry service still be regular? Will there still be many accommodation places/cafes/bars open or will availability be limited as t ...

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Do I Have To Declare At Land Border Crossing?

Posted by barleydoggy on 15/9/2014 at 01:40

Does every single bag get searched in cars at the land border crossing? How strict is it? I want to bring in a personal amount fruit & dried herbs into Malaysia from Thailand but I understand customs has restrictions requiring import permits etc. ...

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Nice experience in the Cameron Highlands

Posted by Mikelpc on 3/8/2014 at 21:21

Hi, I just came back from my trip to Cameron Highlands and I enjoyed it very much. If you like to trek and if you cannot support the hot weather, this is your place. Trekking to Gunung Birinchang and then to Gunung Irau crossing the mossy forest was the best of all, even if it was kind of hard trek, it was worth. Here you can also join a tour to discover the Raflesia flower, the biggest flower of the world! Unfortunately I didn't join one tour because at the time I was there, there wasn't an op ...

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ATM max. withdrawal limit & fees?

Posted by altmtl on 12/6/2013 at 18:32

Can someone confirm this for me: "I live in Malaysia. It's going to depend on your banks limit. You can take out up to 5,000 RM out of the ATM if your bank allows you to withdraw that much. There is usually a 3 RM fee if you use a different ATM than your bank. When I use my US ATM I have taken out 1,000 USD without a problem. There will be an exchange fee, but it depends on what your bank charges. Once again, when I withdrew from my US account here it was 3 RM to withdraw and 3-5 RM exchan ...

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Finding accommodation pulau perentian besar without a booking

Posted by jmcdouga on 1/8/2014 at 17:36

Hello I am aiming to go to perentian Islands, preferably in august. Didn't realise it was high season and booked out ! What's the chance of a walk in with budget accommodation ? ...

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Gunmen attack resort on Malaysia's Mabul island

Posted by sambrown on 13/7/2014 at 05:23

Just a heads up if anyone has Mabul island in their sights at the moment: AFP reports that heavily armed gunmen opened fire at a police post outside a diving resort on the island, killing one officer and kidnapping another. Read the story here. ...

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2014 - Not the year of Malaysian Airlines

Posted by chinarocks on 17/7/2014 at 11:04

More tragic news - less of a mystery about the causes this time. ...

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booking internal flights and accommodation in advance or not?

Posted by jmcdouga on 14/7/2014 at 21:44

Hello I am heading to Malaysia Peninsula on August 10 for 18 days. Heading to KL, Melaka, Penang, Kota Bharu and Perhentians then maybe down the East Coast back to KL. I have booked first few nights in KL and am wondering whether I should aim to book all the accom and internal flights for trip before heading over there or whether its possible to be a bit more spontaneous and book as I go? thanks for advice, Julie ...

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Time limit on return to Malaysia for Vietnamese Citizen?

Posted by marcus1mx on 8/7/2014 at 01:11

Hi My family are Vietnamese passport holders, I am British. I have access to a large house in Malaysia for a relaxed lifestyle, commuting weekly to and from Singapore. No income will be earnt in Malaysia by my wife as I am the breadwinner - with the advantage of a UK passport I can stay for 90 days visa free, however Vietnamese passports get 30 days. Visas are more specific (business / education etc) and this is a social (holiday) visit - so is there a minimum time period to exit Malaysia and th ...

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LCCT is moving on 8-9 May to KLIA2

Posted by busylizzy on 7/5/2014 at 04:09

Just stumbled on the info below (taken from the Air Asia website) - it may be of use to some of you travelling through KL: Malaysia's Next Generation HubOn 9 May 2014, AirAsia will be moving to a new home in Kuala Lumpur, which is Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2). Due to this move, all current operations in Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) will be ceased, and will be resumed at the new airport. klia2 is built with the vision to be Malaysia's Next Generation Hub that allows s ...

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Planning - Advice

Posted by nunima on 19/6/2014 at 17:59

Please can anyone advise me the most efficient and quickest (in terms of time spent travelling) order in which to visit these places? I have 18 days: KL Taman Negara Cameron Highlands Perethian Island Tioman Island Singapore I thought about: bus from KL to Taman Negara than another bus to the Cameroon Highlands and then another one from tahan rata to kota baru (than taxi to kuala besut and at the end a boat to the perethian ). The problem is that i can't find any bus for this itinerary ( onl ...

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Where to find exellent wi-fi connection in Penang?

Posted by Durianwriter on 12/6/2014 at 04:27

I am lucky enough to be asked for an interview by a radio station. They have requested I find a very good connection to do the interview over Skype. Any one know where I can find a crystal clear high speed wi-fi connection in Penang? Thanks! ...

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Travel in Kuala Lumpur like a local !

Posted by busbuddies on 10/6/2014 at 04:27

Hey guys ! Would you like to travel in Kuala Lumpur like a local citizen with the bus public transportation ? Well, soon enough you might be able to do so ! Follow us on Facebook for updates @ Follow us on Twitter as well @ busbuddiesbr4 for daily updates ! ...

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Travelling in February/march

Posted by Spicey on 24/1/2014 at 15:59

Hi there, I want to travel with my partner in early feb for about 6 weeks. I want to go all around Malaysia and also to the east Malaysia. Any suggestions. We are in our mid 30's ...

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Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur IN 5 DAYS ITINERARY HELP?!

Posted by heybabyy on 21/4/2014 at 00:46

My friend and I will be arriving in KL in the afternoon on the 25th/4 and will be leaving KL on the 29th in the morning. we want to go to Penang but I don't know if ther is enough time for it to be worth the trip, since we would probably stay in KL friday and saturday catch a flight to Penang on Sunday morning and return to KL on monday night, unless we catch a very early flight back to KL on Tuesday. So my question is do you think its worth Seeing Penang for that amount of time, or visit som ...

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General Question

Posted by martina100011 on 1/4/2014 at 06:59

Hi every one, I am planned to visit Malaysia. Can any one tell me When is the best time to visit Malaysia? ...

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Need help with BORNEO itinerary & visa

Posted by louzdelaluna on 12/4/2014 at 03:17

Dear Indonesia community, I'm planning a trip through Malaysian & Indonesian Borneo and I'd need advice for my itinerary. I am landing in Kota Kinabalu and I am proceeding to Sulawesi. My itinitial plan was the following: Visit Sabah (Mt Kinabalu, Sepilok, Danum valley, Pulau Sipadan) Cross by sea (with a prearrenged visa) to east Kalimantan Visit Kailimantan (Derawan archipelago, Wehea forest, cross borneo trek?, Loksado) and go all the way to Pontaniak Cross overland to Kuching and ...

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