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KL Dentist

Posted by foieslinger on 2/3/2011 at 19:18

Does anyone know of a good dentist in KL? I'm here for a week and may as well use some time for "dental tourism." Thanks. ...

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Danum Valley or Kinabatangan Jungle Camp?

Posted by Danila on 29/12/2016 at 22:08

Greetings, still working on our itin for April/May 2016 in Borneo and Indonesia. Strongly thinking of several days with a combo tour through Kinabatangan Jungle Camp/Sepilok. Even thinking of adding on a few days at both, to relax a bit more. Then I read the article here on Danum Valley Conservation Area, and the 4 week suggested itin through Sabah, and Danum gets RAVE reviews! So, Kinabatangan is more within our budget, and Danum would be stretching the budget. Both sound "similar-ish" ...

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New to KL - Tour Advice and Recommendations

Posted by dmartora on 25/2/2017 at 18:10

Hi, I am hoping I can get some direction from some seasoned KL visitors or dwellers. We are a family of 6 (5 Adults and 1 child) travelling to KL in mid-April for a couple of days on the way to Cherating Beach. I'd like to take in a tour on at least one of the two days we have, to allow us to see the caves, elephant sanctuary/orphanage and maybe some other areas I haven't read up enough on yet. As per usual, there's a lot of information out there, but it is starting to conflict and I'm a ...

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Malaysia - August 2017

Posted by pandd on 10/2/2017 at 18:04

Hi fellow Travelfish folks, My boyfriend and I (late-20s) are travelling SE Asia for 4 months come this June-September. We were planning on doing a month in each of the following countries (in this order): June: Cambodia July: Vietnam August: Malaysia September: Indonesia ... however in looking more closely at what each country has to offer, we're now thinking we may trim our time in Malaysia down to 3 weeks tops instead of the full 4 weeks. We would be in Malaysia during August... and are ...

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Recommended dive operators in Semporna?

Posted by Danila on 10/1/2017 at 00:34

Hi there, my husband and I, PADI AOW with 500+ dives, are planning to spend a couple of weeks in Semporna in April, and want to dive Sipadan and surrounding islands. We already have accommodation booked in Semporna, so we're not looking for a dive/stay package. Does anyone have any recommendations/recent experience of dive operators in Semporna who have permits for Sipadan please? Also, do you recommend that we pre-book, or just look for a dive place when we get there? I know permits for Sipad ...

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Recommended connection time in KUL?

Posted by Danila on 30/12/2016 at 08:06

Trying to work out itinerary Malaysia/Indonesia. Currently looking at flying from Sabah (Tawau, KK?) to Bali. I see Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines with connections in KUL. Any thoughts on recommended connection times in KUL? I guess it's domestic to international, so we don't have to allow extra time to clear immigration, right? Any other suggestions on how to get from Sabah to "somewhere in Indonesia" - Bali, Java, Flores?? Thanks so much for any input! Danila ...

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Planning to travel to Malaysia

Posted by natmus23 on 23/11/2016 at 06:05

Hello everyone, My boyfriend and me, we are planning to travel to Malaysia. I have been reading about safety a little bit and got scared because there is a high alert for terrorism attacks. What is your opinion on that? Did you feel safe in Malaysia? Would you advice against travelling to Malaysia? Thank you, Natalia ...

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Kuala Lumpur Meet Up - 3rd Dec - 5th Dec 2016

Posted by businessmanlondon on 23/11/2016 at 03:53

Hi, Based in the UK and it would be great to meet any fellow travelers. My dates in the Kuala Lumpur are: 3rd December-5th December 2016 If anyone is around during the above dates and wants to meet please contact me. Thanks ...

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Raffelsia Flower Sarawack

Posted by pocoloco on 20/11/2016 at 03:34

Hello Travelers. Can anyone tell me if the Raffelsia plant is in Kuching, Sarawack. It is the world's largest plant flowering times unpredictable. I live in Lamngkawi, thus can structure my time to visit Sarawak, to that of the flowering...Cheers.Gerry ...

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budget travel in Langkawi

Posted by srini771 on 7/11/2016 at 23:58

Hi, I am planning a week of budget travel in Langkawi. Would appreciate a few tips: 1. cheap way to get to Pantai Cenang from the airport..( i arrive around 11pm in the night) taxis please 2. Camping accomodation around the island...i will also be carrying my own tent. 3. cheap transport or cheap places to rent a motor-bike.. 4. inexpensive must-do tours thanks and cheers, srini ...

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Planning to dive next week in Borneo. Any recommendations?

Posted by rodrigocanelas on 28/10/2016 at 12:26

Hi everyone, I am in Singapore for some days and was thinking of diving in Malaysia next week. I am mainly interested in big fish. I know it is not the best season, but would appreciate if you could give me some recommendations for 3 days diving. I would love to go to Layang Layang but I think it is not a good moment. Really appreciate your recommendations. Thanks Rodrigo ...

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SE Asia Trip in 2018...Help with Malaysia

Posted by Chadster152 on 16/9/2016 at 22:16

Hey there! I'm planning a long trip (4-5 months) to Southeast Asia starting in 2018 with a friend of mine. We're planning on flying out of San Francisco, CA, and traveling to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, then flying back to SF. I'm currently mapping out a route and I'm having some trouble with Malaysia. So far I have a plan of us coming up from Singapore to Johor Bahru, then to Malacca (Malaka?), then to Seremban, then to Kuala Lumpur...and that's where the i ...

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Solo Female, looking for a chill spot for awhile

Posted by TerroirTravel on 25/9/2016 at 04:21

Hello, As the title says, I am a solo female traveler that has spent some time in SE Asia already, but not Malaysia, so I was hoping that you could help me narrow some things down. I'm looking to arrive around November, and my US passport allows me 90 days. I don't want to hop and jump to 50 places, and would ideally like to find a chill town to stay in (rent a flat?) for a month or so of that time. Things I like: good local food, spice! Sometimes being able to buy a bottle of wine instead o ...

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Help Me Find Bus Routes Malaysia and Singapore

Posted by DineshKumar on 3/10/2016 at 06:07

Hello Everyone, I am Dinesh Kumar , I am Travel first time outside from my country with my wife. i can search affordable bus service from Malaysia to Singapore. or another places between both countries. can you Please suggest best service providers in the market. or can you provide me contact number of this type service provider. because i am worried about bus routes to. Thanks in Advance! Dinesh Kumar ...

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From Bangkok to Georgetown with a bicycle.

Posted by fujimiro on 24/9/2016 at 02:14

Hi All, In a few weeks time, I'll be traveling to George Town from Bangkok by train. I plan to take my bicycle with me (renting a bike in GT is not an option) and I am wondering what the best course of action would be. A few questions follow. 1. From what I understand, the train from Hua Lomphong now terminates at Padang Besar, from where I need to take another train to Butterworth and finally a ferry to George Town. Please correct if wrong. 2. What is the policy for bicycle transport on e ...

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Mt Kinabalu trek, any facing it end of Sept?

Posted by yauser83 on 8/9/2016 at 16:52

Hi all, I am looking at 2D1N Mt Kinabalu trek, however being a solo traveller I'm stung by single supplements. Looking for someone to take a hike with me any dates between 26th Sept –> 3rd Oct. Think Borneo Trails are doing 2pax for RM1360 a person (better than 1950 for single person). Let me know if you're interested I'm a solo Traveller from England. Thanks, Phil ...

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What are the best places to see in Malaysia for a 1 week trip?

Posted by Roselynda on 24/8/2016 at 05:40

I do not want to see the usual metropolitan places, like malls and shopping centres. I would like to see some off-beat places, those which make going to Malaysia worthwhile. ...

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Please be cautious hiking to monkey beach (why health insurance is the most important thing you buy

Posted by antoniamitchell on 16/6/2016 at 04:27

Hi everyone. The various write ups on the hiking path to monkey beach can make it seem quite easy (40 min, 30 if you're a fast walker, etc)... just a walk in the park. The reality is, despite the park having actually improved the trail in the past year or two, this is not the west. A large part of the trail is a narrow dirt and mulch track cut into the sides if a hill, occasionally litered with fallen branches, logs and rocks to step over or clamber over. All it takes is one hiking boot slippi ...

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Trip to the Most Outstanding Island in Asia

Posted by STF008 on 4/8/2016 at 13:17

For you who doesn't know me, my name is Steve. Well, i'm just going to be as quick as possible, so let's get start. 2010, was a fantastic year for me, because it's the time and the first time i'm going to Bali. Bali is such a great place to stay, especially for the trip. The scenery of beach, mountain, through the village, and all, it's amazing. And don't forget to mention : Balinese food. Food in Bali is really, really amazing, with so much spice to complete them all. I remember eating aya ...

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Motorbiking Malaysian Borneo or Sulawesi

Posted by Abi2016 on 5/6/2016 at 02:39

Hi all, I am looking for a travel buddy to join me on a motorbike trip around either Sulawesi (Indonesia) or Malaysian Borneo. I am relatively flexible in terms of my travel options, and haven't decided yet which of the two would be best. From what I've read online, long term motorbike rental (for up to a month) seems to be possible in both places. The dates I'm thinking of doing this are (approx) 17 June - 17 July. I am a 27 year old female from the UK. Im travelling alone, and have previou ...

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