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Where do people recommend?

Posted by markirwin on 2/5/2011 at 12:44

I have been to malaysia a couple of times and have been to the cameron highlands, melaka and the Perthenian Islands. I am about to start my return from a career break in australia and flying into Singapore on the 28th May and flying from Bangkok on the 17th June. I want to go to Koh Phi Phi for diving, have a couple of days in bangkok before i fly on the 17th. And also go to Penang for a few days. I was thinking of this itenery. 28-1st Singapore 2-7 - No plans 8-10 Penang 10-15 Koh Phi Phi ...

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Malaysia Travel Timing

Posted by teamika on 28/4/2011 at 00:01

I am returning to SE Asia this fall and wanted to start this trip in Malaysia, having never been there before. Looking at the peak travel/tourist seasons and the monsoons I was thinking of arriving in September, spending a little time on the peninsula and then most of October wandering from Kuching to Brunei and then flying back to KL and on to other destination in SE. Maybe Vietnam or where ever. Air Asia makes it SO easy and cheap. Anyway... I am travelling alone and can figure out places ...

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Turtle Island

Posted by daviddwilly on 15/4/2011 at 07:17

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has any up to date (within the last 6 to 12 months) information regarding rates for visiting Turtle Island? Whether this was a day trip or a 1 night or 2 night stay- any infomation on prices would be awesome! I have been searching every site possible but the only information seems to be from 2009 and I am pretty sure that prices will have risen since then! I know it will not be "cheap" but one tour company I found on the net incorporates it with a Sepi ...

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Critique my itinerary (Borneo + Perhentians)

Posted by amz155 on 10/4/2011 at 06:02

How does this sound: Sep 5-Arrive Kuala lumpur Sep 6 -KL Sep 7- KL to Sandakan, continue to Uncle Tan's ops base Sep 8- Uncle Tan's Sep 9- Uncle Tan's, then return to ops base, continue onto KK (fly) Sep 10-12: KK Sep 13: KK-Miri Sep 14: Miri-Mulu Sep 14-16: Mulu Park (2 nights) then Mulu to Miri on PM of 16th Sep 17: Miri-Kuching Sep 18: Kuching Sep 19-20: Bako park Sep 21: Bako to Kuching Sep 22-23: Kuching and surroundings for day trips Sep 24: Kuching to Perhentian Kecil Sep 25-28 Perhentia ...

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Malaria tablets in KL?

Posted by daviddwilly on 6/4/2011 at 08:17

Hi Guys and girls, my girlfriend and I start our 8 month Asia trip on the 14th of May flying into KL (we are currently travelling in NZ). We are just wondering if Malaria tablets are available in KL and if so what types are available and how much? We where thinking of getting them here in NZ but for Malarone (pardon my spelling) we are looking at NZ$20 per tablet! any advice would be great, Thanks in advance ...

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Which direction: Kuching to Sandakan or vice cersa?

Posted by amz155 on 4/4/2011 at 23:33

Air Asia is having a sale for travel dates while I'll be in Borneo (Sept). So if I want to take advantage of the sale I'll have to decide on itinerary sooner than later. Is there any reason why I should go in a certain direction for these stops: KL-Kuching-Bako-Kuching-Miri-Mulu-Miri-KK-Sandakan-Kinabatangan-Sandakan-KL OR KL-Sandakan-Kinabatangan-Sandakan-KK-Miri-Mulu-Miri-Kuching-Bako-Kuching-KL I am preferring the option where I end in Kuching so that if we have extra days before going b ...

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THE ORIGINAL BACKPACKER HOSTEL-KL anyone there forgot something

Posted by lola899 on 4/4/2011 at 14:10

wondering if anyone is at the hostel...i forgot something....would like to know if its still there.. ...

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KL budget

Posted by caseyprich on 3/4/2011 at 14:43

Hey all - I'm going to do a training course in KL for 6 days and am wondering about budget. I've already got the hotel figured out - and will be spending most of my time in the heart of the city where the conference center is. Breakfast included in the hotel, but wondering how much I should budget daily for expenses, keeping in mind that from 9 - 5 I'll be in a conference center. Right now I'm thinking 150 MYR per day (50 USD) for food/drinks/transportation. Thinking that on some days I'll ...

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Borneo to Perhentians--travel time?

Posted by amz155 on 26/3/2011 at 02:38

*IF* we wanted to travel from Borneo to the Perhentians (just an idea for now), how many days should I budget for the transfer? I figure we'd fly Borneo to KL then KL onto Kota Bharu either by flight or by overnight bus. And then onto Perhentian Besar. Is the overnight bus a good option to save money? I can't find a good beach to laze on for a few days in Borneo (TARP seems more for day trips, islands near Sandkan seem to be more for diving and don't really have a beach, all the exclusive is ...

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Kuching: accommodation <$25/nite?

Posted by amz155 on 31/3/2011 at 07:56

Can anyone recommend a well located place to stay in Kuching that is the equivalent of $25US or less a night? Looking for a room for two people (not dorn) with bathroom. If we have to, we can go wtih a room with shared bathroom. Anywhere that's well located so that we can explore the city for a few days, catch bus to Semmengoh and Bako, and eventually ride to airport. Thanks. ...

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KL Dentist

Posted by foieslinger on 2/3/2011 at 19:18

Does anyone know of a good dentist in KL? I'm here for a week and may as well use some time for "dental tourism." Thanks. ...

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travelling in KL for 2 days

Posted by funlovingtraveller on 25/2/2011 at 22:21

I have booked a room near KL Sentral hotel for 2 nights and will be touring batu caves and forest research institute of malaysia RoyalSelangor pewter factory china town masjid jamek bird park and adjacent gardensand jalan imbi (cosmos indoor theme park) central market little india royalpalace through LRT/MONORAIL /KTMCOMMUTER My question is that how do i tourthese places on the same day or in 2 days (if possible )without crisscrossingthe same stations .I believe from kl sentral the bird park an ...

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Traveling from Kuala Lumper to Phuket

Posted by GTlica on 18/2/2011 at 00:14

Im 22 and going to Malaysia/Thailand in May for 3 weeks. Im traveling from Kuala Lumper to Phuket, but I don't know what too see or do between this places. Do anyone have some suggestion? ...

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Beaches/snorkelling near Sandakan?

Posted by amz155 on 19/3/2011 at 10:23

Are there any good areas to relax on a beach and do some snorkelling near Sandakan? We wanted to go to Perhentians in September but figure that we may encounter rain and would rather that the R&R part of our honeymoon not get rained out. I read about Mabul and Sipadan but they seem to prefer divers over non divers and the accommodations seem quite $. Not to mention that I don't think there is a beach there, more suited to divers. We REALLY want to relax on a beach during our honeymoon but ...

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Mersing to Merang

Posted by starfish on 10/3/2011 at 00:43

Can anyone give me some information on how to get from Tioman Island up to Redang Island by bus. Any ideas as to how long it takes. Thanks ...

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Trekking in Borneo

Posted by zoebondi on 15/2/2011 at 10:57

Hi All, I've just signed up to do a 5-day trek through the Maliau Basin in Borneo from the 12th March. Has anyone had experience in this area? It looks beautiful! The company is Fitness Adventures - an Aussie guy is running the trek. All seems really above board and organised. AND CHEAP! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. And let me know if you are keen to join - I think there are still a few spots left. Well worth a look if you're planning on being in Borneo around then anyway... Ch ...

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tinggi hotel

Posted by sapote on 8/3/2011 at 16:54

hi friends, am hoping to use ferry at Pengerang, to cross to Singapore airport. am stopping K Tinggi on the way. suggestions for hotels near bus station? thanx. also recommendation for hotel in Pengerang? and, any one use that ferry service? thanx all ...

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Borneo then the beach?

Posted by amz155 on 2/3/2011 at 08:14

I'm trying to brainstorm itineraries for a 3-4 week trip for September. Would love to have a trip that includes nature/wildlife, culture, and a beach relaxation/snorkelling. I'm thinking Borneo plus some beach time. Would it be feasible to travel from Borneo to Perhentian Besar? OR would we be better off just travelling to Tioman Islands as they are closer to Borneo. As for Borneo, how much time would we need to visit Sepilok, Mulu and maybe Niah caves? Would Kota Kinabalu/Mt Kinabalu be worth ...

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Posted by 21days on 25/2/2011 at 08:23

Hi I want to go to Borneo just to see orangutans and pygmy elephants. How long would you suggest for this? My husband isnt keen to go so I would prefer just to do these things then head out to cambodia ...

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KTM trains online booking

Posted by fox80 on 20/2/2011 at 16:57

I just wonder if anyone has used the Malaysian Railway website recently to book train tickets? I've tried for a few days and it comes up with technical error thing. This is the link: Thanks for input. ...

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