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Turtle Island (near Sandakan)

Posted by jessieo on 20/7/2009 at 09:55

Hi! Has anyone done this independently? I am in KK right now, and it seems that the only info I can get is about packages - and they aree wayyyy beyond my price range. Is it possible to hire a boat, stay for the evening and head back? Does anyone have any budget suggestions? Thanks!!! ...

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KL to Singapore

Posted by gracetandil on 28/8/2009 at 20:05

How can go to Singapore once in Kuala Lumpur? I would like to avoid a plane. Bus? Train? How long does it take? ...

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Posted by gracetandil on 4/12/2008 at 23:15

Where can I get precise information on Malaysia? Isn´t it strange that there isn´t information on this country? Thank you. ...

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Malaysian must see festival!!! A Without Borders Video on Thaipusam

Posted by withoutborders on 19/8/2009 at 02:04

Thaipusam is a must see for any traveller. Its absolutely amazing! Here is a video to check out! ...

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Borneo Without Borders video

Posted by withoutborders on 19/8/2009 at 02:32

For anyone who wants to see an awesome vid from Borneo, check this out ...

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Without Borders Malaysia & Singapore video

Posted by withoutborders on 19/8/2009 at 02:06

A short video if you want to take a look at food, culture and adventure in Malaysia and singapore ...

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Sabah in January weather.. diving, hiking?

Posted by prana16 on 17/8/2009 at 21:16

Trying to find time to fit Malaysia into my travels. Wondering what the weather would be like in January for diving at Sipadan and hiking Mt Kinalabu. I don't mind bad weather but don't want to waste money diving with no visibility. If anyone has been there around this time i'd appreciate any advice. ...

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A week’s itinerary from Kuala Lumpa to Singapore

Posted by Beanic on 11/8/2009 at 19:48

I am going to be backpacking alone through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand then travelling through Malaysia to get to Singapore where I will meet friends who live there. A friend of mine will be flying from London to Kuala Lumpa to meet me. We will be travelling home from Singapore together a week later. My dilemma is my friend will only be away for a week (a long way to go for a week). We want to spend at least 2 days in Singapore and possibly 1/2 days in KL. As I am away for three months ...

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ABC Beach, Tioman

Posted by mitchell on 2/8/2009 at 21:32

at first i thought, what only rocks? this beach sucks. then it just grew on me and i stayed there for 9 days. a really nice vibe there. stayed in south pacific chalets for mr27/night. most small basic bungalows are around the mr30-40 range. then, it jumps to mr100-150 for a/c rooms. the sand is at either end of the beach and the one at the south end has a bar right on it. they make a decent pizza there too. happy hour from 5-7. both ends have a bar with happy hour. 3 beers for mr10. you ca ...

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Changing Money...

Posted by mizsarah on 21/7/2009 at 23:28

Hi there, Just trying to get a sense of changing $$ in Malaysia... ATMs? Conterfeit money? US $ changed in banks? Pay for stuff in US $ ? Thanks in advance! ...

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Odd Layover

Posted by katsnow on 30/7/2009 at 11:38

I have a layover between a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong and an Air Asia flight to Hanoi that is overnight. I get in at like 8pm at the main terminal and my flight leaves at 6am from LCC the next morning. I was in KL a few months ago and know that it takes roughly 1.5 hours each way to the airport....and that you have to leave extra early because the buses don't like to leave the station until they are pretty I was thinking if I went to the city I would be there for like 4 ho ...

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Non touristy islands and beaches in Malaysia?

Posted by Jimwif on 16/6/2008 at 19:56

Hi - can't find the a "Malaysia" section, but I thought I might be able to find some help here anyway. Basically, my girlfriend and I have just arrived in Peninsular Malaysia, and we're planning to go island hopping down to the bottom, then work our way back up. We'd like to go to some relatively quiet, non-touristy islands (or at the very least quiet beaches on busier islands). Anyone have any suggestions?! (Mainland beaches are ok too!) Thanks a lot, Wilf ...

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Air Asia... record?

Posted by mizsarah on 21/7/2009 at 23:31

Hi, I have a flight outa HCM City in Viet Nam in mid August at noon (not on Air Asia). A flight from KL appears to get there at 8 a.m. Does this seem like a bad plan on my part? What's people's experience with Air Asia being late/cancelled? Cheers! ...

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Malaysian RORT - by AirAsia

Posted by brucemoon on 29/4/2009 at 11:06

Hi Air Asia own a company called Tune Hotels. And, the product is a RIP OFF RORT!! The blurb says "from 9.99MYR", now even "from 8MYR" for distant places. The sad fact is that unless you book many months out you can't buy a bed/room for anything less than the competition - typically around 100-130MYR. BE WARNED... You are NOT buying a room with bed, TV, linen, etc. Tune Hotel WILL NOT supply the necessary basics to stay in the room. Rather, Tune Hotels will CHARGE you ext ...

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First time to Malaysia

Posted by mattocmd on 11/2/2009 at 14:59

Took a 23 hour ferry/bus ride from Koh Samui to Kuala Lumpur. This was an unexpected trip (my Thai visa was about to expire) so I figured this was a good place to visit for two reasons: I knew nothing about Malaysia and it has an exceptional airport (good deals from here too). I still don't know much about Malaysia, I am sorry I was only able to stay here for three days and that I only visited KL. I will come back someday to see life outside of the big city and see what else the country ...

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Air Asia - London to KL

Posted by Nokka on 18/6/2009 at 16:36

I've flown with Air Asia short haul, which was fine. But has anyone flown long haul with them and what was the experience like ? Certainly, their fare from London to KL is quite cheap, but is it cheap for a reason ? ...

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Air Asia - Luggage Fees

Posted by chopstixwife on 19/6/2009 at 05:53

Air Asia has this on their website: Can guests share baggage allowance if they are in the same booking number? Answer : Yes, guests within the same booking number may share or pool baggage as long as they purchase the relevant baggage weight. Is it possible to use this loop hole to my advantage? Since the husband and I will by flying together, I was thinking of prepaying for two 15 kg bag but of course we will be sharing one 25kg bag. I rather pay $4 for two non existant small bags t ...

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how easy border crossing from thailand to malaysia without paper.

Posted by DAISY1965 on 7/5/2009 at 08:54

i can,t go home to Malaysia because i got a asylum in USA.thinking to travel to border of Thailand and cross to Malaysia without paper, is anyone know how easy to cross the border without paper, cause i did not see my family for 20 years. ...

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Visa Malaysia and Transit requirements

Posted by crisaniaf on 12/12/2008 at 21:57

We are currently in the middle of a 6 month trip in Asia. We were planning to use Bangkok as our hub to go between Indonesia, Philipines, India etc. With the recent troubles in Bangkok and having heard that the wrong side won the latest election again we are thinking to avoid Bangkok all together and use Kuala Lumpur as our hub. Has anyone got any idea if and how we can get a multiple entry visa and whether any visa is required if you are just passing through in transit? ...

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How long in Malaysia

Posted by Joshq on 17/2/2009 at 10:10

Bit of a silly question, but is 2 weeks more than enough time to get from Singapore, through Malaysia and to the Thai Border. Ideally I would like a bit of time in the Cameron Highlands and KL. Also - what other places are unmissable on my way up the west Coast of Malaysia? We are getting our fill of islands in Thailand, so happy not to see any islands in Malaysia. ...

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