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KL for 4 days?

Posted by hemmingway on 10/11/2015 at 08:50

Hey guys, What was meant to be a 2 hr layover now turned into a 4 day holiday in the Malaysian capital (Don't ask lol). Been to KL before and did all the major touristy things so now I'm looking for suggestions more about the cultural, artistic, gastronomical aspect of this city. I'm thinking good food places (cafes, street-food etc), quirky markets, eclectic bars, funky music venues, alternative galleries, places where locals actually go and maybe throw in some outdoorsy things to do such as h ...

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bicycle trip during Chinese Lunar New Year

Posted by mumpat on 13/11/2015 at 16:16

We are a retired couple (65 years) and we like long bicycle trips. In the past 3 years we biked Thailand, Laos , Cambodia and Vietnam. This year we wish to travel nine weeks (jan +feb) through South-Thailand and Malaysia. We are not obliged to a planned route, anyreservation or a predetermined program... we love freedom... The only thing which is fixed is our return-ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Belgium on 4 march '16. We are a bit worried about the period around Chinese Lunar New Year. Is ...

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Malaysia in November (beaches?)

Posted by parfois on 22/7/2014 at 10:47

Hi everyone My friend and I are planning to visit Malaysia in November. All we know so far is that we are staying in Singapore for 3 nights and that we'd like to spend some days at a nice beach. We have about 12 nights in total. Do you have any recommendations for where to go in Malaysia in November? Thank you very much ...

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Indonesian haze affecting Penang?

Posted by Kecil on 3/11/2015 at 12:00

Dear all I am planning to visit Penang End of December. Seeing all the horrible reports regarding the tremendous haze in Indonesia I wonder what the situation currently is in Penang. It is not too far away from Sumatra so I imagine Penang might well be affected. Thank you Best Kecil ...

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10 days in Sarawak - Longhouse stay?

Posted by DrDreidal on 30/1/2015 at 20:30

Hi all, As part of our six month stint through Southeast Asia, we will be spending 10 days in Sarawak. Currently, all we have planned is some time in Kuching, Bako NP, and a visit to the Orangutan sanctuary. I would very much like to visit and stay in a longhouse during my stay, but have heard mixed reviews about the one close to Kuching. Can anyone recommend a good area to visit some more traditional longhouses that would be doable in a 10 day visit? Thank you! ...

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Malaysia itinerary with a baby and plenty of time

Posted by OlegB on 14/10/2015 at 03:26

Hello, Me and mywife are going to travel with our 6 Month old baby close backpacking style throughMalaysia and would appreciate any idea, tips and suggestions on followingitinerary. We are interested in nature, wildlife and local culture. We don'thave to see everything and would like to avoid as far as possible very touristyplaces. Because of small one, we would not go this time to Borneo and would moveslowly through the peninsular. We arriveto Singapore from Europe and would like to spe ...

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Nature and culture attractions in Malaysia

Posted by Juha_H on 2/10/2015 at 02:00

Hi there, I'm are travelling for two weeks in Malaysia on Christmas and New years. I'm nature lover so we would like to do some trekking in nature park in Borneo and/or Peninsular Malaysia. I am just wondering which National Park is the best over there? I'm also looking for best wildlife and is there any wildlife animal sanctuaries somewhere such as orangutans? Is it necessary to book a tour guide to national parks, or should I just find my way with local transportation? Anything else to keep i ...

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7-10 days during the low season in Malaysia (end of Sept)

Posted by chewshoe on 14/9/2015 at 08:19

Hi all, I'm currently in Thailand and my visa is about to expire. Rather than extend it looks like I can get a return flight to KL for the same price so on a whim I booked up a flight from the 21st Sep. Have yet to book the return segment but will look to have about 7-10 days in the country. I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for a rough itinerary for this time of year? I don't really mind inclement weather and prefer less touristy places if possible (who doesn't?). I don't have a ...

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Wifi in Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Posted by matthias2015 on 25/9/2015 at 11:40

Hello everyone, Are you planning to travel by plane soon? Great, would you like to pocket some extra cash or an Amazon Voucher for 10 min. of your time at the airport? At FLIO we need your help to enlarge our database of free Wi-Fis at airports around the world. What do you need to do? - Save the full HTML of each login page of the free Wi-Fi offered at the airport How long does it take? - Approximately 10 minutes of your time at the airport What do you need to have? - A laptop (WIN/MAC) ...

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Restoran Kapitan - Penang - For Stuart

Posted by chinarocks on 15/9/2015 at 04:49

Stuart I see on your Instagram you were recently in Kapitan in Penang. I was there about six years ago, remember it being a great feed for less than $10 for two people with all the trimmings. Is it still as good? Your dish looks tasty from what I can tell! ...

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Car Hire in Borneo

Posted by Robicki on 31/8/2015 at 05:02

Hi, we're planning a trip to Sabah over Christmas and wanted to ask about people's experiences of hiring cars/driving in Borneo please. Is it expensive to hire cars and are the roads in good condition with good signage? We're planning on driving from Sandakan to Kk, stopping off at the north tip of Borneo along route. Many thanks ...

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KLIA2 - Tune Hotel

Posted by daawgon on 11/10/2014 at 13:12

I understand this new hotel is quite nice, and thinking of booking. I just have one question, does anyone know if the cheaper rooms all have windows? Any other tips appreciated - gracias! (for those who are not familiar with Kuala Lumpur, this is the hotel at the Air Asia terminal, and it has only been open a few months in 2014) ...

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From Tioman to Perhentian via bus in August

Posted by FlavioRoma on 21/7/2015 at 07:07

Hi Guys, On August 18 we plan to leave Tioman with ferry then take a night Bus in Mersing heading Kota Bharu. Unfortunately, looking at seems like there are no buses available any more for all August! Any cue about what should we do?? Bottom line: would there be anyone interested in sharing a private van for that trip? We are a couple, italians, we enjoy traveling on budget and meeting people from other cultures. Flavio & Marica ...

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Perhentian islands and Taman Negara in late Sept - Oct

Posted by gilrand on 27/7/2009 at 18:50

Hello, I've gathered that North-East monsoon begins in the east coast of peninsular Malaysia in late October - November. The rainfall begins to increase already in September or earlier. Does anyone have any good information on if it still is alright to visit east coast and Taman Negara in late September or during October, propably in October in my case? I've read that MOST (not all?) resorts and guesthouses close their doors in Perhentian Islands in the end of October so at least in theor ...

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From Pangkor to Singapore

Posted by nowy on 28/5/2015 at 16:52

I want to get from Pangkor to Singapore, preferably as much of the journey made by train. How would you advise me to go with this? Is it possible to do in one day? Thank you ...

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Malasya not touristy

Posted by Pokol on 19/7/2015 at 20:21

hi I'm going to Malasya from Thailand and I'll be there for a week. I will be going to Penang first and I want to travel down all the way to Singapore. I really don't want to get into touristy things,I'm want to get into Malasyan culture so I was wondering if anybody knows any city or town, preferably on the west coast which is nice in that way. Thanks so much! ...

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Have the best itinerary? please help

Posted by tringuyen on 28/6/2015 at 05:24

Hi everyone, I'm Tri and I plan to visit to Malay in 2 weaks early August, you guys have any idea to have a good itinerary? Thanks for your help ...

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Malaysia visa for longer than 90 days, possible? and how to get it?

Posted by LK023 on 25/6/2015 at 00:04

hi friends, i'm planing a possible trip to Malaysia soon so i was wondering whether it's possible to get a longer than 90 days visa before going, and if they require any documents or proofs, etc... wondering if any embassies or consulates provide a 6 month visa for example.. ...

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Sabah and Sarawak, or Peninsula?

Posted by Bridgequeen on 30/12/2014 at 10:15

Hi I would be grateful for any advice. I have just over two weeks in Feb/March (would have been earlier but thought it would be prudent to avoid CNY - is this true of Borneo?) and simply can't decide on an itinerary. I am tempted by what I read about Kuching , but equally by Sabah. I don't climb mountains nor do I dive and being the wrong side of 50 and totally unfit I am also a little concerned that some of my plans may be too much. I am used to solo travelling having done Cambodia many time ...

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Kota Kinabalu

Posted by GCheng on 3/6/2015 at 03:56

Happy to answer any questions you may have, I just visited! Follow me on my vlog channel to get updates on the sabah trip: ...

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