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Motorbiking in Asia forum

Kyrgyzstan: Buying a motorbike

Posted by or1020 on 17/5/2012 at 10:34

Hey, Maybe this is not the right forum to ask, but maybe you can help me: Can I buy a scooter in Kyrgyzstan and cross the border with Tajikistan? What would I need? Can I registered it on my name? Thank you for reading... ...

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Lao/Cambodian border warning

Posted by kamikaze on 16/5/2012 at 11:50

Hey guys, I just wanted to warn you that apparently you can neither take a Lao motorbike into Cambodia nor a Cambodian one into Laos. I bought a motorcycle in Pakse and planned to travel around Cambodia with it, but I had to sell it at the border. The guys there said, it wouldn't be a problem with a Vietnamese bike though. Perhabs I should have tried to bribe them, but there were like 5 customs officers there playing cards, so it probably would have been quite expensive.. I didn't find an ...

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Driver\'s licence, Cambodia

Posted by Salisubsila on 22/4/2012 at 03:35

Hey All! Anyone who knows how much it costs to take a test and get a driver's licence for motorbikes i Cambodia, and where the best place to do it is? My traveling companion hasn't got a driver's licence at all, but I have an international one, that should be valid for Cambodia. Is it worth it to get the licence at all, or better to take the trouble, should we get pulled over? Thanks for your help! Salisubsila ...

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Motorbiking in Borneo/Malaysian Borneo

Posted by t1m0l1v3r on 23/4/2012 at 20:57

Hi, Last year I rode a motorcycle around Vietnam as a backpacker (purchased in Hanoi and sold again in Saigon) - the system they have there is very organised and there are a lot of people doing it. I'm planning to head to Borneo (as well as Laos and Burma!!) at the end of this year as I Spent 3 years of my early childhood living there (in Borneo), and have always wanted to do something similar there or at least in Malaysian Borneo - is this possible? And has anyone done it before? Whilst ther ...

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One-Way Motorbike Rental

Posted by soontobewrldtrv on 30/3/2012 at 20:15

Ok yall, I am wanting to rent a motorbike in Bangkok, and then travel around southern Thailand for a month, and leave it in Phuket or Krabi. Does anybody know if there is a way to get a one way motorbike deal? Would we have to purchase? We would rather travel by bike than public transport just for the ease and flexibility (plus it's way more fun). I see all these local city-wide motorbike companies, but is there a national one or something that will let me travel one way? Thanks! ...

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Transporting Motobrike on Train

Posted by Criggy on 28/3/2012 at 02:26

Hi, I bought a motorbike in Hanoi and rode it around the NW to Sapa. In a few days I will travel back to Hanoi by bus, and the bus company have said they will take the bike for me on the roof... Total cost I think is around $32. However, when I get to Hanoi I want to transport it (and myself) to Hue and continue travelling from there. I don't really have enough time to do the journey by bike, so i've decided this will be a good way to cut some of the travel time. Can anyone advise me on how ...

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Honda 125 copy for sale

Posted by sayadian on 25/3/2012 at 21:47

Honda copy, used every day.Good brakes (essential in this part of the world).Vietnamese registration so can be taken into Vietnam with no problems.Ideal for those who want to tour Vietnam.Have some small problems-back light and one indicator not working but if we strike a deal we can take it to my mechanic who'll fix it for $3 or $4. I'm in Phnom Penh Tel: 015208343 $160 a bargain ...

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How long does it take to sell a bike?

Posted by lucasdg on 18/3/2012 at 18:35

Hi guys, Not sure if this should go here or in buy/sell, but since it's not a classified I thought I'd put it here. We're thinking about getting a motorcycle in Hoi An or Danang and heading to Hanoi from there. The problem is, we'll need to move the bike on very quickly (say within 5 days) as flights are booked back home already. Just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and what we can expect in the way of sale time, the best channel to sell a bike, and any other tips and ...

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Best way to drive from Banlung to Siem Reap

Posted by Yajul on 22/2/2012 at 22:57

Hi, Am planning on driving from Banlung to Siem Reap (own car). Could anyone suggest the best route? Thanks, Yajul ...

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4 months around SE Asia

Posted by Lostbeachbum on 10/9/2011 at 23:49

Hey everyone, My name is John, I'm 27 from the US and have been riding most of my life, over 100k miles. I'm leaving on my RWT next month and SE Asia is my first stop. After spending a few weeks exploring Thailand's South Coast starting in Prachuap, I'm flying into Han Oi to buy a WIN or similar to start a 3 1/2 month ride through Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia-Thailand-Malaysia. My basic route: Take the Northern and Northwestern loop from Han Oi, then get my Laos visa in Dien Bien Phu. From there my r ...

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off road motorbike adventure Thailand

Posted by alandavies on 31/1/2012 at 06:21

I'm a British enduro rider with 8 years experience riding all over Thailand, we all have our favourite places, but spending that time with fellow extreme adventure seekers is more fun. I ride my Yamaha 2003 WR250f imported from the UK, maintain and service it on the go. Sometimes waiting a few days for parts, but usually plan ahead to avoid break downs. In 8 years, one bottom end bearing, 2 new sets of valuves, half a dozen pistons & rings, 100's of oil changes, this bike has never had anyth ...

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One way Motorbike rental in SE Asia.

Posted by robertjcuervo on 21/1/2012 at 00:09

So I have a few months in SE Asia going thru the following countries: Indonesia Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Laos (Time Permitting) I would like to know if anyone knows of companies that offer single way bike rental so that I save time going in big loops or doubling back on certain paths. I have a rough time table for these countries of 3-4 weeks in each. ...

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Motorbikes and mindfulness

Posted by inspiredbykrissi on 12/1/2012 at 23:55

Hi guys, Im sorry if this is not allowed, but im going to try and I would like some feedback on my recent blog post. All you guys the ride motorbikes please check out my new blog post on motorbikes and mindfulness. Cheers guys. PS Stuart sorry if this is not allowed. I wont do it again ...

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Can you rent a motorbike in Chiang Khong? Phu Chee Fah - Phu Lang Ka loop?

Posted by phishsticks on 19/10/2011 at 09:41

I've been reading about how beautiful Phu Chee Fah and Phu Lang Ka are and it seems the easiest way to get there is on a motorbike. I'd like to start out from Chiang Khong, but does anyone know if there are motorbike's available for rent in Chiang Khong? I know that there are a lot of paved roads in this area, but I can imagine it being winding mountainous terrain. I'd be doing it with my girlfriend and we both have NO experience on a motorbike, would it be doable for an absolute beginne ...

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Motorbike vs Public Transport

Posted by PeterJW on 3/12/2011 at 05:14

Hi All. I've read in some forum posts that having a motorbike can help you save some serious money from not paying for bus / train tickets, its also a lot faster and its easier to get off the beaten track so to speak. I am going to take my CBT before I go so I will be insured riding a bike to 125cc. This will cost £100. Apparently you need to have a bike registered in vietnam and ownership papers for border crossings so if its worth it I'll just fly from Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi instead of ...

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Border Crossings on Motorbikes....advice needed

Posted by moomin1802 on 28/5/2011 at 19:04

We are currently in Siem Reap, Cambodia and own a Minsk (with vietnamese plates and papers) and a dirt bike (with cambodian plates no papers). We are planning on heading across the border into Laos at Dong Kralor then spend 1 month in Lao before crossing into Thailand on the same bikes (cross at either the Nong Khai friendship bridge or at Chaing Khong/Huay Xai in the north) Firstly, is this possible as one of the bikes has no papers? Also, we have heard stories on various forums about having ...

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Scooters for Newbies on the Bolaven Plateau?

Posted by phishsticks on 26/10/2011 at 21:10

I would love to check out the Bolaven Plateau on my upcoming SE Asia trip. When we get to Laos it will be Feb. I am going with my girlfriend, and neither of us have rode a scooter before. I am kind of nervous about the idea of getting on a motorbike never having rode one, but I'm really excited to see the Plateau. How are the road conditions in the area? How dangerous is it with zero experience? I'm very cautious, won't speed, will always wear a helmet, take a 10 minute crash course from the bik ...

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Driving through SEA

Posted by andrew25 on 31/10/2011 at 22:45

Myself and a group of 4 other guys were hoping to do a 2 month trip across south east Asia next summer, potentially starting in Singapore and making our way all the way up to Hong Kong - though the idea is still in its infancy and more research needs to be done. Ideally we would like to buy a couple of cheap cars (I know this is a motorbike thread but it seemed the most appropriate), take them the whole way and then flog them at the other end. Does anyone know if that is going to be at all feas ...

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Chinese Yamaha copy? Buy or not?

Posted by jipsa78 on 16/10/2011 at 15:42

I'm traveling through Vietnam and have been thinking about buying a motorbike to continue my travels on. An employeein my hotel has offered me to buy his Yamaha Jupiter MX for only $ 200,- He says he has bought if from an Americantourist who drove it down from northern Vietnam. I took the bike to a mechanic and he was pretty negative about it. He said it's made in China and I will likely have problems with the bike somewhere along the road. According to my information the Jupiter MX is only ma ...

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Motorbike rental in Hue

Posted by MotHaiBa on 12/10/2011 at 04:25

Can anyone give me some tips on hiring a motorbike or 3 out of Hue for a week or so. Anyone good I should go to? How much am I paying and any other tips? TIA ...

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