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Philippines March 7 to April 2

Posted by nessaantolin on 3/1/2017 at 10:17

Hey everyone! Anybody going to be in the Philippines in March? Any must-see places we should add to our list? Just looking for things to do while we're there because we don't really know where to go Oh btw, we will be in Boracay March 10-12 If anyone wants to meet up, hit me up ...

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Discrimination on Tripadvisor?

Posted by juandelacruz102 on 13/2/2017 at 00:45

Just wondering if anyone has an advice for me… RE: Tripadvisor Travel Article The sudden disabling of the option to create and edit Articles is unfair to some people like me! My name was mention in that article before but it was removed with the roll back wars. Upon checking the version history, it seems 1st time joiners manage to edit & remove those drivers’ info (including mine) and add their own with fantastic descriptions! You can see they join TA just to ...

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Is the

Posted by w0rldtravel on 18/1/2017 at 08:09

This talking Filipino Travel cheat sheet looks very promising. Can anyone confirm that it can be very useful? Also, what are the best hotels to stay at in the Philippines ? Thanks in advance! ? ...

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National Geographic's Ten Places that Deserve more Travelers

Posted by w0rldtravel on 16/1/2017 at 09:11

Has anyone been to any of these places? Which ones are worth the trip? ...

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Car Rental at Caticlan Airport

Posted by vicsecret on 26/12/2016 at 14:41

Hello, Are there car rental agencies at the Caticlan Airport? My husband and I would like to rent a car for one day to go from the Caticlan Airport to Tibiao, Antique. We are experienced and confident drivers and have driven cars in South Africa, Greece and Australia, (as well as motorbikes in China and Vietnam,) to name a few different countries we have driven. Thank you in advance for your help! ...

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Posted by goonistik on 5/11/2016 at 06:02

Metro-Manila has a confusing public transport system. If you need help getting around you can use or download their mobile app. It is reasonably accurate but a bit clumsy to use. ...

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Philippines trip

Posted by dadudadu on 14/12/2016 at 15:11

Hello all, I am Radu and i am from Romania. I want to be in Manila from 28.12 to celebrate the new year there and then to go to Cebu, Boracay and other locations. I have flexible time and do not have a set up plan. So, if anybody want to go with me or to come along i will be more than happy. I love to travel but not alone, i am not a solo backpacker. My budget is middle to low. Thanks. ...

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Malaysia to Vietnam travel time

Posted by Leileilei06 on 28/11/2016 at 13:21

Hi. We are travelling from Philippines to Malaysia (via plane) and then planning to land travel malaysia to Hanoi. Is it possible for 1 week stay? Considering the bus and train rides. Thank you. ...

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Philippines - Manila 26-28 Nov, Bohol/Pangalo 28 Nov-1 Dec & Cebu 1 Dec-3 Dec

Posted by businessmanlondon on 17/11/2016 at 19:41

Hi, I am new on this site and based in the UK and it would be great to meet any fellow travelers. My dates in the Philippines are: Manila - 26-28 November 2016 Bohol / Pangalo - 28 November-1st December 2016 Cebu - 1st December-3rd December 2016 If anyone is around during the above dates and wants to meet please contact me. Thanks ...

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Looking for partners - Kibungan Mountain Range Trek Dec 2016

Posted by jwallia on 2/11/2016 at 18:43

I am planning a Kibungan Mountain Range Trek by Uncharted Philippinesfor two date periods: Either Dec 3-6 or Dec 13-16. It is a very highly regardedtrek off the beaten path. Details at The price is $480 per person an dis pretty much inclusive ofeverything. Is anyone interested injoining me? if so, let me know if you have a preferred date slot. My email is Thanks. ...

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Don't go to the Philippines right now.

Posted by garland81 on 11/5/2016 at 16:01

They just elected a psychopath President who randomly kills criminals and innocent people, from locals to foreigners alike. Source: Avoid at all costs. ...

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Best Tourist Spot

Posted by joyfarnadis on 10/3/2016 at 00:46

Hi there! Which is the best tourist spot in the Philippines? ...

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Best Filipino Bloggers To Follow?

Posted by w0rldtravel on 16/8/2016 at 11:11

Hi, I am looking for the best filipino bloggers to read and follow. Who do you like? Maraming salamat lahat! ...

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1 week in Philippines - where to go?

Posted by tr1 on 28/8/2016 at 23:45

Hello We will have 1-1.5 weeks in the Philippines in mid October and wondering where to go. We are mainly interested in nice beaches, not too touristy, somewhere to learn to surf would be great but not a must. We are on a lower end budget but would be willing to spend a bit more on flights if necessary. Keen to maximise our time. Thanks! ...

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Cheap hotels close to airport

Posted by LuiggiRizzo on 19/5/2016 at 00:18

Hi! My friend and I need a hotel nearby the airport for our transit to the islands, only one night. I have been looking in the internet and options are either a bit expensive or look somewhat disappointing. Any recommendations for a budget < 45 USD? Thanks ...

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Bali or Boracay??

Posted by MissB87 on 26/8/2010 at 07:52

Hey guys, My partner and I are planning a little get away for October and are not quite sure what to do. We have been to Bali many times and it has become a very special place to us, so we have to spend some time there. We have 3 weeks to fill in and were thinking of spending 10 days in bali and 10 days in Boracay. We just cant find enough infomation to make a decision on if Boracay is worth it. We would like to know what general prices are like.... for a meal, beer, can of coke.... how does ...

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Stranded with no holiday insurance

Posted by mattg28 on 6/6/2016 at 14:52

Ok not sure if anyone can advise , but my friends dad is stuck in the Philippines and is in intensive care with no travel insurance , does anyone know if there are any charities that can help ? ...

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Need Help Traveling from Siargao Island to Busuanga

Posted by syd33 on 26/5/2016 at 08:07

My family & I are trying to figure out how to travel from Siargao Island to Busuanga all in one day. The only flights out of Siargao Island that I can find are through Cebu Pacific and they leave/arrive too late in Manila for us to take a connecting flight to Busuanga. Any information is helpful even if it is a private plane or boat transfer. Please let me know! Thanks! ...

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3/4 weeks Philippines. Palawan and/or?

Posted by DicoR on 17/2/2015 at 21:45

Hi people Me and my girlfriend are thinking about going to the Philippines somewhere in March. Currently we are in Laos and due to the crappy internet around here I cant do proper research for this trip. Thats why we need your help! We probably have around 3/4 weeks to spend, 1000 euro's a month each, looking for some relaxation and snorkling if thats possible. We would like to avoid the high risk malaria areas(southern Palawan?) Northern Palawan looks really nice, but spending 3/4 weeks ther ...

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Posted by amnicoll on 18/5/2016 at 06:51

I have already posted on LP so forgive duplication if you use both and I am already adding the likes of Panay and thinking I might need two trips I am planing a trip in July/August starting and finishing in Cebu taking in Negros Bohol and Leyte (not excluding other nearby islands). There is as yet no fixed plan and I would (depending on which direction I go) not have any problem in dropping an island from the itinerary. I have had a look at LP and Rough Guide and have plenty of info on the bea ...

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