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Eat your way out of Clark

Posted by goonistik on 26/8/2010 at 23:04

Google "Pampanga food trip" and you will come across the blogs of various Filipinos who took a trip to Pampanga to sample the region's food. The province is known for its cuisine. ...

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Two weeks in Phillippines

Posted by ceast8 on 29/7/2010 at 04:23

Hi, We are planning atrip to the phillippines from 15th may for 2 weeks, i am looking for some help were to go and what to do for the two weeks while we are there. We are a group of boys aged between 22-26 and would just like some info from people who now. if anyone could put a two week itinery on here that would be greatly apreciated. what airports are best to fly in and out of from kualar lumpar and what airlines!!! thanks ...

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bicycle on airline malay to phils

Posted by sapote on 3/11/2010 at 03:27

hi am seeing lots of contradictory info re shipping bikes on air lines. in container or not? and what will they charge? anyone know which airline flying from Borneo to cebu would be cheapest with bike. thank you very much for info ...

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borrow bicycle philippines

Posted by sapote on 21/11/2010 at 22:51

hello friends,i will be biking in malaysia,but a hassel to fly with bike. wondering if any one out here is willing to loan out a casual riding road bike for 6 weeks. i plan to bike cebu,leyte,negros and bohol. i am a low miles biker and wont need a mountain bike or many gears. renting for that lenght of time is expensive. thanx for any help and suggestion. ...

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1 month - 2week Phil then 2 week vietnam?

Posted by London23 on 8/2/2011 at 23:29

Hello, Im planning a visit to SE Asia in May/ June this year. Original plan was to spend the whole month in the Philippines. Now Im considering trying 2 weeks in the Philippines, flying to Vietnam & spending 2 weeks there. Can anyone offer advice on this plan? Is 2 weeks too little time in each place? Or is 1 whole month just in the Philippines too much? Help?!! Thanks in advance for any replies! ...

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masage dumagett

Posted by sapote on 21/2/2011 at 14:21

hi friends, wanted to alert everyone to a great service. at the south end of the water front walk, around south of the building there is a blind massage clinic. they do very nice Shiatsu. i recommend ...

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snorkel in nov-dec

Posted by RACHYPF on 24/6/2011 at 23:21

Hi looking for best place to snorkel / visit in Phillipines in Nov-Dec? ...

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Skype in Palawan

Posted by placeshifter on 14/8/2010 at 01:05

Does voice over IP Skype work reliably from Palawan (say, 30-40 kilometers radius of Puert Princesa) when making calls back to the US? ...

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Tao Philippines - Coron to Palawan or vice versa

Posted by furneburner on 7/9/2009 at 17:10

has anyone been on this trip? 3500 pesos per day, looks amazing. looking at doing it Mid January. ...

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Best accomidations under $30 with a late flight arrival

Posted by sportyshannon on 23/8/2010 at 14:12

Please advise me on the best budget accomidations that are decent and quiet and not too far from Manilla airport. I will arrive at 12:30 Am at airport. Also does anybody run free shuttles from airport? Thanks, Shannon ...

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Posted by gill1 on 25/5/2011 at 18:32

Want to do some volunteering has anyone had good experiences or has any ideas ? Thanks ...

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Mango season-time to gorge

Posted by goonistik on 5/4/2011 at 18:29

Summer is approaching and it is getting warmer. But the hot weather also signals the start of the mango season. So it is time to gorge while mangoes are at their peak. ...

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5-6 weeks in the philippines

Posted by sadles on 13/2/2011 at 15:42

hey, im heading to south east asia in june for 4 months, 5-6 weeks of that i want to go through the philippines. I spent 3 months in 2009 through thailand, laos, cambodia n vietnam. I'm looking for a similar trip full of meeting people, seein the true culture of the country, the mountains as well as beaches and some partying. Not 100% sure where i should start, go to and end the 6 weeks in the philippines. So any tips of good places to head to and what order would I should be going to the place ...

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Reccommended hotels in Manila and Angeles

Posted by furneburner on 7/11/2009 at 15:02

Hi all, Staying a night in Manila and then a night in Angeles on my way back from Palawan. My flight from Clark leaves at 11 so I didn't fancy getting up really early and catching a bus or expensive taxi from Manila, therefore i thought it would be best to stay overnight in Angeles which is right by the airport am I right? Have been reccommended the Paco Park Oasis Hotel in Manila by my father (which is more than i wanted to pay but hotels seem expensive in Manila). Any thoughts on that? ...

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accomadation east coast Negros

Posted by sapote on 14/1/2011 at 17:23

hello friends, need some info about cheap accomadation east coast Negros. am in Dumagete, biking north to San Carlos. wonder if i will be able to find places to stay bewteen big towns, besides beach resorts. would also like to go to Mabinay, hotels/pensione houses there? thanx for any suggestions advice ...

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where to acquire informations about UK visa?

Posted by dejavu619 on 6/1/2011 at 20:56

Hi, just new here and i just have a question. How can i obtain UK visa? i need an accurate information about the process. I am an online freelance worker for years and one of my client offered me a real job. I mean he wants me to travel in UK and work for real in their company. This is an opportunity that i do not want to miss. If you are a Filipino and manage to acquire UK visa. Kindly let me know the process that you've taken in order to succeed in the application. Even if you are not a filip ...

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where to start?

Posted by Jbarry on 11/3/2010 at 05:04

Hi everyone, I want to leave to backpack southeast Asia in a couple weeks and want to include the phillipines, Cambodia and Thailand (including Ko sumui etc.). The problem is, I don't know anything about the Phillipines and I'm finding it difficult to navigate this trip by myself. I am traveling alone and have been to Thailand and Vietnam before... But I used a travel agent and did not backpack. Could someone please help. I would like to go for a about a half month. Jason ...

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Posted by millionario on 4/9/2009 at 16:26

Thanks for posting the suggestion millionario. hokasch and I were looking for somewhere to chat about the Philippines only the other day at the end of this thread! I'm really looking forward to your posts because I only saw Busuanga and a couple of islands off Cebu on my first trip last year and as you say, these places are not exactly off the beaten track. The places I went to were much busier than I'd been led ...

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Off the beaten track : places to recommend

Posted by millionario on 6/9/2009 at 14:27

Hello, Travellers coming for the first time in the Philippines are usually sticking to a limited number of places such as Boracay or Puerto Galera island resorts, Banaue and Sagada for trekking and Palawan for the most adventurous. In this post, I will suggest a number of destinations "out of the beaten track" if you're planning to avoid the tourist trail, or if you're running out of ideas of where to go. *** Island life If like me, you like the quietness of a remote island, then the R ...

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Short boat rides and great diving.

Posted by abj on 8/1/2010 at 11:49

Hi I am looking for a great resort with great diving in Palawan in the Philippines. Key is really short boat rides and/or a great house reef. We have a 2.5 year old son coming with us and so we need to keep close to share care and diving and even sneak a dive or 2 togeather. Places we have been that are similar to what we are looking for are Wakatobi in Indo and Roatan in Honduras... Any ideas welcome! Cheers Alastair ...

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