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Fuji Mini Instax Camera Film

Posted by Hennners on 8/11/2009 at 19:15

Hey all, Q: CAN I GET Fuji Mini Instax Camera Film IN THAILAND + HOW MUCH IS IT? I'm travelling to SE-Asia later this month and have suddenly had an urge to get an Instant film camera. (bit like the polariods they had in the old days...) Anyway, I'm going to get a Fuji Instax Camera of some sort, and wondered whether I should buy all the film before I go, or whether it will be easy to find and cheaper in Thailand/Bangkok. I can get 10 films for £5/250THB online. Thanks! Hennners ...

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Can anyone suggest a good camera?

Posted by mattocmd on 6/11/2008 at 20:41

I am looking for a nice slim camera to travel with. Does anyone have a suggestion? I am looking to spend $200-$300, slim is better, ease of use, photo quality, etc... ...

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Underwater photography

Posted by mattocmd on 20/9/2009 at 16:19

I actually just checked out SBE's photos and saw some awesome underwater photos. I honestly don't know too much about photogrpahy in general but am always interested in starting new hobbies. Can anyone suggest a good underwater camera? Mainly for snorkeling. I often go snorkeling here and would love to capture some underwater photos! ...

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SLR Camera- Should i take?

Posted by loup86 on 11/8/2009 at 01:59

Hi everyone! So im going travelling in September and will be travelling in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos as part of a RTW Trip. Ive got a Canon SLR which i bought a few years ago and really wanted to take. Just a bit worried about safety - as in is it safe to have it out or will it catch peoples attention? Ive got a much older digital camera which i could take aswell but its only 5 mega pixel which is why i was thinking of taking the SLR. Any help on whether it is a good idea to take an SLR ...

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Wolverine Photographers Backpack: the best photography backpack ever

Posted by think87 on 7/3/2009 at 08:00

Purchased this Wolverine Photographers backpack last year. It holds up to 1 15.4 inch notebook in the back, 4 lenses and 2 cameras in a customizable bottom section, as well as a top sections for clothes and the like. Also holds tripod and much more. Used it on my last trip and wouldn't take anything else. check it out here. ...

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Video camera + internet cafe's

Posted by rsthomas on 24/7/2008 at 23:53

Hey all! I am going to be documenting my trip via HD Video Camera. The camera stores the footage directly on it's internal drive. It can shoot up to 7 hours before needing to be cleared. I will need to be connecting my camera to computers in Southeast Asia at the cafes in order to download my footage. I wanted to know if anyone has done this type stuff and if it is fairly easy to do at these cafes. Also, is there an online video storage site that you can recommend? Thanks so much! ...

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shopping for cameras etc ? Do your homework !

Posted by henricartier on 18/3/2008 at 14:58

In my humble experience, being in Singapore 5 times in the last four years, and spending an extraordinary amount of energy online to 'research' price fluctuations of a variety of consumables, especially electronics I have come to the conclusion: 1. Do your homework - online and through forums, many specific to photo gear and purchases. 2. Compare !( seems such an obvious thing to do but who does it ?)- prices at "home" - wherever you usually reside. Last time I bought a digital camera in Sing ...

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Cameras Mobiles Digital Gear risk ?

Posted by henricartier on 16/3/2008 at 21:25

Does anyone know the range of mobiles phones in Thailand? Or just a bait for thieves? (best to leave the mobile home?) So, we leave home with laptop, mobile phone/digital camera etc. which all must shout 'tourist' beware/ valuables/lock up back packs/ leave nothing in rooms etc. that's why you have insurance . Dohhhh! Yeah right. ( I saw a guy get his arm slashed as an enterprising passenger thief on a motorcycle rode by, cut through the tourists' shoulder bag strap with a hunting knife and esc ...

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Bangkok photography workshop from Jan 7 to Feb 3, 2008

Posted by somtam2000 on 13/12/2007 at 13:32

I wouldn't normally post something like this in the forum, but it's starting soon and when Jonathon Taylor sent it over, it struck me as a particularly good deal -- even if you don't have the time for the full course. I know Taylor personally and can vouch for his ability as a photographer, though I've not had the time to do one of the courses myself... It is on my list though! Acclaimed Bangkok-based photographer Jonathan Taylor of Photography School Asia is running a month-long photography ...

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Posted by Tilapia on 30/4/2007 at 20:37

Hi All, I've just started posting some photos from my last trip on a site called Our route was Bangkok - Kanchanaburi - Sangkhlaburi - Nong Khai - Chiang Khan - Loei - Phitsanulok - Sukhothai - Si Satchanalai - Koh Wai - Trat - Bangkok. The photos are kind of all over the place, but there are notes. If anyone is interested they can be seen here ... Happy to answer any questions regarding the places, means of transport, ...

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digital camera

Posted by helenenvoyage on 8/11/2006 at 22:05

hello, i want to buy a digital camera for my trip in thailand and laos. I can afford up to 200euros (250$USD). is it really cheaper to get one in Bangkok rather than here (france) and can any one reccommend one for that money Thanks in advance ...

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Digital cameras

Posted by marianwarren on 26/9/2006 at 04:04

Hi everyone Are cameras cheap in Thailand, if so approx how much cheaper and where's the best place to buy?. We're only looking at the US$250 mark so not highend prices. Trying to decide whether to buy one on special here or wait. Kind regards Marian ...

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Digital Photography???

Posted by morganmontana on 28/4/2006 at 02:02

I am planning three or four months in SE asia and i was wondering what equipment everyone uses. Is it possible to upload digital pics from internet cafes. I am interested in the waterproof digitals that are good for snorkeling and the beach. I will appreciate and advice that is given. ...

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Best Waterfalls in Ireland..

Posted by Hainan on 24/5/2015 at 05:51

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