Photo: Almost Maldivian at Ao Noi, Ko Kut.

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China Visa in Bangkok?

Posted by Wanderluster on 13/4/2012 at 19:24

I am returning to Southeast Asia for a couple months at the end of April and have an extended layover in Beijing on the way home. My friends and I plan on leaving the airport since we have 11 hours to spare and thought it would be a great opportunity to check out one last place before we head back home to Canada. I have tried to research the visa situation for China, but have come up with conflicting reports. I know that China does allow airport transfers without visa from Pudong to Hongqiao. ...

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3 Week Thailand Itinerary December

Posted by Jo2016 on 24/2/2016 at 08:38

I am planning a 3-weeks holiday to Thailand in December. I have the following route in mind: Bangkok (3 days)--> Flight to Chiang Rai (2 days)--> Rent a car and drive via Thaton (2 days), Pai (2 days), Mae Hong Song (1 day), MaeSariang (1 day), & Doi Inthanon to Chiang Mai (3 days)--> Flight to Surat Thani --> Khao Sok NP (3 days)--> either Koh Tao or Surin Islands+Ko Ra+Koh Prah Thong+Ko Kho Khao (3 days)-->Return flight via Surat Thani and Bangkok. Other option ...

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Help from Bangkok please!

Posted by Chelseamatt1 on 20/2/2016 at 02:17

Hey guys! Long story short I broke my nose and was unable to fly out on my original start date 17th Feb, I will now be flying out Friday 26th! My friends did leave and are currently in Bangkok. Ideally would be great to meet them in Bangkok but understandly they don't want to stay in Bangkok for 10 days while they wait for me. Can anyone recommend a good alternative of where to go and then meet me? I was thinking pop down to a Thai island for 4/5 days then head back to Bangkok to meet m ...

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Ban Chiang Museum

Posted by cuscus on 12/2/2016 at 02:26

HI There! I will be in Udon Thani next month and am hoping to take a day out to visit the Ban Chiang museum for a few hours. Can anyone give me an idea if it's better to stay the night in the town near the museum or better to go back to Udon Thani for the night? I would be driving up to Vientiane the next day or possibly later that night, depending on what else there might be to see in the very nearby area. I have read it's about 50 kilometers from the city but not sure what area ne ...

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ko Libong / Ko Muk /Ko Jum

Posted by woodyuk on 11/2/2016 at 06:57

Hi All Heading to Thailand in March and thinking of flying to Trang then going to ko Libong / Ko Muk /Ko Jum then flying out of Krabi Quick question is 2 weeks to short to do this trip ? has anybody got any recommendations on these Islands ? I am traveling alone and am basically looking at just relaxing and diving Thanks for any info ..... ...

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Parking at Friendship Bridge # 4 Thailand

Posted by mortmans on 4/2/2016 at 18:38

Is there any secure parking at Friendship Bridge # 4 on the Thai side? We will have a hire car and need to leave it for about a week. Thanks ...

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Thai Visa

Posted by tristanwillow on 2/2/2016 at 03:17

We're currently in Cambodia and planning on getting a bus into Bangkok because flights are so expensive, however, this will only give us 15 days with the free visa-exemption and we want to spend a month before we leave for home! Can we obtain a visa in Bangkok when we get there? How much is it going to cost and how long would it take? What does everyone suggest thank you so much for your help! ...

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Krabi (Ao Nam Mao) or Ko Lanta with Kids in April

Posted by orchid7798 on 26/1/2016 at 09:03

We are planning a trip to Krabi in April for 9 days and need help deciding between Krabi and Ko Lanta. We live in SE Asia and have two kids (3 and 6). We like to split our days with some beach time and some adventure (snorkling, kayaking, visiting other beaches, motorbike trips around, etc.) Would anyone recommend one over the other (or both)? We have found a quiet hotel in Ao Nam Mao that seems to be away from the business of Ao Nang, but I'm wondering if we can rent motorbikes and get arou ...

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Thailand October/November worried about weather!

Posted by sergibcn on 23/3/2015 at 03:39

We are planning to go backpacking around Thailand from Oct 1st to Novemeber 22th. This is part of a 5 months route. We are arriving to Bangkok, so our plan was to visit north Thailand first and then head south to the beaches and cross to Malasia at the end of December. However, after reading about the weather we are a bit worried now It seem like October is the worst moment to visit Thailand. My questions are: - Which would be the best route or places to visit during October and November wi ...

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Pattaya airport hotel search February 2016

Posted by Emery on 30/1/2016 at 19:53

I am looking for a hotel near the pattaya airport second week in February. $20 to 30. I arrive late evening. Any recommendations? ...

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Newly updated: Nakhon Si Thammarat

Posted by somtam2000 on 1/2/2016 at 03:43

We've just finished the update on another little visited southern Thai provincial capital, Nakhon Si Thammarat which sees an amazingly low number of foreign travellers considering where it is location. Not far from Khao Luang National Park and Baan Khiri Wong and the town itself has a bunch of worthwhile attractions, including a shadow puppet museum and David put together a neat cultural walk. Check it out! ...

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New coverage: Khanom and Sichon

Posted by somtam2000 on 1/2/2016 at 01:55

We used to have some very basic coverage on this area wrapped us as beaches near NST, but we've thrown all that out and have a great new section on the beach strip of Khanom and Sichon - an area which will appeal to those looking for unadulterated Thailand. If areas like Ban Krut and Bang Saphan appealed, then this area is going to be right up your alley. The best way to explore the area is to just get a bike and get going, so that's just what we did. ...

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Surat Thani updated and expanded

Posted by somtam2000 on 1/2/2016 at 01:50

We've just finished updating our coverage for Surat Thani - including the historic town of Chaiya which lies a little to the north. Now I know a lot of you have probably blown through Surat Thani on the way to the islands, but give it a look - you'll find we were able to dig up some interesting things to do, including a boat ride on the Tapi River (homestays available) a good look around Chaiya and, of course, a bit of a poke around Wat Suan Mokkh. Why were you racing to the islands again? ...

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Melbourne to Bangkok on Jetstar, Indian Passport

Posted by coker on 31/1/2016 at 10:01

I'm an Indian passport holder living in Melbourne on a Permanent Resident visa. I'm traveling to Thailand in early March for a holiday. I want to use the visa on arrival facility available to Indian passport holders at the Bangkok airport. I wanted to know if there could be issues boarding the flight with Jetstar. Will they insist on seeing the visa before letting me board? Anyone here used the visa on arrival and have any issues boarding Jetstar to Bangkok? I do have proof of onward travel. Tha ...

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Long stay/Thaimout?

Posted by Mayb31 on 31/1/2016 at 05:03

Hi, hope to get some good advice on staying in Thailand for one year. We are a Scandinavian family who are looking in to fulfilling a life long dream...but we need some advice. We would like to stay somewhere that's not to far from a int. airport, though we want to travel both in Thailand and surrounding countries while we're there. Also our children needs to attend school, so we need an international or Scandinavian school close by. Thees criteria are the most important, But as most, we also ha ...

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Ayutthaya from Bangkok

Posted by rosaan on 29/1/2016 at 14:45

Hi guys! I will go to Tailand and Laos next summer. I would like to know if it is easy to go it alone to Ayuttaya from Bangkok. I will be staying near Chao Phraya River... What do I have to do to go Ayuttaya on boat trip? Best regards ...

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Self drive in Thailand, feasible? (Chiang Mai to Krabi)

Posted by tokidokio on 8/10/2014 at 14:29

Hello, Myself, mother, husband and 3 year old are traveling to Bangkok in mid November for two weeks. We plan to spend a couple of days in Bangkok, then fly (or possibly take the train) to Chiang Mai /Chiang Rai. We are considering renting a car in Chiang Mai and driving down toward Krabi. Some of the reasons we would like to rent a car are that we will be carrying lots of camera gear, could have car seat for baby, schedule flexibility, and reaching off the beaten path places (hot sprin ...

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Visa to Vietnam from Bangkok

Posted by Annielay on 28/1/2016 at 17:22

Does anyone know if it is possible to get a visa for Vietnam from Bangkok and how long it would take. We will be in BK in early May and hope to travel into Vietnam in late May. Any help would be appreciated. We are Australian passport holders. ...

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All rock climbing banned on Ko Phi Phi

Posted by somtam2000 on 28/1/2016 at 03:11

Following on from the random banning of rock climbing on Ko Yao Noi/Yai Thai govt authorities have just banned all rock climbing on Ko Phi Phi . Says the Phuket Gazette: "We have already explained to nine tour operators offering climbing tours in the Noppharat Thara - Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park area that they must suspend their services until they gain the necessary permission from us,” Sorayut Tansathian, the chief of the national park, told Phuket Gazette. “I am sure othe ...

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Anyone traveling from Thailand to Siem Reap who can bring some meds over for me?

Posted by allisandisnot on 28/1/2016 at 09:44

Anyone traveling from Thailand to Siem Reap who can bring some meds over for me? I need Lamictal, for seizures. I have a prescription, not that you need one in Thailand. Better yet, if you know anyone coming over from India...very cheap there. ...

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