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Proof of onward travel from Thailand - I finally got asked...

Posted by altmtl on 13/1/2016 at 17:51

In all my years of travelling to Thailand I always had a return ticket home and usually a visa. This time I didn't get a Thai visa because I knew I was going to Indonesia before the end of my 30 day visa exemption. - my return flight home is 86 days later from BKK - I had my 60 day visa of Indonesia. Much to my surprise at my home airport in Montreal British Airways asked me if I had proof of onward travel, otherwise I would have to buy a ticket out. Fortunately I did have proof as you need it ...

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Get me out of Thailand

Posted by escapethailand on 12/10/2015 at 07:21

I have been setup by Thai business people and they have put me on a travel blacklist. Can anybody suggest any real solutions to get out of Thailand? I booked a flight out of Thailand but was stopped at the airport and they said criminal charges have been filed against me for fraud. All the charges are fake and my accusers want 1.5 Million in cash to allow me to go home. My lawyer said it could take 4+ years for the courts to hear the case and for the appeal process to end. We are not talking s ...

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Anyone on Koh Lanta at the moment?

Posted by altmtl on 13/1/2016 at 18:49

arrive tomorrow from Bngkok, so if you're bored and want to grab a beer let me know - staying for 2 weeks ...

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taxi fares from Bangkok to...

Posted by asiantraveler on 13/1/2016 at 12:34

In a lot of taxis in Bangkok there is a laminated piece of paper hanging from the passenger seat with destinations and prices. Always handy but probably not when you notice it. And back home when you want to find out what the fare would be to a certain destination you can't remember the prices. Well just check out this vid: ...

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Sailing Ko Tao?

Posted by northland on 11/1/2016 at 21:03

Does anyone know of a sailing outfit out of Ko Tao? I have seen postings about a sailing school/sailing safari but they are a few years old, and the last posting on their web site isn't recent either....? ...

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Inexpensive long term storage facility in Bangkok?

Posted by cloud on 2/11/2013 at 01:42

I need to keep my bulky winter clothes for 3~4weeks in Bangkok and searched some for this. It seems that the Suvanabhumi Airport has a long term facility but the charge is 100B per day even though it is long term storage. It means 2,100~2,800B. That is too expnesive to me. I remember there was a storage facilty also in Mocit bus terminal. How much is the long term charge there? What about in the train station? Or other places? ...

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Best route to Koh Lipe from Krabi/Koh Samui

Posted by Bilbo1 on 8/1/2016 at 04:53

Hi guys, I'm planning to go to Koh Lipe end of February but I'm not sure yet whether it will be from Krabi or Koh Samui as I haven't decided yet. Could anyone advise which is the best (quickest but not too expensive) way to get there? I know travelling from Koh Samui will be the longest journey but I don't know whether I can still arrive on the same day. Thanks in advance for any advice! Bilbo. ...

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money - what to take and how to change

Posted by tanglz on 6/1/2016 at 11:25

Hi Am living in France and travelling to Thailand in a few weeks. Was advised to take US$ traveller cheques but my bank or post office don't do traveller cheques!! Am taking both visa card for hotel payments and debit card for ATM withdrawls but would it be wise to take cash and use ATM if necessary? If so, can I change euros or would US$ bills be better?? ...

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How to get a cheap price for Angkong Marine Nation Park in Koh Samui island.

Posted by shadowtranvn on 10/1/2016 at 09:43

Hi guys! I have a small tip for you guys. I had been backpacking in Koh Samui on January 2016. The best thing i like in here is the islands activities. I looked around on Chaweng Beach to find a cheap tour to go Angthong Marine National Park. And they have many price, but normal price is 2000 bath. But, i got a good tour with speed boat, snorkeling, breakfast, lunch, kayaking, swimming, see the Angthong National Park view. I just told him (a man in tourist information company) give me the bes ...

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from Yao Noi to Thaleh Noi (phatthalung)

Posted by bouchatc on 7/1/2016 at 07:59

Hi, I will be in Pasai cottage in Kho Yao Noi, then need to go to thaleh noi in Phatthalung. What is the best way via public transport? I thought to take a boat to krabi thalen pier, how can i get to the bus station from there? how much would that be? then I thought to take a bus towards Hat Yai any suggestions? Many thanks Christele ...

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Recommendations for Thailand islands requested

Posted by Henrik1985 on 5/1/2016 at 14:17

Hi all, Thank youfor making this a great site and thanks to the writers for interesting posts.My girlfriend and I are going to Thailand in February and - after a couple ofdays in Bangkok – heading down south. Last year we went to Ko Lanta which wasvery relaxing and not too touristic. This year we’re planning on trying somethingelse - maybe Ko Lipe or Ko Jum. We prefer somewhere not flooded in tourists butalso a place with possible activities besides swimming and sunbathing. I guessthat ...

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Getting to ko Muk and Diving centers

Posted by woodyuk on 5/1/2016 at 00:59

Hi All I am planning on heading back to Thailand in March and have decided this time to head down south to Ko Muk as I am looking for a nice place to relax which is not too touristy. Unfortunately I only have 2 weeks this time and I am looking for the best way to get to Ko Muk from Bangkok directly or with a stop over somewhere interesting [img]smileys/wink.gif[/img] Also does anyone know of any dive schools on ko Muk as I mainly want to go Diving relax and do some thai cooking lessons. ...

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Multi-day trekking / hiking / camping trails in Thailand?

Posted by NickHope on 5/1/2016 at 00:56

Does anyone have any recommendations for long-distance trails to trek in Thailand? Most of my research brings me to commercial operations at Chiang Mai etc., but those don't really appeal, especially those that include elephant trekking, rafting etc.. We have all our own lightweight trekking and camping gear, and prefer tent camping to hammock and tarp. We'd prefer to do our own navigation and not use a guide, but we're quite happy to use a guide if the terrain is too difficult (e.g. dense ...

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Rock art paintings near Lampang

Posted by thomaswpa on 1/1/2016 at 03:34

Has anyone visited the rock art paintings near Lampang? How do I get there from Lampang? I do not have a vehichle ...

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First solo trip to Thailand in mid-June

Posted by omegatrees on 15/2/2015 at 21:17

Hi all, I'm a 22 year-old South Asian female from NY planning to travel to Thailand mid-June to mid-July. My budget is $2500-3000 max (will that be enough?). Was going to go with another friend but she cancelled SO it's a one-[wo]man wolf pack now. From the reading that I have done apparently that's not the best time to go as it's wet season and peak season for internal tourists so prices tend to be higher, but unfortunately those are the only months I have free to travel. I enjoy the outdoors ...

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Craft Beers in Thailand

Posted by randylahey on 29/12/2015 at 12:02

Beer lovers headed to Thailand can rejoice! There are quite a few craft beer places not just in Bangkok, but down south, Chiang Mai , and even Loei . From weizens to 100 IBU IPAs, you will be surprised at the variety of craft beers being brewed here. In Bangkok check out Chit Beer on Ko Kret island or Let the Boy Die which is a new bar offering exclusively Thai craft beers. Also, Soi Beer, Happy New Beer, Sandport. Info is available on Facebook. If you are in Chiang M ...

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Thai banks raise ATM fees to THB200 per withdrawal

Posted by altmtl on 9/11/2015 at 02:37

See: ...

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Two week itinerary in February 2016

Posted by davidmc on 8/12/2015 at 06:21

I'm trying to work out a two week trip to Thailand starting mid-Feb next year. I arrive and depart from Bangkok. I'm a 55 year old male travelling solo this time, interested in food, culture, art and the natural environment. I've been to Thailand once before spending time in Bangkok and Koh Samui. I don't particularly want to head to the islands in the south this time. I've done a fair bit of solo travelling in India and enjoy getting around by train, so I thought I might try to do the same in T ...

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travel from bangkok airport to khao san road

Posted by heyshorty on 22/12/2013 at 11:20

hello all newbee to this site , i land in bangkok 29th december and plan to stay in khao san road (hotel already booked)for two nights befor moving down the west coast .best not nessaserily cheapest way to get there from airport ? ...

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''Secret'' Jungles and Waterfalls

Posted by eya on 22/12/2015 at 10:23

Hi, I'm desperately looking for a jungle to hike with waterfalls, that are not packed with tourists. Or a tour guide that offers cool tours for small groups, in the untouched places, far away from the ''tourist places''. thanks guys!! ...

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