Photo: Almost Maldivian at Ao Noi, Ko Kut.

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Railay to Khao Lak in one day?

Posted by Seba on 29/11/2009 at 19:52

Hey guys, I'm soon flying from HCMC back to Bangkok to enjoy two weeks of South Thailand, but I have the following question.... would it be possible to get from Railay beach to Khao Lak in one day? If i am correct, this would mean Railay- Ao Nang by longtail, then Ao Nang-Phuket by ferry (or taxi,minivan?), then bus to Khao Lak (public, minivan?)... what would be the approximate times I'll have to leave from each point (e.g. ferry from Ao Nang to Phuket, latest bus to Khao Lak, what time w ...

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Ban Krut.

Posted by stevehoward1969 on 7/3/2010 at 13:12

Hi All, I'm heading to Ban Krut for a few days R&R next week and after reading up on the place I'm looking forward to being met by paradise! A lot of the comments/forums/blogs are fairly aged and there was some talk of possible over developement coming to Ban Krut. Can anyone tell me if this is true as yet or am I still likely to find peace,quiet, and isolation (weekdays)? Also I would like to take a look around surrounding areas, can this be done comfortably on a moto-scooter, and I presume ...

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Where is Khon Kaen? And updates?

Posted by Thijs on 29/3/2010 at 16:56

We stayed in Khon Kaen a couple of nights, but I can't get any info about this fairly big town in (North)Eastern Thailand... There isn't much to do there, but still, I would like to find info on this town on Travelfish. We've been traveling for 3 months now, and used Travelfish allot for info and reviews. But I would like to see some updates from the makers of this website. Allot of info seems to be outdated, especially accommodation info. Also a "latest updated" on the accommodation text w ...

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Getting a Job in Phuket or Koh Tao

Posted by alexrlynn on 30/3/2010 at 15:19

Can anyone offer help in finding gainful employment in either of these tropical paradises? I'm currently teaching English in China, so the education route is a possibility. Rather than websites offering listed classifieds, I'd rather find some networking opportunities via this message. Any help or leads at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ...

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first experience

Posted by veratj on 26/3/2010 at 22:41

does any want to give advice or share some experience,,,i want to go thailand and malaysia on april,,i will spend my holiday there,,,but it will be my first experience to go abroad and also the first time go abroad by plane,,i have prepared my passport,,,and everthings,, ...

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Songkran help

Posted by themildcat on 25/3/2010 at 08:04

I had to move my flight to BKK back a week and have just realised that I arrive at midnight, in Khao San Rd on April 13, or the first day of Songkran. I will have all my wordly goods with me - is this madness? Will a poncho and a backpack cover suffice to getting me to my hostel un-drowned? Also - does anyone know if busses from the airport to Khao San run that late? Someone meet me there! ;) Cheers ...

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go to penang and thailand,,

Posted by jemmy on 18/3/2010 at 22:59

i wonder to know about taxi direction,,plan to go penang on 15 april,,from penang international airport, how can i get to queensbay mall by taxi? and how much the fare to reach that place from penang airport? then where can find the cheapest hotel in penang?? ...

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red cross clinic bangkok - vaccinations

Posted by mendacity on 19/3/2010 at 15:52

Hi I see you can get all your travel vacs at the red cross clinic in Bangkok at a reasonable price. Has anyone used it? I am wondering if you need an appointment and if there are any english speaking staff? Thx ...

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hot water ccommodation koh kradan/koh lipe/railay

Posted by newbie555 on 27/3/2010 at 02:43

will be here in april and was just wondering which accommodtion had hot water showers? and how muchare these accomodations? ive been told its best toi stay in tonssai nesxt to railay and then walk to west railay or or phra nanag for the nice beach. any help appreciated thankyou very much. ...

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Has anyone been on an Intrepid travel tour?

Posted by amylou on 16/2/2010 at 09:06

Hey there, I am 25y/o female from UK flying to Bangkok in April for 2 months. I am trying to decide whether or not to book a tour. A friend recomended Intrepid travel (Bankok-Cambodia-Vietnam, 18 days)Has anyone been on one of these tours? I am a bit nervous about travelling solo so the thought of this sounds start with atleast! Thank you :-) ...

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Carrying a Bowie knife to Thailand

Posted by Bob_White on 19/3/2010 at 02:00

Hi all, had an offbeat question that I hope you guys don't mind me asking: I'm an avid hiker and so it's not uncommon to carry a Bowie knife with me. In the time I spent in el Salvador I noticed that this was sort of common practice for a lot of people who lived there since it was densely forested. I'm now wondering if you guys could forsee any problems with carrying a Bowie withe me to Thailand. I would think it could very well be useful since most of what I want to do involves hikin and c ...

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Bangkok Protests 2010

Posted by smellel on 22/2/2010 at 07:43

Hi, My husband and I are arriving in Bangkok on the 7th of March. Can anybody please provide an update of the political tension/unrest in Bangkok and the likelihood of the airport being shut down or other safety concerns similar to the 2008 protests? We are flying AirAsia from Australia via KUL so it is possible to redirect our arrival in Thailand however we have booked accom already so would prefer to stick to our plans. At this stage is there any clear indication of unrest occ ...

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7 week itinerery

Posted by doolough on 22/3/2010 at 14:55

Hi, I have come up with this plan for a 7 week trip this summer. I've based in on reading info here and in LP guide book. We are tourists so want to see the main well known sights and we like the beach/good food/a few drinks We are a couple -25/30 years old. Our budget will be about 2500E. Also, we will fly Bangkok - LP, Vientiane - Hanoi, Siem Reap -Koa Samui, Koa Samui-Bangkok with Discovery Airpass - quote I got was for 425 Euro. They said you have to pick your dates now - they said the ...

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2 weeks: Bangkok and Northern Thailand

Posted by hfergu on 21/3/2010 at 05:05

- first night at the airport guesthouse, then travel downtown - a few days exploring in Bangkok - an overnight trip from Bangkok to Kanchanburi and back to Bangkok (by train from Thonburi station costs 100B, 3 hours): river raft guesthouse, caves, waterfalls - train north from Bangkok to Ayutthaya (by train from Hua Lampong station costs 20B for third class, 90 minute trip): one day, bike around - a day or just a few hours stopover in Lopburi (via train): temples and OVERRUN with monkeys ...

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Visa Extension

Posted by Travel2008 on 10/2/2009 at 16:02

Hi, I am going to be a victim of the new 15 day visa regulations and wondered if anyone could give me some advice. I need to extend my visa by and extra 5 days and would prefer to avoid the hassle of a visa run to Cambodia or Malaysia... Does anyone know of a travel agent in Bangkok or Surat Thani (or even the Gulf coast islands) that do visa extensions i.e. someone we can trust with our passports! If we do end up doing a visa run to Cambodia for example is it possible to just leave Thai ...

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Amy's plan...any advice?

Posted by amylou on 17/3/2010 at 09:49

Hey, I am flying to Bangkok next month and can't stop thinking about my trip! I love this site. Anyway, I have put together a brief outline plan of the places I want to see but I am not sure if this is cramming in too much over 2 months? Any suggestions/comments on my itinery would be MUCH appreciated as it is my first time travelling SEA solo. 26th April - Bangkok (4 nights) Overnight train to Chiang Mai (3 nights) Huay xai (border crossing to Loas) Slow boat Pakbeng (2 nights) Luan ...

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Crutches in the islands?

Posted by susette on 18/3/2010 at 19:12

I have had ACL reconstruction in Bangkok, Thailand. I will be in recovery for 4 weeks, 2 will be couch surfing with ice packs. After I regain my mobility I’d like to go to the islands for a week of hanging on the beach. However, I may still need crutches. I have been to Ko Kradan and Ko Mook in the past and know I will not be able to jump off a long boat. Getting across the sand with crutches will be difficult but possible as I am fit and have a friend to help haul bags. Any suggestions for ...

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Paradise Beach Resort Koh Ngai

Posted by undoo on 17/3/2010 at 20:51

Hi, I'm trying to contact Paradise Beach Resort on Koh Ngai. I tried calling phone number provided on trvelfish ( (075) 203 024) but without any success. Does anyone knows how to contact them or it may just be enough to book on arrival? ...

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Bangkok-Phuket by bus?

Posted by cybervlad on 14/3/2010 at 23:23

Hi all, I am heading to Phuket in the beginning of April and decided to travel by bus (I have some reasons to avoid flights). I looked through several web sites and found that the buses start only from Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) in the evening. But my flight arrives to Bangkok early in the morning. Does anyone know, is there any morning buses, may be from Mo Chit bus terminal? Thanx in advance for any suggestions. ...

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Mid-May to Mid-June 2010 Travels

Posted by eliasmae on 2/2/2010 at 06:40

Hi All, I just booked my flight to Thailand for my first trip! I am very excited. I will be arriving to BKK late at night on Wed. May 19th at 10:55pm. I will departing from BKK as well on Wed. June 16th. I am a 22 year old male from the US, and will be traveling alone. I have an uncle who has lived in Chiang Mai for about two decades. However, currently he is in Hanoi and out of email reach, and I have been trying to get some help with my itinerary for the time I will be there. I will ...

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