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Please advise a good gh with kitchen in chiang mai !

Posted by VladimirGoa on 19/2/2010 at 15:59

Hi friends! We are going to visit Chiang Mai on March. Can anybody advise us good spacious room clean guesthouse (may be cheap too ;) with KITCHEN at Chiang Mai? Because I prefer to cook by myself. ...

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3rd Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge at NKP?

Posted by exacto on 19/2/2010 at 07:03

Does anyone know when the 3rd Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge between Nakhon Phanom and Thakhek is scheduled to open? I went past in January and it looks like they've been working on it for about a year or so. It's a good 8 km north of NKP on route 212, so I imagine there will be an international bus making the trip just like with the other two. ...

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Pre plan my route (flights) or take it as it comes?

Posted by markacino on 18/2/2010 at 08:54

Hey all, To preface this, I have only been overseas once, to Phuket, and it was all arranged at a travel agent. My partner and I are looking at doing Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam over approximately 8 weeks. We were planning on pre-booking flights everywhere. Starting in Phuket, to Chiang Mai, to Bangkok, to Phnom Penh, to Siem Reap, to Ho Chi Minh, to Hoi an, to Hanoi. Then back home to Melbourne. We were also planning on booking any hostels/guesthouses before we leave on a booki ...

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Koh Tao to Khao Lak

Posted by adrienne on 17/2/2010 at 07:37

I'm having trouble finding any good information on the best way to get from Ko Tao to Khao Lak. Can I easily get a ferry back to Chumphon and then buses down to Khao Lak? Or do I need to ferry all the way down to Surat Thani and get a bus from there? ...

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Krabi in August`

Posted by anthoney123 on 16/2/2010 at 20:57

We are thinking of going to Krabi in August but are a bit concerned about the weather at this time of year, we have heard they have a heavy rainfall at this time of year. Any advice please. Thanks Peter ...

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Couple planning six months in Thailand - how much money, where to go, etc.

Posted by Doodler on 17/2/2010 at 05:19

Hi there, My boyfriend and I are planning to spend six months in Thailand, leaving this June. Will €6000 be enough for the six months between us - we are planning to go on the cheap? Also, any suggestions on open ended flights from Ireland? Finally, any particular place a young couple should start? Thanks ...

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Thaksin's assets trial coming up Feb. 26

Posted by DLuek on 17/2/2010 at 09:48

Hi, It looks like the Thai courts are going to freeze former PM Thaksin Shinawatra's assets in a trial on Feb. 26, and many people are predicting major "red shirt" demonstrations and possible political violence in Bangkok if they indeed do freeze his assets. I wouldn't cancel any trips over it, but it's something to be mindful of if you're planning to be in Bangkok around that day. At the very least you'll probably see a lot more army personnel than usual - I hear they're going to try to "s ...

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Khao Sok Nature Resort

Posted by ano_1 on 5/10/2009 at 09:39

Hi, I was interested in any opinions of the Khao Sok Nature Resort. I am looking to overnight in Khao Sok National Park area and found mention of this accomodaton, though little 'review' type info. Many thanks ...

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Happy Valentines Day Travelfish

Posted by mmmmbeerlao on 15/2/2010 at 10:16

Happy Valentines Day I love you ...

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Contact phone number for Golden Hill Bungalows Phi Phi

Posted by molancey on 17/2/2010 at 04:36

Hi, Im trying to find the phone number for Golden hill Bungalows on Phi Phi island. If anyone knows it can you post it for me. Or even the phone number to the bungalows next door with the pool would be great too, forgot the name of the place. Thanks so much ...

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Thailand in-country travel advice for two weeks with toddler in Bangkok,Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta

Posted by daphnehk on 16/2/2010 at 09:17

We are traveling to Thailand for two weeks in early April, with a 20-month-old. Ideally I'd like to land in Bangkok, spend a few days there; then get a train compartment South and hit two beach locations -- one easy to get to in the vicinity of Koh Phi Phi, the second probably Koh Lanta; then fly out from Phuket. Do people have advice on (a) how to handle the travel amongst those places, and (b) where to stay with a toddler? For the travel, we are willing to get our own flotation device a ...

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Songkran Holiday

Posted by blackpepper14 on 13/2/2010 at 15:09

I have just completed my travel arrangements and unknowingly they coinside EXACTLY with Songkran. I'm excited about this but have a few practical questions. I assume BKK is as good a place as any for enjoying the festival? How crazy does it get in terms of travelling around within Bangkok and/or trying to get to Chang Mai? Would it be better to hang in BKK until after before heading North? I have quite a bit of time... Also wondering about hotel/guesthouse bookings for this time? I fly in on the ...

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Viewed 1,325 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by ceedee1 on 16/2/2010 at 01:23

Thailand itinerary questions :)

Posted by Karlap on 10/2/2010 at 13:10

Hello! I will be traveling in Thailand next month and have spoken with a friend about where to go. The current itinerary is Bangkok- Ayutthaya - Kanchanaburi - Chiang Mai . My questions are: Would it be better to travel to Kanchanaburi before Ayutthaya since I will be heading north afterwards? Is it possible to get an overnight train/bus to Chiang Mai from Ayutthaya or Kanchanaburi or will I need to head back to Bangkok to get the train/bus? Lastly- how much does the train/bus usually ...

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tattoos in Bangkok

Posted by walkingtrees on 2/2/2010 at 01:25

Anyone know of any good artists/studios in the city? I like to get ink relating to childhood memories and travels. I figure I'll be looking for ideas during my month there and get on in Bangkok on my way out. Thanks! ...

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trat beaches vs trat islands

Posted by boxee on 8/2/2010 at 12:27

i was planning on staying on one of the islands in trat on my way to cambodia , but every resort i look at i find is not good value for money , now i have found this place and the main land of trat so my question is would it be better to stay on the main land and do day trips out to the island or would u just go to one of the islands (ko muk, kut) ...

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Spending 5 Nights In Villages/cities Between Bangkok & Chiang Mai

Posted by borgy on 3/2/2010 at 14:13

I need some advice about the villages/cities which can be found between Bangkok and Chiang Mai that you would suggest to spend 5 nights in. The idea is to head to the North on our way to Chiang Mai (by means of bus or train but surely overland), and on our way we intend to spend in total 5 nights in villages between Bangkok & Chiang Mai. So far we're sure we'll be visiting 2 nights in Phitsanulok, of which a day tour to Sukothai. Someone also told us about Phrae and Lamphang but we need s ...

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Viewed 5,029 times, with 8 replies. Last reply by exacto on 15/2/2010 at 00:45

Koh Ngai

Posted by ceedee1 on 7/2/2010 at 18:57

following on my from my 'best islands in the trang/krabi' region which nobody replied to :( i was hoping somebody could shed some light on this island please?] i hear many good things about it and as im going to be in the area during april im thinking it may be worth a trip for a day or 2 especially as i enjoy swimming and i like quiet unspoilt,uncrowded baeutiful beaches. any advice appreciated.thanks ...

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Train Number 39 (SPECIAL EXPRESS) 22:50 from bangkok

Posted by woodyuk on 12/2/2010 at 16:15

Hi We are arriving in Bangkok at 18:40 in 2 weeks and need to get down South to Surat Thani that night. The only train I can find that we could catch would be the Train Number 39 (SPECIAL EXPRESS)that leaves at 22:50. This train has no sleeping Berths just 2nd class AC reclining seats. Has anyone done this trip? Would it be possible to get some sleep in these reclining seats ? ...

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Itinerary - 6 Months in Asia

Posted by Amarusol on 14/2/2010 at 07:31

This is subject to change of course as we move from destination to destination, but this is roughly the areas we want to hit. We have flights booked through AIR Asia to help us with travel. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this, or any recommendations given our route. Here a link to the travelpod map of our route. Thanks ...

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Honeymoon in Thailand & Cambodia in June

Posted by mfree on 4/2/2010 at 00:10

My fiancé and I are trying to plan a romantic/adventurous honeymoon in Thailand and Cambodia for June 2010. The plan in to spend the first few nights at a 4/5 star beach resort in Thailand for some rest, beach, snorkeling, and yoga. After that, we want to spend a little less cash and get on the road to Angkor Wat and other destinations in Cambodia (and possibly Vietnam). We are looking at arriving on June 2, and spending about 15 days. June does not seem to be the ideal time for g ...

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