Photo: Almost Maldivian at Ao Noi, Ko Kut.

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Best island for diving/getting your Beginner PADI certificate.

Posted by EmilAndersen on 21/1/2010 at 14:56

Hi guys and girls. I'm looking for a place to get my Beginner PADI certificate. Do you guys know any good places to get it? the best island and the best school with the best theachers? The last thing i would like to know is where is the best place to buy your diving/scuba gear? IM planning on scubadiving and diving pretty much in my 3 month trip. im thinking i should have my own goggles, snorkel and fins. Should i get anything else? Is the best place Bangkok or the islang? Kindest Reg ...

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Bus from Khon Kaen

Posted by salford6 on 2/3/2010 at 07:11

I need to travel from Khon Kaen to Ubon Rachathani or Khong Jiam by bus or other means,any help on buses and how long? Thanks ...

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3 Weeks in South East Asia

Posted by Tumper on 2/3/2010 at 13:41

Hi, I'm in the process of planning a flying visit to south east asia and was looking for some advice about what's a must see! I had planned on spending around 10-12 days in thiland and the remainder in laos and cambodia, looking to just go tubing in laos really and spend max 3 days there! Any information about what's a must do in these area's would be really helpful. Also looking to travel on a budget and gather that wont be to hard in this region but to avoid flights would be good. ...

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Bangkok to Ko Chang - stopover ideas?

Posted by smellel on 25/2/2010 at 12:18

Hi all, We’re am travelling from Bangkok to Cambodia (leaving 9th March) and would like to stop at Ko Chang for some beach time. We are just getting back into the swing of backpacking again so I’m not sure we’re keen on doing the 5 hour bus journey in one day. (And we also feel like we might be missing something travelling so far in 1 day.) Is there anywhere worthwhile stopping on the direct route to Trat/Ko Chang, or are we better perhaps going via Ko Samet ? Going ...

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1st Timer Thailand

Posted by samsubzsam on 1/3/2010 at 10:43

Hey, i am flying to thai on june 19th. wanting to fly straight to phuket for 6 nights, then koh samui for 5, and finish in bangkok for 3 nights. Any suggestions on the best way to travel domesticly? also is it better to plan my whole trip now and pay, or do it as i go? please help young group of friends. wanting to party, explore and have fun ...

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thailand 6 week budget

Posted by keiranbarnes on 17/1/2010 at 23:38

hi all. me and my girlfriend are coming to thailand for 6 weeks in febuary and was wondering what sort of budget we should be aiming for?its our first time here so want to explore and see alot...the islands,bangkok,chaing mai and other things on the way.we are happy to eat cheap and will obviously share a room ect.any rough ideas about how much baht we should budget for each day to live,travel eat ect comfortably?many thanks ...

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Chill place near Bangkokg to hunker down with a toddler for a few days in April?

Posted by daphnehk on 1/3/2010 at 02:03

For complicated reasons I find myself likely to be in the vicinity of Bangkok for a couple of days in April, seven months pregnant, toddler in tow, and with my husband not around. Short of fleeing directly to a beach, can anyone recommend the best place to sit this out and have a good time - maybe train to Kanchanaburi? Or is it just too sweltering for that to be fun? ...

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Where to go??

Posted by DaviPigg on 28/2/2010 at 03:01

Never been to Thailand before and looking for some advice on which island/resort to spend about 5 days on. Like everyone else, I am after powder white sand, crystal clear water, the beauty of Phi Phi but without the crowds and hyped prices. Dont want partying, just somewhere with a few bars/restaurants. So far I have been considering Ko Lanta, Koh Phangan. Where would you recommend? ...

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all four countries help please

Posted by sharpie on 28/2/2010 at 10:19

hi, first post here. my partner and i will be travelling for a extended period of time 6 months + later this year. we would like to travel overland around thailand, laos, cambodia and vietnam,. I have checked out the Itinerary section but would like some opinions on weather to go thailand cambodia or thailand laos first? thank you ...

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Songkran traffic?

Posted by blackpepper14 on 26/2/2010 at 10:32

Hi...I have taken the plunge and am NOT changing flight plans and will arrive in BKK on 4/13 at about 7:00p.m. I have booked a place in BKK and have read about taxi transport from the airport. I am wondering if travelling into BKK the first day of Songkran will be a traffic nightmare? I have arrived in Bali at "sunset" and it is a jam getting into Kuta and the drivers "want more" and complain the whole way...I'm hoping for a "normal" ride to the hotel? As well,is it hard to get around thes ...

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BTR Skytrain to Suvanabhumi?

Posted by Pjotra on 27/2/2010 at 11:15

Hi there! Does anybody know if the Skytrain connection from Suvanabhumi Airport to Makkasan station downtown Bangkok, promised for opening early 2010 is already functioning? ...

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Posted by junglegarden on 22/2/2010 at 15:39

Sawadee khrap! We would like to introduce our lovely "Jungle Garden" in Bailan on Koh Chang to everybody who is looking out for a cosy hideout place away from the noisy crowd of Lonely Beach! We offer you a beautiful garden setting with chill out atmosphere, nice background music, Cocktails for only 100 Baht and all kind of Travel Information. And for the late night hunger we offer yummy western food like baken baguettes and more. Feel welcome in our little "Jungle Garden" and enjoy the stars ab ...

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Where to learn kite surfing at which rate?

Posted by jonasz on 24/2/2010 at 05:28

Hey, I've been searching the inet (particularly this site) and I'm still wondering where I should go to learn kite surfing. I'm going the whole march to Thailand and I'm traveling on rather a budget ;) I'd be glad for any advices! greetz Jonas ...

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A Little Help!?

Posted by davie85 on 26/2/2010 at 04:43

Hey, Me and a freind are traverling on march 22nd flying to ... Bangkok,leavin 25th thinking maybe getting a bus to Chumphon and then a boat to Ko Tao stay there till the Fullmoon Party on the 30th, we will get a boat to koh phangan, Was wondering if anyone had any advice on getting to samui from koh pangan?? then wanted to get a boat ideally from samui to surat thani anfd a bus to Krabi maybe stop off at railay, then to PhiPhi, and Koh Lanta .... Now we wanted to go to ca ...

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New 'proof of cash' requirement to enter Thailand - or is it?

Posted by busylizzy on 23/2/2010 at 03:33

I have just received a travel news article that has indicated that as of 19 Feb, tourists must carry a minimum of 10,000 baht when they arrive in Thailand. I did a quick google search for more info (very slow and limited as I am on dial-up! argh!) - and only came across a discussion on, which suggests that this may be an old, legacy requirement rarely enforced. So I'm not so sure but just thought I'd raise it here for discussion. As per the original post on, the ...

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Romantic holiday in Thailand in mid May for two weeks?

Posted by Traveller84 on 21/2/2010 at 13:06

Hello, my partner and I are intending to head to Thailand from mid May for a two week holiday. We have 12 nights in total. My boyfriend would would like to spend the first three nights in Bangkok then fly to Chang Mai for three nights then fly to Ko Samui for six nights. I have looked on Thai Air website and Bangkok to Chang Mai seems fine, 1 hour 10 mins flying time but Chang Mai to Ko Samui seems to go through Bangkok and can take 7 hours all up. Would we be better spending 4 nights in ...

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Krabi and Railay - places to stay on a budget

Posted by Worldtraveller on 25/2/2010 at 15:06

We're heading to Krabi on Sunday and have 5 days in the area. We'd really like to head to Railay but are finding it hard to find accommodation which is cheap and doesn't sound pretty nasty. Does anyone have any suggestions of places to stay? If anyone has any other suggestions of where to go in the 5 days I'd really appreciate it. Cheers ...

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Flights in & out of Thailand

Posted by amylou on 25/2/2010 at 08:44

Hiya, sorry if you have heard a similar question before but I am confused and need some advise! :-) I have flights booked in to Bangkok at the end of April then out of Bangkok (end of june) I plan to travel Loas, vietnam and Cambodia during the 8 weeks but my travel agent said that I would have to show proof of this as you are only allowed 30 days. I haven't booked any tours or flight as I plan to do it once in Thailand. so how do I prove this when I arrive at Bangkok airport?! Many Th ...

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10 day in Thailand - what island do you reccommend?

Posted by daricaletka on 23/2/2010 at 00:46

Guys, i will have only 10 days to spend in thailand, I would like to go to island, just to chill out, beautiful beaches and nature, perhaps some detox program, not to much party....from all those island which one shall I pick up and how do i get there from Chiang Mia? Many thanks for your advice in advance ...

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Electronics shopping in Thailand

Posted by sapierre on 3/5/2009 at 17:12

Unfortunately I broke my DSLR camera in Laos and with 8 more months to go on my trip I am keen to buy a replacement soon. I am gonna be in Thailand next so was wondering how expensive it is to buy such electronic equipment compared to Europe and which place to go to? I will come from the North so if Chiang Mai has good deals I would prefer buying the camera there rather than wait until Bangkok. Any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers PS: I assume Laos is more expensive for electroni ...

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