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Getting 2 month tourist visa for China in Bangkok

Posted by williamtaylor on 16/1/2010 at 18:10

Is getting a 2 month tourist visa for China in Bangkok possible? I went to several travel agencies and was told that they could only arrange a 1 month tourist visa. Am I likely to have better luck by visiting the embassy? Is it possible to extend a 1 month visa after entering China? I plan to enter through Vietnam overland and fly out of Chengdu to KL. ...

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air asia ??

Posted by rc on 8/11/2009 at 05:52

if air asia a reliable airline to book internal flights ???is from bangkok to phuket and kho samui ?? ...

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Climbing/Bouldering partner for Ko Tao

Posted by pspoulin on 15/1/2010 at 14:08

Hi guys. I am currently in Ko Tao. Im looking for a climbing partner to explore the climbing/bouldering possibilities here with. I'll be in ko tao for another week (jan14-21). Let me know if you're interested. Paskal ...

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Niyana Guesthouse

Posted by think87 on 25/11/2009 at 17:29

Sad news since the review said you loved this place so much, but was was in that phanom the other day and all thats left of Niyana is a boarded up place with a Niyana sign on it. When i asked someone they pointed me to chai von, but i guess its been closed for a little bit or in the process of moving... ...

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Elephants in Southern Thailand?

Posted by cheeco on 15/1/2010 at 16:38

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if there is an Elephant center in southeast Thailand, specifically on Koh Tao/Phangan/Samui? I see the Eco Nature Tour on Phangan, but I don't want to see an elephant show of any kind- something more like the Lampang center or the center in Chiang Mai. This might be a stretch, but I thought I would ask as I can't seem to find info elsewhere. Thanks! Robyn ...

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3 week itinerary tweaking

Posted by kbjhtravel on 10/1/2010 at 02:12

My friend and i are going to thailand April 29, for about 3 weeks. we are flying into Bangkok and will arrive late that night, would you suggest we stay in a hostel or hotel the first night being there? We are planning these Places and are not sure how long to stay at each place, Bangkok--> Chaing Mai--> Phuket + islands--> a city right outside of bangkok--> bangkok im not to sure how to allocate our days in each place, i want to make sure we have enough time at each location to expe ...

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A few things

Posted by jeffuk on 15/1/2010 at 15:26

Hi guys, I land in Bangkok next week, can't wait. My girlfriend has decided to join me on the 27th, she's flying into Koh Samui but wont be there until around 5pm will there still be boats over to Koh Phangan at this time? Also she really wants to stay in Haad Rin for the full moon party, does anyone know of anywhere that might not be overly advertised where we may get a room, what are the chances of me turning up on the 24-25th and being able to secure a room? everywhere seems booked up ...

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Posted by L_Graham on 8/1/2010 at 04:28

hey guys im going to pattaya firstly at the start of my 5-6 month travels mainly because i have a friend who is comin over for 3 weeks for a holiday and he wants to go, after that i shall be travlling around on my own which i am so much looking forward to, i jst would like to know the main area in pattaya like the liveliest part or street, ive been to patong, phuket and it was bangla road there what is it in pattaya? thanks all Liam ...

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Following the Mekong from Nong Khai (Tilapia?)

Posted by exacto on 13/1/2009 at 23:52

This question is primarily for Tilapia but I'd love to hear from others too. I'm looking to spend some time later this year following the Mekong both up and down river from Nong Khai. I did this nearly a decade ago now and it was very charming, old-school Thailand backpacker with bamboo along the waterside. You'd mentioned in an earlier post about hiring a motor scooter from Nong Khai as an option for travel. What about other possibilities? How good/frequent/reliable is the local transpor ...

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Many traveling questions....

Posted by mm716 on 14/1/2010 at 00:26

Hello, I need some help with planing the details of a 14 days trip from Bangkok to Ko Tao and Ko Pha Ngan. The Arriving time to BKK is 8:15pm, I thought the best way is to take the over night train down to Chumphon and ferry to Ko Tao, stay for a few days, than down to Ko Pha Ngan, stay for a few more days, than back to Bangkok for a few more days. (I have budget concerns and have no credit card to prebook anything.) Here are my questions: 1. Is is likely to be able to catch an over n ...

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Monastery stay for females

Posted by idreamofdurian on 13/1/2010 at 01:17

Can anyone recommend a monastery for females interested in Buddhism? A short stay (i.e. < 1 week) is preferable. Location doesn't matter -- I'll go wherever necessary. This would be in March 2010. Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks. ...

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Posted by aryko822 on 13/1/2010 at 03:47

Hello All - I am planning on being in SE Asia for the entire month of April, arriving in Bangkok the first week of Apr. How would you advise I handle the Songkran holiday? What city should I spend it in? Also, i did not plan on booking anything in advance except for the first few nights in Bangkok, so how should I handle accommodations over the Songkran holiday? Thanks in advance everyone! ...

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Backpackers boongalows on Kho Chang?

Posted by zencooler on 20/12/2009 at 20:51

Hi friends! Do you know is there any place on Kho Chang island with relativey cheap boongalows? I am looking for such place with prices max 180 BHT per night. Let me know, please. I've been here two years ago, but I heard a lot cheap places has been removed (or moved somewhere else from the island). Thanks in advance for the help! Regards Zencooler ...

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Low Key things to do in Chiang Rai

Posted by billbevan01 on 13/1/2010 at 20:24

if you like hanging out in a town for a little while doing some low-key visiting rather than just touring big tourist attractions here are some of my favourite things to while away some time in Chiang Rai - Low Key Chiang Rai Cheers, Bill ...

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Ko Samui Songkran accomodation

Posted by NewbieC on 5/1/2010 at 20:45

Hi there Our travels are starting in a month and I can't wait!! We're planning on being in Ko Samui for Songkran in April...does anyone have any ideas whether we need to book accomodation in advance (probably only arrive the day before)? Thanks ...

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Leaving Phuket

Posted by mic59 on 11/1/2010 at 15:06

I am going to Phuket this year but only expect to stay a few days before moving on to some less expensive part of Thailand. What is the best way to leave the Island? And can I get to Bangkok from there other than using Thai which seems to charge like a wounded bull for that flight. ...

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Where to go between Ko Tao and Bangkok?

Posted by Monula on 8/1/2010 at 12:03

HI everyone, My 3 months of backpacking around SE Asia are almost over and I have less than a week to go before I head to Bangkok. I've been in Ko Tao for last 10 days with my friends who are leaving in 2 days. Where would you recommend to see and stay between KO Tao and Bangkok? My situation is AM very overbudget so I can't affort much. ANy suggestion will help. thanks MOnika ...

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Where to go?! Help Please!

Posted by 00becz00 on 12/1/2010 at 08:33

Hey.. Im hoping someone can help me... Im leaving for a month in Thailand next VERY excited..but finding it a little difficult to decide on some sort of route. There are only a few of things that i specifically want to do whilst there... 1) The full moon party on the 30th of Jan...which ive booked accommodation for...and 2) Krabi and Phi Phi 3) Chaing Mai/Rai and Laos Im unsure which way round to do the travelling...go to the north first then the islands or the othe ...

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Bang Saphan Yai?

Posted by MaxEliza on 9/1/2010 at 17:33

Can anyone tell more about Bang Saphan Yai? I've read all information from this site about it, but i would like to know more about place.. has anyone been there? ...

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Thailand, Laos and Vietnam in 18 days?

Posted by npar2696 on 7/1/2010 at 12:14

Fly into BKK on 5th, staying a night there and then thinking of heading straight upto Chiang Mai, spend a couple of days there and then fancy going tubing in Laos, 1) Whats the best way to get to Laos (also is it Vang Vieng where you can go tubing?) after which we want to spend majority of our time in Vietnam, It should be just over 10 days that we have to go to vietnam so I would really appreciate some thought as to the best way to see Vietnam and probably the quickest transport routes? ...

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