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Best time of year to go for a month

Posted by jakkben on 1/2/2010 at 06:57

Hi, Looking to travel Thailand for a month from Chaing Mai down to Phuket and Koh Samui, Koh Tao. Every forum and site has something completely different to say! I dont mind humidity and some rain. A bit of advise would be fantastic. I was thinking September or October but not sure. Thanks Ben ...

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koh yao noi/koh yao yai, also prebook?

Posted by sheisaeval on 29/1/2010 at 06:43

First, I'm not sure if I should go to koh yao noi or koh yao yai. I think yao noi is a little more populated and more tourists, but yao is more peaceful and secluded and better beaches? Also, I don't know if I should prebook my accomodations or not. If I do, then they can set up a pickup at the pier and I'm sure to have one, but some of the cheaper bungalows and places (such as tabaek viewpiont) doesn't even have an email to contact, so I am not sure if I should just walk in I'll be there ...

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Ferries from Ranong?

Posted by powderskierman on 31/1/2010 at 09:46

I was wondering if it is possible to take ferries from Ranong all the way to Tarutao with out going to the mainland. I'm going to be there for 7 weeks starting in March. Any suggestions on itinerary would be great. I basically want to island hop and mix in some laid back and some fun. Snorkeling is high on the list and a padi course. Is it worth me bringing my fly rod? Thanks in advance. Cheers ...

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ko kood to siem reap

Posted by boxee on 31/1/2010 at 00:02

what is the best way to get to siem reap from ko kood, as i only have 5 days in cambodia i would like to get to siem reap as quick as possible cheers ...

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24 day Itinerary question

Posted by jakethedog on 25/1/2010 at 13:28

This is what we had planned 4 nites bkk, fly to Chiang mai 8 nites chiang mai and area fly to Krabi or Phuket 9 nites Krabi, Ko lanta and other spots, train to Kanchanburi 2 nites kanchanburi return to bkk would this be do able or should we return to bkk after chiang mai, train to kanchanburi and then go to Krabi and area and return to bkk by plane. Leaving in 3 weeks so any thought, opinions or reccommendations and help would be appreciated. Thanks Dan ...

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Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom - proper information

Posted by shaydan_01 on 30/1/2010 at 08:07

Hi guys, I have done a search on this topic and have so far only found a few debates regarding peoples opinions on wild animals kept in captivity which is interesting to read, is not really what I'm after. I am wondering if anybody can point me in the direction of some actual and presumably factual information regarding the Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom and the welfare of the tigers kept there. I am interested in finding out about their breeding and releasing programs (if any) and how they o ...

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what to do for a month in thailand?

Posted by torres123 on 26/1/2010 at 23:43

Well only new on this but found some great advice, was wondering does anyone have any ideas about where four 22-24 year old lads should go around thailand? headin at the start of june and we have 4 weeks or so. interests would include trekking in the forests, visiting the beaches and islands and having a few beers along the way as well as enjoying the local scenery. Any help would be appreciated thanks ...

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First time in Thailand March 12-22..need advise!

Posted by ELE1 on 28/1/2010 at 19:23

HI All I just bought a plane ticket to Bankgok for the period above and this is my first time in Asia at all and I can't wait! I need some suggestions from expert travellers on how I can take the most out of my 10 days in Thailand. We would like to visit Bangkok and then fly to Southern Islands for some sea and nature kind of holiday and also a bit of party :) So, in this period middle March is it better to go to Ko Samui area or to Krabi area? Where are the better weather condition? And ...

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SPECIFIC august weather question

Posted by walkingtrees on 28/1/2010 at 03:55

Hi everybody, Last week I booked tickets from August 1st - August 29 for my first trip to Thailand. At the time I knew it was during the rain season but had been told it wouldn't be too bad and that October was really the month to avoid. I'm fine with some rain here and there but am now a little worried after looking at the weather map on this site....August looks really. My question is this: during a rainy day, does it typically pour all day with constant dark skies? Or does the rain c ...

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Arriving in BKK late at night

Posted by amylou on 26/1/2010 at 11:12

Hiya, I have found a cheap flight to Bangkok from Sydney in April but the only catch is that I arrive at midnight in Bangkok. I am a female backpacking solo (never been to Thailand before) so I would ideally like to sort out a airport transfer to a near by hostel that is friendly & can meet fellow travelers. Can anyone suggest a good place to stay for a couple of nights? Thanks for your help! Amy ...

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a peaceful week on the andaman coast

Posted by sheisaeval on 26/1/2010 at 06:34

I'll be flying in to the Phuket airport and I'll have a week, where should I go? I would like a laid back place that's quiet and peaceful and has great views, with cheap bungalows to stay at. No party beaches. I am thinking about going to either the Koh Yao islands, the Khao Lak coast, Koh jum, or koh lanta. What would you suggest? What would be the easiest way to get to these places from Phuket? Which of these choices would you suggest? If anyone has been to Bali, I'm looking ...

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Buses to Sai Tai Mai/What to do in Bangkok at Night

Posted by deliverusmaud on 20/1/2010 at 20:52

Hi, I have 2 separate questions about Bangkok. 1/ Do you know of a bus to Sai Tai Mai bus station from Mo Chit bus terminal (I will be arriving in Mo Chit from Chiang Mai by bus that morning)? 2/ I will be spending my last night in Bangkok without a hotel (as i'd like to stay up all night for my early flight). Can you give me any ideas for anything I can do at night that is not related to drinking or biblical activities? I'm a female and i'll be on my own. Are there restaurants open a ...

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Songkran holiday packages?

Posted by bedu on 27/1/2010 at 14:03

Basically I don't quite like Songkran for many reasons, and I would like to hear of any alternatives to the craziness. One option is to take a trip abroad to say, Hong Kong or Singapore, however, the cost for the Songkran period is between 13 - 19,000 THB. Anyone know of a good travel agent in Bangkok that can get me a good rate? The other option is a resort in Thailand itself, again does anyone know of a place where I can 'get away from it all'? What is the approx. cost? Thanks eve ...

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Skytrain extension to Suvarnabhumi Airport

Posted by rayc101 on 26/1/2010 at 05:16

Hi Does anyone know if the Bangkok Skytrain extension from Makasan to Suvarnabhumi Airport is operational yet? I am aware that the infrastructure is in place, but are trains running yet? Cheers Rayc ...

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Bueng pai farm PAI thailand

Posted by rayb60 on 27/1/2010 at 12:40

For your information Run and Orn have sold and moved from the Sun Hut and built perhaps the best place in Pai . Its called Bueng Pai farm. Sun Hut isn't all that great since they left. Check it out. Its fantastic there. ...

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Advice - Traveling with a child to Thailand

Posted by bsriley on 26/1/2010 at 02:43

My husband and I are planning a 2 week holiday to Thailand and would appreciate some advice about the best places to visit/stay with our 3 year old child. we would also appreciate any transportation or other useful information for making the adventure a success. Our goal is to soak in the culture, enjoy the beaches, & avoid huge tourist traps. Thank you kindly for any information, ...

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Price of sun cream in Ko Chang / Thailand

Posted by Jleef on 20/1/2010 at 13:29

Am staying at Lonely Beach at the moment and finding that a decent sized bottle of sun cream is around 500B. I know the stuff is expensive but I'm just wondering - can I expect to pay this sort of money every where in Thailand, or do the 7/11s or the island itself have a price hike on the stuff? I know it's an essential but I can imagine it putting a dent on my budget at this rate =) ...

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Phuket In July (or other islands..)

Posted by jasinorbit on 20/1/2010 at 13:22

I am helping my Mum plan a trip to Thailand in July for her 50th. (A group of five women for about a week) It will probably be Phuket as it will be the easiest to access for us all - but its flexible. Im looking for any tips on accomodation, which beach to stay at etc. Somewhere a little away form the craziness, but accessable to shops, bars and restaurants. Any tips anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help. ...

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India Visa

Posted by mmmmbeerlao on 26/1/2010 at 11:09

How hard will it be to obtain and Travel visa for India while staying in Bangkok. Also will I get a hard time in BKK because my onward flight is 5 months later even though I plan on spendingg the time in India? ( I am booking my flight to India after a couple weeks in Thailand) Thanks for the help peeps! ...

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7 week budget

Posted by arshavin on 26/1/2010 at 06:55

Hi Im planning a trip for 7 weeks from the beginning of march to the end of april. Im currently planning about a week in laos, 2 weeks in cambodia and a month in thailand visiting mostly the southern islands. Last year i did six weeks in thailand ona budget of about £700. I was wondering if £1000 would be enough for this years trip including visas and such like? Are cambodia and laos considerably cheaper than thailand? ...

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