Photo: Almost Maldivian at Ao Noi, Ko Kut.

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Bueng pai farm PAI thailand

Posted by rayb60 on 27/1/2010 at 12:40

For your information Run and Orn have sold and moved from the Sun Hut and built perhaps the best place in Pai . Its called Bueng Pai farm. Sun Hut isn't all that great since they left. Check it out. Its fantastic there. ...

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Advice - Traveling with a child to Thailand

Posted by bsriley on 26/1/2010 at 02:43

My husband and I are planning a 2 week holiday to Thailand and would appreciate some advice about the best places to visit/stay with our 3 year old child. we would also appreciate any transportation or other useful information for making the adventure a success. Our goal is to soak in the culture, enjoy the beaches, & avoid huge tourist traps. Thank you kindly for any information, ...

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Price of sun cream in Ko Chang / Thailand

Posted by Jleef on 20/1/2010 at 13:29

Am staying at Lonely Beach at the moment and finding that a decent sized bottle of sun cream is around 500B. I know the stuff is expensive but I'm just wondering - can I expect to pay this sort of money every where in Thailand, or do the 7/11s or the island itself have a price hike on the stuff? I know it's an essential but I can imagine it putting a dent on my budget at this rate =) ...

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Phuket In July (or other islands..)

Posted by jasinorbit on 20/1/2010 at 13:22

I am helping my Mum plan a trip to Thailand in July for her 50th. (A group of five women for about a week) It will probably be Phuket as it will be the easiest to access for us all - but its flexible. Im looking for any tips on accomodation, which beach to stay at etc. Somewhere a little away form the craziness, but accessable to shops, bars and restaurants. Any tips anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help. ...

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India Visa

Posted by mmmmbeerlao on 26/1/2010 at 11:09

How hard will it be to obtain and Travel visa for India while staying in Bangkok. Also will I get a hard time in BKK because my onward flight is 5 months later even though I plan on spendingg the time in India? ( I am booking my flight to India after a couple weeks in Thailand) Thanks for the help peeps! ...

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7 week budget

Posted by arshavin on 26/1/2010 at 06:55

Hi Im planning a trip for 7 weeks from the beginning of march to the end of april. Im currently planning about a week in laos, 2 weeks in cambodia and a month in thailand visiting mostly the southern islands. Last year i did six weeks in thailand ona budget of about £700. I was wondering if £1000 would be enough for this years trip including visas and such like? Are cambodia and laos considerably cheaper than thailand? ...

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Travel from Chiang Mai to Ko Laoliang?

Posted by LittleSarah on 22/1/2010 at 20:49

Hi, I'm spending three weeks in Thailand with my boyfriend in April and planning to do Bangkok - Chiang Mai - Ko Laoliang - Ko Phi Phi - Bangkok. Can anyone advise on the quickest way to get from Chiang Mai to Ko Laoliang (preferably via Trang than Krabi )? The options I can think of are: 1. Fly Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Overnight in Bangkok. Early morning flight from Bangkok Don Meung airport to Trang. Boat to Ko Laoliang.(Would prefer not to overnight in Bangkok though as our trip s ...

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Train pass?

Posted by mic59 on 25/1/2010 at 15:30

I will be travelling to a number of places on the railway line. Is it possible to buy a pass so that you can just jump on any train? ...

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Ko Chang, Ko Mak & Ko Kut in july/august

Posted by primozchwitzchic on 25/1/2010 at 00:54

Hello! First I would like to apologize if someone has already written some similar topic. I know there is already written a lot about raining season in Thailand, but I have looked true forum a lot, but I could find any similar topic, because I have some pretty specific questions. We have already decided that we will go to Thailand in mid July and August, and we are OK with some rain and humidity. No problem there :) 1. What I want to ask you about is a selection of islands. We really ...

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Changing Chinese Yuan to Thai Baht

Posted by Preacher on 21/1/2010 at 17:31

I live in China and am coming over in Feb. Is it possible to change large amounts of Chinese Yuan in Bangkok? I'll have to change a bit at the airport to get into the city, but once I'm there are banks my best bet? Thanks ...

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Elephant Nature Park

Posted by JenW on 11/1/2009 at 19:44

Hi, Has anyone been to Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai? Im starting a volunteer placement on Mon 2nd Feb -if anyone's done it any advice would be be great. Also -i have 3 days before starting with the elephants -(Fri/Sat/Sun)-would you recommend i go straight to Chiang Mai, or spend a couple days in Bangkok? Thanks! Jen ...

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From Lanta to BKK - Bus or Train???

Posted by shadek on 23/1/2010 at 22:06

I'm planning on leaving Lanta with the 8am ferry to Krabi. Was wondering if it's best to take an overnight bus back to BKK or head to Surat Thani and take the overnight train. The later seems to take longer, since i'll have to take the bus to ST. Does anyone have a good experience with the night bus from Krabi? Thanks! ...

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From Sihanoukville to Ko Chang - border issues

Posted by shadek on 23/1/2010 at 20:08

I will enter Cambodia through Poipet and go down PP and Sihanoukville, and from there I thought to cross the border at Hat Lek to get to Ko Chang. I've read a couple of posts here about the bad reputation of staff at Hat Lek, but since I will be leaving Cambodia and won't need to deal with them to get a Visa, I was wondering if it should be fine???? Thanks! ...

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recommendeed accaomoadtion on ko kradan

Posted by ceedee1 on 23/1/2010 at 02:25

oop sory double post. my apogies..... phohm siia jai:) ...

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What else to do or see in Bangkok after seeing almost everything???

Posted by Monula on 17/1/2010 at 18:44

Hi everyone, this is my third trip to Bangkok in last 3 months and possible the last one for some time. I stayed about 4 days each time and managed to see all important things what a tourist supposed to Grand Palace, main wats, taking a boat, markets, taking 1 day trip to Kochanabury, Auyattuya, crocodile show etc. I know there's still so much to see but I need help.... I was thinking about to go to Siam Ocean World but heard it's not really worth money unless you have kids. I'm a ...

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Chiang Mai Day Trip

Posted by Bilby09 on 4/1/2010 at 18:49

Hi, My hubby and I will be spending 4 days in Chiang Mai at the end of this month and were hoping to do a Day Trip to see some of the surrounding scenery. Does anyone have any recommendations? I was considering going to Chiang Dao or Doi Inthanon National Park (although we will be staying at Khao Sok NP later on). We like hiking but are not necessarily looking for hill tribes or rafting although would be up for an elphant ride if available. Thanks ...

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Cheap places to stay for single traveller in Railay and Ko Lanta

Posted by madSEM on 19/1/2010 at 14:41

I'm travelling down to Railay and Ko Lanta in a few days time. Could anyone suggest a cheap place to stay in either of these places? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you, Steve ...

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Which of these can I skip?

Posted by Preacher on 20/1/2010 at 10:05

I'm getting into Bangkok on February 8th late at night and leave Kuala Lumpur on February 22nd early in the morning. I mainly want to get in some R & R by the beach with minimum crowds. This is my schedule so far, but I think it is a little hectic so would appreciate some advice as to what I should cut from the itinerary. Feb. 8th & 9th - Bangkok Feb. 10th - 12th - Fly to Phuket morning, get out of there fast and head to Ko Phi Phi Feb. 13 - 16 - Ko Kradan w/ trip to Ko Rok 17 - 19 ...

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Trekking and relaxing in northern Thailand: where?

Posted by gawe on 19/1/2010 at 18:00

I ask for your help, because I cannot decide where I should go to. I love nature, gardening, walking, trekking, picture taking, reading,... I will arrive in Chiang Mai on jan.30 and come back to CM on feb 5th. In these days I want to do some trekking in the most beautiful area with scenic views and get to know, how people live there. I still remember the wonderful trekking around Um Phang and want to have similar experiences. I don't need elephant riding, but going on a river would be o.k. ...

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Custom Accomodations In Thailand, Specifically Koh Lipe

Posted by kenyb21 on 19/1/2010 at 15:27

Hi, all: New to Travelfish and my sister and I have a question regarding bungalow accommodations while traveling in Thailand. Our current concern is that we really like the looks of a few places on Koh Lipe, but we can't seem to find if the resorts will accommodate us with two twin beds rather than one double bed. We're not keen on sleeping in the same bed together and we're hoping not to be limited to staying in "family" sized rooms which are usually much more expensive. Has anyone been ...

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