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Bangkok Airport

Posted by Bilby09 on 29/12/2009 at 13:02

Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows if the Sky Train route from Suvarnabhumi airport is open yet? Or would taxi/bus still be the best way to get into the city? ...

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Had Salad Roads

Posted by Kennyd on 1/1/2010 at 05:21

Can anyone advise on the current state of the roads in the north west of Koh Phangan up to Had Salad. I've not been beyond Had Yao before and am looking to stay at Had Salad on my next visit. However, I'd like a base which would enable me to be able to get around the island by scooter without risking death everytime I venture out of town. Any advice would be appreciated. ...

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Farmstay suggestions?

Posted by ndemik on 31/12/2009 at 02:48

Anyone have advice or leads for farmstay opportunities in Thailand? My wife and I are looking for somewhere chill where we can relax and help out a bit without getting in the way. We probably have no more than a week to spend. Thanks, Eli ...

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The month of march in thailand and vietnam

Posted by moving2008 on 2/10/2007 at 16:49

Hi all to of us guys are going to vietnam and thailand in march,not sure if we can do both counties but we\'ll see as we go. This is the plan so far,FLY to syd-saigon ,do na trang ,hoi an,halong bay,,hanio then fly to chaing mai train ayutthaya,kanchanaburi,bangkok fly to phuket and do phi phi and finish at ko samui to relax fot 2-3 days. I know this sounds crazy ,but what do you guys think,any suggestions on different route and accommadation welcomed.If anyone would like to join us feel free, ...

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Suggestions / Opinion on Itinerary - Thailand & Cambodia

Posted by shadek on 23/12/2009 at 18:00

Hi there, Ticket bought, so now I'm trying to get a draft schedule in order to plan for any possible internal flights. Would like an opinion on what I have come up with, please: 1) Arrive BKK early morning 2) BKK 3) BKK 4) Ayutthaya 5) Ayutthaya - overnight train to Chiang Mai 6) Chiang Mai 7) CM - Meditation stay at temple 8) CM - Meditation 9) CM - Meditation 10) CM - Meditation 11) CM - Cooking course 12) CM 13 - 17) CM - Massage course 18) Fly CM-Phuket 19) Phi Phi 20) ...

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family hotel resort in phuket

Posted by aussiepirate on 25/12/2009 at 03:06

need help in finding good family hotel resort in phuket ...

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Which beach?

Posted by joanne1981 on 31/12/2009 at 04:03

Hi, I am looking for a really nice beach/island in Thailand to stay for 5 nights next year over Christmas. We have stayed on koh Chang before which we loved so would like something similar or even less touristy. I have read so much info that I don't know where to start and would really appreciate some advise from people who have perhaps stayed somewhere really special. Thanks, Joanne ...

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Honeymoon Gulf of Thailand May or June/

Posted by skittles_2203 on 30/12/2009 at 11:04

Hi, We are getting married May 15th 2010 and are looking to visit Thailand on our honeymoon (2-3 weeks). I saw the weather on the Gulf of Thailand is much drier than on the west coast at this time. Can we expect days of sun, enough to sunbathe, visit the national parks, waterfalls etc? Also is the water safe for swimming at this time of year? Would we get better weather in June than May, I see May as quite a bit more rainy? Thanks! ...

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Koh Yao Noi Excursions

Posted by rose51 on 1/11/2009 at 13:37

We will be travelling to Koh Yao Noi for just under a week in December (coming from Krabi not Phuket). We'll be happy exploring the island by bike and on foot, and want peace and quiet away from the tourist trail. However we do want to make some trips to Phang Nga Bay. I have looked and found excursions organised by Koh Yao Travel but these seem to be £60 per person which is too high for us. Is this the typical cost? Has anyone stayed on the island and organised trips through local gues ...

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Lonely Planet Thailand 13th Edition

Posted by jakethedog on 26/12/2009 at 12:06

Has anyone had an oppurtunity to review the LP Thailand 13th Edition. I have to get a guide book in the next few days and was wondering if any one had checked it out yet. Thanks Dan ...

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Soi 2 or Soi 22 Sukhumvit

Posted by jakethedog on 31/12/2009 at 03:50

I am looking at staying at either the Admiral Suites or Aspen Suites when we arrive in Bangkok. One is at 2 Soi and the other at 22 Soi off Sukhumvit. Does one of the areas have more to offer than the other? Both hotels are similar price and have similar amenities. Thanks Dan ...

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ATMs at Bangkok Airport

Posted by jojoba on 30/12/2009 at 16:25

Hello I'll be arriving in Bangkok in 2 days and I don't have any Thai Baht on me. I'm just planning to arrive and get Baht out of an ATM machine at the airport. Can anyone tell me whether this is advisable or not, or whether I should have at least some Thai Baht on me before I arrive? I would appreciate if someone could respond soon! Thanks in advance! Cheers jojoba ...

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Guided wildlife tours?

Posted by ndemik on 29/12/2009 at 02:52

Any suggestions on top-notch wildlife tours of Thailand's forest? My wife and I are looking for an english speaking guide/outfit that really knows the flora and fauna. Our primary interest is getting into good forest, and we're down to spend some cash to hire a guide that has an eye for the birds, bugs, plants and occasional mammal. Thanks! ...

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Train from Bangkok to Surat Thani

Posted by supernickymoreton on 20/1/2009 at 01:13

Hi, We want to take the overnight train next Monday from Bangkok to Surat Thani, but we don't get to Bangkok until Saturday morning - can anyone advise if we'll be able to buy train tickets (2nd class sleeper) from the station on Saturday morning (for Monday night train) when we get there, or do I have to do it through an agent now? I'm trying but it's quite expensive... ...

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Anybody knows a route for independent trekkin tour in Nothern Thailand?

Posted by vlasov on 28/12/2009 at 03:12

Somewhat for 3-5 days with a descent sporting component and in less crowded place I would prefer to doint on my own although hiring a competent guide or joining a small group of 2-3 would also work Thanks in advance ...

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Asked to leave Bee Bees, Koh Lanta

Posted by billbevan01 on 21/12/2009 at 15:46

Hi, backpackers heading for Koh Lanta over the peak season might like to know this. We were asked to leave Bee Bees today because we were not spending enough in the restaurant. Apparently this would not be a problem the rest of the year but at peak season it is. We were asked with all courtesy and An tried not to actually ask us directly but suggested someone on a budget may like to look somewhere else over the next few days because he needs to live. We didn't have to leave the next day b ...

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Island/beach with a fitness center/gym

Posted by pspoulin on 19/12/2009 at 02:06

Hey guys, I'll be traveling to thailand next month and im planning to stay in good shape while im there. I was wondering if you know of an island/beach where i could find a gym, other than phuket... Ideally a gym thats not part of an hotel thank you ...

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Ao Nang Accomodation

Posted by Mangala on 26/12/2009 at 02:29

Hi guys I'll be in Ao Nang during April (7 - 17 or so), basically Im wondering on budget-ish places to stay in Ao Nang during these dates. Especially given that Songkran happens while Im there. (My parents will be there too, so Im mooching about with them for free food! but dont want to splash lots of cash on staying where they are.) The waterfront or Moo2 area's would be best. Ive also thought about the J Hotel or J Mansion places, but given their lack of website, Im wondering ho ...

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Posted by mm716 on 22/12/2009 at 22:09

my boyfriend and I are planing our first trip to Thailand, the trip will be 10 days long in mid Jan. I'm very excited about the trip and have read quite a bit about all the different islands, but I end up feeling very overwhelmed by all the information and unable to decide which one is better suited for what we're looking for. Basically we want to be on an island, since the trip won't be very long, we prefer to stay on one island, two the most. We're living in a very busy city right now, so we ...

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Phanga na bay trip from Ko lanta ?

Posted by jodie6104 on 24/12/2009 at 07:59

Does anyone know if it is possible to organise a sea kayak trip to Phang na bay area/ james bond island etc from Ko lanta. Is it too far to do it in one day ? Many thanks ...

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Viewed 2,679 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by KevinCorr on 25/12/2009 at 18:30

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