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Pai and Chiang Mai during Christmas

Posted by jsham84 on 14/9/2009 at 23:16

I will be traveling to Pai and Chiang Mai region during the Christmas holidays from Dec 18'27 roughly. I want to do some trakking and the normal sightseeing. Will it be possible to do without advance reservations or will I need to book everything ahead of time_ ...

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caving:Soppong vs Chang Dao

Posted by soQQuadro on 26/9/2009 at 07:46

I'll be staying in northern Thailand for, say 10 days , end of October, till Loi Krathong...and was now wondering if is better to head to Soppong [ I want to go couple of days to Pai] or head north to Chang Dao for both caving and landscape and peaceful Thai village. Is there a bus to go to the Lao border from there? or do I have to go back to C. Mai???? TA ...

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taxi hat yai to pakbara and on to lipe

Posted by virupaksa on 28/9/2009 at 00:23

Hi guys Planning to take the Airasia morning flight to Hat Yai and then a taxi from the airport to Pak Bara to catch teh ferry to Lipe. Any of you have any idea how much I should pay for the taxi? The flight gets in at 08:15 in Hat Yai. Will I be able to make it on time for the 11:00 ferry? Also, Castaway resort any good? Or do you recommend another place in the 2000-2500 baht a night range? Thanks! ...

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Posted by phili on 26/9/2009 at 00:26

is koh phi phi don in the aonang region? as seemed to reserved two hotels in the area, one the address is: Phak Nam Bay, Koh Phi Phi, Aonang, Muang, Ko Phi Phi Don the other is;420 / 22 Moo 2 | Aonang, Krabi 81000 are they in the same place as i thought one was mainland krabi and the other koh phi phi (island)? ...

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Thailand Itinerary - Please Help

Posted by MikeObrad on 25/9/2009 at 09:12

Hi All, I have put some time into trying to put together a Thailand itinerary for my fiance and I. We will have between 2-3 weeks and unfortunately be traveling during the rainy season in Thailand June - August. This will be our first trip to Asia. Here is the itinerary that I have put together below followed by some questions. Days 1-2: Bangkok Days 3-4: Chaing Mai Days 5-6: Chaing Rai Day 7: Bangkok Days 8-9: Kanchanaburi Days 10-13: Phuket /Ko Phi Phi Days 14-17: Ko Samui Day ...

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Travel during King's birthday-what to expect?

Posted by boleslav on 25/9/2009 at 02:41

Our travel plans coincide with the Kings birthday. We'll be returning from Trang to Bangkok either on the 5th or 6th of December and I would like to check with you what should we expect, what does it mean for the travelers? What should I be aware of in order to avoid any delays, etc. Does this mean that the whole country is celebrating and the services shut down? I have read somewhere that it will be a long weekend, as the 5th falls onto Saturday. Can you please confirm this and which da ...

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Mid-range High Season Thai Island/Beach??

Posted by Minnaar on 16/9/2009 at 21:43

Hi there, I'm quite new to Thailand and am looking for some suggestions as to where to take my girlfriend on vacation. I'm looking for any suggestions for any beach or Island that you've enjoyed around the south of Thailand that will fit these criteria: Location- Southern Thailand Date: Around November 25th for one week Budget- 1500-2000Baht a night. Will pay less obviously but want something nice. Accommodation- Looking for a bungalow or room with A/c, hot water. Very close to wh ...

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buses to trat

Posted by SophieAlice363 on 24/9/2009 at 17:41

Hello travel peeps, I'm due to arrive in Suvanabhumi Airport at around 18.00 in early November and want to head straight to trat and then ko chang. Whats the best way to get there without too much hastle and avoiding central bangkok? (I do like Bangkok but prefer to avoid cities after 16 hour flights) I've found a few options but I'm unsure if they are still in operation and if they are the easiest way. From what I can gather the last bus from the airport bus station to trat is 18.30i ...

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Day Pack

Posted by korch1nat0r on 24/9/2009 at 02:27

This may be a stupid question but I have never been to Thailand before. What should I take in my daypack? Clearly I will be taking my camera, some money, my passport. Everyone says toilet paper. And an umbrella. Is there anything else? Thanks for helping a newbie backpacker out. ...

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patong accommadation

Posted by macman1945 on 25/9/2009 at 11:41

hi, can anyone suggest good budget hotel in patong. has anybody got any info on the zampi phuket hotel? thanks. ...

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Need help backpack shopping

Posted by Andreph on 24/9/2009 at 22:48

I am going to be spending about a month in Thailand. This is going to be my first big adventure. I need to get a backpack. I have spent quite a few days doing research, and yes I did read the top of the page that says Gear: Picking a Backpack. I am still kind of confused(or just and idoit). I just don’t know what to get. This is the most important piece of equpiment on any trip. Can anyone give me some good suggestions, and maybe a couple of links to websites? I will be spending most of my ...

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Nimmanoradee Boutique Resort, Ko Samet, stayed or dropped by?

Posted by Tennouji on 6/7/2009 at 21:43

Hi Yes an annoying "Has anyone stayed at..." question, I'm afraid! Has anyone either stayed at, or dropped in for lunch, or had a look as your tour boat passed - there is supposed to be good snorkeling nearby? I have trawled the net and have only found three reviews in English for this place which seems odd as it is supposed to have been open since 2005. It is on the last beach Ao Karang -past the flashy Paradee Resort & Spa. I walked to Karang from Sametville in 2004 and at that tim ...

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horror stories from thailand?

Posted by jasonkim8486 on 18/9/2009 at 03:44

any one NOT enjoy there visit to thailand due certain circumstances? just had to ask ...

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weather in the south

Posted by jasonkim8486 on 25/9/2009 at 05:02

whats the weather in southern thailand bordering malaysia[ ko tarutao/ko lipe ] during december and january? does it rain alot? ...

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Looking for 1 more island to Ko Kradan...

Posted by boleslav on 24/9/2009 at 03:57

After slots of reading we are set on the Ko Kradan island for few days. But still looking for one more island to visit in this area where one could enjoy the nature, walks, kayaking, not the crowds. Can you help me please? ...

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True Thai story

Posted by MADMAC on 23/9/2009 at 12:58

I came to Thailand to live in June of 2007. My wife, myself and our little girl first stayed in my wife's village. Two days after I arrived, along came a fortune teller. Now, I think it's all hocus pocus, but it was only 20 baht - so why not? The lady tells me to go outside and find a leaf that talks to me. I tell her maybe plants talk to her, but they don't talk to me. My wife tells me to just go do it. So I walk outside and grab the first leaf I see. She takes it, mixes it with some powde ...

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When the dorm is a squat

Posted by somtam2000 on 22/9/2009 at 17:51

Matador has a good piece on a joint in Bangkok that isn't really quite what is seems -- you can read the full story here While we do incorporate third party listings into the booking side of Travelfish, rest assured we probably wouldn't write this place up, quite, well, how they write up themselves... ...

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Viewed 1,807 times, with 18 replies. Last reply by MADMAC on 24/9/2009 at 12:43

Khao Lak to Trang - how?

Posted by boleslav on 23/9/2009 at 08:55

Our next stop will be the islands in the Trang province, Ko Kradan. How can we get there quickly from Khao Lak? thank you, ...

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More remote, less touristy and more 'Thai' culture in the south western islands

Posted by jojow25 on 23/9/2009 at 14:46

Hi guys, anyone out there been to any of the islands: Koh Ra Ko Phayam ? We want to explore an island or two and since we are going to be seeing a friend in Khao Lak (who is working there) we thought it would makes sense to do these islands rather than the more widely covered Koh Samui, Koh Phag nan etc on the East. Would love to hear anyone who has been to stay in any of these places. Could you recommend somewhere cheap and cheerful to stay (between 600 - 1000B) and also good walk ...

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Chiang Mai to Khao Lak- what's the best way?

Posted by boleslav on 23/9/2009 at 08:49

Hello dear travelers, we'll be coming to Khao Lka from Chiang Mai, what is the best transportation method so that we do not spend too much vacation time on the road? Thank you. ...

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Viewed 5,334 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by cybervlad on 23/9/2009 at 10:53

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