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Budget for 6 Months

Posted by Gusty79 on 19/10/2009 at 05:18

Hi, I am leaving for SE Asia next week for 6 Months. I have looked around for Ideas on budget etc..I plan on having around £900 a month. What do you guys think? I am Diabetic so might have to spend a little bit more on accommodation (need a fridge for meds). I am planning on going to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia. I would like to do a few activities tours/treks etc.. and enjoy a bit of nightlife once in a while. Do you think £900 a month will be enough? first time backpacking? Pleas ...

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19 days in the Thai Islands - HELP itinerary!!!

Posted by Ingrids on 16/10/2009 at 09:11

Hello!! I`m going to Bangkok 25th Oct, after Camboja, Vietnam (Saigon) and from Saigon I`m going to The Islands in Thai. I`m going 11/11 and take the plane to go back 28/11 in Phuket. I'm completly lost about how to go from Saigon to the Islands (cheaper flights) and in which islands visit in 19 days. Has somebody some suggestion??? Thankssssss!!!! Ingrid ...

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Alone in Thailand for 5/6 months!

Posted by Joshuaphilp on 21/10/2009 at 04:08

I'm 19 years old and im planning on going backpacking for a few months! I want to start out in the south, Phuket area and work up north! Is it a good idea to go for that long by myself? Second question is a bit of subject but is Ko Phi Phi really all its cracked up to be?! ...

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Thailand 13 day Itinery advice appreciated

Posted by squae on 18/10/2009 at 06:55

Hello, traveling in 4 weeks and would appreciate help, I am also travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia. Arrive 6.00pm Bangkok Day 1 - Bangkok Day 2 - Bangkok Day 3 - Ayutthaya & Lop Buri (Via Train?) Day 4 - Sukothai (not sure about going here, as the train I have been looking at online doesnt appear to stop here?, and if I dont go here I can get a train that leaves from Lop Buri at night and arrives at Chiang Mai in the morning) Day 5 - Chiang Mai, not sure how to get here if I am ...

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Best Island?

Posted by Bilby09 on 21/10/2009 at 12:40

Hi, I'm looking for an island (Andaman sea) to stay for 4 nights at the beginning of February. I'm after an island that is beautiful but not very crowded, with good snorkelling and hiking (and preferably accommodation with warm water showers). The Trang Islands sound good especially Kradan, but perhaps a bit tricky to get to/from? I will be coming from Khao Sok National Park, and then at the end of the 4 days will need to get to Phuket to fly home from there. ...

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Newbie in Thailand, Itinerary advice appreciated

Posted by thejcw on 22/10/2009 at 09:14

Hi, my wife and I are 3 weeks away from our trip to Thailand/Cambodia. We have 20 days and would like to dived that between both countries. We plan to spend 3 days in Bangkok, one day in Ayutthaya - then North to Chiang Mai (overnight train) for 3 days ... At this point is where I need the most help. I can't seem to find any information on getting from Chiang Mai to Aranyaprathet (for the crossing to Cambodia) I heard at one point there is a bus running from CM to A is that true? would I nee ...

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Trekking in December

Posted by saramogg on 22/10/2009 at 02:33

I am going on the GAP adventures Hilltribe Trekking tour in December and I was wondering how cold it's likely to be? They suggest bringing a sleeping bag but will I really need it? I'd rather not be carrying it around th rest of Thailand for the following 2 weeks! Thanks S ...

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Need advice on staying or going

Posted by cuffedbloke on 21/10/2009 at 17:01

Hi, I'm doing an 8-day tour of Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand and willo arrive in Phuket on the morning of 13th Nov. I fly back to KL from Phuket on the 15th afternoon. I haven't been to any of the Thailand islands and beaches yet, and though I do want to catch some sights of the Phuket nightlife I also want to take in a day of total relaxation before I start my new job on the 16th. Can somebody advice where I could go as I will have to return to Phuket to take my flight home. Thanks a bunc ...

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Bangkok - personal tours.

Posted by fiddlerd on 20/10/2009 at 23:09

Hello - Does anyone have any information on some personal guides for Bangkok? My wife and I are only in Bangkok for 2 days and would like to get a good tour on the first day. Thanks in advance, D ...

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British Airways

Posted by Nokka on 20/10/2009 at 19:55

We are booked with BA for a flight to B'kok late November. Return late March. We have a confirmed flight booked to Laos within 30 days of arrival in Thailand. BA are apparently notorious for being a bit awkward if you arrive at the airport with no visa (We aim to get Tourist visa on arrival). I have phoned them, but they refused to give me confirmation that we will be able to board. I've downloaded details of the Thai requirements for no visa from their website, which we can take to the airp ...

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no warm shower - what do they mean?

Posted by ivan123 on 9/10/2009 at 16:31

hi, i was booking some accommodation for thailand when realised lot of cottages don't have warm water shower. only cold. what do they mean by that - i mean, how cold? do they heat it in the sun, so it ends up warm anyway, or it's really cold, or it depends ... any help would be appreciated. thanks! ...

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similan islands..

Posted by jasonkim8486 on 24/9/2009 at 08:27

are there accommodations on any of the similan islands? or do i need to stay on the mainland and make day trips? ...

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Best Island to visit?

Posted by Nerel3000 on 19/10/2009 at 01:11

I am due to visit Thailand arriving into Bangkok on New Year's eve in the morning with 2 other people (both guys and 1 girl). We are very stuck on out itinery! We have 16 days and I think we've decided we probably won't make it to the North. We were looking at an organised trip to River Kwai and death railway for a week or so, and then nip down to 1 or 2 islands. Which islands are best to visit and fairly easy to get to? I think we'd like someone a bit off the beaten track but still with ...

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Thong Nai Pan Noi or Yai?

Posted by kiwigirl08 on 16/10/2009 at 19:20

I am finding it hard to decide between trying to book Dreamland resort of Thong Nai Pan Yai or to go for Baan Puri or Star Hut on Thong Nai Pan noi. Has anyone been to any of these that they can recommend? Is it easy to get between the two beaches? ...

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ayuthaya from Bangkok airport

Posted by backpack on 17/10/2009 at 21:20

Is there a way going to ayuthaya straight from the airport? how much does a taxi suppose to cost? thanks! ...

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to stop in Udon or Nong Kai?

Posted by furneburner on 15/10/2009 at 14:59

Hi all, I am flying from Bangkok from Udon Thani (because of time restrictions and not wanting to take the long trip) and going over the border into Laos. So my question is whether or not Udon Thani is worth a day or two, or should i just go straight to Nong Kai. Moreover, is Nong Kai worth some time or is it pretty similar to Vientiene? My plans? Just wanna chill out by the river, have a few beers and wander around town somewhere different. I've never been to isaan before. Than ...

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Settling for one month Ko Tao or Ko Pha Ngan?

Posted by rednesss on 15/10/2009 at 20:43

Hello, am looking to spend a relatively cheap month on either Ko Tao or Ko Pha Ngan as a mid-way pointthrough S.E Asia. Which island would be more budget friendly? Not looking to spend more than 300b per night on accom but also dont want to be too isolated. On the beach is not a priority but near a beach is. Also need some nightlife - all in all a good place to live for a month. Or would it be better to settle in another part of Thailand? I'm after travelling through Vietnam and the north of ...

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Ko pha ngan to chumphon?

Posted by kiwigirl08 on 17/10/2009 at 00:57

I will be spending time in Ko pha ngan over Xmas & New year & have booked flights out of Bangkok for the 8th Jan. Wondered if there is a quick way of getting to Bangkok? We were thinking to take the train. Is there a ferry from Ko Pha Ngan to Chumphon and can you catch a train from there to Bangkok? ...

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Best Thai Cookery schools/courses in Chiang Mai?

Posted by Jozudave on 17/10/2009 at 15:06

Hi there, My partner and I would like to do a couple of days of Thai cookery in Chiang Mai next week and were wondering which places you would recommend? We don't have a guide book right now other than the internet, but have heard of the well known Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School. I'm sure that would be fine, but if anyone's had any good experiences elsewhere then we'd be happy to give someone else our custom. Thanks! Here's to making some delicious green curry from scratch next week! ...

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Thailand in December - Southeast or Southwest

Posted by clbe on 15/10/2009 at 11:26

Hello I will be in Thailand st the beginning of December for ten days. I want to head to the South for about a week before going to Bangkok - where do you think the weather will be nicer - East or West? Any advice would be great. Thanks ...

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