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Bangkok Airways Crash

Posted by somtam2000 on 4/8/2009 at 14:59

Breaking news of a plane crash at Ko Samui 's international airport involving a Bangkok Airways flight which apparently skidded off the end of the runway. Flight number was PG266 flying from Krabi to Ko Samui -- Thai TV is reporting fatalities, but there are no more details at this stage. Will post more as it comes in. ...

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Guide Book help

Posted by jakethedog on 2/8/2009 at 00:35

I curently have a Frommers Thailand 7th edition. Frommers has served me well for trips to europe but seems to be lacking some for Thailand. I saw a Fodors Thailand which seems to have more info and Rough Guide has a new Thai guide book coming out in the fall. I was looking for some comments, recommendations for guidebooks to complement the Travelfish files. Thanks Dan ...

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Khao Lak bungalows

Posted by OlgaGa on 4/8/2009 at 10:07

Hello, we are going to Thai again! Loved it so much last year. This time we'd like to explore Khao Lak and dive Similans. The question is where to stay? I searched the web - there lots of places! We are looking for budget clean aircon accomodation... Our dive-center reccomends "Fah Sai bungalow" which is nowhere in the net. Has anybody heard about it? ...

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Is it possible south thailand with 10 euros per day?

Posted by mirkoji on 3/8/2009 at 03:14

Hi everybody, i am thinking to go to Thailand in november or december and stay there about one month in the south. I would like to know if there are cheap places for a backpacker like me. I want to spend no more than 10 euro per day (sleep, food). Some people said me it is very expensive, other people said me it is cheap... So, i really don't know. I usually go to India, where i spend 1 - 3 euro per night (hut or single room) and 1 euro per meal. In Thailand i can spend a little bit more, but ...

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Thailand to Cambodia, Laos,and Vietnam.

Posted by htrdmx on 3/8/2009 at 00:08

Ok starting late october early november I want to start out in Bangkok or pattaya and go to laos cambodia and vietnam. Been to thailand many times so im going to try and make a whirlwind trip in two weeks. Other than Angor Wat im up to seeing pretty much anything. Any suggestions on where to start first and a path to take. ...

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Thailand Xmas and Newyear

Posted by miked on 27/7/2009 at 16:49

Hi, I will be travelling to Thailand for Xmas and NY - We have 3 weeks that is all. We have booked a connecting flight to Chiang Mai on the day we arrive - 20th Dec. Need a nice place to stay to relax for the 1st night before we start on our adventure. Looking for some different experience's - We both like treking, also would like to do a Thai cooking day and maybe a days fishing - Have about 12days in the north before we head south to send the last few days on a beach and some shopping. ...

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2 Weeks in Thailand

Posted by Geezy on 28/7/2009 at 20:08

I have just priced a return flight from Machester to Thailand at the end of next month for £400. Which i think is a very good price. I have never really travelled before and i am really looking forward to it. I am also using this as a trial period for eventually travelling to a lot more places on my own and doing around the world trip. Can anyone offer any advice on where i should go and see within the 2 weeks. This is an impulse trip and i am just throwing myself in. ...

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1 month in SE Asia, where to go??

Posted by nickziemann on 12/7/2009 at 00:03

I know this is a loaded question, and I've been researching for weeks already. It is my lady's and my first time to SE Asia and we have a little more than a month to see the land. Its overwhelming to know how much I wont be able to see, but I want to be sure we enjoy our trip rather than rush rush rush. We're going from early OCT to early NOV. Would this basic itinerary be too much to cram in? Bangkok - Chiang Mai (a few days, including an overnight stay with the hill tribes) ...

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Hellfire Pass

Posted by BruceMoon on 2/8/2009 at 18:35

I recently read that part of Hellfire Pass has been closed due to a rockslide - though the other part remains open. Those intending visiting the site may be reminded that while part is off limits the remainder is still a salutory reminder to how our freedom was achieved. Cheers ...

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What is the Thai translation for 'vegetarian'?

Posted by shazhippychild on 21/6/2009 at 02:39

Does somebody know what the Thai translation is for: "NO MEAT! I am a vegetarian!" I'm going to Thailand for the first time, but am a bit nervous of the food situation....I need to get the message that I am a vegetarian across loud and clear! Would greatly appreciate anyone's help! Peace, Shaz ...

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3 weeks in Thailand - must see things/itinerarys would help

Posted by livethedream86 on 27/7/2009 at 21:46

Hey, Travelling with my bf for 3 weeks to Thailand before we head onto New Zealand. With the little time we have I'm trying to plan some sort of itineary. Any suggestions. We have a moderate budget and are open to any ideas. Thanks a mil xx ...

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Too many places, too little time. Angkor, Ayutthaya, Sukhothai

Posted by SybilVane on 31/7/2009 at 06:17

Hi all, I'm still working on my itinerary (and with two more months to go, I bet there will be many changes made). Lately I've been struggling with the thought that I might be trying to do too much, and I might need to leave some places for the next visit. For reference: I'll be traveling for a month, mainly in Thailand, with a bit of Cambodia and Laos. I'll be spending three days exploring Angkor. This is the part that is set in stone. But now I'm wondering if maybe I should give up ...

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Northern Thailand - must see places?

Posted by livethedream86 on 30/7/2009 at 04:34

Hey, Will be travelling up north in October and we only have around 5 days. What are the must see places/things to do. Moderate budget and we both 23. Thanks ...

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Khao Sok in August?

Posted by susanah on 30/7/2009 at 12:24

I will be travelling to Thailand with my 10 and 12 year old boys. They want to see the jungle, but I'm wondering if it will be way to rainy to have fun next month? I also read about flash floods. I don't want to be paranoid, but if it's going to be way too soggy there, I'd rather just spend more time in Koh Tao, where we'll go next. Should we catch a ferry from Surat Thani to Koh Tao, or go to Chumphon and go to Koh Tao? What's the fastest way? Any recommendations for a budget/moderat ...

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Where to store your bags on arrival?

Posted by koenoosterbroek on 4/7/2009 at 07:12


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Need help re the different coasts

Posted by jakethedog on 29/7/2009 at 02:44

Trying to get some idea of an itinerary and have the following questions. (4 weeks mid Feb-mid March 2010) What are some of the major differences in islands in the west and east coast on the southern penninisula and the islands on the east coast? I am talking about weather, scenery tourist areas etc. Is it possible to get to the islands off the southwest coast of cambodia from the area of Ko Chang and is it worthwhile to do so in terms of them being that much different than the islands i ...

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advice on must sees and must avoids

Posted by keelyandmark on 28/7/2009 at 00:57

Hi, My husband and I are planning on travelling around thailand for 3 months. We are flying into Bangkok and are planning on doing a round trip to Chaing Mai. Then down to the south. Are there any places that we should go to or must see or places that we should definately avoid. We are looking to avoid the majority of the tourist traps and get a real feel for Thailand. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated! Thanks ...

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Where can I go for a 'countryside walk' near Bangkok?

Posted by mangoboy on 20/7/2009 at 16:14

Does anyone know of anywhere near Bangkok where one can go for a 'countryside walk'? i.e. two or three hours strolling through anything which is not concrete and glass. Trees, canals, riverside, jungle, paddys, plantations etc. ...

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full moon accomadation

Posted by matt89 on 27/7/2009 at 23:05

apologies as this has been covered many times before, im just debating whether to book ahead for the sept full moon party or not. i can arrive 3 days in advance of the party i would be looking to stay somewere on haad rin. ideally ...

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Phanom Rung stone castle

Posted by silviar on 29/3/2009 at 14:03

anybody knows, if buses from Buriram to Chantaburi + sawngthaews from Ban Ta Ko to Phanom Rung are working in the early morning(between 3-6pm)? wana go there friday form Bkk to see the sunrise on the 4th of April...anybody else has the same plan? ...

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Viewed 3,836 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by jarvis1 on 27/7/2009 at 23:18

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