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Pattaya, yes or no?

Posted by greenman42 on 29/9/2009 at 18:27

Firstly, let me thank the Somtam's for this site. I only discovered it a week or two ago and already have learned so much useful information. I am planning my second trip to Thailand in Dec. My first was with two friends through Phuket, Phi Phi, Samui and Koh Panghan. I had planned to go on to Bangkok and Chang Mai, but ended up returning to Samui for another week. They went on. The thought of cities after islands and beaches did not appeal to me. This trip I'll be probably be travelling alon ...

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full moon party dates?

Posted by jasonkim8486 on 2/10/2009 at 07:20

when are the exact dates for the FM party in the months of december and january? ...

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Bangkok to Ko Phangan

Posted by Andreph on 1/10/2009 at 02:12

I arrive in Bangkok at midnight on January 22nd I am want to check out the FMP on the 30th on Ko Phangan. According to the info I have gathered it is best to arrive 4-5 days before the party. To find accommodations, that being the case, should I just book a train when I arrive for the following night? Or should I take a day train down there. I want to the cheapest way possible. Also – traveling on a budget, looking for a bungalow, nothing fancy just a place to lock my bag, and a bed to sle ...

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help! Landing in Thailand Oct 7......

Posted by AmandaDawn85 on 1/10/2009 at 00:03

I checked the weather pages and basically it seems like it's rainy everywhere in October.. is this true? Myself and my friend are landing in Bangkok and someone suggested taking a train to Laos right away and thus avoiding having to pay accomadation in Bangkok because you can sleep on the train. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go/stay during October do avoid rain? Thank you! ...

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Thai Rail Pass... Unlimited train use for 20 days

Posted by think87 on 1/10/2009 at 00:41 Anyone know if this is still valid? Can I seriously get unlimited train use for 3000 baht? ...

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Between Nong Khai and Ayyutthaya

Posted by Architeuthis on 30/9/2009 at 03:23

Hi there. I´m travelling Laos during Feb2009 going around LP and heading south to Vientiane and later to Nong Khai/Thailand. Further on I´m planning to slowly go across Thailand (by train) back to Bangkok taking a look at Ayyuthhaya on the way. What are your opinions about places which are on the way and worth taking a peek at? Please post your suggestions, anything from scenic landscape to great temples and everyday life... thanks A ...

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Viewed 4,341 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by exacto on 1/10/2009 at 00:13

Phang Nga Bay - best to visit from phuket or krabi?

Posted by jumpinjono on 28/7/2009 at 22:58

I am hoping to visit phang nga bay and see james bond island in febuary, my trip involves staying in phuket town and krabi (or near beach resort ). Ive read somewhere the day trips from krabi go to the west side of the bay and the trips from phuket visit the east. so i was wondering What is the best side of the bay to visit? Is it cheaper to take a day trip from Phuket town or Krabi? thanks jon ...

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Samet to Samui

Posted by greenman42 on 30/9/2009 at 05:23

Hi, I'm looking for advice on the most practical way of getting from Koh Chang or Koh Samet, to Koh Samui and Koh Phanghan. Is there a better way than back to Bangkok, bus/train to Chumpon/Surat Thani? I want to be on Phanghan for full moon/new year's eve. Will travelling be espescially difficult around 23/24 Dec? Lastly, what date should I look to get there to secure a room, as I will probably not be booking in advance? ...

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how crowded is 'crowded'?

Posted by jasonkim8486 on 29/9/2009 at 07:53

ill be in thailand from beginning of december to february. is this period really that crowded from what ive been reading? how about ko tao, ko samui, krabi, ko phi phi, similan islands and ko turatao? are these places more or less crowded? [im going to stay away from phuket] what are some great secluded beaches during this time period if i havnt already named them above? i also hear due to the recession there are alot less travelers? is this true? ...

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Koh Tao weather early December

Posted by Rosie_4783 on 29/9/2009 at 18:59

Hi All I will be travelling to the islands on December 1st and have five days to spend. I was hoping to spend a good bit of that time on Koh Tao, try my hand at diving etc but looking at the interactive weather map I'm not sure if this is feasible? Essentially if it rains for five days straight I'd be a bit peeved. What does everyone think? Does anyone have experience of Koh Tao at that time of year? Would I be better off sacking Koh Tao and heading straight to the Andaman coast inste ...

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Limited stops in Thailand, where to go???

Posted by krazymary8 on 29/9/2009 at 12:53

Has anyone visited both areas and can you help recommend one over the other, whats they offer and what NEEDS to be experienced? (1) Ko Chang (east of Bangkok, near Trat) AND (2) Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan & Ko Tao (Gulf of Thailand) We are limited on the number of stops we can make and were wondering which stop to cut out. Any suggestions? ...

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Viewed 2,056 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by tezza on 30/9/2009 at 18:25

Are there good beaches between Bangkok and Rayong?

Posted by marjolijnc on 29/9/2009 at 03:33

Does anyone now about beaches between bkk and Rayong? And anyting about huts or simple bungalows? A quiet out of the way place would be nice. Thanks, Marjolijn ...

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Viewed 2,341 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by exacto on 30/9/2009 at 02:30

To travel Thailand - car or motorcycle?

Posted by DLuek on 28/9/2009 at 07:39

Well I'm starting to plan the next trip, and am deliberating whether it's better to buy/rent a car or motorbike for use both around Bangkok and travelling around the whole of Thailand.. At first I was set on a car, but am now thinking a motorbike with some power would work for long distance travel, and would save on the budget a bit. Also of course one has to love the freedom of weaving through traffic, rather than sitting stuck in it for hours. Any opinions/advice from those who have tra ...

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Bus travel to Krabi

Posted by monkeymania on 27/9/2009 at 15:47

Hi all, We will be taking the overnight train from Bangkok to Surat Thani , and then a bus to Krabi. I need a little advice about the bus please. The train arrives at Phun Phin station, which is some distance outside Surat Thani itself. Apparently there are a bunch of private buses that are waiting at the station to transfer tourists onwards, but I have read that these can be a hit and miss affair, and you are much better off with a government bus (leaves on time, safer, etc.). Does an ...

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3 weeks on Thai Islands - Ko Lanta first - then where?

Posted by Kazzer00 on 22/9/2009 at 21:31

Myself and my boyfriend will be spending just over 3 weeks in Thailand in October. We are going straight from Bangkok to Ko Lanta . We plan to spend 2-3 nights in Ko Lanta. Can anybody advise if there is anywhere else we should go to nearby? I know that a lot of the ferries don’t operate until November. We’re looking for somewhere not overrun but not dead quiet either. With some good snorkelling and with some restaurants/bars. We plan to spend the second half of our holiday over on t ...

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Viewed 4,503 times, with 5 replies. Last reply by somtam2000 on 29/9/2009 at 18:56

proof od drop in tourist numbers?

Posted by furneburner on 27/9/2009 at 07:45

Hi all, Had a heated discussion on friday night (followed my me getting done for DUI) with some ignorant thai friends who say the tourist numbers in Thailand have not decreased lately. I argued the opposite. Of course, as i'm only a farang what would i know? Any online articles i can use as backup? ...

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Viewed 2,223 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by MADMAC on 29/9/2009 at 17:05

bus problems

Posted by SEQfunbod on 29/9/2009 at 07:58

I have two problems trying to get info on buses. I am planning to stay at Hat rai or Ao Nang around xmas and want to cover an option. I'm thinking if the boats are stopped due to bad weather, can I get a bus to Krabi? If so, can anyone advise. Later, I'll be staying at Pai . I want to go to Chiang Khong. Do I have to go back to Chiang Mai, or is there a bus that goes from Pai to Chiang Rai and onto Chiang Khong? If there is, what could be the timetable? Thanks heaps ...

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Viewed 1,399 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by wanderingcat on 29/9/2009 at 08:39

Vientian from southern thailand..

Posted by jasonkim8486 on 29/9/2009 at 01:41

whats the best option for me to get to Vientian from southern thailand [ malay border]. i dont want to end up taking a 2 day bus/train ride. any cheap airfare from the southern region? ...

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Andaman gulf beginning of December

Posted by Seba on 28/9/2009 at 20:58

Hi, I'm planning on going to the Andaman Gulf (Khao Sak, Similan Islands, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, Railey) at the beginning of December. My questions: will these be overcrowded that time of the year, or is it only really bad from mid-Dember on? Is it much different from let's say end of October? And is it affordable (I'm a backpacker)? How many days will I need to do the above (I scheduled around 10 days) ...

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Viewed 2,035 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by tezza on 29/9/2009 at 06:56

Pai and Chiang Mai during Christmas

Posted by jsham84 on 14/9/2009 at 23:16

I will be traveling to Pai and Chiang Mai region during the Christmas holidays from Dec 18'27 roughly. I want to do some trakking and the normal sightseeing. Will it be possible to do without advance reservations or will I need to book everything ahead of time_ ...

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Viewed 2,733 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by billbevan01 on 28/9/2009 at 16:14

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