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Reserving rooms ahead?

Posted by Olivcar on 13/4/2015 at 10:03

I am planing a trip to Thailand and Cambodia for January and February 2016. We are looking for flashpacker to midrange guesthouses or hotels. I have looked around on Agoda and and so many of my choices say "Not available for those dates." Is it possible that these places are already booked up for next year? Is it necessary or advisable to make reservations ASAP? I traveled in Thailand many years ago and it was fine to arrive and just look for a place. Must I reserve ahe ...

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Spend 4 days in Khao Lak solo?

Posted by allofthelights on 10/11/2012 at 14:54

I am doing a 7D Similian liveaboard from Khao Lak in December, and have 4 days to spend before flying to Chiang Mai (liveaboard finishes evening 16th, I fly out evening 20th). I assume I have had my diving fill although I can probably be convinced to do more, but I'm primarily looking for a place to chill-out without doing too much, hanging out with likeminded people. I'm traveling solo until I reach Chiang Mai, and fit firmly in the flashpacker category. I get the impression Khao Lak isn't ...

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chiang mai late night eats

Posted by guysteuart on 24/4/2015 at 05:22 It would be nice to have a map, or at least addresses? ...

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minivan + speedboat from krabi airport to koh lanta

Posted by suechynn on 19/4/2015 at 05:37

hi i wanted to ask if we can get the minivan + speedboat transfer to koh lanta at krabi airport without advance booking.. would be great if you can advise the cost too thanks suechynn ...

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Hiking in Thong Pha Phum National Park in Kanchanaburi

Posted by yetzkie on 23/4/2015 at 22:39

Hi Guys, I will be in Kanchanaburi on 14~18 of July and I am considering a hiking in Thong Pha Phum National Park and even stay there for 2 nights. Anybody who are going to travel on this date in Western part of Thailand? ...

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Thailand famous destination

Posted by Christopher11 on 22/4/2015 at 03:25

I am going Thailand next month with my family..I want to know top famous tourist destination in Tailand..Plz suggest me.. ...

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Northern Thailand - Chiang Dao or Tha Ton

Posted by danyagreenfield on 19/4/2015 at 06:22

I've been in Chiang Mai a couple days and would like to go further north to spend about 4-5 days in a more remote, peaceful setting where I can do some trekking (perhaps to visit hill tribes) and explore the natural surroundings (caves, waterfalls, hiking). Does anyone have suggestions about whether it would be better to stay in Chiang Dao versus Tha Ton? Which is less touristy but still has some trekking options that won't be exorbitantly expensive for one person traveling alone? Thanks! ...

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On animals, and animal abuse, in Thailand

Posted by somtam2000 on 30/3/2015 at 09:34

From the latest newsletter: On animals A couple of days ago a beach club in Phuket posted a collection of photos from a Sunday brunch event on their Facebook page. A number of the photos showed a baby elephant being led around poolside and at times being ridden by a man drinking. Once the photos were shared online, the response was fast and not at all positive. A discussion on Jamie Monk's Facebook page elicited tonnes of comments and shares -- the comments were near universally negative. ...

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Posted by STEEBEE84 on 20/4/2015 at 08:40

Hey guys I have an indirect flight booked from chiang mai to Saigon. At which airport will they take my departure card off me? Chiang mai or Bangkok. Our plans have changed and need to stay over after the first leg. Is this possible? ...

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Mini Van from Krabi Town to Koh Lanta after 4PM in May

Posted by sunkohsun on 15/4/2015 at 02:49

Fellow travellers, I arrive at Krabi Airport 4PM (give or take some delays) on 5th May, may I know if I take a shuttle bus to Krabi town, will I be able to catch a mini-van to Koh Lanta? I get so many conflicting information online. Some site say a trip with mini-vans can be booked anytime before 10PM from travel agents in Krabi Town, others say after 2PM is not possible. Then the resort owner tells me there is a mini-van which departs from Krabi Airport 4.30PM but I may not catch it in time, ...

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Is prebooking accomodation a must during Christmas/New Year (Dec10th - Jan12th)

Posted by appsapples on 14/4/2015 at 05:12

Me and my boyfriend are travelling to Thailand between Dec 10th - Jan 12th, we preferably don't want to book accomodation but keep hearing that trying to find accomodation over Christmas and New Years will be a nightmare. This will be our first time backpacking in Asia and we didn't want to plan out our exact route beforehand and wanted to either turn up and find accomodation or prebook a few days before. Will this be possible or should we book a few months beforehand? We preferably want to sta ...

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Andaman Coast Islands in April/May - Possible?

Posted by theaudiobully on 20/3/2015 at 06:42

Hi, My partner and I will be in Thailand for just over 2 weeks from April the 23rd. Initially, we were looking at spending 2 weeks island hopping around the Andaman coast (Phi Phi, Lanta, Railay, Lipe etc) but have read that a lot of the passenger ferries stop in April and don't open again until October. As you can imagine, we were both quite disappointed to read this as we have both been to the Eastern part of Thailand but not the West. So my question is, are some of the things we've read ...

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9 days in Thailand, starting point Koh Samui, where to go?

Posted by Mahsa on 8/4/2015 at 08:51

Hi there! My partner and I are travelling to Thailand on the 7th of May. We'll be spending our first week on Koh Samui and then venture out for 9 days, ending in Bangkok. I'm thinking; Day 1; Koh Samui - Mu Ko Ang Thon National Park Day 2: Mu Ko Ang Thon National Park - Surat Thani - Khao Sok Day 3-4: Khao Sok Day 5: Khao Sok - Surat Thani Day 5 onwards I don't know whether we should head towards Bangkok and explore whats between Surat Thani and Bangkok by train or whether we should go f ...

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Increasing prices now outweigh the shortcomings

Posted by tezza on 13/3/2015 at 17:51

After several dozen visits to the beaches and islands I willl no longer return on a regular basis. In recent years prices in the Andaman and southern Gulf have gone up way in excess of Thailand's general inflation rate - I'd say they have doubled on average over 3-4 years: some more than that, approaching or in a few cases exceeding western prices. In the past I have always been prepared to overlook the area's shortcomings because it was a genuine low-cost destination. But I am no longer prepar ...

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Accommodation availability Christmas/New Year - Thailand

Posted by foxiebex on 11/7/2013 at 06:29

Hi, I was wondering what the accommodation availability is like over Christmas and New Year. We will be spending almost month from 12th December until 7th January. We are flying in and out of Bangkok where we will book something in advance. Other than that we were intending to be spontaneous. Our only major plan at the moment is to end up at Koh Lanta at some point. It is my first time in Thailand but my bf spent a month there ten years ago, he thinks we will be fine but I'm a little concerned ...

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Wedding in Thailand

Posted by Ellebanna on 29/11/2010 at 20:31

Hi, I plan on getting married in Thailand in November 2011 and am quite confused at which island/beach to stay at. The plan is to find an all inclusive resort and spend a week holiday with close friends & family with the wedding during the week on one day. I really dont want to end up at a resort where the beach is not private or is in a dodgy area. I was keen on Ko Phi Phi or Ko Samui but have since read quite negative things about them? Can anyone recommend anywhere in particular fro ...

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Suggestion: motorbike rental il Chiang Mai

Posted by Esusino on 22/6/2014 at 06:25

Hi all we plan to do the Mae Hong Soon Loop in 3 weeks time, I'm looking for a reputable shop to rent from in Chiang Mai I've read a lot of stories about scams to tourists (including "simulated" theft of the bike) Do you know if the shops offers full insurance? Including theft Any good experience in Chiang Mai? Many thanks for your help! Andrea ...

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Macky's Riverside Kitchen in Nong Khai

Posted by NongKhaiBart on 11/4/2015 at 03:16


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WWYD - looking for a beach/island for ten days with a toddler.

Posted by Sophiacollins on 2/4/2015 at 03:46

Hi, I'm looking for some advice and hope some of you can help me. We've already spent three months in Thailand, mostly in Pai. For the last month we've been travelling round Vietnam. We're about to head back to Thailand, and will then have 10 days before we fly home to the UK. We'd like to spend that time totally chilling, ideally on a beach. Travelling with a toddler can be a lot of fun, but it can be pretty hard work. Where would you recommend we go in Thailand? I've been reading about so ma ...

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Transfer from Bangkok to Hua Hin and Visa

Posted by nowy on 5/4/2015 at 09:41

Hi guys, I will be arriving to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi at 2.40 pm I want to go to Hua Hin the same day. Do you know if there is any reliable transport straight from the airport? I've googled it but couldnt find any clear information. I will have to get my visa on the arrival, but not sure how long could this roughly take, anyone knows? So basically I need to go to Hua Hin after 2.40pm and after making visa. Will appreciate any help:) Thank you ...

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