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8 Day-Trip from Bangkok to the Islands by Myself

Posted by alhamaqi on 7/4/2009 at 19:55

There is so much information out there that I'm starting to get frustrated as to how I should go about this thing. I would really appreciate your help. I will be arriving in Bangkok on April 23rd (early morning). I want to go straight to the islands and I'm thinking about the Andaman islands. I have 8 nights to spend but I want my last 2 nights to be back in Bangkok. What is the best way to go about this with an easy way to get back to Bangkok? What I'm looking for in this trip is a mixtur ...

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Decent place to stay with dorms on ko san road

Posted by guyhay on 14/4/2009 at 19:52

anybody know of anywhere? thanks ...

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luggage transfer at bangkok

Posted by rover3 on 10/4/2009 at 16:21

I am a bit of a novice traveller and am a little concerned about my connecting flight to samui. I have 55 minutes to get off at Bangkok and get to the next flight. I have heard that you have to reclaim your baggage is this true? if so, i am well and truly stuffed as mine is always the last bag on the carousel! ...

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diving end of april

Posted by jeroenp on 14/4/2009 at 15:46

hi, We're in china now but in two weeks will be heading to thailand again to finish our 3 months vacation. before we fly home we wan't to go diving in thailand. Can someone advise an island for the period 25/04 - 01/05? We're bothe beginners if that is important. thanks and high up the mountain greetings from Shangri-La ...

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how to get from kanchanaburi to trat or ko chang considering problems in bangkok

Posted by liam123 on 13/4/2009 at 14:13

hi i need to be in trat by the 18th of april and im trying to figure the best way to get there avoiding bangkok for obvious reasons.our last resort would be mini bus or taxi. If anyone knows any train routes or bus routes? your help would be appreciated also cheaper the better many thanks ...

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Help me plan my 3 week trip!

Posted by annak07 on 9/4/2009 at 18:33

Hi, I'll be going to Thailand from the 15th of June till the 6th of July. My current plan is : 15th-19th = Bangkok (I'd like to go to Ayattaya and Kanchanaburi as well..are these best done as day trips from Bangkok, or can I travel from BK to Kanchanaburi and then onwards to Chiang Mai ?) 20th - 26th = Chiang Mai (I'd also like to go to Pai and Mae Hong Son, but I'm not sure if it's better to just spend more time in CM instead of constantly travelling?) Im thinking of getting an overn ...

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uthai thani

Posted by redrob on 12/4/2009 at 18:25

hi everyone, has anyone been to amphoe lan sak in uthai thani? i'm trying to find out if there is any accomodation in lan sak rather than having to stay in uthai thani which is about 58 kms away. ...

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Jungle Experience

Posted by CosmicStar on 12/4/2009 at 03:57

I am going to Thailand for 4 weeks with a couple of friends during August and we would really like to stay in the jungle for a few nights. What is the easiest (and safest) way to arrange this type of experience? We are not sure of our route yet but we are flying in and out of Bangkok. ...

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Bangkok to Siem Reap

Posted by tactic on 12/4/2009 at 00:44

Is in unadvisable to travel overland to Siem Reap in June/July? Thanks. ...

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Viewed 2,855 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by elocin on 12/4/2009 at 07:48

travel writing book about thailand/cambodia

Posted by halongbay07 on 9/4/2009 at 20:48

hi, im travelling in thailand and cambodia in september and would like to read some travel writing about other peoples experience's and 'off the beaten track' storys, can anyone recommend any good books? thanks. ...

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Viewed 1,700 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by Tilapia on 10/4/2009 at 01:01

Cheapest airline - Phuket back to UK

Posted by aman218 on 8/4/2009 at 19:41

whos the cheapest carrier to get back to London Heathrow from Phuket? ...

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Viewed 2,039 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 9/4/2009 at 10:48

Pre-book room in Chiang Mai for Songkran?

Posted by DLuek on 7/4/2009 at 17:27

Hi, I'll be heading to Chiang Mai in a couple days for Songkran. Should I book a room online now or just look around like normal when I get there? Can anyone suggest a solid place, under 500 baht, that books online? Any advice appreciated, DL ...

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Southern Thailand - travelling alone, what to do with valuables?

Posted by wheelse on 6/4/2009 at 11:59

Hi All, I'll be a solo female traveler at the beaches in southern thailand for a few weeks in July - and was looking how others have handled going swimming, etc with no one to watch your stuff... I'm afraid to leave my passport back at the hostel/hotel but certainly don't want to leave it unattended on the do folks handle this generally? Thanks! ...

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Viewed 2,862 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by busylizzy on 8/4/2009 at 03:01

Phi Phi Island, where is the best party spot?

Posted by Thaidamo on 3/4/2009 at 07:24

A mate an i are going to Phi Phi on our travels. Probably only be on phi phi for about 2 nights and want to party hard. Where are the best spots to go? ...

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Viewed 2,077 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by runningcate on 6/4/2009 at 12:34

Ang Thong

Posted by DShearer86 on 1/4/2009 at 16:46

Hi all!! I'm going to Thailand, Laos & Cambodia from July to September. Just wondering about the Ang Thong national marine park, does anyone know if there is an entry fee or any idea about cost of getting there/tours etc?? I hear that there are some really nice walks around some of the islands resulting in excellent views. Any info about quality of the trip is much appreciated! Thanks ...

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Honeymoon during rainy August. Please help!! :)

Posted by yuree830 on 2/4/2009 at 01:44

Hi, I'm so very torn as to where to have our honeymoon in Phuket as it's the rainy season. I know there will be sporadic showers and nice days, but we're looking for calm, clear swimming waters..but i heard most of the west beaches have big waves/undercurrents. Any suggestions? How about phiphi island or krabi? Are the beaches there calmer/clearer for swimming/snorkeling? Thanks!!! any help would be appreciated!! ...

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where to go?

Posted by emmanuella on 31/3/2009 at 17:57

we are planing our honeymoon and we are wondering if you have any ideas for late august beginning of september holidays? preferable at the beach... Any tips will be great, thanks ...

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Viewed 1,430 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by tezza on 2/4/2009 at 17:27

Thai Visa

Posted by virusvaleria on 1/4/2009 at 08:01

Hello everyone! One simple question: if im arriving in Bangkok by train (from Malaysia) how do i do the entry visa? im within the visa on arrival deal. ...

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Kanchanaburi Accom Help...

Posted by adamitinerant on 31/3/2009 at 21:45

About 2 years I was in Kanchanaburi for Songkran and had a lot of fun. I crossed the river on a wee ferry and stayed at a place pretty close to the ferry dock. I would like to do something similar, but have a notoriously poor memory, can't find anything about the ferry and where it is and can't remember the name of the guesthouse. Did I dream the whole thing up or is there a little ferry across the river in Kanchanaburi? It's not out of the question that I did all this in another town altogeth ...

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When to go...

Posted by spice1980 on 24/3/2009 at 21:59

Hi I'm very new to travelling!, eek...however I am in need of some much overdue soul searching, so have decided to visit Thailand, alone, but can only get 1 month off work I'm looking for advice on when is the best time to go. I have trimmed it down to either July/August/December 09...your thoughts, opinions will be gratefully received x x x ...

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Viewed 2,262 times, with 5 replies. Last reply by johnny on 31/3/2009 at 23:15

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