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anyone ever bought a tuk tuk?

Posted by peppermintpaddy on 17/3/2009 at 04:38

i was recently in udon thani,and saw brand new tuk tuks for sale-from£1000,-£1300 uk.anyone ever bought one?Anyone know if they can be taken across borders-eg,laos and cambodia.Thinking of a mad trip with 2 mates-It depends on cross border feasability.Any suggestions?/ideas/experience? ...

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Islands 15th - 21st needed!

Posted by inthroughthebathroomwindow on 10/3/2009 at 19:30

I'm a wee bit busy volunteering at the mo and my indecisiveness is being increased in the heat I'm sure, so I need some help in planning a week down south. I'm planning on going down South for my last week of my 16 month trip and I'm not really sure where to go. I want beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets, a bungalow with a hammock & some other stuff to do i.e. snorkelling, maybe some hiking. Chilled out and not super busy, but a few people around for some fun too. Backpacker budget applies. M ...

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Thailand VISA FEE Waiver Program and re-rentry extensions

Posted by Kostichka on 12/3/2009 at 03:33

Hi, I just got a 60 day tourist visa free of charge at a Thai consulate (outside) Thailand but valid only for single entry. I am a national of one of the countries that can get 14day visa upon arrival. The consul told me that I can get re-entry stamps (for a fee of course) in immigration offices. I will need two more entries (total of 3). I would like to know how long does the procedure take? Are there any restrictions on number on re-entries? Can I get multiple re-entry stamps simultaneousl ...

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Free Thai Visas

Posted by citizen on 6/3/2009 at 05:33

I was at the Thai embassy in London today - expecting to pay GBP 28 for a 60-day tourist visa - only to find out that from March 5th through June 4th anyone eligible for the visa-free 30 day entry can get the 60-day visa free of charge. No idea if this applies at embassies throughout the world but it would seem likely.. ...

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Thailand, Laos, Cambodia route?

Posted by hunt_101 on 9/3/2009 at 21:22

4 of us flying into Bangkok on 30/6/2009 and returning home on 1/9/2009. This gives us about 8-9 weeks to check out Thailand, Laos, Cambodia. None of us have been to SE asia before and would like to get some advice on a decent route to take. Obviously not getting too specific about where we go just a general outline. We are all in our 20s and so want to try everything whether its jungle treking or zip lining etc. Perhaps incorporating the FMP on 9th July or 6th August. Maybe getting your ...

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HELP! Where can I get a lithium-ion camera battery in Chiang Mai?

Posted by Lornie on 8/3/2009 at 16:41

I arrived in Chiang Mai this morning and I stupidly left my camera battery in Bangkok! I need to get a rechargable battery for a Panasonic Lumix TZ5 camera. Any ideas? I visited every camera/electronic shop in Plaza Airport shopping centre in Chiang Mai but nobody had a compatible battery. Any ideas much appreciated. I didn't bring a spare with me so I can't take any photos of my trip!!! ...

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Island advice...please!

Posted by jaymez99 on 8/3/2009 at 01:34

So Im flying into Thailand around the 23rd of April. In terms of weather, would it be better to visit the islands first around this time (end of April/start of March) or travel to Vietnam first and leave the islands until nearer the end of my stay in Asia (mid May/start of June)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! ...

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Viewed 2,097 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by somtam2000 on 9/3/2009 at 07:50

visa headache!

Posted by jaymez99 on 8/3/2009 at 23:02

im thinking of getting a tourist 60 day visa before travelling to thailand (just for piece of mind as i'm still unsure about the exact route we will be taking and dont want to disturb our route mid way through to do a boarder crossing after 30 days free visa ends). but does the 60 day tourist visa only cover a single entry into thailand? getting confused because the wording from the thai embassy is 'Tourist Visa: £ 28 as per entry (Up to 3 entries' Does this mean a one off £28 for up to three ...

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Weather question

Posted by kansaicanuck on 4/3/2009 at 15:05

Wondering if anyone has any advice on the weather from April - July. I can choose to either do SE Asia from Early April to Mid May OR Mid May to Late June. I need to be in Japan right in the middle of my time off so I have to choose if I go to SE Asia before or after my time in Japan (Mid May). Any thoughts? Thanks! ...

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thailand,cambodia & laos in 3 weeks??

Posted by halongbay07 on 4/3/2009 at 17:31

Hi, after travelling in vietnam recently ive really got the taste for south east asia and since i can only get 3 weeks off work this time i was wondering if it is realistic to be able to travel in thailand,cambodia AND laos in just 3 weeks? as i wouldnt want to rush too muuch! has anyone had similar trips? and if so how did it work out? Thanks! Ben. ...

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Ubon Ratchathani to Chiang Mai

Posted by mrnoxious on 4/3/2009 at 21:31

Would getting a train via Bangkok be the best way of getting from Ubon Ratchathani to Chiang Mai? Or is there an easier/quicker way? ...

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Can you tell me the best route to travel ?????

Posted by liam123 on 5/3/2009 at 07:04

Hi so glad i found this website,found out some great info already :-) Im arriving at bangkok on the 18th with my girlfriend and havent made much of a planned route.We would like to see as much as possible inluding thailand, cambodia, laos and vietnam we have 3 months to play with and a small budget.Any info or pointers in the right direction would be used and very much appreicated. Many thanks ...

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Sak-Yant Sacred Tattoo Artists in Thailand

Posted by rsthomas on 30/8/2008 at 13:01

Hey guys...I am looking for a great recommendation for a tattoo master or monk to give me a sacred Sak Yant tattoo. I was referred to Arjan Noo (Angelina Jolie's artist), but he is way too expensive at $1000 U.S. I also heard of a guy named Arjan Sua, but cannot find his contact details anywhere. I am not interested in the tattoo temple just outside of Bangkok because they do mass tattoos in big groups and it is hardly sterile. If you have any details on any masters in and around Bangkok, pl ...

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Short trip on way back from Australia

Posted by citizen on 25/2/2009 at 22:40

Hi I have around 8 - 10 days and would like to see/do the following: 1. Temples and Buddhas 2. Very interested in food / cooking (perhaps a course) 3. Probably some diving 4. Spend at least a couple of days in Bangkok 5. Basically chill out with the option to do some other things if the mood takes me... Originally I'd thought spend some time in bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Chaing Mai, Ko Tao.. but I'll end up spending all my time on trains, buses; and in airports. So - perhaps more rea ...

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Any Good Accomodation near Mo Chit or Chatuchak??

Posted by knot01 on 28/2/2009 at 04:13

We are looking for any cheap accomodation near this places as we will be going next day to Cambodia from Mor Chit Bus terminal early morning ( 5am). Is it anything arround??? ...

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Viewed 3,129 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by loveth on 4/3/2009 at 13:54

What to do in Phitsanulok at 4.20am??

Posted by Lornie on 17/2/2009 at 20:07

I’m thinking of the getting the overnight train from Bangkok to Phitsanulok in a couple of weeks. I was wondering about what to do when I arrive there at 4.20am or thereabouts as a solo female traveller. Any ideas? I’m a little worried about being on my own in the dark with nobody around. I don’t know what to expect when I get there so early. I’d really appreciate advice. Thank you. ...

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National Parks and Markets

Posted by guyhay on 1/3/2009 at 02:33

In a couple of weeks i'm going on a trip including these destinations, bangkok, chiang mai, luang prabang, vang vieng, vietiane, hanoi, hue, ho chi minh, koh pha ngan and koh samui and krabi. I'd like some suggestions for a couple of good/the best national parks around these areas (preferably with some good wildlife and i want to see some amazing waterfalls) and the names of good markets to visit in some of these places (i want to see something authentic, i'd love to go to a good floating marke ...

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inhalers in Thailand

Posted by forever_stoked on 26/2/2009 at 15:34

heading to Thailand for a few months starting in March. i've read that you don't need a Rx to get medicine, but i was hoping to make sure the ones i need are available. is it easy enough to find an Albuterol Inhaler?? ...

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Backpacking with a Laptop

Posted by cubedweller on 12/2/2009 at 00:43

Hello, I'll be leaving for Thailand in March and will be staying for approximately 2 months. For the first half of the trip I will be staying in pretty hi-end resorts; for the second half, I will be met by friends and we will continue on in the typical 'backpacker' fashion; cheap accommodations, travel, etc. I'd really love to bring my laptop for various reasons; updating my iPod, backing up my photos, editing photos and general WiFi connectivity where available. My only problem is, I'm s ...

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Viewed 4,766 times, with 5 replies. Last reply by davidjones1952 on 28/2/2009 at 18:56

Bangkok Accommodation Sukhumvit

Posted by heke on 21/2/2009 at 17:04

Will be visiting Bangkok April 09 and was wondering if anyone can recommend or otherwise the Swan Inn on Sukhumvit Soi 4 or the Thai House Inn just off Sukhumvit Road on Soi 7. I am looking for accommodation around the 700-1000 baht range. ...

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Viewed 2,830 times, with 6 replies. Last reply by somtam2000 on 28/2/2009 at 09:19

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