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Tourists: ignore the begging elephants in the cities and don't buy food please!

Posted by mistifarang on 18/7/2008 at 14:18

The begging elephants are getting in the street-scene of Bangkok (and other towns) again more and more common unfortunately. This abuse is against the Thai law but this law has not been enforced in a proper way. One of the reasons is that, when the authorities are coming into action the mahouts are getting besurk, going very far in that. The poor Elephants are suffering day-in-day-out under abnormal circumstances, sometimes they are not fed well resulting in food-poisening, stress of noises and ...

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Koh Phangan Hotel / Bungalow reccommendations anyone?

Posted by chambers on 13/7/2008 at 14:05

going to thailand next week, Just wondering what hotels people thought were good value/location on koh phangan? particularly on hadd rin or somewhere very close. I've been told that the 'sunset' hotel/bungalows is a good choice. Just really after something cheap (1000 baht or less per night) with a decent location. a pool would be an added bonus! What have been some travelfish users' experiences and would anyone reccommend any specific hotels on Haad Rin or somewhere close? Also wondere ...

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Equipment for hiking in northern Thailand

Posted by ruzickaf on 15/7/2008 at 14:40

Hi all, I'm gonna spend my vacantion in Thailand between Sep. 7 and Sep. 21 with my wife and I've decided I'd cover a trek to the mountains (Chiang Mai/ Chiang Rai surroundings) in northern Thailand in my plans. However, recently I deal with a question about outdoor equipment, such as appropriate shoes, clothing, backpack, gps and so on. I've read some travel guides (for example Rough Guides, Student Agency Travel Guide...) and the information are offen quite different and I'm a little confused ...

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East or West - December

Posted by mark1980 on 14/7/2008 at 23:37

Hi, We are finalising our trip and we will be in Thailand from the 5th December (2008) until the 7th January. We're planning on going up to Chang Mai and then coming back down to Bangkok for around the 20th December - our dilemma is whether to spend our time from this point onwards on Ko Phagnan and then moving towards the Western islands after Xmas OR to fly straight down to Krabi and stay around this area. Now the other dilemma is money! Things look rather expensive in Krabi compared t ...

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Koh Samui - Lamai Inn99 - anyone know?

Posted by Flacha on 14/7/2008 at 14:33

Hi Anyone know this resort in Samui? Is this good ? any recomendations? ...

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Is there some reason I cannot find any info of travelling from Chiang Khong into North Thailand?

Posted by coojee on 8/7/2008 at 21:31

I cannot find any info about travelling in this direction. The overall plan of this leg of our travels is to head north from Luang Prabang by boat to Huay Xai then from Chiang Khong to CM via CR or whatever one has to do. Can't find much info at I say, is there a reason why this seems such an unpopular route? I have found a little bit of info going the other way but bugger all heading west... cheers! ...

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Bus from Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong

Posted by queanbeyan on 7/7/2008 at 08:53

Hi I plan to catch a flight from Bangkok to Chiang Rai on a Tuesday in October that will arrive at about 9.05pm. The next day I would like to take the nagi of mekong boat to Luang Prabang - this leaves at 9.00am. What time is the first bus from ChiangRai to ChiangKhong, and what chance is that to arrive in time to exit Thailand and cross the river to Huay Xai. I will get my visa for Laos in my country before I leave. I think that it possible to pre-book the ticket to chiang khong but ...

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How do I travel cheap over land?!

Posted by kirstwardo on 28/6/2008 at 10:38

I want to travel across S,E Asia, for about 2 months, but im on a really really really shoe string budget! Ive heard the cheapest way to travel across these countries is over land? How do i go about doing this? Is there a website with destinations and prices? Im just finding it hard to get my head around it!?! Any other tips for backpacking cheap? ...

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Thai-American Shopper Verbally and Physically Assulted by Store Owner at MBK Mall- June 30th 2008

Posted by MellyMel on 3/7/2008 at 15:29

Greetings all. I am a travel writer who went shopping and was verbally and physically assaulted by a shop owner 2 days ago at the MBK shopping mall. I am writing this as a warning to travelers and shoppers on the many various levels of customer service in this country. Some shop owners in Thailand are very nice and helpful, while others are very rude and nasty, and to warn against supporting this kind of service, or therefore lack of. First off I would like to state that I am Thai-Americ ...

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Where to Honeymoon for a few days followed by a year of backpacking?

Posted by jenniemcmartin on 24/6/2008 at 12:32

My husband and I are going to backpack SE Asia, India, & Europe over the next year, so we're clearly on a budget, but would like to spend a few days, maybe on Koh Samet or Koh Chang, honeymooning in a nice, but budget concious resort. We'd like to spend our few days in a nicer guesthouse then we plan to be in throughout the remainder of the year, but we have to really keep in mind how much we spend. Any suggestions? ...

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Chiang Mai - Bkk Train

Posted by scomoore1 on 23/6/2008 at 01:40

You can book train tickets on any train in Thailand at ANY train station in the country. When you book, try to have the agent put your name on the ticket. Just took the overnight train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Booked the a/c sleeper in Ubol. The Chiang Mai-BKK overnight train has a lot of foreigners on it and some of the staff have developed some scams to use on farangs. The first is the 'welcome drink.' A pursor/waiter comes by when the train is underway with glasses of orange d ...

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Christmas on Koh Mak

Posted by Fireflower on 17/8/2007 at 19:36

Hi Have friend who lives on Koh Samet and I am going to visit for 3 weeks over Christmas. I would like to get off Samet and thought about going some where quiet like Koh Mak but I have not been before. Has anyone been there over this time? How busy does it get and do we need to book? I don't want to spend over 1000 baht for a room. Can anyone reccomend a place to stay? Any tips will be much appreciated:) Kawp khun maak kah! x ...

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WARNING Motorbike rental in Tong Nai Pan Noi

Posted by heinscheffer on 8/7/2008 at 11:20

If you got to Tong Nai Pan Noi on Koh Pha Ngan, and you should, beware of Again Again. It's a super friendly looking place serving food and renting motorbikes, but unfortunately the man is a total crook. Everybody in the village knows this, but off course I walked right into the trap. Rented 3 motrobikes, had a nice trip to Thong Sala, returned the bikes and then the nightmare started... He was accusing me of damage done to the bike (yeah I know, I should have checked the bike better) and kep ...

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Naga Fireballs

Posted by dostreic on 6/7/2008 at 23:01

Is it worth going to the Naga Fireballs? We love a good festival! Can't find a place to stay IN TOWN as everywhere with email says they're booked. Nakon Khai Grand has rooms but says they're 45 km from festival. Will that work? Cheers. ...

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Travellers who know what they're talking about?...Oh Yeah?

Posted by paulstuartiddon on 28/6/2008 at 16:59

I am the British father of a 19 year old son who has - so far- spent a week in hospital with a badly infected wound sustained in a 'fun' Thai boxing fight in the 'Reggae Bar' on Ko phi phi, Thailand. My son and his friends, who were very drunk already were encouraged to fight 'Thai Style' i.e. using feet as well as fists, with a prize of another 'bucket' - a quarter bottle of Thai 'whisky' and coke plus red bull on ice. Three of his friends sustained gashes and no attempt was made to offer ...

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Best way to get from Suvarnabhumi (new airport) to Khaosan (@1am)?

Posted by jenniemcmartin on 4/7/2008 at 00:50

I've been to Thailand twice, but not since the new airport has been open. I wanted to know what is the best way to get from the airport to downtown, particularly if it is as hard as it was before to get the taxis to put their meters on. Also if there is a direct bus, or if the sky train now extends to their airport or not, that info would all be of great help. Thanks!! ...

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travel buddies

Posted by BigEHead on 10/6/2008 at 21:28

hey guys, it's last minute but i just booked my ticket to bangkok. i'm planning on hitting siem reap, phenom penh, ho chi minh city, hanoi....and maybe a few more. is anyone interested in these places? if i have time, i want to go to a couple of other spots. i'm going to be there for about 3 weeks. thanks, jake ...

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Posted by barrylad66 on 3/7/2008 at 07:36

i just have a short query about medication at the pharmacys in thailand i understand you dont need a prescription from a doctor,is that correct? the problem is that my g.p can only precribe me for a max of 2 months but i am planning on travelling for about 9-12 months. i had a bad motorbike accident about 2 years ago and i have bouts were i need heavyduty painkillers. what im asking is will there be a problem getting such medication over the counter or will i have to go to the hospital?? ...

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Solo traveling Aug-Sept

Posted by smithjaco on 2/7/2008 at 10:34

I'm looking to travel from August-October which is during the off/wet season. I just wanted to know if many places are still open and busy? I've read that most places on Ko Chang close during this period. I once traveled around Europe in the off season and the majority of places i stayed had little to no people in them, wondering if thats what i should expect during my trip? This is also going to be my first time solo, and I'd hate to be staying in places that have little to no life. I want to s ...

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Midrange Hotel Options in Rattanakosin area of Bangkok

Posted by scomoore1 on 28/6/2008 at 20:43

I am wondering what experiences folks might have of hotels in the royal city area (‘aka’ Rattanakosin) in Bangkok. This area is so interesting, especially in the southern neighborhoods, the markets, the area around the ‘amulet market’ between the Pinklao Bridge and Thammasat University. The river walk between Thammasat and Phra Athit Fort is great. It is a great walking area. In addition, not so apparent to firsttime visitors is the incredible mobility afforded by way of the river ...

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