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Thai Air: JFK to BKK canceled after July 1 - is this true?

Posted by thegrailer on 4/6/2008 at 21:06

I've read on a couple different frequent flier chat boards that the Thai Air direct flight from JFK to BKK will be canceled after July 1, 20008 - does anyone have information about this? Is it true? Thanks ...

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Posted by Ikkersheim on 10/6/2008 at 18:00

Hi all, I will be traveling in a week time with my kids, 15 and 17, they want to try diving. Has anyone a tip for as reliable and payable diving school on Koh Samui or Koh Tao? Thanks, Donald ...

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help! Chiang Mai - Bangkok train?

Posted by sputnik0 on 10/6/2008 at 09:09

I read all about traveling to Chiang Mai from Bangkok on the recent travelfish post and went to the website that Somtam2000 posted. We decided to take the sleeper train to Chiang Mai and fly back. So I went to the website to purchase the tickets but upon confirmation of payment, the total was listed as 244.78 DOLLARS for three people! Is this right? It doesn't seem right as the seat61 website said it would be 21 dollars for the second class sleeper. What ...

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Chang Mai - Trek - Help please

Posted by meabhd on 10/6/2008 at 17:44

Hi there, We (a group of 3 girls in there 20's) plan on being in Chang Mai in early/mid July. We will be traveling from Bangkok. We would like to do a trek in Chang Mai and was hoping on any recommendations of trek organisers etc as have heard some dodgy stories - any help appreciated! Thanks ...

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Ayutthaya to Khao Yai

Posted by rosandjohn on 6/6/2008 at 18:26

I'd like to get from Ayutthaya to visit Khao Yai National Park and then pick up a bus or train to Aranya Prathet. Is it best to go via Pak Chong to the north or Prachin Buri to the south? Transport ideas would be helpful, also a place to stay to visit KYNP with a guided tour. Many thanks ...

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Bangkok to Singapore route

Posted by craigwatson on 5/6/2008 at 15:25

Hi, me and two friends were planning on overlanding from Bangkok to Singapore in July. We have three weeks and around £500-600 to spend and would appreciate any advice on what would be a good route to take. We were originally planning on heading into Laos for a couple of days from Bangkok but having looked into it it doesn't seem worth the travelling time etc. We are completely open minded so would appreciate any suggestions that would fit into 3 weeks and see what in your opinion are the highl ...

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Weather in May/June

Posted by CharFlorica on 6/6/2008 at 04:00

Hello, I am looking at planning a trip to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam for May-June 2009. I am unable to travel during the dry season (as I am in school). Is the wet season going to be too much of a problem? Is there a "best" place to start traveling to avoid extremely rainy weather? Thank you! Charlie ...

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Here's a few questions

Posted by michmich11 on 4/6/2008 at 12:36

1. What is the best way to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya? Train? Van? 2. What is the best way to get from Kaho San Road to Hualamphong Station? How long does this take? Cost? 3. How does one get from Hualamphong to the airport? How long does this take? Cost? Thanks! ...

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ko phi phi

Posted by sammacaster on 5/6/2008 at 08:56

thanks travel fish for putting me off going to phi phi...for christs sake what is it with all you traveling jurno's.. if it aint paradise that no one else has found other than you and your crusty mates then it aint worth it....i hate all your pompose views and i hate this "traveler" mentality, non of you are gonna find paradise its all been done and seen and thats the way of the world! ...

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Taking Buddha Statues out of Thailand

Posted by chaytiong on 3/6/2008 at 10:27

hi all, as the topic states, are there any policies against taking out statues, even newly purchased ones with receipt as proof and passing through customs or placing it in cargo? btw, i will be in Bangkok in August and would like to meet up with some of you then. I am going to purchase some new Buddha statues in Bamrung Muang Road, Bangkok. any of you here could provide some guide around would be much appreciated cheers! chaytiong ...

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advice/recommendations for young adults on southern islands

Posted by chambers on 3/6/2008 at 02:20

Hi there. me and my best mate are going to southern thailand for 3 weeks and we were after some advice as to where we should go/stay. We're both 22 years old (australians), and we were keen to go where other younger tourists would be, whilst having nice scenery/beaches so we can just lay on the beach all day with some partying at nights. ( we don't ask for much do we :D ? ) We are going from late july to mid august so we wondered which side of the coast would be better to stay on this time o ...

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Chiang Mai to Chiang Khong to Laos

Posted by andrea73 on 1/6/2008 at 10:12

Hey there - I want to catch the slow boat this week to LP, but would like suggestions regarding fastest/best way(operator suggestions?) to get from CM to the border. Ideally, I'd like to do this without staying a night in CK or Huay this realistic? I'd like to catch the slow boat on Tuesday or Wednesday if possible. Thanks for the help!!! ...

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island / beach in September?

Posted by dseckel on 30/5/2008 at 01:49

Which is the best island / beach to visit for 4-5 days in early September (tail end of monsoon season)? crystal water / white sand / stuff to do ...

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canadian travellin to thailand from taiwan

Posted by shaenna on 14/4/2008 at 23:32

Im visiting my brother who lives in Taiwan and was thinking of flying to Thailand for a week. But i would be this a safe thing to do? Is it easy to meet other foreigners there or perhaps a place to meet people heading that way BEFORE I go? lol. I heard Khao San Rd is the place to go, any suggestions?? Anyone heading to Thailand soon.... ...

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Spas on Ko Tao

Posted by LLLUCY on 1/5/2008 at 22:18

Hi, I see on travelfish that there are several spas mentioned but not listed. Does anyone know of a good not too costly spa there? Thanks LLLcuy ...

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Best place to get open water diving - Koh Phi phi?

Posted by janujanu on 18/5/2008 at 20:05

I want to get my open waters diving certification. I was thinking of heading towards Phi phi as I've already been to Koh Tao last year. Does anyone recommend any other place in the area for diving?? I'm looking for a place where I can chill out for 4-5 days, where I can find good diving centers and not be be too isolated as I'm traveliing solo and would like to meet other travellers. Cheers. ...

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Diving in July

Posted by autumnleaves on 22/5/2008 at 11:58

Hi All I'd very much like to do some scuba diving while I'm in Thailand in July and August. Is this possible at all with the monsoon rains? I was thinking of going to Ko Lanta. Can you please tell me where, if anywhere, I could scuba dive at this time, and what Ko Lanta (and all the west side) is like at this time of year? Can you still do things or does it rain all the time? Thanks ...

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Viewed 1,794 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by cybervlad on 27/5/2008 at 14:18

Bangkok for beginners?

Posted by susiq on 23/5/2008 at 06:19

I was just after some advice for novice travelers heading for Bangkok next week.A friend and I are headed there for 8 days for dental work(aust prices are beyond our pockets) and im starting to worry that we are going to spend all our free time holed up in a hotel room:(..I keep getting told that its a dirty dangerous city with not much to offer..Im sure there must be many exotic delights 2 excited travelers can safely enjoy??? Already from this site , learning about the sign up desk for taxis ...

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What is it with the three person rule in hotels

Posted by gfong on 26/5/2008 at 08:29

I have been trying to book a room over the internet for my family of four but I keep encountering this situation where they will only take three people per room. Is this a hard and fast rule? This is not economical and besides I don't feel comfortable leaving my daughters in a separate room. ...

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How do I get from the airport in Bangkok to the Bus Station?

Posted by LizzieR on 26/3/2008 at 20:47

Hi, I am hoping to visit Thailand in Jan 2009 so planning early! I need to travel from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi but do not want to stay overnight in Bangkok. I have been told I can bet a bus from the Southern Bus Terminal to Kanchanaburi but how easy is it to get to the Bus Terminal? Help!! ...

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