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Bangkok guesthouse near train station?

Posted by myrhmaid on 26/2/2008 at 11:25

Hi. I'm hoping to find a good, clean, inexpensive, and friendly guesthouse near the train station in Bangkok. I've heard good things about the Train Inn, and any feedback on that one, or suggestions of another would be great. Thanks! ...

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Need to surrender passport to hotel/guesthouse?

Posted by cdpark on 24/2/2008 at 15:08

I'll be traveling to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Is it mandatory to leave your passport with hotel management in any of these countries? That seems odd to me, but I've read a few posts that seem to suggest this is the case. ...

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BKK airport to Pattaya area

Posted by hannesnaomi on 19/2/2008 at 02:15

Hi again, We'll be landing in BKK March 1st around lunchtime. What's the best way to get to the Pattaya area from the airport? Possibly Pattaya itself. Ideas please.... thanks :) ...

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Tamari Soy Sauce (wheat free)

Posted by urbal on 23/2/2008 at 04:16

Were, if any place, would I be able to buy a bottle of Tamari Soy Sauce. Tamari is soy sauce made w/o wheat, btw. Is this something that would be available in a Bangkok store? ...

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Is Theft an issue?

Posted by hannesnaomi on 7/2/2008 at 04:05

Hi there, Am just wondering if backpackers are having any issues with theft during their travels. Theft of smaller items (ie: backpacks, clothing, personal effects). Is it okay to leave your backpack behind in your room while you venture out for the day? We are planning on backpacking thru the islands throughout March and will be staying at budget places. I imagine there are no locks etc on your rooms - so just wondering what people are doing with their packs while they hit the beach etc? Tha ...

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Need suggestions on clothing....

Posted by urbal on 21/2/2008 at 05:56

I will be spending 30 days in Thailand (7 days in south and the rest in the north) and perhaps a week or so in Laos. We are traveling end of April to the end of May. I have spent quite a bit of time on this site reading the forums and have spent time on trying to figure out what is an appropriate amount/type of clothing to bring. My goal is to go as light as possible. Currently I was planning on bringing in total, including what I wear on the plan ...

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Viewed 1,716 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by khunwilko on 22/2/2008 at 09:30

are reservations necessary?

Posted by matthias on 13/2/2008 at 21:43

I will arrive in Thailand (BKK) at the end of February and travel around in Thailand/Laos till the beginning of April. I would like to know if reservations for accomodation are necessary in this time period. Actually, I prefer to look for a place to stay when I get there, but on the other hand I don't like to try 10 different guesthouses because everything is occupied. How do you do it usually? What about booking flights? I will maybe take the plane to get from Chiang Mai to Ko Samui or Luang ...

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Suggested itinerary

Posted by alexlazarus on 18/2/2008 at 18:38

Hi Everyone, I've read all relevant posts, and looked at Travelfish's suggested itineraries, but i was hoping to pick your collective brains as to the best itinerary for us to do at Christmas. We are planning to fly in on the 26th, and spend until the 1st / 2nd Jan on Koh Kut (accomodation will be booked in advance!). Then we wanted to travel northern Thailand - as we will only have about 8 days (is this crazy?), we would fly up to Chang Mai and travel back down. Arriving in Chang Mai on the ...

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ko samui long term

Posted by michellouws on 20/2/2008 at 22:47

I would like to stay on an island (thinking of ko samui) for a longer period of time with my husband, say 3 months. anyone any suggestions on accomodation (preferable close to the beach, not too far from town,not too touristy and with cooking facilities, the perfect spot!) ...

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Posted by tinamars2000 on 21/2/2008 at 02:19


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Mae Nam Kwai River Trip

Posted by kitisak on 19/2/2008 at 13:00

I am planning to take a kayak down the mae nam kwai noi river from about sai yok in kanchanaburi (or maybe above) down into the town of kanchanaburi and possibly on the mae nam klong river in ratchburi in the next week. would anyone care to come? this is an old important trade route from burma into thailand... ...

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Diving scams in Thailand

Posted by somtam2000 on 18/2/2008 at 14:50

As frustrating as it may be, travellers to Thailand continue to fall victim to a seemingly limitless variety of scams. Of course there's the obvious ones like gem stores and free tuk tuks, but sometimes you only need to let your guard down for a moment and even the most battle-hardened traveller can get done faster than you can say "Free tuk tuk". A few years ago, I was in a hurry to get from one of the Gulf Islands to Bangkok to catch a flight so instead of going to Surat Thani and getting a ...

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convention of clothes?

Posted by matthias on 13/2/2008 at 21:17

Hello, I will leave in about 10 days for Thailand and I am wondering about the clothing conventions in Thailand. I read somewhere that even for men the knees should be covered. Are the restrictions really that strict? Besides that, I will follow these rules: no orange clothes, never topless, taking off shoes before entering a temple. Is this enough or are there other important rules? Thanks for an answer, Matthias ...

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Grand Palace & Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Posted by hannesnaomi on 15/2/2008 at 04:47

Does anyone know if these places will be open for the Easter weekend (March 22-24). And are the open Sundays normally? ...

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Bangkok Nightlife - Must sees/do???

Posted by hannesnaomi on 9/2/2008 at 13:48

My boyfriend and I will be travelling thru Thailand for the month of March spending a few nights in BKK. Would like to see both the cultural nightlife of BKK but also the "party" type atmosphere (not necessarily in the same night). We are in our mid 30's and young at heart. Any recommendations on nightclubs, parties, or events happening in BKK that are a Must See/do? Or are there event newspapers/ads we can check out once we are there or even ahead of time? ...

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One night in Koh Samui with early boat transfer - help please!

Posted by blaise79 on 13/2/2008 at 20:45

Hiya :) My partner and I are flying in to Koh Samui but we'll miss the last boat to get to koh Tao. We want to get the Seatran boat at 8am the next morning, but I'm not 100% sure where it leaves from. Am I correct in thinking it's Bangkrak (sopelling??) north of the island near buddha beach? If so, can anyone recommend a cheap and a bit cheerful (lack of cockroaches a big bonus) guesthouse or hotel we could stay at that's close to the boat pickup point please? We have a budget of up to ...

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Last week in Thailand

Posted by simonb9 on 11/2/2008 at 22:44

Having spent 8/9 days in and around Bangkok and then 8/19 days in Cambodia I am coming back to Thailand for another week or so. I want to chill out on some beaches and so some lazing around with a bit of snorkeling. Where would be the best place to go ?? I thought of Island hopping from Koi Samui to Ko Pha Ngan to Ko Tao and having a couple of days on each. Is this just too much hassle or should I find one islands to stay on for the duration ? Don't want a wild place nor a couples place !! ...

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Packing for the Trip

Posted by hannesnaomi on 13/2/2008 at 00:58

Hi again, Just wondering what are MUST pack items for backpacking in Thailand. I heard its a good idea to pack tissue (toilet paper/kleenex?). Spending time time mostly in the islands - how cool will it get in the evenings and whats the warmest piece of clothing I will need? I take it we need to pack pants/skirts and sleeved top to visit the temples? Also, is it a must to pack mosquito netting or do most accom. have this already? What about a bed sheet - a friend of mine said she sewed one in ...

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Shopping in Thailand - Bangkok vs rest of Thailand

Posted by hannesnaomi on 9/2/2008 at 13:27

Does it make the most sense to shop in BKK for clothes etc. vs rest of Thailand re best deals/quality. If other places are recommended, please specify city and/or market. Where are the best deals found? ...

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Quick Question....

Posted by ARussell on 11/2/2008 at 05:55

How hard is it to find work... paid or unpaid... (free room and board and what not) in Thailand or South East Asia in general? also are there any good sites with information on this? ...

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Viewed 2,651 times, with 9 replies. Last reply by khunwilko on 12/2/2008 at 09:49

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