Photo: Almost Maldivian at Ao Noi, Ko Kut.

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Which quiet island in July?

Posted by petrouschka on 27/4/2007 at 02:54

I'm going to Thailand from the 10th of July until the 15th of August and we want to visit a quiet island for two weeks. As the monsoon will be there we thought about koh tao, but it seems that koh tao is full of people nowadays?! Can anybody help me out?! ...

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deposit a bike in Ayuttaya/Bangkok

Posted by icelycaon on 27/4/2007 at 17:20

Hi there, on 25th June I will catch my flight from italy to bangkok and then, after 2-3 days in BKK, I will catch another flight from BKK to Burma. I will spent 28 days in Burma and then I will come back to BKK to continue my travel. I wanna bring a bike with me from italy to BKK but I can't keep it on the plane from BKK to Burma (because it's too much heavy for Airasia). So I need to leave it in BKK for 28 days. Any suggestion? Where can I leave it in BKK? Does anybody know a guesthouse (I pre ...

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Which Thai Island?

Posted by dave07 on 2/3/2007 at 20:09

Hi there, I am planning on travelling to Thailand mid-May for a week or so on my own. My main goal is to spend the time relaxing on an island beach (or inside a bungalow if it is raining!) rather than 'sight see', but I am at a loss as to which island to choose? Ideally, id prefer one that wasn't merely a cove for loved-up couples, or one that is too wild and loud - something in between would be perfect! Its not a huge issue, but just to check - I appreciate that May is the start of t ...

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Great guest house in Sukhothai

Posted by Piombino on 27/4/2007 at 13:45

This little gem has to rate as one of the best value B&B's in Thailand. Meao and Malcolm have created a lovely retreat that is less than a 10 minute drive from Old Sukhothai. The location is quiet; a small slice of rural Thailand. The rooms are basic but immaculate, air-conditioned, the pool well maintained, and the hosts incredibly accommodating. We were very happy to find a good sized refrigerator in the room. Breakfast can be brought to the B&B or taken on the terrace of their restaurant in d ...

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Posted by withshoeson on 25/4/2007 at 18:48

Hi everyone, Ive just bought a return ticket to bangkok, but its for 85 days, and recently there has been talk of showing onward air travel with in 30 days. when i went through Thai immigration at the start of the year i didnt have to show them any proof of anything(though i was only staying for three days). here is my q. i want to do the poipet border crossing but, will it be safer to buy a ticket to phnom penh before i leave? any other ways to show onward travel? (im flying from A ...

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Bangkok/Ko Chang Questions (10 day trip)

Posted by eslavet on 26/4/2007 at 08:11

Hi, I'm new to travelfish- We're flying into BKK Suvarnabhumi late at night, and want to leave early the next morning for the east coast. (We have only 10 days total in Thailand, so we don't want to waste a lot of time travelling....) So I have a number of questions: 1) Where to stay for one quick night near the airport? 2) What do you think is the quickest way to get to nice beaches/destinations? We're thinking of heading to East Coast/Ko Chang. We're not against buses/trains if they are sce ...

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weddings in Thailand

Posted by alisonmilliken on 29/3/2007 at 19:46

Hi, We are getting married and want to do it in Southern Thailand. In July 2008. So we have lots of planning time... Am wondering if you have any helpful hints about getting hitched in Thailand.... Cheers ...

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Quiting my job in software, following a dream for 2 months, and I have ???'s!!!

Posted by shaolindoman on 11/4/2007 at 08:56

Hello all and thanks for the great resource. The site and forums have been an excellent resource. My life is taking a turn in high gear. I’m quitting my career as a software engineer in a month and heading to Thailand for 2 months from May 17-July17 before I start law school. I just booked my tickets on Saturday. And man I am excited (much to the demise of my family haha). I’ve looked through the site extensively and had some questions I was wondering some of you may have answers for. Some o ...

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Tailor prices

Posted by CalgaryJen on 15/3/2007 at 01:51

One of my friends wanted me to look into getting her wedding dress (very simple design) custom made in Bangkok. She'll be giving me her sizes and pictures of the design she wants and she does have enough time that if it doesn't work out she can just buy one in Canada. Anyway, my question is: Does anyone know the approx. price of getting a dress made? thanks. ...

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Tha Len (the pier in Krabi province) Accommodation

Posted by woodyuk on 23/4/2007 at 07:29

Hi Can somebody recommend some nice bungalows near Tha Len (the pier in Krabi province). Also is it worth staying around here for longer than 1 night. Basically need to stay over night before getting the ferry. ...

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Air Con or Fan?

Posted by tails101 on 9/4/2007 at 19:09

Well it's Easter Monday - and don't ask me why, but I suddenly thought I'd stick my personal opinions/experiences about whether to go air-con or not on here! Hope someone may find them useful... feel free to agree or disagree! Bangkok - for me, air con is a must! I love the place but the smog and lack of breeze that seems to exist at all times really does make walking into a non-air con room like walking into a wall of heat! Fans just don't seem to help... Outside of Bangkok I think a lot ...

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which bank have lowest surchage for cash withdraw by visa credit card

Posted by sandyyou on 20/4/2007 at 12:03

hi, does anyone have idea of which bank in bankok have lowest surchage for cash withdraw by visa credit card. normally the bank in laos will charge 3% for USD withdraw, i just guess it will be lower in bankok. thanks and best regards. sandy ...

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Thailand June/July--a monumental error?

Posted by jcampbell3 on 4/4/2007 at 07:29

We (wife, two sons aged 13 and 15) are visiting Thailand for ten days in late June/early July. Not the best time of year, I know--but school schedule needs to be accomodated. It's our second visit, first was 20 years ago in February, weather was great. Our plan was to see Bangkok and the north only--are we crazy? I see it is the rainy season but don't know if we'll be flooded, just dealing with two hours a day of rain, combined with sun, or have it be cloudy the whole time or what. We can't ...

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Invitation to do university survey of tourist experiences in Thailand

Posted by roberthoward on 19/4/2007 at 13:15

INVITATION TO TAKE UNIVERSITY ONLINE SURVEY OF TOURIST EXPERIENCES IN THAILAND Have you visited Thailand as a tourist? If so, you are invited to take an anonymous survey conducted by the University of New South Wales in Australia. The study looks at tourist experiences in Thailand (positive and negative), images of Thailand before and after visiting, tourist impacts, and a few other issues. The survey will take only about 10 minutes to fill out. A summary and analysis of responses will ...

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Chaing Mai to Luang Prabang to Siem Reap Travel Suggestions?

Posted by jenwhalensf on 19/4/2007 at 08:05

Hi All! Leaving San Francisco in a few days, bound for my first trip to SE Asia! Looking for advice on how I should travel from Chaing Mai to Luang Prabang and then on to Siem Reap? Initially, we thought we'd fly to all destinations, but is there a way to travel between LP and SR that would be more "scenic" or "experiential", not to mention, better than flying? Also, is it our best bet to fly from CM to LP? We don't have enough time for the 2 day long-boat trip, unfortunately. ...

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Weather in May - Koh Pan Nang - Hat Yao Beach (west side of island)

Posted by deano_marino on 17/4/2007 at 11:50

Hello Anyone have any idea if i should head to Hat Yao beach in mid may?? Not usre what the weather or the beach are like? Never been to Thailand!!! Cheers Deano_MArino ...

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SUGGESTIONS - Northern Thailand Itinerary??

Posted by AmandaJordan on 16/4/2007 at 23:20

I will be travelling Bangkok and north for just under two weeks including time at the end to make it up to Huay Xai to cross over to Laos. We are planning to spend most of our time in and around chiang mai. I have many things I would love to see and don't have time for all of them so I would love some reccomendations. We originally had Sukhothai in our itinerary but Im now considering cutting it in favour of heading over to Mae Hong Son and doing a trek from there. Are these treks really sig ...

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Ko Yao Noi / Yai

Posted by woodyuk on 24/3/2007 at 15:25

HI We are looking at heading down to Ko Yao Noi / Yai at the end of April for ten days. What should the weather be like at this time of year and can anybody recommend good Beach hut resorts with nice quiet beaches. If anybody has pictures or other recommendations for the these islands info would be appriciated. Thanks.. ...

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Don Muang re-opens this weekend

Posted by somtam2000 on 22/3/2007 at 06:10

The Bangkok Post reports that Don Muang will be officially reopening this weekend. Initially both Nok Air and Orient Thai Airlines will be using it for all their flights while THAI will be using it for their non-connecting domestic flights only. On all new ticketing the code for Don Muang will be changed from BKK to DMK. According to the Thai Airways site, flight operations at Don Muang Airport will be numbered 4 digits starting with 1 (TG 1xxx) such as TG 1203 and those operated at Suvarnabh ...

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Bangkok scams

Posted by somtam2000 on 12/4/2007 at 09:00

Richard and Steve have a couple of great write-ups of typical scams tourists may come across in Thailand. Well worth a read. Richard on tourist scams Steve on the Tuk Tuk scam Found via Friskodude ...

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