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Posted by villapc on 27/7/2007 at 18:52

What does MSG (about food) mean? ...

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booking ahead

Posted by lizmtl on 14/7/2007 at 15:13

hello. i'll be visiting ko samui, phangan, and tao in august. should i book a hotel/hostel before i get there? or is it really easy to find a place as long as you have a beach in mind? thanks! ...

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Posted by evacondes on 17/7/2007 at 18:10

Hi again, does anyone know the guest house called Bangkok house? It's placed at 210 soi samsen 1 phranakorn bangkok. Is it in a good area? Is it near the centre? Thanks. E. ...

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Sukhothai Historical Site Opening Hours

Posted by cubanmeow on 20/7/2007 at 11:20

The museum opening hours are 9am - 4pm. What about the park itself? Is it an open area or gated area? ...

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Scamming at border crossing between Aranyaprahet and Poipet.

Posted by adneilme on 28/6/2007 at 23:27

On 25th June I arrived at Aranyaprahet and the next morning I went to border by tuk tuk costed 60Baht. My tuk tuk driver dropped my friends and I at Hang Teng Travel Agency(or may be Heng Tang). There were two men who claimed themselves as a Cambodian who work with government under tourism with an innocent looking faces. They asked us to show our passports for visa confirmation, since we are Malaysians we can cross the border without visa. We were given to two options of getting to Siem Reap, b ...

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Tranport in Southern Thailand

Posted by psychiq on 12/7/2007 at 11:04

I'm just wondering if the transport is quite accesible in Southern Thailand. In particularly, I want to fly into Phuket, travel to Khao Sok National Park for a couple days then travel onto Koh Phangan for the New Years Full moon party. Is this do-able? Would it be easier to fly into Bangkok instead? The reason why I wanted to fly into Phuket is because I would like to spend some more time there after Koh Phangan. If all of this is going to take too long, would maybe the best solution be to ...

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Travel between islands???

Posted by barrysaayman on 19/7/2007 at 19:49

How do you, you get from Ko Samet to Ko Phangan? Let's go Thailand on a budget shows in there suggested itenarary that you can but know where does it say how. ...

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Itinerary help needed

Posted by nivag7 on 18/7/2007 at 16:17

Hi Everyone, I'm going to be in Thailand in the next few weeks with a couple of friends and I need some advice on a few details. How long would it be worth staying in Koh Phi Phi for in August? We were thinking of a week but will the weather be too severe to stay for that long? Also, what is the best way of getting from Chiang Mai to Vang Vieng? Is the only way to get there through Luang Prabang or are there any direct options? We have approx. 2 weeks to take in Chiang Mai, Laos and fi ...

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Diving KO TAO in November

Posted by happytrooper on 5/7/2007 at 14:59

Hi Everyone I'm planning a diving vacation in Thailand in november. As far as I have understood the Andaman sea is the best place for diving at that time of year. However what I've read about KO TAO it seems like a great diving location and I was wondering if anybody has any experience or advice in that regard? Should we stick to the Andaman sea (simillion/phuket and Ko Lipe) or is Ko Tao good as well? Hoping for some advice form seasoned Thailand divers! Blue skies! ...

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itinerary for a week

Posted by hang on 16/7/2007 at 22:53

this is my first time to thailand. could somebody help me to create an itinerary for a week. i'll be arriving at bangkok from singapore and that's about it. i would prefer an activity based vacation and knowing the locals there. i'll go there with three of my friends, all male. right now our rough idea was to just like this bangkok - ayuthya - phuket - bangkok. btw we are students and have very tight budget. is ayuthya really worth the trip? ...

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bike riding north to south of island

Posted by ike on 13/7/2007 at 21:36

hi how long does it take to get to maenam pier (for lomprayah catamaran service to ko phangan) from ko samui airport? am trying to estimate timing with flight (bkk to samui) and pickup at 13;00 in thong sala. doesn't necessarily have to be catamaran service. if to bophut or other samui piers, how long does it take to get there from ko samui airport? also, how is bike riding from had khom to ban tai in august? is that an unrealistic distance? or feasible within an hours' time? an ...

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Hua Hin questions

Posted by hotwings on 6/7/2007 at 03:49

Hi everyone, I'm going to Thailand in August and I'm wondering if Hua Hin is too touristy? I noticed somtam wrote that Hua Hin is now more touristy and prices have gone up. Is it still worth a visit? What about Khao Takiab? I read it's suppose to be 15mins away from Hua Hin and more quiet with a nicer beach. I'm looking for a beach close to Bangkok so if there are any other suggestions please let me know. I would be glad to hear it. Also, is there a train that goes directly from C ...

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Help, can't choose resort!

Posted by brallygoats on 11/7/2007 at 03:53

Hey, I'm still really strugglin to choose a good private beach resort for a couple over christmas. Price is not an option, the nicer the better. So far i've found Koh Kood Resort, but the website is under construction and ican't really tell if its good or not. Anyone know anything about koh kood or have any other suggestions? ...

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Posted by morisman1 on 11/7/2007 at 21:05

Can anyone advise me of the e-mail address of Nai Ya Beach bungalows.Phuket ? ...

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ecotourism options - in sukhothai (& beyond)

Posted by cosmickid on 8/7/2007 at 21:55

My friend and i discovered a Fantastic small independent cycling company in Sukhothai (this is halfway on the way from bkk to chiang mai). their website is . Our 6 hour bicycle tour was amazing... the guide is very friendly woman and the infomation we learned about the local economy and old Sukhothai temple ruins was very, very enriching. we felt really great and the end of the day, only part of which was the 35kms we covered on bike! this convinces me ...

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help! can't decide on an island...

Posted by kay_kay on 12/6/2007 at 18:35

Hey everyone! My partner and I are looking to travel to Thailand in September for our annual vacation. I know it is in the middle of the rainy season but from what I have gathered on this forum, it isn't that bad is it? Now our only problem is, which island to spend a week of relaxation mixed with some cultural insights? We are looking for something fairly quiet (so far I have ruled Phuket, Pattaya and Koh Samui out), somewhere with a little adventure (think hiking, waterfalls, elephant tr ...

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United States customs and Thai products like tigerbalm, m150.....

Posted by mcdonasw on 9/7/2007 at 17:05

I want to bring back some yellow oil, tigerbalm, some m150's, and maybe some valium with me for travelling. How strict are the US customs when returning from thailand and what could be confiscated? I'm not really sure, thanks for any help. ...

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Help! From Shanghai with baby looking for paradise retreat

Posted by torylmcneil on 2/7/2007 at 17:42

My partner and I are planning a trip to one of the Thai islands in October. With us will be our daughter who will be just 10 months old at the time. We recently made a disappointing trip to Langkawi - the beaches were gritty/pebbly, the sea was grey and full of tiny stinging jellyfish (but no other snorkelling as the visibility was so poor!)- and we are really keen to do better this time! Top on our holiday list of must haves is a fantastic beach - and for us that is soft clean (white?) s ...

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Good resort over christmas?

Posted by brallygoats on 7/7/2007 at 11:35

Hey all, Me and my girlfriend are looking for a good resort ot stay at for a week over christmas break. I am overwhelmed by how many options there are. Any advice on a good spot in december that may have some package deals for 5 days or so? ...

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Had Khom to PAC animal clinic in Baan tai

Posted by ike on 6/7/2007 at 22:12

hello everyone, i am planning to stay for a week at had khom while on lovely ko phangan in august. would like to vounteer a couple of days at the PAC animal clinic near Baan Tai. what would be the easiest way to travel early in the morning (around 8:00) to baan tai and return around 19:00 to had khom? any suggestions very welcome! Thanks!! ...

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Viewed 1,744 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 8/7/2007 at 20:34

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